10 Gay Anal Sex Positions for This Weekend

10 Gay Sex Position to Try This Weekend

These are high intensity anal sex positions that all men can do, even if you aren’t in top physical shape. Don’t try to do them all in one session. Instead, spread them out over the month. This will keep your sex life exciting by giving you something to look forward too. 

On the other hand, if you’re hooking up with a stranger from a hookup app, do all of these and anything else you can think of.

The video down further in the article (Creative Sex Positions) will make you laugh out loud. 

We apologize in advance for not showing two guys, but we were careful to show a video that was truly for anal sex only.

10 Tips: Being A Better Gay Bottom

Missionary Position

This does not need a description but it’s good to point out that it’s a great position to adjust angles and to complete the circle of energy.

Doggy Style

The doggy style position is great for a good, hard, fast anal thrusting, the “Catcher” is on hands and knees, backside to their partner’s penis, and away you thrust. This way the “Pitcher” can pound and pull the receiver into him by holding onto his waist. This position also allows the receiver to either self-masturbate or be masturbated by the top. But, give your partner a break, especially if they’re on top; it’s pretty demanding up there.

If you’re looking for variation, try flat doggie.

This involves the receiver flat on stomach, a silk covered pillow (of course) under his groin area, butt in an elevated position with the pitcher flat out on top, pumping away. The silk pillow is extra stimulating for the receiver … if done correctly.

Side Doggie

This is great if you don’t have the strength to do regular doggy. It’s basically doggy style on your side. You won’t get the exact same thrusting effect but it’s still very enjoyable. It also places you in a better position to play with his nipples and massage his penis.

Cliff Diver

This position requires some physical fitness. Like the doggie style, the receiver gets on all fours on the ground. The pitcher then gets behind the receiver and with proper lubrication and protection, enters the receiver. The pitcher then simultaneously stands and lifts the receiving partner up by the thighs or waist so that the receiver can wrap his legs around the pitchers back. Once standing, let the thrusting and fun begin.

Elbow pads also highly recommended.

Back It In

Finally, it’s time for the receiver to do some work. This gay sex position requires the pitcher to sit in a chair, bringing his knees up to his chest, allowing his penis to be outward and forward. The receiver backs into the position, allowing the penis to enter him. Once inserted, it’s time for the receiver to make it work by creating all the thrust and momentum.

Knees Up

If you’ve never had your booty exposed, just know this gay sex position is about maximum exposure.

Think of it as a reverse child’s pose in yoga. The receiver lays down on a couch while the pitcher grasps the receivers’ ankles, calves or knees (whatever is comfortable for the receiver) and simultaneously pushes the legs back toward the receivers’ chest as the pitcher inserts his penis. The more the legs get pushed back, the tighter the backside feels.

The Rocking Chair

Here’s how to do it: the pitcher lays back pulling knees to chest. The receiver sits backward between the pitcher’s legs, inserting pitchers penis into himself. Once comfortable and fully astride, the receiver begins a rhythmic motion of rocking back and forth to his liking.


This sex position requires the giving partner to be in shape.  The giving partner lies on the ground and props their calves up on a chair while keeping his body straight. The receiving partner straddles the giving partner’s legs and inserts penis into his partner. At that point, either party can begin the rhythmic motion of their choosing.


For this, the pitcher sits in a chair trying to keep his body as elongated as possible. The receiver straddles the pitcher facing toward him or away from him (both require the receiver to be capable of extreme feats of balance).

If the receiver is facing the pitcher, straddled and mounted, with the pitcher’s penis inside, the receiver leans back, allowing the pitcher to grasp his wrists to facilitate balance. The receiver then lifts up his legs, and starts to fly through the air backward as the pitcher controls the thrusting.

To fly like a superhero in this position, the receiver straddles the pitcher, mounting and inserting pitcher’s penis into himself. Once mounted, the receiver leans forward, thrusting his arms backward to the pitcher so that pitcher can grasp the receivers’ wrists. Once engaged, receiver lifts legs, flying forward with the greatest of ease, letting the pitcher control the rhythm.


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3 thoughts on “10 Gay Anal Sex Positions for This Weekend

  1. TDoggie says:

    Not to knock your enthusiasm but I think porn studios are not trying to be original or creative because those things don’t turn on the viewer. I believe they have done the research and know what it is that people want to see and they are providing that. So, really, I think your beef is not with the porn industry as much as it is with porn watchers for not wanting to think (or watch) outside the box, So to speak. Haha

    • Wil Blu says:

      You are giving them way to much credit. The mega studios are owned by str8 people. They give us what has always sold. 18-30 y/o skinny to athletic cute white boys. Unless there is big dick attached to something different.

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