18 Year Old Male Seeking Daddy

Being on your own all of a sudden at the tender age of 18 isn’t easy, and Andy Sterling was even more ill-prepared than most for the life changing experience, both financially and emotionally.

The slim paycheck he got from his job he had at the local supermarket made his choices limited, and without a car he was forced to find a place in a rather inexpensive apartment complex close to work.

Andy could have continued to live at home, but the constant reminders from his folks about what they had caught him doing finally drove him out the door.

After a month in the sparsely furnished apartment, Andy felt as lonely as he could be. He knew nobody in Albany, even though it was only 25 miles from his former house in Ravena, and since he was too young for bars his only entertainment was his computer.

On a whim, Andy visited a dating site and signed up for a free trial membership. He scanned the various ads on the site, searching the gay section for a friendly face. Spotting a man that seemed like a nice guy, he sent him a short message.

“Hi,” the message read. “My name is Andy. I’m 18 and am new to the city. I really don’t have any friends and you seem like a nice man. I’ve only been with a couple of guys so I’m not very experienced. If you would like to meet me, please respond.”

Andy went to work the next day as usual, and when he got home, he checked his e-mail like always. To his surprise, he saw that he got gotten a reply from his response to the ad.

“Hello Andy,” the man had written. “Thanks for responding to my ad. You seem rather young to be answering ads written by 55 year old men, but then again I did say in the ad that age wasn’t important. You do realize that I am 55, right?

I’m a state worker now, but used to be a jockey in my younger days. If you are still interested, here is my e-mail so you can contact me directly. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best to you. Vince.”

As soon as Andy finished reading the message, he copied down the e-mail address and hopped over to his Outlook Express and typed as fast as he could.

“Hello Vince,” Andy typed, his hands shaking so much that he was misspelling half the words, forcing himself to spell check before sending it out. “Yes, I did know that you were 55. I don’t care about that. The man that I was with until recently was in his 50’s too. I like older guys, because they seem nicer than guys my age. I like the picture in your ad. You look like Stanley Tucci. The actor. Do you know who he is? Can we meet? I am attaching a picture of me.”

The only picture Andy had was his yearbook picture from his senior year in high school last year, and although it made him look dorky it would have to do.

Andy sent the e-mail and exhaled, wondering if Vince would give him a response. After going to take a leak, Andy glanced at his computer on the way to the kitchen and saw he had a incoming message. It was from Vince.

“Hello Andy,” Vince had written. “Thanks for the picture. You’re a very handsome young man, and you look familiar for some reason. Anyway, now that we know each other a little bit, let me just tell you that I’m only about 5’4″ and 130 pounds. My hair now has a touch of grey in it that you can’t really see in that photo. Stanley Tucci I’m not, but he was wonderful in that film about Julia Child.

I work 9 to 5, so if you would still like to meet me, give me a call tomorrow night around 6 and we can set something up. I’ve attached another picture that you might enjoy, and if you have something similar I would love you to send it to me. Best wishes, Vince.”

Andy clicked onto the attachment, and when the image appeared he felt as if he had gotten the wind knocked out of himself. He stared at the photo with his mouth open for the longest time, not believing what he was seeing.


Ten minutes later, Andy was still staring at the photo, but his pants were down around his ankles and his dick was in his right hand, pulling on it and feeling it get hard again.

In his left hand was a handkerchief that had a still-warm load of his cum in it, and as his cock began to come back to life, Andy’s mind was all on the man in the photo.

Andy had seen plenty of pictures of naked men before, but this was special. The man had sent it to him, and wanted to meet him. The image of the man was not lewd, but showed a man calmly standing naked in front of a couch.

The man had a nice smile, but Andy’s eyes were centered elsewhere. Vince’s body was incredibly hairy, even more so than his Uncle Dan’s was. The short and slim man’s body was covered with hair from his neck to his ankles, and the hair was a rich shade of black.

What Andy had been staring at when he came before though, was the penis that hung between Vince’s legs. The long, bronze cock looked more like an elephant’s trunk than a dick, and was even bigger than his Uncle Dan’s. What was more amazing was that he wasn’t even hard.

Andy covered his dick with his handkerchief just before he came again, and after he was finished he went over to get his cell phone. He started to dial the phone number but chickened out just before he got to the last number.

Besides, Andy recalled, Vince said not to call him until tomorrow night, so Andy went back to his computer and sent the man a message.

“Hello Vince. This is Andy. I got your picture. I don’t have any pictures like that to give you. Sorry. I am almost 6′ tall and about 200 lbs. – I am a little chubby and am trying to lose weight. You should know that I’m not built anything like you, if you know what I mean. My dick is kinda small. I will call you tomorrow at 6 like you said to if you still want me to. Andy.”

The answer came back within the hour, and it was quick and to the point, reading simply, “Andy, I don’t much care about things like that. You sound wonderful to me. Please call. Vince”

Andy raced home after work and being too nervous to eat anything, went in to take a shower, preparing himself as if he were going to be getting together with Uncle Dan again. It only took a minute with the razor to make him just the way Dan had liked him, and Andy could only hope that Vince would like him like that as well.

It was probably all for naught, at least for the time being, because the chances were that the man would want to meet him next weekend, but just in case Andy wanted to be ready. Besides, he would have just ended up staring at Vince’s picture and getting more nervous.

The sooner they met the better, as far as Andy was concerned, because he tended to get nervous easily, and if the meeting got delayed he was afraid that he might chicken out or something. So Andy sat in front of the computer with his cell phone in hand, staring at the photo of Vince in between glances at the time at the bottom corner of the computer screen.

Andy managed to wait until 5:56 before dialing the number, and he was nearly hyperventilating as the phone rang once, twice and a third time before the phone got picked up.

“Hello,” the voice answered, a deep voice that sounded like it came from a giant instead of a little 5’4″ man.

“Uh, hello, Vince?” Andy said, grimacing as his voice wobbled and cracked, making him sound like a idiot.

“Yes, is this Andy?” Vince said.

“Yes sir.”

“Vince. Good of you to call. You sound awfully young though.”

“I’m 18, I swear,” Andy said. “I’m just really nervous. Never did this before.”

“You said that you’ve only been with a couple of guys, is that right?”

“Yes sir. I mean, Vince,” Andy replied. “Arthur and Dan and they were both about your age. I liked them both a lot, especially Dan.”

“I see. What happened to the two of you, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh – we got caught by my Mom,” Andy explained. “She came home early and caught him doing stuff with me and threw a fit.”

“Oh my, that must have been terrible. She didn’t know you were gay?” Vince asked. “Was that why she got mad?”

“That, and other stuff.”

“The fact that he was so much older than you?”

“Mostly she was mad because Dan is my uncle,” Andy confessed.

A moment of silence followed, before Vince cleared his throat.

“Her brother or your Dad’s?”

“Hers,” Andy said.

“Seems like she should have been madder at her brother,” Vince suggested.

“He kinda put the blame on me,” Andy said. “He told my mother that I seduced him and he felt sorry for me because I’m such a loner and a loser, so I left home. Everybody hates me now, even Dan.”

“I think you got a raw deal,” Vince opined. “In time, I’m sure your mother will come around.”

“Maybe. Don’t know if my Dad will though. He said that if it was him that caught us we would both be dead.”

“You sound like you need a friend,” Vince said. “I would very much like to meet you. When would you be free?”

“Any day,” Andy said, practically yelling into the phone. “Saturday, Friday, now?”

“Now?” Vince asked with an amused voice.

“Sure. I mean, I don’t have a car, but if you’re on a bus line I can come to your place.”

“Well sure,” Vince responded. “Do you have a pencil? Are you familiar with Colonie? Route 5?”

“YES!” Andy chirped.

“Well, there’s an little apartment complex up above Karner Road called Grecian Terrace,” Vince said, and when Andy heard that he dropped the phone.

He scrambled to pick it up as Vince kept repeating hello, and Andy almost dropped it again because his hands were shaking so.

“Yes, hello. Hello,” Andy said. “Sorry, I dropped the phone.”

“Did you hear what I had said?” Vince asked.

“About Grecian Terrace?” Andy said. “Yes sir, I mean Vince.”

“Well, here’s the apartment number,” Vince said, and as he gave him the address Andy was already out of his front door and walking out to the courtyard.

Spotting the building he was looking for, Andy looked up at the light in the window of the apartment the voice was coming from.

“Do you know where this is?” Vince asked.

“Yes,” Andy said. “Can you come to the window?”


“Your window,” Andy repeated. “Can you come to your front window?”

There was a few seconds of silence, and then Andy saw the curtains open as a pair of hands parted them, and when the man with the phone propped up between his shoulder and his ear looked out to the parking lot and saw the young man wave timidly up at him, Vince returned the wave as he shook his head in amazement.

“Hello Andy,” Vince said.

“Uh, what do you want me to do?” Andy asked with a shrug.

“I’m hoping that we both hang up and that you come up the stairs,” Vince replied.


Andy slowed as he reached the top of the stairs, and if the door hadn’t swung open he might have just turned and went back to his own apartment. Vince took that decision away from him and greeted him with a smile, ushering him onto his apartment.

Andy slipped off his shoes and walked into the kitchen of the apartment, which looked just like his own except that Vince’s was beautifully furnished, a stark contrast to Andy’s shabby hand-me-down belongings.

Vince offered Andy a drink, and as he opened of a bottle of wine with a flourish, Andy was struck at how small the man was. He had mentioned that he used to be a jockey when he was younger, before he had gotten hurt, but even though Andy had been to the races and seen jockeys, he hadn’t realized until now how little they had to be.

Not weak though, Andy noticed as he watched the muscles ripple in Vince’s arms as he opened the wine. His arms were small but ripped, and Andy found himself staring at the thick coating of black hair on his arms.

Vince’s skin was olive in tone, which made the gold watch stand out even more against the skin and all of that hair. Andy took the glass of wine from Vince, and when he saw how badly his hand was shaking he got even more nervous.

“Relax, Andy,” Vince said in that deep voice, and it sounded so soothing that Andy felt himself calm down right away.

Vince was so nice, and was so friendly, that Andy found himself relaxing as they spoke. They talked about how much of a coincidence it was that they were right across the courtyard from each other, proving that it was a small world after all.

“I knew you looked familiar to me, but I don’t remember seeing you around here.”

“I work down at the Price Chopper,” Andy mentioned, and Vince’s face lit up with recognition.

“That must be it,” Vince said.

Andy wasn’t really a wine drinker, but Dan used to give him some on occasion, and to his surprise Andy found himself actually enjoying the drink. Maybe it was because of Vince, who was treating him like another guy instead of like a goofy kid, which was how Andy often felt.

Vince showed him photos of him winning races, mostly at some small tracks in the south, and Andy noticed that despite the pictures being almost 30 years old, his boyish face in the photos looked much like the man in the room. His teeth were dazzlingly bright and his smile as warm and wide as could be.

“I’ve been up to Saratoga lots,” Andy said. “Did you ride up there?”

“A few times,” Vince said. “Never won a race up there, but it was exciting to at least get on the track. Maybe sometime this summer you would let me take you up there?”

“I’d love that!” Andy gushed excitedly as Vince put his arm around his shoulder and gave him a squeeze.

“Look what time it is!” Vince said as he glanced at the clock while pouring the last of the wine, and Andy was shocked himself when he saw that they had been talking non-stop for 2 hours about movies, sports and each other. “You probably have to get to work tomorrow morning.”

“Not real early,” Andy quickly answered.

“Well, I’m so glad that we got to meet,” Vince said. “I should apologize to you about that picture I sent you. I don’t know why I did that. I’m very new to this kind of thing.”

“Me too,” Andy said.

“You see, I was with my partner for almost 20 years before he passed last fall,” Vince said, his eyes watering a bit. “Heart attack.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Andy said softly.

“Thank you. Anyway, I’m way too old for bars and the like, so just for the heck of it I joined that website. Not too many people looking for a man my age. Everybody wants a young fellow, like yourself. That’s why I was surprised to get a response from somebody like you. Couldn’t figure why a young guy like you would be interested in an old, broken down man like me, unless you were some kind of hustler – which you obviously aren’t”

“You looked friendly, and I’m not too good around guys my age,” Andy said. “I’m not cool or anything.”

“Well, I like you just fine,” Vince said, his hand patting Andy on the forearm.

“And that picture,” Andy said, feeling his face flush with embarrassment. “It was amazing.”

“Silly on my part,” Vince shrugged. “Just trying to get your attention.”

“Um… it worked.”

Andy followed Vince into the bedroom, and as the older man went into the bathroom for a second Andy began taking his clothes off as Vince had suggested. It had sounded so innocent when Vince had suggested it out in the living room, but now in the bedroom Andy was shaking again.

Vince had suggested that they get to know each other better, and that Andy was still so tense that a massage would make him relax. The offer was made so casually that Andy didn’t know how to say no without hurting Vince’s feelings.

Then again, maybe Andy didn’t want to say no. He thought back on the way it had been with Uncle Dan, how one minute they were fishing at the lake and the next minute he was in the cabin making love. How wonderful that had been, and Andy forced himself to stop thinking about the way that had ended.

The bed was huge, a water-bed that was so comfortable that even though Andy was almost naked as he lay there on his stomach in another man’s bedroom, he found himself relaxing as he enjoyed the barely perceptible movements of the bed beneath him.

The lights gradually became dimmer as Vince reentered the room, and when Andy glanced over he saw that Vince had taken off his clothes and was now wearing a short silk robe. The robe was not fastened, and although Andy had only gotten a quick peek as the older man walked around the bed, it was obvious that Vince was wearing nothing underneath it.

Music filled the room, light classical that was not loud but seemed to come from all around the room, and then the bed jiggled a bit as Vince climbed on down at the foot of the bed.

“Easier if we get these off of you,” Andy heard Vince say as he felt the man take his underwear by the elastic and begin to tug them down.

Now Andy really felt naked, because he was. Vince was down at the foot of the bed, and there was a sound of something being shaken, followed by Vince’s hands rubbing something on Andy’s calves. The scent of vanilla filled Andy’s nostrils as Vince’s powerful hands began to knead Andy’s legs.

Staring with his feet, and working up to his ankles, Vince’s fingers worked very slowly and expertly over Andy’s smooth pale skin, getting deep into the flesh and dissolving the tension deep within.

By the time Vince had moved up to the backs of Andy’s thighs, Andy found himself totally lost in the situation. The music and the aroma and the soft lighting, along with Vince’s touch, had melted Andy, and not even the feel of Vince’s hands moving from his upper thighs to his buttocks upset him.

“Nice,” Andy heard Vince say when he hands reached the fleshy cheeks.

“Fat,” Andy said defensively as he felt the muscular fingers knead his plump posterior.

“Nonsense,” Vince sighed as his eyes devoured the pale cheeks, so fleshy and full. “You have a beautiful body, so let’s not have any of that.”

Andy let out a little gasp when he felt Vince’s fingers sliding between his ass cheeks, but while his anus was sensuously stroked for a long time, the lubricated finger did not penetrate him, even though by the time Vince moved upward Andy was wishing that he had.

Andy could feel Vince’s balls against his backside as the massage worked upwards, the hairy orbs raking across his rear end as his back enjoyed the tender kneading. Now Vince was on top of him, his hairy body like a blanket over Andy while his oiled hands rubbed Andy’s shoulders and arms.

Andy could feel Vince’s cock against the small of his back, hot and hard, and now the memory of that picture came back in Andy’s mind, not that it had ever really left. Andy could feel the man’s breath on his neck.

“Mmm – you’re so smooth,” Vince sighed as his oiled fingers slid from Andy’s shoulders and into his armpits, finding his underarms smooth to the touch. “So sexy. I love it. Roll over for me, babe.”

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6 thoughts on “18 Year Old Male Seeking Daddy

  1. http//www.udatz.com says:

    I always loved older. First affair I was 19 he was 52. Divorced. His daughter was my class mate at college. Lasted 2 years. Met at a pool party she had. Bunch of college kids getting drunk, stoned and I ended up in the garage sucking her Dad’s uncut cock. Lol

  2. Mark says:

    This is why I love older men too! Or, rather, I should say, this is why I loved, (past tense) older men. I always went for the older, mature, wise men rather than the young, brash, cocky boys. Oh, they had their place, just not in my world. Thank you for this wonderful piece!

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