18 Year Old Slave Boy

“I expect you to be fully shaved and wearing your cock ring. I expect you to remain silent the entire time you are here except when you are gagging on my cock.”


Walking to the front door of your condo I notice the door is cracked and there is a note outside. The note reads “I expect you to be fully shaved and wearing your cock ring. I expect you to remain silent the entire time you are here except when you are gagging on my cock or my dildo. I expect you to enter my condo and close the door, then strip entirely naked except for your hood. When you are completely nude, get down on your knees facing the door. I will come up to you and attach your collar and handcuff your arms behind your back. From this point on, you are simply my plaything. You will do whatever I want without question.”

The note excites and scares me simultaneously. I have shaved my crotch bare, and I am wearing the tight cock ring as you expected.

I hesitantly enter your condo, and close the door behind me. It is pitch black inside, I can’t see more than a few inches in front of me. The heat has been turned all the way up so I immediately begin to sweat. Silently I remove my clothing until I am completely nude standing in your entryway. I have taken my hood out of my pocket and I pull it over my head. It has small holes for my eyes and a large hole for my mouth. “There is no turning back now” I think.

As I lower myself to my knees I can only imagine what is in store for me tonight, and some of the thoughts kind of scare me. We’ve been talking online for a few years now, but until I turned 18 last week you refused to talk about anything sexual. The last week has been intense, you telling me how you want to totally use me. I’m not sure about some of it but I need to try sucking cock and you’re the only person I trust, even though you’re almost 40 years older than me.

Kneeling inside the entrance to your condo I am nervous and excited, unsure what I have gotten myself into. Before I can gather my thoughts, I feel the warmth of your already hard cock barely touching the back of my neck. I am sweating already, but I begin to sweat even more knowing that as soon as I am handcuffed you will be in full control of my body. This is my last chance to get up and escape, but I remain motionless, giving up the last of my control to you and your perverted desires.

The first thing you do is tightly handcuff my arms behind my back. I feel the metal tightly grip my wrists. I didn’t know they would prevent my movement so much. You then wrap the studded dog collar around my neck and latch it very tight, so tight that it restricts my breathing slightly and I can feel my pulse beating in my neck.

You grab the back of my collar and quickly lift me to my feet by my neck, choking me in the process. You pull me roughly into your living room where there is a small dim night light, just enough to see the toys that you have set out before I arrived. I notice lube, a thick black butt plug that must be as big around as my wrist. There is also a smaller white butt plug, about as big around as a large cock. A very large and very realistic looking flesh colored dildo about 12 inches long lays next to them, and leather ankle cuffs as well. Also, I see several pills and a 1 liter bottle of water.

You force me to my knees and pull my head back so my mouth is facing the ceiling and grab the pills, two large Viagra and 5 or 6 uppers. Sticking your fingers into my mouth you pull my jaw open and force the pills into the back of my throat. You then plug my nose and put the bottle of water up to my lips. I am forced to swallow the handful of pills as you slowly pour the water down my throat, If I don’t I cant breathe.

I had no idea I would be forced to take drugs tonight, and I wasn’t sure what they would do to me. I swallow the pills, but you continue to pour the water into my mouth. I try to close my lips but you pull strongly downward on my jaw, forcing my mouth to stay open and forcing me to keep drinking. You don’t let me go until I have downed the entire 1 liter bottle of water. With that you grab the lube, leg restraints, and the smaller butt plug, lift me up by the collar, and drag me into your bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, you lay me on my stomach on the floor of your shower and attach the ankle cuffs to my legs. Reaching into a drawer you pull out a short length of chain with hooks attached to either ends. You attach one hook to the ankle cuffs, holding my feet together. You then take the other end of the chain and attach it to my handcuffed arms behind my back, pulling my legs back and preventing me from moving entirely.

You take the smaller butt plug and set it on the floor just in front of my eyes. Covering it in lube with one hand, I can feel your other hand roughly groping my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and exposing my completely shaven asshole.

As I watch the lube drip off the butt plug, I feel you insert the nozzle of the lube bottle into my asshole and squeeze a considerable amount of lube up my ass. You remove the lube bottle and immediately smack my ass, causing my hole to tighten up and keep the lube in. I see your hand take the butt plug from my view, and seconds later I feel it shoved all the way into me in one quick thrust, it hurts, but I am afraid to yell out. With that, you lean over my ear and whisper “Don’t you dare pee yourself, I’ll be back to check on you shortly.”

You return an hour later to check on me. By this time the Viagra and uppers have taken full effect. My cock is rock hard, constricted by the tight cock ring and squeezed tightly between my stomach and the tile of your shower, so hard that it hurts and makes me wonder if there will be permanent damage done. My mind is racing and I feel like I can’t think coherently at all, simply a drugged up fuck toy to be used by a perverted man 40 years my senior.

I have to piss really bad, my bladder is full and pushing on my prostate causing horribly painful, yet very arousing feelings. I see the flash of a camera, and realize you are taking pictures of me tied naked in your shower with a butt plug in my asshole. I now realize I have no control whatsoever, and it frightens me, yet in my drugged up state, I am further turned on by this feeling of submission and lack of control.

You turn on the light, then release my legs from my arms and flip me over so I’m laying on my back in your shower, my arms are still handcuffed behind me and my hands are starting to feel numb. You take my legs and lift them up until my knees touch my shoulders and I am looking directly at my own rock hard cock. Grabbing the butt plug firmly, you rip it out of my asshole. I’ve gotten used to the full feeling the plug provided, and my asshole now feels empty without it. Laying here, drugged out of my mind and totally at your mercy, I don’t know what to do.

“Time to piss.” you whisper.

I release my bladder and feel the initial streams of my own piss splashing from my throbbing cock onto my face. You take my cock in one hand, and with the other you hold my mouth open, directing my steady stream of piss into my mouth. With my mouth full of my own piss, you let go of my cock and my cock squirts pee all over my chest and face. Clamping one hand over my mouth and the other plugging my nose, I am forced to swallow my own urine.

Once I have emptied my bladder, you lift me to my knees. It’s then that I see the blinking red light on the counter of the bathroom. I realize I’m being videotaped! I’m still wearing my hood, so it doesn’t faze me much, in fact I can’t wait to jerk off to a copy later.

With me kneeling in the shower, you stand in front of me and begin to piss all over my face and chest, not forcing me to swallow, but covering me in your piss. When you are done, you step in the shower behind me and grab my collar tightly. I know if I resist all you have to do is twist the collar and I won’t be able to breathe. Holding the collar tightly, you rip my hood off, exposing my face directly to the video camera. I can’t believe this is happening. If my parents or my employers saw this I would be devastated. There is nothing I can do, I’m being choked, I’m handcuffed, and I’m covered in an older man’s piss, along with my own.

Lifting me up, you turn on the shower and rinse off my body, then dry me with a towel. You retrieve the video camera, then grab me by the collar and pull me out of the bathroom and into your bedroom. Throwing me roughly on my stomach onto your bed, you move to the corner of the room and attach the video camera to a tripod to film whatever else you plan on subjecting me to. Laying on the bed, I look over and notice you have brought the larger butt plug and the huge dildo into the bedroom.

As I lay there sweating, you grab the dildo and bring it to my lips. I’m hesitant, but you force it into my mouth and shove it deep into my throat, ignoring my coughing and gagging and holding it there until I feel faint. You do this over and over, stuffing the rubber cock deep into my throat until I cannot breathe, and holding it there until I almost pass out and thrash around on the bed.

After five or ten minutes of this I have drool running down the sides of my mouth and tears streaming down my cheeks. You remove the dildo from my throat and take a close up picture of my face, tear stained and soaked in my own drool.

You then grab the big black butt plug. Kneeling on the bed in front of my face, you lift my head up and force your cock down my throat. I cannot move as you gag me with your cock, choking me while tears are streaming down my face. You push your cock deep into my throat and leave it there, and while doing so, I feel the butt plug touching my asshole.

Applying continuous pressure, you push the plug all the way in until it slips past the widest part and my asshole sucks it the rest of the way in. Once the plug is in, you remove your cock from my throat and get off the bed. I see you take the video camera and move around my body, recording my abuse from all angles.

You turn my head to the side and point the video camera at my face. I’m still drooling out the sides of my mouth and my face is bright red from the tight collar and the continuous gagging. Turning the video camera off and putting it down, you lean into my ear and whisper:

“I know where you work, and I know where your parents live. You are my whore now and if you don’t fully obey me, I will send copies of this video to everyone you know. I’m going to call your parent’s phone number and put the phone to your head. Tell them you are staying a few nights with one of your High school friends and you won’t be home for a few days or I’ll email this video to your mother right now.”

I had no idea that tonight was going to end with me becoming the slave of a man old enough to be my father, and I didn’t know what to think. But I did know one thing, my cock was still rock hard, and I was so scared that I would do whatever this man said.

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8 thoughts on “18 Year Old Slave Boy

  1. B says:

    Not into non-consensual submission. This website should not publish stories like these as they perpetuate human trafficking.

  2. Shaun West says:

    As reality the action would not be good, but as fantasy it is excellent. Hopefully there will be many more chapters!

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