4 Bottoms And 3 Tops

Oz spoke up, “I think we form a daisy chain. Everyone suck the guy to your right’s cock!”


It was the dead of winter, the worst time of the year in the New York City area. It was cold outside. The skies were a constant shade of gray. Even the snow was gray from the City grime. Leonard sat looking out the window aimlessly thinking his life was turning as gray as the weather ……

He was knocked out of his hypnotic stare by the sound of his phone. “Hey what’s going on…?” asked his friend Joe. “Not much. Just another dull day.”

By nature was a reserved kind of guy. Early on in life he had figured out he was gay. He was “out” and “proud” but now as he was getting older – he was 36 – life was settling down. In his 20s he had created an online persona “Scott” who was his outgoing alter ego and far more adventuresome. Scott had been on the online hook ups sites or up on the bar dancing at the Manhattan clubs. But now Lenny had a good job as a schoolteacher and a nice apartment in a nearby quiet suburban town. He worked long hours and went home to an empty apartment.

“Well you are not going to believe it. Remember that guy Bill I told you about. The aging queen? Well he just called me and said he has two spots left in his summer share on Fire Island. He’s offering a really good deal … you in?”

Lenny thought maybe I am past that type of shit. It’s a young guys’ game. Endless parties, excessive drinking, romps on the beach, bed hopping …. but that little voice inside was telling him: What the fuck man do it. “How would it work Joe? You and I share a room or what?”

“Yea Lenny. We get a room to ourselves and Bill’s swinging it so that we can have it every weekend. It will be a blast … let’s do it.”

Lenny uttered those fateful words ….”I’m in”…. and even he was a little surprised when they came out of his mouth! He though WTF I don’t need to participate in it all. I can watch … and just enjoy the beach. After all, it is a lot better than being cooped up in the little apartment all summer and only having “tar beach” for relaxation. (That’s New Yorker slang for sunning on the roof of your apartment building.)

He decided he would redouble his visits to the gym and get buffed during the remainder of the winter. He wanted the type of body that you were not afraid, or ashamed, to take off your shirt at the beach. Lenny did not have the most muscular build. He stood maybe 5’8″ and about 160 lbs. His skin was white … really white … and body smooth all over. He was born blond but his hair had gone a little darker with age – more towards a sandy color. But his blue eyes still sparkled with a bit of a mischievous twinkle!

It was one of those years where it seemed like summer would never arrive but Lenny just kept working out at the gym. As spring finally gave way to summer, he stripped down and stood in front of the mirror. He was happy with the results. He was not super ripped but well-defined. His abs were tight. His chest firm. He legs thick and strong. Butt high and tight. And, oh yea, he had always been well equipped. Soft his cock hung long and low and when he got hard it was a good 9 inches, thick and powerful. He never, ever, had complaints … except an occasional where do I put all of that!?!? … but he had added that extra buff over the winter to round out the total package. Lenny decided the finishing touch would be a few visits to the tanning spa to get a head start on the summer.

Joe wanted to head out to Fire Island early the first Friday and scope out the house before the other weekenders arrived. Bill was living there all summer; the others got Friday to Sunday night only and every other week, except for Lenny and Joe.

“Damn this was not what I was expecting. This is more of a beach bungalow, not the nice houses the others have,” Lenny said as he walked around the place.

Bill tried to reassure Joe. “It will do. We got a room, beds, and a place to crash. We will be spending most of the time on the beach anyway while we are out here.”

On the ground floor there was a large living space with a small kitchen at the back. Off to the side was one large bedroom complete with a king-sized bed, which of course was Bill’s. Upstairs there was a loft area with four small bedrooms. Bill gave Joe and Lenny the one room which had two beds in it, not much else, but the other three rooms just had a bunch of air mattresses. Downstairs under the loft area was a more secluded space where Bill had put more air mattresses. Best of all there was a large outside deck with a big hot tub that could seat at least eight.

As the day wore on the others started to arrive. Bill greeted each at the door with a like peck mostly on the mouth and sometimes with a little squeal of delight. He was a sight. A really tight t-shit and cut-off shorts that barely covered anything, not that Bill had anything to be ashamed of. He might have been a queen in his 50s but he was toned and tight. The hair on his head was salt and pepper gray but the rest of his body was shaved smooth. His ass was small and round and on display in the shorts … and judging from the bulge upfront he was hung too!

First to arrive was Mike, maybe 22 years old, 6 foot tall, blond hair and a body that would not quit. In tow he had a guy who everyone called Oz; he was from Australia with a really sexy Aussie accent. He might have been all of 20 and the typical beach bum look. Tall and lean with sun-bleached hair, dark eyes and a surfer boy cocky attitude.

Next came Troy and Rory. They said they were “friends” but everyone wondered. Troy was maybe 24, short at 5’6″ and clearly spent his free time working out in the gym. Blond hair, no doubt dyed that way, blue eyes, most probably contact lenses, fair complexion, and abs you could probably bounce a quarter off. Rory was the opposite: he was Twinkie the kid. Maybe 21, a tall, lean beanpole but that quarter would definitely bounce off his bubble butt. He had an infectious smile and a nervous giggle.

Last to arrive was Tom. Everyone was surprised to see him arrive alone. There was no explanation to why he was solo but he assured Bill he would pay two shares for the weekend. Tom was also maybe 22 and built more like Troy. Not too tall, muscular, solid build, a dirty blond. As he walked past the group hanging out in the living room someone let out a low whistle. “Sexy… did you see that ass!” Tom must have heard the remark because he wiggled his tight ass in his shorts as he went up the stairs.

“There are not going to be a lot of rules in the house this summer guys,” Bill announced, “but we are going to have a mandatory little kickoff party this evening to start things right. 8 pm at the hot tub … clothing optional, of course,” Bill injected with a wicked grin.

“I told you he likes his circle of young men around him. That’s his way,” Joe whisper to Lenny. “But he is a harmless old queen.”

The evening came around and the guys started to gather near the hot tub. Everything was still pretty reserved. Most of them were in trunks or board shorts and T-shits. Lenny also was in board shorts and a T, but Joe was slightly more adventurous with a Speedo but he also had on a big T-shirt that hung way down. Only the house queen was out there … he only had on a skimpy black Bikini and clearly was on his way to getting drunk. He had a Cosmopolitan in hand but most of the other guys were sticking to beer.

“Why so stiff guys? This is a party,” Bill announced. But they were all still pretty reserved because after all they had all just met. Bill was droning on about the rules of the house … don’t steal each other’s food, keep the common areas clean, no peeing off the deck, etc., etc., etc… I don’t care what you do in your rooms as long as you keep it respectful to your housemates!

Clearly the young guys were totally over it and wanted to just have some fun. One of them, maybe it was Oz, took his beer can, positioned his thumb over the hole gave it a good shake or two and pointed it at the wall flowers hanging back on the deck rail. In one swift motion a stream of beer burst forth and Tom, Joe, Lenny were all given a good dousing. One squirt of beer deserves another and soon they were all dripping beer. Mike bent over and licked up some of the beer that was dripping off Oz.

The shirts came off and soon the five hot young guys were jumping into the hot tub. Then Joe, who at 33 was only slightly younger than Lenny, asked “Is there room for me in there?” His shirt was off in an instant. Lenny had seen all of Joe before but he could not help but admire him. The Speedo was tight and Joe had a cute ass. His chest was covered with nicely positioned black hair and his muscles were toned. Joe had clearly also been working out over the winter.

At first Lenny hung back. Bill had invited a few other guys from the neighboring houses over to meet his “harem” for the summer, but they were all older and appeared to be admiring the eye candy. Lenny had tried to talk to them but was sort off turned off when they started betting on who would bed who first.

Lenny finally went over to the tub and was sitting on the edge with one leg in and one leg out. Oz who had clearly had a few beers looked at him: “Shit dude in or out!” With that Lenny reached down, grabbed his T-shirt and peeled it over his head. Someone whistled … maybe it was Tom. Lenny was even hotter with his new tan. He stood up and dropped his board shorts and was down to a skimpy Speedo swimsuit.

But despite an increasingly relaxed atmosphere that’s about as far as it went. The guys sat around shooting the breeze and drinking beer. At one point, Tom had climbed out of the hot tub and someone made a remark about how he seemed “overdressed” because he had on this pair of baggy trunks. “You think??? Well I can remedy that and he dropped ’em. But unlike Lenny, Tom had nothing on underneath. Tom mooned the boys in the tub but then got a little more modest when he saw the old guys ogle him. He pulled the trunks back up. “It’s getting cold,” was his excuse.

The evening dragged on and slowly the visitors started to disappear. So too had Bill. Joe was first to make some excuse and off he went to who knows where. Tom left next followed shortly by Troy and Rory. It was just Lenny, Mike and Oz and those two had clearly enjoyed more than a few beers. They were getting frisky in the hot tub kissing and caressing each other. Mike and Oz were only focused on each other and Lenny felt like a third wheel. When he saw Oz’s shorts float to the surface Lenny knew it was his clue to get out of there. He stumbled off towards the house, which was mostly dark.

As he walked in he heard a squeal of delight coming from the master bedroom. So that’s why he disappeared. Billy was squealing, the bed was squeaking and an unknown man in the shadows was on top of him and moaning. Let the games begin Lenny thought. As he walked towards the stairs under the loft he could see two more guys rolling around in the darkness. He could not make out who. Was it Troy and Rory? Maybe some of the visitors? Joe? He could just see the outline of a smooth white ass in the darkness.

As he got to the head of the stairs Lenny turned right and for a moment he thought he was in the wrong room. Spread out on the floor in front of him was Tom, naked with his had wrapped around his cock. Lenny stopped in his tracks. He looked around to see if anyone else was there. He realized this show was for him. “Come in… I was hoping you might join me. You know I am alone this weekend.” Lenny was not sure where it was going but he willingly fell to the floor and he and Tom embraced. He felt Tom’s hands working over his body and Lenny pressed up against him. Tom was still stroking himself and when Lenny went towards Tom’s hole he realized that Tom had a butt plug. He tried to remove it but Tom said “NO”. They continued to embrace with hot passionate Frenching. The top of Lenny’s nine incher had popped out of his Speedo. But Tom just kept at it. Tom started to buck madly and moan and then he let loose with a hot load of jizz sandwiched between their two bodies. He lay there for a moment, caressed Lenny a little more, and then without warning rolled away. “Thanks dude I needed that,” and off he went.

Lenny was left lying there covered in a mixture of saliva, sweat and jizz. He was a little confused. Lenny stuffed his cock back into the Speedo and headed down the hall to the bathroom. The night was over.

The guys got up fairly late on Saturday and in pairs headed off to the beach. That evening a giant beach party started with lots of music and dancing. Lenny and Joe hung out there and chatted up a bunch of guys. Joe disappeared at one point and when he came back he had a very sheepish grin but Lenny was not going to ask.

Sunday dawned rainy and wet. A miserable New York summer day so the house broke up fairly early to catch the ferry back to town.

The following weekend was even worse for Lenny. They got out there Friday afternoon and almost immediately Joe made some flimsy excuse and disappeared. Six more guys showed up this weekend but they were clearly a group who all knew each other. They looked at Lenny as one of the “old guys” and made it clear they had no interest. Bill insisted on his house party. The guys went along with it but just as soon as they could they took off for the beach and it was clear that was a “private party.” Lenny hung out or at least tried to with Bill, but this weekend Bill had a young stud named Tim following him around at close quarters. Before long Bill suggested that maybe Lenny wanted to walk down to the beach … or something … and Lenny took the clue. When he came back to the house it was dark and seemed empty except for the squeals of delight coming from the master bedroom.

Saturday was pretty much a similar scene. Lenny wondered off alone to the beach and in the evening for another of the weekly parties. But this one was some sort of drag show which was not Lenny’s scene so he strolled back to the house. It was empty except for the squeals and squeaks in the master bedroom. Lenny went to bed and as he masturbated alone in his room listening to Billy and Timmy he thought to himself I should have stayed in Manhattan it would have been more fun!

He did not see Joe the whole weekend until Sunday afternoon when he appeared and said “Ready for the ferry home?” Joe had that same sheepish grin that Lenny had seen the week before but he did not ask. He was in a funk.

As week three rolled around Lenny thought well it will be better, the first group is going to be back again. Mike and Oz, Troy and Rory and Tom, alone again, all showed up. It soon became clear that Tom had just broken up with his boyfriend. Joe vanished again moments after they arrived on the Island, this week he did not even bother to go to the bungalow at all. Lenny was now sure that Joe was having a summer fling. And rounding out there little group was a guy they called Sandy, well he looked like sand, who was Bill’s “flavor of the week.” They really never did get to have a conversation with Sandy or even find out his real name!

The weekend unfolded pretty much the same as before. The six of them hung out together while Billy fawned over Sandy. There were even more squeals and squeaks from the master bedroom! Oz got shit faced on the deck Friday night, grabbed Mike by the crotch and before long they were naked and getting busy right there on the deck in front of everyone. Oz was totally drunk. He bent Mike over the deck rail and impaled with what turned out to be Oz’s signature pile driver move. Troy and Rory, Tom and Lenny were all a little uncomfortable and moved away.

Lenny hung out in the living room for a bit but the noises from the deck and the master bedroom were too much so he headed up stairs. As he did he heard Rory’s nervous giggle coming from the space under the loft.

As Lenny turned right at the top of the stairs there was Tom on cue in his room butt-ass naked. Again he had his cock in hand but this week instead of a butt plug he was riding up and down on a dildo. Lenny froze in his tracks, but Tom wiggled his ass the same way he did that first day and Lenny figured Oh shit I am going for it. Mine’s got to feel better than a piece of plastic!

Lenny kissed Tom hard. He reached down and stroked on Tom’s rock hard cock and Tom responded by reaching out and finding the zipper on Lenny’s shorts. Swish the shorts fell to the floor releasing Lenny’s nine inch monster. With a grin from ear to ear Tom plunged it into his wet mouth and Lenny let out with a loud moan. What happened next was such a blur …. Tom sucked on Lenny but also continued to ride his dildo …. Lenny tried to get him off but instead Tom pressed deeper and all too quickly: OH SHIT I AM CUMMING…. He pulled away from Lenny and erupted shooting cum up into the air landing on his chest and Lenny’s legs. Lenny was standing there with his 9 inches pointing straight ahead. Maybe a little embarrassed, Tom grabbed his stuff and quickly headed for his room, as he got to the door he shot Lenny a look, “Thanks dude, I needed that!”

Lenny was in a mood to follow Tom and have his way till he got off too but just them there came a giant crashing noise from downstairs and lots of yelling. All Lenny could make out was: “Maurice you are a FUCKING moron! You are drunk, high and stupid. Get out of there!” At the same time he thought he heard a few punches land home as well.

Maurice? Who was Maurice? One of Bill’s friends? What happened?

It turned out that was Oz’s real name … no wonder they called him Oz! Oz had finished with Mike out on the deck and still horny, drunk and now high after smoking a joint he stumbled into the house only to hear Rory’s giggle. Oz in his stupor saw an ass and decided to try to play pin the tail on the donkey so to speak with his cock which was quickly rising to the occasion. He was so stoned/drunk he did not even know who’s ass it was. Troy spun around and threw the first punch… Rory shrieked … and bedlam broke out. Mike ran in and pulled Oz away, yelled at him and then stormed off into the darkness. Lenny and Tom helped dump Oz on to the couch where he promptly passed out. Troy was trying to ice what was about to be one hell of shiner and Rory was threating to pound the dumb surfer jock’s brains to silly putty when he came to.

By Saturday morning the climate in the house was downright frigid. No one was talking to anyone else. After puking his guts out over the side of the deck Oz was slumped over in the corner far too hung-over to have any idea what was going on. Mike was nowhere to be found. Rory had calmed down a little but was still storming around and Troy was nursing a major black eye from the one good punch Oz connected. In the middle of it all Joe appeared arm in arm with summer fling, a black guy named Lee. Joe could not figure out what the hell was going on since he missed last night’s fireworks. Bill finally appeared mad at the world and told them all to go home immediate. “Get your ass on the next fucking ferry or else!”

The following weekend was the gang of six’s weekend. They had only warmed up just slightly to Lenny and Joe was still busy with Lee. Billy introduced his “friend” Richard, another one of the “boys” but this one quickly earned the nickname Dickey. He walked around all weekend naked and he and Billy were going at it like rabbits. The gang of six invited some friends over for a party on the deck which quickly turned into a free-for-all. Lenny had enough and in the morning he made some lame excuse and headed for the ferry back to Manhattan where he knew he could hook up on Saturday night.

Things were not much better the following weekend. Joe was busy hanging around with Lee. Mike came solo and kept trying to apologize to Troy and Rory. He told them he had just met Oz and was starting to realize it might be a mistake.

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