7 Tips For Harder Ejaculations

How to make more semen

I’ve always been self-conscious about the size of my penis and testicles. I’m on the small-to-average size, but always been able to sexually satisfy all of my lovers. One aspect of my sexual function that I’ve always been personally proud of has been the volume and force of my ejaculations. The amount of semen I would produce can only be described as “copious” and I could easily ejaculate over my head or onto my own face. Sadly, as we age our ejaculatory function becomes diminished, often dramatically so. After mourning the loss of my own ejaculatory prowess, I found a way to restore it to the way it functioned when I was a much, much younger man.

Here are the methods I have found successful in restoring my ejaculations to a more copious, forceful state.

#1 Hydration. I cannot stress this enough. You must be well hydrated in order to produce a healthy amount of semen. You should be drinking the recommended amount of water for your age, but the best rule of thumb is to drink enough until your urine is clear, and have to urinate frequently. There are numerous other benefits to being well hydrated, too.

#2 Kegels. Do them! Do a web search for instructions on how to do them and how often as the information is readily available on the net. You will see a noticeable increase in the force of your ejaculations in as little as a week, and even more as time goes by while continuing to practice them.

#3 Expectorant. A what?! You may not already know what an expectorant is. When you have a cold or congestion, an expectorant thins the mucous secretions that your body produces. While it has the desired effect of thinning this mucous in your lungs and nasal passages, it also has a direct effect on the prostatic fluid that you produce. I discovered this by accident once when I was sick but very horny. Having loaded up on expectorants and water, the volume of semen I produced was noticeably larger when I masturbated and ejaculated. The chemical name of the expectorant is guaifenesin. Do not buy it with a decongestant included as that will have the opposite effect. Take this a few hours before your planned ejaculation.

#4 Hot bath. Most of the time, just a hot shower won’t do the same as a hot bath in a bathtub. Make the water as hot as you can tolerate and keep your pelvis submerged for at least 15 minutes. This increases bloodflow to the prostate and pelvic area, and is also an effective treatment for prostatitis.

#5 Prostate massage. So many men have a hang-up about inserting anything into their anus. Anal penetration does not make you gay! There are a lot of nerve endings around your anus and they feel good. That being said, prostate massage will increase the volume of prostatic fluid that is released during an ejaculation. The prostate is a very “spongy” organ, and manual pressure on it releases the fluid similar to the way wringing a sponge does.

It is almost impossible for a man to massage his own prostate with a finger, so unless you have a partner who can do this for you it might be best to purchase a prostate stimulator. If you are lucky enough to have a partner who will do this for you be sure and read how to do it effectively. The prostate has two lobes, and is best massaged from the center toward the edge. Here is a good article on how to massage your prostate.

#6 Prostate stimulator. When I’m traveling for work, my time alone in a hotel is a masturbation holiday! I can get naked, watch porn, and edge for hours prior to achieving my orgasm and ejaculation. When I do this, I take my prostate stimulator along on the trip. I personally enjoy anal stimulation. There’s something deliciously erotic about feeling that thing stretch my anus right before my body “sucks” it inside me and into its desired position. The benefit of having one that is contoured like a finger is that when you perform the Kegel muscle contraction, your anus squeezes it and presses it against your prostate. This releases prostatic fluid into the urethra (commonly known as milking the prostate) and it may ooze out the tip of your penis. It also loosens the fluid up that’s inside the prostate similar to the way a prostate massage does. Upon ejaculation, your anus is rapidly contracting. This forces even more pressure against your prostate which in turn increased the amount of prostatic fluid released.

#7 Pinch it off. There’s one more thing that I discovered by accident. As you get older, your urine flow is often diminished by an enlarged prostate. If you pinch the tip of your penis prior to urinating, try to urinate, and then release the pinch you will see an improvement in urine flow and your ability to empty your bladder. When you reach the point of ejaculation, gently pinch your glans so that your urethra is closed off. Allow two “pulses” of your ejaculation to occur, and release right when your third contraction occurs. The force and volume of semen is greatly increased, and I find the pleasure of my orgasm is intensified.

My young boyfriend is amazed at the amount of semen I can make when I ejaculate, and with the exception of the prostate activities I do all of the above steps when I know he’s going to give me a blowjob. That ensures he has a lot of my semen to taste and swallow, as well as a more erotic facial if we’re making a video.

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25 thoughts on “7 Tips For Harder Ejaculations

  1. Mike Balady says:

    These comments are great. Does anyone have a suggestion for delayed ejaculation. It takes me forever to cum. I take 5 mg daily of Cialis for BPH.

  2. Mark Brockschmidt says:

    There have been studies that show taking intermittent doses of tamsulosin (that is a tablet every other day rather than every day) dramatically improves the side effect of retrograde ejaculation. The improvement upon decreased semen or no semen at orgasm is evident however, the improvement is less dramatic. (Journal of Urology, Feb 2006). You should never adjust the dosage on your own, ask your doc. Be well guys!

    • Adam says:

      I can’t take that…I blow saw dust at even the sight of FLOMAXX. That stuff is definitely not pro-semen, and should be a GAY mans Kyptonite!

  3. Adam says:

    I’ve been taking Guaifenesin for a month now. Edged for 2 hrs watching Chaturbate.com. usually cum is thick, creamy, white…but not alot. After a month on Guaifenesin, i used the old porn star trick of pinching, waiting 2 pulses, then letting the cum fly. First the first time in 40yrs, my cum shot across my keyboard, and hit the monitor. Needless to say, I was stunned. Thinner load, but more volumn. Will try Kegels next.

  4. John R says:

    Not only does Tamsulosin cause retrograde ejaculation, but pinching your urethra shut at anytime during ejaculation can do the same thing. This can be troublesome over time, as you are teaching your body to do that regularly(push ejaculate into the bladder), so you will eventually have less ejaculate during climax, which will be expelled from the bladder the next time you pee.

  5. MARK SANGER says:


  6. Mark says:

    My massuer knows how to massage my prostate. He does something that I orgasm without ejaculating and then he lets me cum. They are the most intense and long lasting orgasms I ever had.

    • Adam says:

      5mg is a really low dose. Great for not getting up to pee during the night. Higher dose of Cialis should be given based on bodyweight. A man 190-220 is just not gonna see any difference with 5mg. Cialis goes up to 40mg per day. If you need more oompf… ask your Dr to up. If he rejects…ask him for one month trial with higher dose…and you both will see.

      • Mark Brockschmidt says:

        2.5mg and 5mg Cialis tabs are usually to be taken as 1 tablet, once a day. It takes several days for the drug to build up to a steady state therapeutic level in the body. However, once it does continued compliance with the once daily dosage is expected to produce the same effect as a 20mg Tablet taken as needed. Also, Robert, if two of the 5mg Cialis work for you, keep with that. Research states that the lowest possible dose of a drug should be taken in order to produce the stated indication of said drug, increasing the dosage when one has already reached the maximum therapeutic benefit is not only unnecessary from an economic standpoint but also a health standpoint. Thanks guys. Be well.

  7. Gary says:

    I’m currently (unfortunately!) using prescription Tamsulosin (Flomax) due to age. I’ve noticed that my ejaculations are much weaker. Has anyone else noticed this effect?

    • Bob says:

      I had the same problem. I asked my urologist to change my prescription to Doxazosin (Cardura). For me, it works slightly better than Tamsulosin for increasing urine flow and does not have that nasty side effect.

    • John Steven says:

      All those meds for urination can cause “inverted orgasms”, .meaning most of the ejaculate stays inside, not a problem, but disappointing if attempting to satisfy someone who is cum hungry

    • Russell Burns says:

      Tamsulosin causes retrograde ejaculation. Your semen Backs up into your bladder. My urologist told me this when he prescribed it. After over a year on tamsulosin, I switched to daily cialis for my bph and I can per better and I get better erections and more semen!

        • Andrew says:

          Hi Craig Shelton – I didn’t know Cialis and Sildenafil could be taken together – what dosage of each do you take? Thanks!

    • Adam says:

      Flomaxx screws with ejaculatory deposit and also the orgasm itself. Sometimes it makes it even hard to get there…aka:sensitivity. I’ve tried Flomaxx twice..and both times…I shoot sawdust when cumming. Definitely a choice to use. Try cialis for pee urgency and nightly trips to the bathroom. Cialis 5mg-20mg does the trick. Dr has sample, then purchase from CAN company.
      $2 a pill. Enlarged prostate, try castor oil, and prostate massage.

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