A Gay Couple Where One Lives Full Time as a Woman

Gay Man Living as a Woman

Ginger held her romance novel in her left hand as she read the seductive steamy passages. She was in bed slightly propped up on her red satin cased pillows. She took deep breaths as her passions slowly rose. Her right hand lay on the back of her husband’s head. She continuously twirled a lock of his hair around her manicured finger as he sucked her dick…Yes, Ginger had a dick.

Ginger had long fingernails that were tapered at the tips and polished a brilliant red. They were longer than most women would feel comfortable wearing in public, but Ginger wasn’t a woman and she did not care what other people thought that saw her nails, she did it for Robert. She ran her fingers through her husband’s hair as he continued stroking her erection with his lips in the up and down motion that was bringing so much physical stimulation as she read her book. Ginger’s bare shaven legs slowly shifted back and forth as she rubbed the soles of her feet against the satin sheets. Her long red toenails curling under at times, and then suddenly springing out spread wide apart as she wiggled them in a way that would have been embarrassing if the passion wasn’t running so high in her body.

Ginger had breast. Large breast, full C-cup like a woman and erect nipples. She wore a pink babydoll nightie this evening. Women don’t wear makeup to bed very often, but Ginger had on full makeup this evening including false eyelashes and Taylor Swift red lips. Robert liked this look on her.

Ginger suddenly took a deep breath as Robert’s tongue touched her in just the right spot, and she sexily closed her eyes under her horned rim reading glasses, and gently lay the book on her chest for a moment.

“Oh Robert, that feels so good. You’re giving me a wonderful blowjob darling,” she said pressing his head down for a moment and inserting the full length of her erection into his throat. She held him firmly for a moment as she humped his face a few times for that deep stimulation that could only be felt at the bottom of her cock. Robert gagged and she gently released her grip. She lifted her book, turned the page of her book and went back to reading. Robert never hesitated and went back to sucking her dick and massaging her crotch with his fingertips as before.

Ginger glanced over at the clock. It was 11:37 PM. Robert had been sucking her dick for twenty minutes now. Ginger was an understanding spouse and was fully aware that sucking dick like this could be very tiring on the neck, jaws, and shoulders, when done for long periods of time, but then again Robert had only been sucking her dick for twenty minutes. That of course didn’t include the time he spent massaging her balls and manipulating her cock into an erection. The blowjob always starts after the erection has been established in her mind. She picked her book back up and began reading again.

“That feels so good baby. Suck it for me, don’t stop, uhhmmmm, so nice,” she would coo as she turned another page.

It was now well after midnight.

“Oh my,” Ginger said as she felt her body tremble in delight as if it had caught her by surprise. She had come across a steamy passage in her book and Robert had hit the right spot at the right time.

Ginger put her book down and took off her glasses laying them on the night stand. She adjusted herself slightly and pulled her feet back so the soles of her feet were on the bed and both her knees up. She took hold off Robert’s head with both of her hands and held him firmly against her belly. She could feel the deep itch of her semen in her balls wanting to escape the end of her penis.

“Oh yes baby that’s nice. Now hold still.”

She then proceeded to hump his mouth with a fit of raw passion.

Robert’s hand reacted at first to the fact he was gagging on the deep thrust but only to be moved aside. He regained his composure as she continued her passionate ride of his face, his nose being bumped by her thigh on each passionate thrust.

“OH ROBERT!!” she screamed as loud as she could. She continued as her toes curled under and her red toenails scratched across the sheets.

“OH YES!! OH YES ROBERT!!” she screamed in a high pitched voice as she neared the ecstasy she was now desiring. She pumped him harder and faster gripping handfuls of his hair.

“OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING…I’M CUMMING!! she screamed that almost sounded as if she were crying. “I’M CUMMING!!”

Ginger’s ass lifted off the bed as she now held Robert’s head down on her hard dick so she would have the full satisfaction of her orgasm.

“OMG!!” she wailed.

Robert’s eyes were squeezed closed tightly. He knew what was about to happen. They had done this so many times before, but still that initial ejaculation was so unpredictable. Sometimes it was a huge load of semen others not as much. How powerful would the ejaculate be? She was very charged tonight. Would it hit him in the throat and gag him? Pour out the end of her penis and quickly fill his mouth?

“OHHHHHHH…MY…GOD!!” Ginger screamed. Her body shuddered as her first ejaculation of semen was now delivered into her husband Robert’s mouth.

“Ummpphh!” came his initial involuntary reaction as his body raised up receiving the salty warm load. His head was held firmly in place so he wouldn’t pull back as the semen was ejaculated into his mouth.

Both of their bodies were as tense as could possibly be for completely different reasons.

“OH YES DARLING, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!” Ginger exclaimed as if it were her first ever orgasm. Her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow as she released another load of hot semen into her husband’s mouth.

He made a slight gagging noise this time which only caused her to hold him tighter.

“Yessssssss baby. You’re doing great. Almost done,” Ginger hissed as she ejaculated one last love load for her husband and her head came off the pillows and knees pulled up as she did. She held him and shook for one last little squirt of semen and then fell back exhausted.

“Oh Robert, darling, I love you so much. That was wonderful.”

Robert slowly pulled his wife’s penis out of his mouth. His eyes were watery and his face red from the slight choking he had experienced. There was relief in his jaw as he reached down for the handkerchief he had brought to bed. He wiped the excess cum from his cheek and lips. He then cleaned Ginger’s penis with the hankie. He never licked her penis afterwards. It was mutual, her penis was to sensitive after orgasm and he had just spent over an hour sucking the juices from her balls.

“Come here big guy,” she said pulling him up to her. She looked at him dreamily and then gave him a gentle but passionate kiss on the lips. “Thank you sweetheart, that was wonderful. I love you.”

“I love you too honey,” he said then they kissed deeply.

Afterward Ginger turned out her light and rolled over to go to sleep. She adjusted her head on the pillow to find a comfort zone. Ginger had a head full of wire brush curlers in her hair. Not because she was setting her hair to save time styling it first thing in the morning, but because her beloved Robert had a hair curler fetish.

She had found it very cute when he had shyly confessed the fetish to her early in their relationship and she had made sure that she made curlers part of her appearance for him when it was appropriate. Robert’s ex wife had ridiculed the idea and had refused to wear curlers at all. She told hi it was weird, but Ginger would make sure that never happened in this relationship, along with a few other of his likes and dislikes.

Robert had to go to work early the next morning. As usual he was awakened with Ginger giving his morning hard on a handjob. She did this every morning. He always awoke to a pleasant 10 minutes of stroking.

Ginger was the feminine partner in the relationship. Though he dressed and lived full time as a woman, Robert was the passive partner sexually.

“Don’t forget baby, we are to be at your mother’s for dinner tonight,” Ginger said as he was leaving.

“Ginger, please dress conservatively. You know how my mother feels about our relationship.”

“Oh I know honey. She hates me. I’ll dress appropriately for her, don’t you worry.” she said with a kiss and a big smile.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” he said heading off to work.

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