A Men’s Guide On How To Blow Men

I am a 33 year bisexual man. I have gotten many blowjobs from men and women alike and I have given many blowjobs. I am writing this to help both men and woman to understand the art of pleasuring a man’s penis orally. Sucking a man to orgasm can be great for him and just as exciting for you. I am going to give you some helpful information and even share some of my stories that can help you improve your oral skills.


Men love to cum but that is no secret. Men basically have three types of orgasms and I have labeled them in three levels. A rushed or uninspired quick release may provide a basic level one orgasm. It feels decent, there may be a few minor squirts that basically ooze out and it is all over.

Now a level two orgasm feels pretty damn good and men will settle for this one. This type of orgasm comes when the man is aroused and you put in some time. A man can shoot a strong load and is very satisfied when he is finished.

The level three orgasm is what all men strive to get. This type of orgasm is what causes men to ruin their lives, perform the nastiest shit imaginable, while sneaking to find ways to achieve them. They are rare but when they happen, the man loses all self-control as he feels an electric current jolt up his ass, through his balls and rifles out the end of his cock. This type of orgasm causes a man to crinkle his toes, tense his whole body, and shoot his sperm with great force and great distances. He feels like the head of his cock is actually exploding.

It takes time to build a man up to a level three orgasm. You need to stimulate him mentally as well as physically. You need to take your time and make him feel relaxed and not rushed. You have to want to pleasure his dick in such a way, it has no choice but to release its sperm whether it wants to or not. When I suck a man off, my goal is always to make him cum so hard, he feels like his body is seizing up and his cum smacks the back of my throat with great force.

Blowjob Etiquette


The first thing you need to do is get the man in comfortable position. Allow him to choose if he wants to sit down, lie down, or stand with his legs spread while you are on your knees in front of him. Then remove his pants in a way that gets him excited. Slowly unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Then slowly unzip him and slide his pants down his hips. If he is sitting or lying down, have him raise his ass up so you can get those pants completely off. When you do the work for him, it allows him to feel you want to please him and not that you are just doing it for him. Sometimes, the quickie mentality can be very enjoyable and you can pull is pants down to his mid-thigh or stick his cock out through his zipper.

Once his cock is out, it is your job to love on it until it is fully hard. Tell the guy you are about to blow, that his cock looks delicious. Give it compliments but make sure they are genuine. While you are kissing and licking this man’s dick, pay attention to some of its great features so you can make honest comments about it. Study and learn those features.

It always starts with the 2 most obvious features and those are its size and length. Sure, everyone loves the big dick and they get the most recognition but learn to appreciate the smaller cocks just as much as you love the large ones. Notice if the cock is bald or hairy, smooth in texture or real meaty, if it is uncut or circumcised, if it has veins protruding out of it, if it has a big head or a tapered head, if it has an upward arc or if it is straight as an arrow, the smell of it, and pay attention to the color of it depending on the race of the man you are sucking. For example, when I suck off a black man, I will tell him how beautiful his black cock is and so forth.

Some of the comments you can make with all those observations are, “Wow, your cock is huge and it would be a pleasure to service it for you.” or “I love how your dick is curved so now it fits perfectly in my throat.” If a guy has a 5 inch cock, don’t say, “Boy, you are huge.” He knows he doesn’t have a big cock, so don’t patronize him. It might be more effective to say something like, “Your cock looks strong or powerful.” Honesty is a big aphrodisiac.

There are also things you should do to show your man that you really are into sucking his dick and you’re willing to put the time in. I first smell his dick. This is so erotic and can excite you so much that you cannot wait to get started. Dicks can smell like many things such as laundry detergent from his underwear, masculine musk from just the all days wear, sweaty from the day’s activities, cologne that was put on earlier in the day, latex from wearing a condom, and even pussy. I once stayed with this couple and many evenings when the guy would fuck his wife, he would sneak in my room in the middle of the night for me to suck him off. His cock would taste like rubber and pussy which I found to be a turn on. There were times; he wouldn’t even cum at all while he screwed his wife because he wanted me to make him cum with my mouth. He would cum so hard, he would almost pass out.

Additional outside smells can also get you so aroused that you want to suck dick. For example, chlorine water smell is an aphrodisiac for me. I love it. Just recently, I was at the YMCA working out and that smell was very strong in the locker room. There was a thin muscular gentleman showering and I ended up sucking him off while he was in the shower. Without exaggeration, he was shooting his cum in my mouth in less than three minutes. He must have also enjoyed that smell as well. Whatever the smell, enjoy it and get lost in it.

Another technique I use is allowing the guy to be visually stimulated while you are giving him head. I will put in a porno that he likes and let him watch it while I suck his cock. For some reason, there are people who strongly object to this and I ask, why? This is a win/win situation. The guy gets to watch something very stimulating which in turn, makes him cum quicker and harder and you don’t have to but in so much time before you get his load. Both of you win.

For example, I was with this older guy for a couple of months and he loved girls’ asses. He would rent porno videos that showed all kinds of asses and they were getting licked and fucked. He would sit in his beanbag chair and watch these videos while I sucked his dick. He would get so worked up; he would be blowing his load in my mouth within no time. There were several occasions where he would even cum two or three times in this manner within a 30 to 45 minute time frame. Why suck a guy’s cock until your jaw is stiff and sore if you don’t have too.


It is now time to start the blowjob. I like to massage the man’s prick as I lick and kiss it. Show it lots of love. Be genuine. Inhale everything. Give it an occasional suck. Look up into the guy’s eyes as you are performing all of this so his imagination can run wild. Remember, before you get down to the real action, you want this man’s cock as hard as he can get it. You want that dick skin to be tight and the head to be purple and bulbous. The harder the dick, the more precum will leak out. I like to savor the precum because it is a man’s way to let you know he likes what you are doing. Once it is completely hard, it is now time to get down to business.

When you wrap your lips around a man’s erection, you want to do it slowly and evenly. The three things he loves the most on his cock is warmth, wetness, and continuous friction. After I have a guy inside my mouth, I start to suck slowly and sensually. I make sure I keep my mouth on it and bob up and down so that he can really feel those three things. Be sure you keep those teeth out of the way especially when you’re going faster on him, preparing for his cum. You want your mouth to feel exactly like an orifice he is used to fucking. Remember, a blowjob is a mouths way to simulate the guy fucking something familiar and the more you can make your mouth feel like something he likes to fuck, the quicker and more pleasurable he will cum.

Don’t confuse a blowjob with allowing the man to fuck your mouth. It is still oral sex but has a different vibe to a degree where it is almost a different type of sex altogether and that is what makes it exciting. Once again, it is a mental thing. When you are blowing a man, you are in control and you are the person taking his cum but when he fucks your mouth, he has the control and he is giving you his cum.

When you allow a man to fuck your mouth, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You are providing an orifice for him to get off in almost to the extent where he is using your mouth to masturbate. I try to keep my mouth a consistent diameter for a tight fit, keep my teeth out of the way, and most importantly, I try to hold still until he finishes. Nothing is more aggravating when a man is trying to fuck your mouth and you keep pulling him out or stopping him over and over. Now the exception to this is if he tries to fuck you in your throat and this is the only time you have the control and he will choke or gag you if you allow that.

I use mainly three positions for mouth fucking. I will either sit or kneel on the floor while my partner stands in front of me, I will lay on my stomach with my head up while my partner is on his knees in front of me, and finally I will lie on my back on the side of the bed with my head turned and the guy will stand on the floor beside me. Remember when a man is fucking, he is thrusting his hips in and out which means he will need some leverage so he doesn’t either lose his balance or slide away from you. To provide that leverage, he will often hold your head on both sides, or from the top, or from the back.

I was seeing this one guy not too long ago who loved when I laid on my stomach with my head dangling over the side of the bed, I would lift my head to give him access to my mouth and he would use his large hand to hold the top of my head like he was palming a basketball. He was strong enough to hold me still so when he blasted his cum in my mouth, I couldn’t instinctively pull back or off of him until he was completely finished. After he had completely finished cumming, he would just stand there and shiver with his dick still in my mouth and I could feel his cock soften and the remaining sperm ooze out. When you are getting your mouth fucked, it is better to allow him to decide when it is finished because he can make sure he is completely satisfied.


Deepthroating is a skill that is very difficult to learn and not many people can truly do it. I have been lucky enough to master the skill but not without years of practice. The most common myth is the longer the penis, the harder it is to deepthroat. Actually the most difficult characteristic that prevents you from deepthroating your man is his thickness. I’ve sucked 6 inch cocks that were so thick, I had trouble getting them down my throat all the way up until I once deepthoated an African graduate assistant from Nigeria in my professor’s office, who had a 13 inch dong. It was very thin and once I got past the gag reflex, I didn’t have much trouble taking him all the way down to his pubic hair. I am not saying you cannot deepthroat fat cocks but it is much more difficult. I have sucked off a few guys that were just too large to deepthroat.

When I blow a guy, I always at least try to deepthroat him. They love this because most people cannot do it and the sensation feels great. Before I deepthroat cock, I need to get it naturally lubricated. I have a technique where I suck and purposely slobber on the head and allow it to run down the sides of the shaft. Then I use my hand to squeeze the shaft so that I can milk out a glob of precum to add to the mix. The last step is to smear it all over the dick as though you’re jacking it off. When a dick is going down your throat, the moisture helps lubricate it which is doubly important if that dick is thicker.

Getting the cock down your throat is difficult enough, but it takes practice to be able to go up and down on it while it is lodged down there. I recommend practicing with different thicknesses of dildos until you have it perfected. When I was learning, I purchased 5 dildos. I had a smooth thin 6 inch green dildo that was meant for assholes like a butt plug, a thin 7 inch realistic feel model, a thick 7 inch veiny model, a clear, thin 8 inch model with a larger head, and a 10 inch large dong modeled after Jeff Stryker. I used to frequently practice with these along with watching select porn stars performing it. I now think the realistic housewife Heather Brooke is the queen of deepthroating and I highly recommend pulling up her on the internet.

To deepthroat, you must lift your chin to create a straight tunnel from your mouth to your throat. Relax your throat muscles and breathe through your nose. I really takes concentration because you have to convince your brain you are not choking. You don’t want to swallow the dick but allow it to penetrate or slide down your throat. Let the mushroom head slip past the gag reflex and hold it still for a little while. You will gag, wretch and your eyes will water when you are learning and that is normal. You may have to keep pulling it out and retrying.

When I first started, I would lie on my back with my head draped over the side of the bed to get that head tilt or go down on him with the top of your head pointing toward his feet like you would be in a sixty nine position. I would have the guy, place his dick in my mouth and slowly ease it in if I’m in the lying down position. In other positions, I pull the hard cock down away from the guy’s belly and work my way down until it disappears all the way down my throat. The problem is the man you are deepthroating wants to start fucking your throat and it is just too difficult to allow that so you have to use your hands to guide him on his force and speed as I mentioned earlier.

Preparing for his Cum

Obviously when you are going down on a guy, the purpose is to make him cum and you have to decide where you want that cum to end up. No matter how you’re sucking a dick, you want to pay attention to subtle clues he will give you to let you know how he feels or how close he is getting. When a man is getting close to blowing his wad, he will start squirming, breathing faster or shallower, drastically change facial expressions, and even verbally encourage you. One way you can tell when a dick is about to erupt is by feeling the underside of it with your tongue as you’re sucking and you can feel those little “cum gushes” inside the shaft as it makes its way up to the head for release. In some guys, you can feel this more than others.

That was very evident during my senior year spring break trip to Florida when I blew this Cuban worker in his work truck during his night shift. I sucked him off three, maybe four times that week and right before he would cum, I could feel his semen “mini squirt” up the shaft before he released. The first night, it was so powerful I actually thought he was cumming and I stopped sucking only to find out nothing was in my mouth. His English was very poor so he just pushed my head back down onto him until he finished.

The guy you are sucking might feel a little apprehensive because he is about to cum and he may not know if you will take his load in your mouth or not. Like I said earlier, you want your guy to be totally comfortable so I like to pop my head up for a split second and say, “It’s ok. Just relax and release it. I need you to go ahead and cum in my mouth for me. I would love to taste it.” If you say something really off the wall or sleazy, not only will this make him cum quicker, he will also cum harder. For example, you are sucking the guys dick and he starts giving you clues, he is about to explode, pop your head up and say something like, “Will you please cum in my mouth and feed me my lunch? I haven’t eaten all day.” I guarantee he will be ready to detonate.

After you say something like that, get back on that dick as quick as possible so he doesn’t lose the feeling. Be sure you continue to suck just like you were doing before. Now, he will be relaxed and know he can let loose his giant load without worrying about you. I have been sucking dick for years and I prefer the guy to cum in my mouth so I can swallow his spunk but not everybody feels that way.

Accepting his Cum

The final act while you are blowing a man is deciding how you are going to accept his cum. If you have already let him know it is ok to blow his nut in your mouth, then there are basically three ways to take it. I personally love the taste of cum and like the domination aspect of swallowing it. I imagine I am consuming the seed from a dominant animal and he is marking his territory for the evening like a dog that pisses on the bushes. I feel a sense of accomplishment and humiliation when I know I am carrying around, in my stomach, millions of a man’s sperm for the evening. He knows where he left his mark.

The three main methods for a extracting a man’s sperm when you’re blowing him is using your throat, mouth, or hand. If you are able to take a man down your throat when he ejaculates, you will be able to feel every twitch of his shaft as it spurts which I think is very erotic. This method feels great for the guy and there is no choking or gagging if he is deep enough. The sperm is shot directly into the bottom of your throat and is neat and clean. You have to learn to breathe through your nose effectively. There is a possibility of a couple of glitches during this procedure and first glitch is his cum can choke you. He may get so excited he starts bucking and the cock slides out a little bit and his cum shoots right where it gets caught in your throat. Another way the sperm can choke you is if it is really thick and slimy and it sticks to his head as he withdraws and then it sticks to your throat walls on its way out.

One time I was blowing this guy in the bathroom that I met in a club. He had and extremely long and thin penis. I would have to say it was at least ten or eleven inches long. I was sitting on the toilet while he stood in front of me and I was comfortably deepthroating him and ready for him to cum down my throat but just as he shot his first wad, he pulled away from me slightly which caused his cum to blast in my windpipe. I started choking and coughing and I never finished him off with my mouth. He jacked the rest on my chin and lap as I struggled to breathe. That is why you have to either keep a man all the way down your throat as he ejaculates or just in your mouth. Nothing in-between will work. A technique I learned was to reach around and hold his ass so I can control how much he moves during his orgasm.

The second glitch that may occur when he shoots deep down your throat is you really can’t taste it. I feel one of the exciting things about giving a guy a blow job is to find out how his cum looks, feels, smells, and tastes. When you deepthroat a guy to orgasm, you don’t know any of that. Cum is unique in the fact it all basic tastes the same yet every guy tastes different, if that makes any sense. Sperm has given me heartburn before and I have even belched cum for a while after I have sucked men off. I was stoned at a party one night and I ended up sucking off 4 or 5 guys during the course of the evening and I will tell you I had to take some antacids the next morning.

When I would deepthoat Jenta’s (the Nigerian guy I mentioned earlier) 13 inch pole, he would blow his wad so far down my throat; I would have never known he came if I hadn’t felt the twitches of his cock. When he was finished, I had no taste or anything except the smile on his face to let me know how he felt.

The second way to receive a man’s cum is to allow him to shoot directly into your mouth as you are sucking him. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he can’t choke you from his load with this technique. Take the back of your tongue and press it up to the roof of your mouth while keeping the end of it down against the bottom and tighten your throat. This closes off the tunnel to your windpipe but you can still breathe through your nose. Imagine you are drinking out of a straw even though you don’t want to breathe in with your mouth as the guy is shooting his cum. It is really difficult to swallow during this process so you just provide a pocket for his semen and store it in your cheeks until he finishes. This is the most common way to take a man’s spunk.

You just have to make sure when he starts cumming, not to alter your sucking rhythm even when he is shaking, bucking, or thrusting and also definitely don’t stop until he is completely finished. That is one of the most difficult things to do. A lot of novice dick suckers will stop when a guy starts cumming and you will hear him say desperately, “keep going, keep going” or he will fumble around trying to grab your head and manually maneuver you to keep sucking him. If your warm mouth going up and down on his prick causes him to cum, then that motion should not be changed until he has emptied his entire load. Stopping your sucking will cause the sensation to change which could lessen his orgasm. This is also the reason you will have some guys pull his dick out of your mouth and jack off on your face or in your mouth because of the fear that powerful ejaculation will be interrupted by you stopping. I will talk about the hand extraction in a little while.

If the guy you’re sucking is sitting or laying then it is not as difficult to keep your sucking rhythm when he nuts even if he is shaking or bucking because you can use your hands or your own weight to kind of hold him down until he completely finishes. It is more difficult when he is standing and you’re kneeling in front of him. He will have the tendency to grab the back of your head and force you down on it or his movement during orgasm might cause him to slip out of your mouth. That is when you reach around and grab his ass to steady him.

The final way to take a man’s sperm is to grab the base of his cock just as he releases his wad and start jerking him in a smooth, controlled manner so it simulates your mouth. This is the technique you have to use when a guy has a very large dick. There have been some black men and a few white guys I had to use this method just because their dicks were too big to really blow properly when they came. Don’t grab too tight unless you’re performing the damming technique blowjob because that actually takes away the sensation and the orgasm could be less powerful.

I remember Big Ed. He was a huge black guy I met at a party. He was about 6 foot 8 and weighed about 400 pounds. One thing led to another and I ended up blowing him out in the garage. His dick had to be at least twelve inches if it was an inch and as big around as my wrist. I am unsure if anyone reading this has sucked such a huge cock but I will tell you it is impossible to actually suck. You have to fit the head and maybe an inch or two in your mouth then jack him off. If you do it sensual and slow, it simulates a good blowjob. With Big Ed, I had him stand while I sat on an old milk crate. I used both hands to jerk him off while I sucked. I synchronized my jerking with my sucking and when Ed finally came, I never slowed down my jerking pace which allowed him to powerfully cum in my mouth without losing any sensation. I was able to capture his sperm and swallow it. He told me it was the best blowjob that he ever got.

I try not to use the jerking technique while sucking cock unless he is well hung because he wants a true job and not a hand job. There is another time when you may have to jerk as you suck and that is if you happen to be blowing more than one guy in a short time span. If you suck off more than one or two guys in an evening, your jaw and mouth are going to get very tired. You will need that extra friction to speed up the process. Just make sure you are still using your mouth for most of the action and use your saliva for plenty of lube. It is just unrealistic to think you can suck dick for more than an hour without some help.

There will be times he will prefer to jerk it when he cums and that is ok because he may just want to finish with that extra sensation or control. You just keep doing your job and sucking that dick until he decides to pull it out and jack it off. If he wants your mouth, just open it up very wide and stick out your tongue because when a guy is preparing to cum his aim is not very good as we all know. Usually he will just sit his mushroom head on your tongue for stability like a soldier propping his gun up on the ground. A guy will do this too if he oozes instead of shoots. There are also times when he will pull out to jack off and I will immediately dive my face and tongue into his nuts and either lick or suck them while he gives me a facial. Sometimes he may prefer you to wrap your lips around his head as he jerks his spunk into your mouth. The bad news is that sometimes his hand will hit you in the chin as he jacks but the good news is none of his cum misses your mouth.

If you are on top of the dick after it has unloaded and you don’t want to allow his cum to run out when you pull your mouth off of it, there are a couple of techniques that work. You can use gravity buy keeping his dick head in your mouth as you pull it down to his stomach if he is lying down or pull it down to the chair if he is sitting and turn your head sideways to catch all the cum as you pull off it. The second technique you can use is to press your lips tightly around his shaft, slide your mouth carefully up until you get to the spongy head, and then slurp with pressure as you lift off and then quickly clamp your lips together not allowing any of his seed to escape. After a man finishes, you want to just keep him in your mouth for just a little while until he starts to soften and this will help because his cum will naturally just ooze out on its own . It is more difficult if he has a large head and that is when you just wait longer than usual before you pull off so you can give it more time to deflate.

I used to blow this eighteen year old neighbor of mine and every time he came, he would literally start shaking so much; it was very difficult to keep my mouth locked on his dong all through the orgasm. The next problem was he usually came so much that there was nowhere to store the sperm without some of it running out of my mouth. What I finally ended up doing was taking the first shot, grab the base of his penis with my hand, pull back and swallow lightening quick, then continue sucking without disrupting his rhythm. I had to do this in-between the first shot and the second shot. After I perfected this technique, I never allowed any of his goo to run out of my mouth again.

Now you have a mouth full of sperm. If you are a swallower, you want to be sure you swallow the entire load and don’t wince. Most cum tastes fine but occasionally you will get a batch that is just bitter. You have to be a good actor and after it goes down the hatch, you give him that look like it was the most delicious drink you ever had. Some guys like for you to show them the load in your mouth but if you do that, tilt your head back so it doesn’t spill down your chin. I think it gives them a sense of power.

In college, I used to meet up with a guy I met at the library. I was a freshman and he was a senior and I would go over to his apartment a couple days a week to suck him off. I used to suck his dick every way imaginable but his cum was awful. It was thick and had such a bitter taste; it was difficult for me to even pretend it tasted good. I would smile and swallow it and the first chance I got; I would turn my back to him and wince. I would also belch this foul cum smell all evening. I finally had to tell him and I think it hurt his feelings, but it was just too much.

After your guy has completely finished and you have swallowed his cum, it is polite to clean out the remaining sperm in his shaft. Not all of it gets ejaculated and what I do is grab his softening cock and give it a squeeze until the remaining glob pops out of the hole and coagulates on his head. I either take my tongue and lick it off or wrap my lips around his cock tip and suck it off with one giant slurp. Sometime the guy will squeeze his shaft and pop it out for you to clean off. There are times when you are licking or sucking the slime off his head, you get carried away and suck on it too hard which can be very ticklish for the guy. The head of penis gets real sensitive after ejaculation so clean it off quickly or softly.

If you prefer to eat men’s cum after it has been ejaculated, then pull your mouth and jack him off all over himself. The cleanup can be very exciting. It allows you to see the thickness and density of the cum, the amount, the distance it shot, the musky, pungent odor of it, and to savor the taste of it as he watches.

It sounds a little gross but the thicker a man’s cum is the more I like eating it. For me, there is something erotic about eating clumpy sperm and I think it has a sweeter taste. I once hooked up with a guy whose cum was so thick that I literally ate it off his belly with my hands. I would have him lie on the couch as I would kneel beside him on the floor and suck him until he was ready to cum. Right before he would blow, he would tap me on the head and I would jack him off all over his stomach and chest. He would cum so much and it would be so thick and nasty that I still get excited about eating it to this day. I would have it all over my fingers and lips. I was like a two year old making a complete mess. It was like eating oysters or real thick tapioca pudding. I do miss that. I will tell you, if you are going to eat cum off a man’s body, you want to do it quickly. A man’s goo tastes much better when it is warm. If you let it cool, then that significantly changes the taste.

If you’re not into eating a man’s spunk, just as he begins to cum, you can always spit when he finishes or pull off it as he starts shooting and jerk him off on a variety of things. You can have him give you a facial especially if he is standing in front of you. You could jerk him off on himself if he is sitting or lying down and be kind enough to get him a towel. I also let guys blow their load on something that is a fetish to them. I’ve had guys cum on my chest, feet, and every other body part imaginable.

When I was 18 I used to go down in the basement with my cousin who was also 18 at the time. We would suck each other but he always wanted to finish by cumming on my face. He thought that was so cool he wouldn’t let me finish him with my mouth. Right before he would cum, he would pull his dick out of my mouth and jerk off on my face. It used to make me mad when there were no towels around and I would have to use my shirt or underwear to wipe it up.

I once was sucking a guy who had this foot fetish so as he got close to cumming, I hurried up and wrapped my feet around his cock and finished him off with a foot job. He came so hard, he just about passed out. His sperm was dripping from my feet and toes. It was foul and thrilling.

When you take your time and truly want to please the man sexually, you will be able to give him that level three orgasm he so desires. You just have to be willing to put in the time and pay attention to detail.

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10 thoughts on “A Men’s Guide On How To Blow Men

  1. RIC says:

    You MUST let a guy cum in your mouth if you are giving your best blow job. After the first ejaculations, there is still semen in the cock, and you must keep sucking until they are going soft, to be sure you have given them the best pleasure possible. Spitting isn’t even in consideration. The semen is already in your mouth and why would you waste what you worked so hard for? I’ve sucked off dozens of men here in the Kalispell, Montana area, and they keep coming back again and again for me to suck them, because they know I will go that extra mile to drain that last drop if cum from their cocks.

  2. Dennis says:

    I personally love it when a guy spunks on my mouth. To bring a man to orgasm lets me know he enjoyed my mouth and technique.

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