A Surprising Way To Find A Hookup

He fucked Joshua’s face for a while more before releasing him from his grip, allowing him up for air. As Joshua caught his breath on all fours, the man stood up and moved behind Joshua. He stroked his cock as he stared hungrily down at Joshua’s bubble butt.


It was the late afternoon on a sunny Thursday, the type of day when the temperature stays warm even late into the evening. Joshua was sitting in his single-occupancy dorm room, staring outside his window. At 22, he was openly gay and intentionally single, enjoying casual hookups wherever he could find them. In general, he was pretty successful due to his well-manicured physique: He was 5’10”, tanned, slim, and toned. He had soft blue eyes, short dark hair, and a wide smile that people often described as youthful and cute. But best of all, he was a bottom with a thick, rounded ass, muscular and tight. He never had trouble getting a top to fuck him.

The problem was that his college campus was full of bottoms. From scrolling the apps, he found almost exclusively college guys who, like him, wanted a more dominant guy to fuck them. Even the guys who said they were “versatile” usually just wanted to get fucked. Joshua was honest in that department, and realized he had to look elsewhere.

As he stared out his window on that hot, Thursday afternoon, he remembered that there was a gay nude beach about a 20-minute bike ride from campus. He had never been there before, but had heard stories from his other gay friends. It sounded like the place was generally pretty tame, but there were some mumblings of more illicit activities going on there occasionally. He had heard of some casual blowjobs at night, or fucking in the bushes. But he had no idea if that was all just rumor or actual reality. Either way, he decided he had nothing to lose and would go check it out.

Joshua knew he wanted to impress. After getting himself prepped for sex, he put on a pair of tight, black bike shorts. He usually only wore them for serious and long bike rides, because they heavily accentuated his bulge and ass. But that was exactly the purpose of today, so he didn’t mind that the ride would be short. Next, he put on a white tank top that clung to his muscled chest, showing off his toned biceps in the process. After grabbing his bike and helmet from the dorm storage room, he speedily left campus. Working up a sweat on the hot day, he arrived to the beach in only 15 minutes.

As he arrived, the sun was starting to get low in the sky, casting a blue/orange tint through the clouds. He could hardly see the beach from the street where he locked up his bike, but knew he was in the right place from the city beach sign that had a tiny rainbow flag sticker attached to the corner. As he strolled down through a little path to the grassy beach area, he caught a glimpse of the water. It looked calm and inviting, perfect for a dip even if nothing happened.

Soon, the path opened to a decently-sized beach, about 40 feet across. There was only 5 feet of sand near the water, but a large grassy patch behind it to accommodate more people. A tiny porta-potty sat in the corner, as well as some thick bushes along the perimeter. There were probably 4-5 men at the beach when he arrived, some of whom were clearly starting to pack up their things now that the sun was starting to set. They generally looked to be in their late-30s through early 50s, a mix of average and bigger guys in various stages of balding. From passing glances, Joshua found 1 or 2 of them to be pretty hot. Still, he didn’t want to stare too long before sussing out the vibe of the nude beach.

Still, it was a hot day and Joshua was sweaty from his bike ride, so he decided to get in the water. Given that it was a nude beach, he found a little spot near the water to take off his clothes, being careful to face the water as he removed his shorts. He wanted the men to see his ass, but wasn’t quite ready to go full-frontal on them yet. Fully nude, he walked directly into the water, feeling its cool touch on his skin. He felt refreshed and calm as his heartbeat returned to normal after the ride.

He stayed in the water for a few minutes, staring out towards the setting sun. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. Still, he couldn’t kid himself that the real reason he wasn’t getting out was his nerves. He didn’t know what would happen when he turned around and walked back up onto the beach. Would all the men still be there, jerking off together and ready to fuck him? It sounded hot, but Joshua wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. Maybe they all would have left, and his fears (and sexual excitement) would be completely unfounded. But with a few more minutes until the sun was gone, he knew he had to get out now if he was going to have any time to sun dry before biking home.

When he turned around, he tried to look calm and collected as he exposed his naked frontside to the beach for the first time. At first, he thought everyone had left because the beach looked quieter than before. But squinting his eyes, he saw just one man still sitting on his towel. He had been the youngest man from before, appearing to be in his late-30s. He had an average build, wide torso, and was probably 6′ tall. Even more, he had a strong jawline, dark eyes, and short black hair. Wearing shorts and a button-down shirt, he was the archetype of a daddy. Most strikingly, he was staring right at Joshua and casually rubbing his groin through his clothes. Bingo.

Meeting the man’s gaze, Joshua strolled up to his spot on the beach. Fully nude and still dripping water, he smiled as he approached. His limp dick was near the eye-level of the man, who sat up on his towel as the college twunk appeared.

“Want a towel?” the man asked after reaching into his bag for a small hand towel.

Joshua accepted the gesture with a nod, beginning to dry off. It was a slow process given the towel’s modest size, which he realized was probably the man’s intention. It gave him more time to stare and watch Joshua as he craned his body to reach every spot.

“Have I seen you here before?” the man followed-up, still rubbing his crotch gently as he spoke. Joshua enjoyed his deep voice, confident and smooth.

“No,” he replied. “I heard about this beach from some friends and wanted to check it out.”

“I’m glad you did,” the man said with a smile. “We don’t get too many guys as hot as you here.”

“Thanks,” Joshua replied to the compliment. “I don’t usually get to meet men who aren’t in college,” he added with a laugh.

The man smiled, now shifting his gaze downward towards Joshua’s groin and ass. “So you like older men?” He was terse and gruff, which Joshua found wildly hot in a hookup.

“I’ve never been with an older man before, to be honest,” Joshua responded., before realizing it could sound like he didn’t think the guy was hot. “But I figured the beach would have some, so that’s why I came.” He saw the man smile once more.

“How about you get on your knees, and I can show you what it’s like to be with an older guy?” He was not messing around. In that moment, the man began to unbutton his shorts and lower the zipper, but didn’t remove them just yet.

Joshua was intrigued. He got on his knees in front of the man, then lowered his upper body so that his hands and head were near the man’s shorts. From up close, he could smell the man’s natural musk, the scent of a man who had been sweating at the beach all day. It was clear he was fully erect from the bulge in his shorts.

“Are you sure you want to do this, boy?” The man asked seriously. “I’ll warn you, once I get going, there’s no stopping me. I’m not fucking around here.”

Joshua thought for a moment, but knew he was ready to be used. No matter what the older man did, he was so desperate for dick that he knew he could take it.

“Yes, sir,” Joshua responded. “I want you to use me,” he said staring right into the man’s eyes. He meant it.

Just then, the man removed his shorts, leaving his lower body fully naked. He had thick, black hair on his legs but a nicely trimmed groin, with just a half inch or so of hair from his dick and balls. His balls were big and hung softly, grazing the towel beneath him. But best of all was his cock, an 8″ beauty with one big vein running the length and a girthy head.

“Fuck, that’s big,” said Joshua with wide eyes.

“Suck it,” the man commanded.

Joshua grabbed the shaft with his right hand before touching the tip with his lips. He had to open wide in order to wrap his lips around it. He began stroking the dick slowly but firmly as he lowered his mouth down the shaft. It tasted and smelled incredible, just like the musk of the man but even stronger. Joshua could feel his own 6″ dick come to full attention as he sucked off the older man.

“That’s it, boy,” he encouraged. “Suck that big dick.” They both moaned as Joshua continued.

Soon, Joshua felt the man’s cock poking against the back of his throat with an inch or two more left to go. He tried deep-throating it, but the man was big enough that he couldn’t easily get it down his throat. The man, sensing this, grabbed Joshua’s head and began thrusting into him.

“Let’s see how much you can take,” he said as he shifted back and forth into Joshua’s mouth.

His thrusts started out long and slow before gradually speeding up. Soon, his cock was fully inside Joshua, pushing down his throat and making him gag.

“Fuck yeah, boy,” the man groaned as he watched Joshua’s lips press against his pubes. “Take that big dick. Take it right here on this beach!”

He fucked Joshua’s face for a while more before releasing him from his grip, allowing him up for air. As Joshua caught his breath on all fours, the man stood up and moved behind Joshua. He stroked his cock as he stared hungrily down at Joshua’s bubble butt.

“I haven’t fucked an ass that round in years,” the man said with a sly grin. “You must make a lot of men happy.”

“Yes sir,” replied Joshua, looking back over his shoulder as the man got down on his knees. “I can’t get enough dick,” he moaned as the man began to palm Joshua’s right cheek.

“Let’s see what that slutty little hole can take,” the man grunted as he smacked Joshua’s ass. Joshua jumped in shock before moaning from the pleasure. He was sure that would leave a handprint on his ass, something he couldn’t wait to see.

The man spread Joshua’s ass, revealing his tight, hairless hole. Spitting on it, he rubbed his spit around with his left pointer finger while rubbing another glob of spit onto his still wet dick.

“You’re really tight, boy,” the man said as he began to prod Joshua’s hole with his finger.

Joshua moaned in pleasure as the man began to stretch out his insides, which felt unusually tight after his dip in the cool water. But the man’s powerful fingers quickly loosened him up, eventually allowing two, and then three fingers inside him. He would need all that flexibility if he was going to take the man’s thick cock.

The man finally pulled out his fingers and spit on his cock once more.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” the man grunted hungrily.

“Fuck me, sir,” Joshua moaned in reply. “Fuck me right on this beach!”

“You’re such a fucking little slut,” the man said as he man positioned his cock against Joshua’s hole. A second later, he pressed inward, breaking past the barrier in a fluid motion and completely subsuming his dick inside the college twunk.

“FUCK!” Joshua moaned loudly, not even able to control his volume. The pain and pleasure of the man’s penis was too much to handle, a mix of intense aching and wild eroticism. But the man was undeterred, keeping his cock deep inside Joshua and he stretched out his insides. Luckily, the pain soon went away. Joshua caught his breath as the feeling went to pure hedonism. He was ready to get pounded, fully in public, by the man.

The man sensed Joshua relax and began to thrust into him. Grabbing Joshua’s waist, he rammed his cock in and out of Joshua’s hole, watching as his dick slid past Joshua’s puckered cherry.

“That’s such a tight hole,” he grunted. “My dick is already leaking inside you, boy.”

Joshua moaned, loving the thought of the man’s cum inside him.

Soon, the man’s body became hot and sweaty from the exertion. Still thrusting in and out, he whipped off his shirt, now fully naked with Joshua on the beach. Joshua turned around to see the man’s body. He was more muscular than Joshua was initially expecting, sporting a slight belly but massive pecs. There was a soft patch of hair in the middle of his chest that led down his stomach towards his groin, but was otherwise pretty smooth. Joshua couldn’t believe his luck.

“Use my hole, sir,” Joshua begged the man as he began to stroke his cock. He knew he couldn’t take too much more before he would have to cum.

The man clearly loved Joshua begging. After giving Joshua another massive smack on the ass, he pounded him to oblivion. The loud claps of his groin and balls on Joshua’s smooth skin echoed through the beach. As night fell, it was easy to forget other people could easily be around them, watching the action.

“I’m so close,” Joshua moaned. The man immediately stopped, pulling out before flipping Joshua over onto his back. Joshua was impressed by the man’s strength. He pulled up his legs, giving the man access to his hole once more.

“I want to see you cum, boy,” the man said as he quickly pressed his cock back inside.

“Yes sir,” Joshua moaned. As he watched the muscular older man fuck him on the beach, Joshua stroked his cock wildly. In seconds, he was ready to blow.

“Fuck,” he moaned in a higher-pitched voice than he was used to. “I’m going to cum!!”

He stared directly into the man’s eyes as he blew his load. Cum sprayed out of his cock like a sprinkler, sending rope after rope onto his stomach, chest, and face. As the man continued to pound his hole, his dick wouldn’t stop spewing.

“That’s it,” the man encouraged. “You love daddy’s big cock, don’t you?”

Joshua nodded yes, finally feeling the orgasm slow. He felt sticky and slutty laying on the beach, covered in his jizz and still letting the man fuck him.

The man rubbed his right hand all over Joshua’s toned chest, scooping up a glob of cum. He then pressed his soaked fingers into Joshua’s mouth, making him lick it off him.

“Yes, boy,” he grunted. “Eat that cum.”

Feeding Joshua his own cum clearly got the man going, as soon his thrusts became harder and longer as he neared orgasm.

“Cum in me,” Joshua begged. “Give me that load!”

“I’ll breed that slutty little hole of yours,” the man grunted. “I’ll fill you up with my seed!!”

The man rammed his cock one last time into Joshua’s ass before erupting inside him. He groaned loudly as Joshua felt his cock throb again and again, spraying hot cum deep inside his ass. The man eventually began to thrust in and out, making loud sounds as cum began to spew out Joshua’s hole and coat the man’s dick.

“Fuck yeah,” the man groaned. “That’s it, boy.”

Finally, the man pulled out, letting his load spill to the towel beneath them.

“Clean off daddy’s dick,” he said as he pulled up Joshua upright.

Joshua did as he was told, quickly lapping the man’s cum from his cock, savoring the musky taste of his sweat and jizz.

After a pause, the man got up and started to put back on his clothes.

“That was really hot,” Joshua said to the man, now squinting to see him as the sunlight was nearly gone.

“Yeah,” the man agreed. “Hope to see you here again sometime soon.”

“Definitely,” he nodded back. “I’m Joshua, by the way.”

“I don’t share anything here,” the man responded. “Nice to meet you, Joshua.” Without another word, he grabbed his towel and left the beach, leaving Joshua naked and covered in cum on the grass. Now fully alone in the dark, he smiled as he listened to the waves crash softly on the beach.

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