Ambulance Driver Probes My Hole Pt 1

Jared’s muscled pelvis was moving now, thrusting his hard cock into his hand as the hand stroked down. Jared’s head tilted up and he began to groan as pulse after pulse of cum splashed onto the wall.


Part 1: Jared the Paramedic & Shaman

He walked in the alley with purpose knowing what he would find. The inner feeling Jared had was pulling him to this location. It wasn’t the first time he had been pulled out of his normal day to day activities to go somewhere special. He had been out walking and just appreciating the evening. The smell of the various restaurants were blowing by him on the wind. Each gust of wind seemed to have the scent of different spices making his mouth water.

As he entered the dark alley, he could hear some voices, laughter and cries of pain. Jared walked slowly towards a small group people standing over another person laying on the ground. Jared was an imposing man, 6’3 inches, 230 lbs of solid muscle, dark hair, olive skin and piercing brown eyes. He moved like a cat, soundlessly and covering ground quickly – something you would not expect of man so large. As he appeared amongst the group of people, he spoke softly but commanding “Leave the boy alone.” The three college aged men had the build of football players and were quite startled at the sudden appearance of Jared.

“Fuck off dude. It doesn’t concern you. He is just a fucking fag!” one of them said.

Jared spoke again, softly, commanding and without emotion “Leave the boy alone.”

The one who had spoken before said “You a fag lover? Maybe we should do the same to you.”

Jared looked at them one at a time and then spoke “Leave the boy alone. All people have the right to live within their path of life. This is your last warning, walk away now.”

One of the college boys had enough and moved towards Jared. Jared looked at him, raising his muscled arm. He put his hand in the middle of the attacker’s chest pushed hard – straight arming him at the sternum throwing the man backwards. He flew landing on his back about 7 feet away. Jared looked at the other two men who were preparing to attack him and froze. Jared’s eyes appeared to glowing white like there was a black light somewhere nearby. They froze in their tracks.

Jared said once again “Leave the boy alone. Walk away now!” Except this time the young men seemed to feel something inside them suggest they had better do as they were told as shivers ran down their spine. The two young men grabbed their barely moving buddy off the ground and dragged him out of the alley towards the street.

Jared looked at the young man on the ground, who was crying in pain and curled in a fetal position. The big man kneeled next to the man and touched his should gently. In a very calm voice Jared said “My name is Jared. I am here to help you.” Jared asked “What is your name?”

The young man looked up with difficulty, eyes barely open and replied in a whisper “Thank you for stopping them. TTTTTT-Trent.”

Jared could hear multiple sirens in the distance coming closer. Someone must have called 911. Jared placed his hand on the boy’s forehead.

Trent felt the hand on his head, then a warming sensation moving from his head spreading down into his chest and abdomen. Jared sensed the injuries the boy had and knew he had to act quickly. They boy had been kicked repeatedly in the stomach and the back. Jared’s thoughts focused on the damaged liver and kidney. The boy felt warmth in his lower stomach and his back. As the warmth increased, the pain in those areas decreased. The boy opened his eyes and looked at Jared just before he went unconscious, Trent thought he saw the man who saved his life had glowing white eyes. Jared knew the boy was unconscious now. The police and ambulance had stopped in the alley and people were getting out running towards him.

One of the paramedics recognized Jared and said “Hey Jared, what have you got?” Jared noticed a policeman behind his buddy Troy.

Jared said “about 5 minutes ago I heard a fight in the alley and came to see what was going on. Three guys were putting the boots to this young man who was on the ground. I chased them away but didn’t really get a good look at them in the dark. The boy has just gone unconscious but patent airway, regular breathing, tender left ribs, left arm deformed, abdomen soft and the rest unremarkable at the time I checked him. No other problems noted in the short time I was with him. ” Jared stood up and let Troy and his partner took over treatment. A short time later, the young man was all bundled up on the stretcher with IV’s running.

As they were pushing the stretcher into the back of the ambulance, Troy spoke to Jared “Thanks for being here buddy. When are you on shift next?”

Jared replied, I’m back in the morning, day shift.” “Sounds good. See you in the morning at shift change Jared.”

Jared watched as the ambulance and police pulled away and out of the alley. He thought about Trent, the young man they had in the back of the ambulance. It would take some time for the young man to heal his couple of broken bones, but he wouldn’t have been alive long if his liver and kidney hadn’t been fixed right away. Trent’s future path was strong and he was destined to be part of something which would make a difference in many people’s lives. He would live, and grow stronger in his resolve to make a difference. This was a focal point in Trent’s life, for the positive.

Jared walked to his apartment, his thoughts clear but his body tired. When he got home, he took off all his clothes and threw them into the dirty laundry basket. It was a modest 3 bedroom apartment, with just enough furniture to fill it. Jared went into the washroom and looked at himself in the mirror. At 29, he considered himself to be average. Most men and women would disagree and consider him to be one of the hottest men to walk the planet. His 6’3″ olive skinned body was toned, arms large, stomach flat, hairless except for his armpits, treasure trail and bush above his cock. His uncut cock was hanging down 4″ soft. He turned to the toilet and let loose a solid stream. Flushing it, he padded across the living room and grabbed his smartphone. Sitting down on the couch, he saw there were a couple of emails from his financial advisor. He replied to both of them, giving very clear directions as to what needed to be done.

He got up and went into the 3rd bedroom to knell before a coffee table in the centre on a pillow. On the table were 3 white candles, and a clay bowl. In the clay bowl was a smudging bundle made of sweet grass, cedar and sage. He used a wooden match to light the first candle. While doing this, he chanted “I invoke the light within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.” He did this for each of the 3 candles. Using the centre candle, he lit the smudging bundle, and then tapped it slightly in the bowl until the flames were out and smoke was now rising from it. He drew the smoke with his hands towards his heart, and then over his head. He did this for each arm, over his shoulders and pushing the smoke down his back, his stomach, the groin, and each leg. While doing this, he chanted prayers.

After covering all his body with the sacred smoke, he looked at the candles. Jared spoke aloud “Thank you Creator for allowing me to continue to do your work.” As he reached and snuffed each candle, he said “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Jared made sure the smudging bundle was out. He got up and went to bed, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

In the morning, Jared woke well rested and feeling relaxed. His only problem for the morning was his 9″ hard-on demanding attention. He got with his piss hard-on acting like a compass needle and he headed for the bathroom. After some difficulty, he finished his morning piss and started the shower.

After getting in, he used some shower gel to wash his chest and abdomen. He allowed his hand to travel further down until it had taken hold of his cock. He stroked his hand lightly up the shaft and over the big red dick head and then back down again. Jared used one hand to rub and pinch his nipples and the other to play with his foreskin, sliding it up and over the big purple head. Jared thought to himself, this one has to be quick – I have to get ready for work. He leaned his forehead against the shower wall and then spread his legs wider, allowing the warm water to pour down his back and over his hairless muscled ass. Some of the water was flowing in between the cheeks of his ass and over his tight little rosebud too. The warmth felt heavenly. He was deep in own thoughts of imagining his work partner Liam naked and was jacking faster. Jared’s muscled pelvis was moving now, thrusting his hard cock into his hand as the hand stroked down. Jared’s head tilted up and he began to groan as pulse after pulse of cum splashed onto the wall. He used his two hands to support himself for a minute, and then started to clean the mess off the wall. Jared finished getting washed, turned off the shower and got out. He grabbed a towel and dried himself off. He looked back at the shower and thought “that wasn’t bad a bad load at all this morning.” He chuckled to himself while thinking “it’s better with someone else, but this one wasn’t bad. One of these days I’ll find someone as a soul mate to share it with.”

Later that morning, the call came in for injuries resulting from a domestic fight. The police were on scene when they arrived. Coming into the house with their jump kits they found a man sitting on the couch, and they could see another man sitting at the kitchen table. There were police officers with each of them. A Sgt. met them at the door and advised it was a domestic situation between 2 fags. Jared looked him in the straight in the face with a very concerned look over what was said, and the Sgt corrected himself.

“There is a domestic situation between 2 males, probably partners. We don’t see anything serious but if you guys would check them over for us, it would be appreciated. Be careful of the big one on the couch though!” the Sgt said as he pointed at him.

Jared nodded to the Sgt and then looked and nodded with his head towards the man in the kitchen to his partner. He moved to the kitchen to look him over. Jared walked slowly over to the bear of man sitting on the couch. He was dressed only in a pair of boxers and a wife beater. Ironic shirt for the situation Jared thought. Anyone could smell that he had been drinking a lot. The man had a shaved head, about 5’10” with dark hair across his shoulders disappearing under the front and back of the shirt. He was a solid man, not muscle but not fat.

“Hi, I am Jared. I would like to look at your injuries. Is that ok?” Jared moved closed to him and went down on one knee. The man looked up slowly. His eyes were bloodshot and he had a flushed ruddy complexion. There was a laceration, mostly crusted over above his right eye.

“I’m ok. The toaster hit my head when the little pansy over there threw it at me” he said.

Jared continued to look at him and said “May I ask why he threw the toaster at you and how hard did it hit you?”

The man looked at Jared for a moment, and then said “None of your fucking business.”

Jared looked at him and locked eyes with him. He didn’t know why this guy was toaster target practice earlier this morning but he could sense very strongly this man was going to explode at any second. Jared moved backwards quickly to stand just as the man stood up, catching the police officer near him off guard. The man stepped into the officer and hit him the nose with and open palm. At the same time, he grabbed the officer’s weapon from its holster. He raised it and pointed it at Jared. Jared just stood there stoic and looked back at him. The Sgt and other officer who was still in the kitchen had now drawn their weapons and they were pointed at the man. Out of the corner of Jared’s eye he could see his partner grab the other patient and pull him around the corner of the kitchen to safety.

The big man raised the gun, pointed it directly at Jared and then said “Anyone moves, I pull the trigger. It will be your fault if I pull the trigger because you moved. I will have no blame. Understood?”

Jared stood still and looked at him – locking eyes. He had touched the man to check his wounds earlier and he had seen the torment within his head. The man was married, baby on the way, 2 other kids at home. He was having a bisexual affair with the young man in the house when they had been found by his wife’s sister this morning. His wife had been trying to phone him and when there was no answer she had been concerned. She had sent her sister over to check on him. The sister had found them both in bed together. His only thought right now was his life was over.

Jared continued to look at him and said very calmly “Your life is not over. There is some rebuilding to be done, but it is not over.”

“I disagree” he said.

The Sgt had been trying to move slightly to get a better shot and the man saw this. He swung the gun towards the Sgt and started to pull the trigger. Jared continued to look at the man then mumbled something as his eyes flashed white for a split second. The man collapsed into a heap on the floor and dropped the gun. The Sgt and other police officer from the kitchen moved to grab him and cuff him. It was a good thing they had cuffed him because he woke up right after and started yelling and thrashing. Other police officers rushed in through the front door at that time. The police officer who had been smacked in the face was trying to get up when one of the other officers who had just arrived went to his aid. His nose was bleeding and Jared handed him a couple of gauze pads to hold on it.

The Sgt yelled “Get them both out of here and to booking – we will figure it out there!” After all the men hustled out of the house, the Sgt and Jared were standing there. The Sgt then yelled over his shoulder at the retreating men “get Officer Smyth checked out at the hospital.”

Jared turned to his partner and said “get the gear back to the unit.” Liam went out through the door looking like pack mule in the Grand Canyon.

The Sgt looked at Jared and breathed deep “You have nerves of steel. You didn’t even flinch when he pulled the gun.”

Thinking fast Jared replied “I knew he had a head injury and he had been sitting for a while. I was calculating how long it would take for orthostatic hypotension to kick in.”

The Sgt looked at him and blurted out “what the fuck is orthosomethingtension?”

Jared laughed and said “ever got up off the couch too fast and had the head spins? That is one form of it. I knew it would happen to him and I was watching his eyes for it to happen. I wasn’t a hero in the least, just an educated paramedic.”

The Sgt had a puzzled look on his face. “So what you are saying is if you are on the couch and want a beer, it’s safer to send one of the kids or wife for another beer?” he asked with a smirk.

“I am not going to acknowledge that elephant in the room” laughed Jared offered his hand to the Sgt. The Sgt took it firmly and shook it. There was a feeling of warmth between their clasped hands.

Jared could see the Sgt’s son had recently come out to him and it had not gone well. Jared could also see that the Sgt loved his child but was afraid to show it because he didn’t understand his son making the choice of being gay. Into the subconscious of the Sgt, Jared placed a couple of thoughts. The first was “All people on the planet are the children of God the Creator and they do not choose who to love. True love between two people is beautiful and not an abomination. You son’s future education and career will make you proud.” The second thought Jared put into his mind was “hug your child often and always love them. You may not approve of their actions at times but you will always love them.” The he saw something else and quickly added into the Sgt’s head “let your daughter have the cat.” Although they had only shook hands for a couple of seconds, it seemed to be in slow motion for the Sgt. They released hands, and the Sgt stepped back. Jared looked at the Sgt who was shaking his head and said “As always, it is a pleasure to work with you and to have you guys here at domestic situations.”

The Sgt replied “Yes, thank you for your help Jared.”

Jared looked at him and said “Time to hit the road unless you need anything else.”

The Sgt said “If we do, we know where to find you.” Jared left and jumped into the ambulance.

They pulled away from the curb when another call came in for them to attend a serious motor vehicle accident. Jared acknowledged the call to dispatch while hitting the lights and siren. He looked at his partner Liam and said “Let’s go!”

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