Ambulance Driver Probes My Hole Pt 13

Both Liam and Jared’s bodies slowly began to glow. It had begun in the middle of their chest and kept expanding until their bodies were both a pure white luminescence.

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The Pastor had wanted a medic inside the compound in case there was some shooting so he had sent his men to try and kidnap one. The men had been watching from the trees and watched as the two medics walked down the road without the policeman with them. They had come up behind the two of them as they were looking in the back of the ambulance. The older guy had started to struggle until the younger one had told him to settle down, co-operate fully and he knew no one would be hurt. Bob, the one gunman thought it was very unusual to hear someone as calm as the young guy talking. It didn’t matter, the older guy settled down and they both cooperated the entire way back to the camp.

Both of them were sitting, each tied to a chair in the back of the chapel. The pastor had been running around and spouting hellfire and brimstone about the forces of evil which were surrounding and threatening them. The associates of the Pastor were buying right into it as well. The pastor finally walked over to the two men who were tied up.

“Are you Christians?” he asked.

Rob spoke first and replied, “I’m Roman Catholic.”

Liam looked him square in the eyes and stated very clearly, “I believe in the one and only Creator of all.”

The Pastor looked disgusted at them. “So neither of you has been reborn?”

Rob looked confused. “I go to church and I was baptized. Is that what you mean sir?”

“No it isn’t. You’re a heathen.” He turned to Liam. “What about you, boy?”

Liam smiled, “No sir. The first time was hard enough on my mother so I didn’t think it would be reasonable to be born again, especially now that I am this big.”

The Pastor’s face turned a dark red at the disrespect of this young man. “You smart assed heathen piece of shit,” he said as he backhanded Liam.

Liam smiled at the pastor, which made him even angrier. He locked eyes with Liam. “You’re the faggot who is the partner of the faggot who caused all the problems for my loyal people. Aren’t you?”

Liam smiled at the pastor. “Guilty as charged. Your loyal people were all lying, thieving, prejudiced…” He was cut off by the pastor back handing him again.

“Liam, stop making him mad before you get hurt,” pleaded Rob.

“Rob, he can’t hurt me. I have the protection of the Creator,” said Liam calmly. “Rob, the pastor is not what he seems to be; you are only seeing his physical form.”

The man punched Liam in the face three times rapidly. “You are nothing but a faggot piece of shit. You are a sinner and my followers will prevail. I was born to lead people into the light of truth. People like you need to be destroyed; you are an abomination before my eyes!”

Liam showed no damage to his face when he looked at the pastor. “That’s a bit of a God complex isn’t it, Rev?”

Rob pleaded with Liam. “Don’t piss him off anymore, please Liam. Stop it please.”

“Listen to the man faggot. He may not be reborn yet, but he is speaking with wisdom,” said the pastor with an evil smile on his face.

“Last chance pastor, let us go and put your weapons down. Give it up,” said Liam. “I came with your men voluntarily to meet you because I was sent here to stop you.”

“No one can stop me faggot,” screamed the pastor as he backhanded Liam again. This time it was with enough force to cause Liam and the chair to fall over. He hit the floor very hard.

Rob called to him in a panic, “Are you ok Liam?” He then turned to the Pastor. “Some man of God you are, hitting a man tied to a chair.”

The Pastor raised his hand and was about to strike Rob on the side of the face when Liam shouted, “Stop, you will not hurt him!” loud enough to cause the chapel to shake.

The pastor stepped backwards. “EVIL!” he yelled at the two men.

Liam now stood up, free of his bonds. He looked at Rob, his eyes flashed briefly and he was free as well. “I’ve had enough of this Rob. It’s time to deal with this false profit and evil man.”

The pastor was standing there and having trouble forming words after what he had seen. He started backing up down the aisle towards the front of the church. Finally, he yelled, “Philip, Mark – shoot these heathen and let them rot in Hell for eternity.”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind the Pastor. “That’s not a good idea.”

He turned to see a man standing in front of the church alter, dressed in leather and furs like an Indian. There were four wolves with him. “Where did you come from? Who the fuck are you?” demanded the pastor. The other men in the chapel were obviously startled as much as the pastor.

“I am Masqua, Sacred Medicine Man of the People and messenger of the Creator,” said Jared. Jared looked over at Liam. “Mikisow, my partner and soul mate. Will you join me here at the front, my love?”

“GAY HEATHENS inside my chapel!” the pastor screeched. He turned and looked at the back and saw no one there anymore. He spun around and saw the man who had been called Liam now standing next to the man he had called Jared. He saw Liam was also dressed in buckskins and furs, but of a different style. What really caught his eye was the huge staff with furs and fathers hanging off the top of it. The other man who had been with them was obviously hiding behind the alter as the Pastor could only see his head sticking slightly above it.

Liam stood forward, “This has gone on long enough. The Creator has sent us to cleanse this sacred place which has been soiled by both your actions and the evil within your hearts.”

“What are you two going to do about it?” asked one man off to the left side as he lifted the gun in his hands.

“As a sample for you, we could do this,” said Jared. He raised his hand up slowly as if motioning a person to stop. Jared aimed his hand in the direction of the man quickly pushed it out.

The man felt like he had been hit by a brick wall. He dropped his gun as and flew backwards until he painfully slammed into the wall. The man hung there for a moment until Jared dropped his hand to his side. The man pinned against the wall fell to the floor unconscious.

Jared turned to Liam, pointed to the man near a window of the church and said, “Your turn.”

Liam made the same gesture with his hand and the man was pushed backwards and straight out smashing his way through the window, landing on the ground in the front of the astounded policemen. “What the hell?” yelled out one the police officers as they pounced on the man to handcuff him.

The Pastor was in shock with what he had just seen, but he had had enough control left to get control of his own slung gun. He quickly raised his gun to fire it at the two young men when Liam reached out his hand, palm facing sideways. He closed his hand into a fist and the gun the Pastor was holding crushed above the trigger effectively jamming the entire assembly. The Pastor pulled the trigger but nothing happened. Liam used his hand in a gesture of throwing his hand to the side. The gun flew out of the hands of the man, snapping the sling and clattered to the floor a good distance away.

“What you have done here is encouraged hate within the ranks of the children of God and the Creator. You have led these people in false worship while stealing their money, using the church to create a drug lab and as a distribution center for your personal gain,” said Jared.

“You are spreading poison throughout our community physically through the drugs and spiritually through your words,” added Liam.

“Who are you to question me as the leader of the church? You are standing in my church and you have the balls to question me,” the man said.

The four wolves growled at the man, their hackles raised high.

Liam’s words came loudly and shook the building, “This may be your building, but you are a false idol, a façade to cover your real work of spreading evil. You are standing here with weapons and the intent to kill other people who stand in your way. It is time to have your actions judged and subjected to his punishment.”

“It is time for you and your people to be judged in the Creator’s court,” added Jared. Both Liam and Jared’s bodies slowly began to glow. It had begun in the middle of their chest and kept expanding until their bodies were both a pure white luminescence. The entire chapel was filling with the bright, white light from their luminescence. Rob actually turned away from the two men because they were becoming so bright.

There were four men who were moving slowly towards a fire escape door. “Get them,” Jared commanded his wolves. They bounded over the pews and each wolf landed on a man before they could even raise a weapon. Not one of the men had expected anything like this, not even in their nightmares. These were the biggest, blackest wolves they had ever seen in their lives, and now they had their mouths on the men’s throats, the teeth just touching their skin.

“Bring them over here guys,” asked Jared nicely. Three of the wolves released the men’s throats only to grab the front of their clothing in their teeth. They carried the men over to where Jared was like a puppy carrying his rag doll toy back to his master.

Jared turned to look at the last wolf. “Tyler, do you need help?” The wolf was growling very loudly now, and he was also slowly beginning to close his jaws onto the man’s neck. Jared saw the man had a small knife in his hand.

“You have a choice to make. Drop the knife and live, or you will be dead in five seconds,” said Jared calmly. “When I reach five, Tyler will clamp his jaws shut. One…two…three…” The knife clattered to the ground. “Good choice. Bring him here buddy.”

Tyler was the biggest of the four wolves, and wanting to give some payback, he shook the man rapidly while he carried him over to his friends. After he had dropped the man on the floor, he turned around and raised his leg.

“Tyler, no!” said Liam quickly. Tyler’s ears flattened as he dropped his leg. He looked at Liam with pleading eyes. Liam smiled at him, and his ears went back up. “Come here guys.” The four wolves bounded up and sat on each side of Liam and Jared.

Liam moved forward to within about 2 feet of the Pastor and extended his staff to touch him on the shoulder. “You are not the man you seem to be Pastor. The shell is human, but the insides are pure evil.” Liam lifted his staff and pounded the base of the staff onto the floor. A sound of thunder reverberated throughout the church. He did it a second time, and then a third time.

After the third time he chanted, Liam reversed the staff and gently brought it down on the shoulder of the pastor.

The pastor screamed in agony as white and red sparks flew everywhere. The man screamed in unearthly agony as Liam kept the staff on his shoulder. As the man thrashed about, a black shadow was seen almost moving out his body but fighting to remain within it. Liam concentrated more and the red sparks were decreasing as the white sparks increased. This caused the man to wail even louder. The shadow was seen separating from its host, but not enough yet. Jared moved next to Liam and put one hand on his shoulder. The sparks tripled in size, with the white ones bouncing around the church now. Suddenly Jared felt a hand on his shoulder and realized it was Troy. Troy, Darren, Josh and Tyler were there as well now in their human form.

Liam raised his head and called out to the world above, “May the Creator guide my hands to do his work.”

The force being created by the six of them was too much for the shadow spirit and it left the Pastor’s body as it fell to the ground.

Liam turned to the shadow as it hung in the air. Suddenly a red colored orb hit in the chest, fired from the back of the church. They all saw the buffalo standing there. The red color did not last long as the shadow screamed a high pitched sound which caused everyone’s hair to stand on their necks before it exploded into dust.

Jared turned to the men and said, “Stand before us, do we need to do it do it for you?” They stood and moved slowly to where they were wanted.

Liam stood forward and reached out with his staff parallel to the four men at nipple height. “Put your right hand on the staff.” They did so.

Jared moved forward and grabbed the staff as well.

“Are we ready, Masqua?” asked Liam

“We are always ready, Mikisow, my partner and soul mate,” said Jared.

The two men started to chant. Once again their bodies become luminescent with white light. The four men with their hands on their friends’ shoulders also become luminescent. The inside of the church was as bright as if a phosphorus flare had been light. The chanting continued until Liam yelled, “Leave these men now, spirits.”

Rob was now standing up from behind the church alter. He had seen things like what he was watching in movies and on TV. It was all special effects and pyrotechnics. Fake, all of it. He could not believe he was seeing it for real, or was he unconscious and imagining this. That’s it he thought, I’ve been hit in the head and I’m suffering from a brain injury. There is no way this really be happening.

Suddenly, four shadows flew out of their bodies and quickly moved to the back of the church, and knelt in front of the buffalo. The people present heard four different tones of screeching being emitted from the shadows.

“You are asking for mercy, why should it be granted?” the buffalo asked.

There were more screeching sounds which continued for a minute, and then silence. “Is that the best reasons you can give me, evil ones?” the buffalo said.

There were more screeching sounds from all four of them. From the speed and pitches of the screeching, they must be begging.

“Enough,” said the buffalo calmly as he cut them off.

“You will be released,” the buffalo said. His eyes turned a luminescent green as he looked at each of the shadows. The shadows slowly turned into four floating spirits of youths about 15-20 years of age. The four of them thanked the buffalo, drifted over to the six men standing and thanked them as well. They departed quickly up and through the roof of the church.

The buffalo moved down the aisle towards the men on the floor and Jared’s tribe.

He spoke to them all. “I will use your English names today so you understand me clearly.” His big head moved towards where Rob was standing in utter disbelief. “Come and join us Rob,” he said calmly. Slowly, Rob moved down and stood behind Jared and Liam. He looked at Tyler, Josh, Darren and Troy and they were smiling back at him.

Troy spoke up. “Hey boss, guess I should tell you I’m with them. Rob, believe what is happening and what you have seen. It’s real.”

The buffalo coughed to get their attention. “I am very proud of what all you men did today. Together, you destroyed a purely evil entity who has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time. Although I helped, it was only a matter of time before you would have finished him yourselves. The other four spirits were young people who had been killed with his poisons and their souls he had taken. They begged for forgiveness and confessed their truths to me. I chose to release the evil energy within them because they sincerely asked for help and their true spirits were allowed to move them onto the next world in peace. They thanked each one of you for releasing them from their personal hell.”

Liam called out to Rob, “Rob, can you go find the children and release them first?” He turned to Jared and explained the order in which they had promised the people to leave as a signal all was safe.

Liam spoke, “Creator, I am honored you have spoken to me and allowed me to do your work.” The rest echoed his statement.

“It is I who am honored to have six truly dedicated men to do my work. I see we will have a long relationship together. Jared and Liam already have my direct protection. Troy, Tyler, Darren and Josh you are now also under my direct protection. Liam and Jared have a lot of teaching for you four to learn what my protection is. Use it well with a true heart and true love.”

“I need your help,” said the buffalo.

The men standing before him kneeled to one knee and bowed their head. “Anything you ask Creator will be done.”

The buffalo coughed, lifting his head straight up and shaking it. “I am honored you would help me. You have helped three new brothers and one is yet to cross your path in life. My children, the future will lead you to new challenges which will test both your commitment and love for each other. The future is cloudy for you, my children. Depending upon the path you travel, one of you may cause extreme heartache for your family of brothers. Another path may involve the choice of ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others. There are many paths which will lead you all on your journey through life, but you must always make the wisest choice. Not the easiest, or the most convenient choice, the wisest one my children. Jared, the new family members must do their vision quest soon and the sooner the better for their safety.”

With that he turned into a glowing orb and floated through the broken window.

Rob came back into the chapel and called out, “The kids are on their way out.”

“Send the counsellor’s and other adults out next,” Liam called out. Rob disappeared again into the kitchen area. He returned a moment later and called out, “Done!”

Jared looked at the five men on the floor and spoke. “You will walk out the front door with your hands up. You will answer every question put to you by the police. You will cooperate with them by providing with all the information in your heads. Do you understand?”

Very calmly, they all responded yes.

“You will also forget what you saw us do as well as the Creator in the form of the buffalo. Do you understand?”

Again, they responded, “Yes.”

“Leave the building and admit your guilt,” commanded Jared.

The men stood and walked to the door. They raised their hands and walked outside. The police were moving in from all directions now and taking all adults into custody until they could figure who was and was not involved.

“You guys need to end the trance soon,” said Liam as he turned to his four brothers. They were already gone. Liam and Jared were now back to wearing their paramedic uniforms as well.

Rob walked up to them and stood there. “Jared, I just don’t know what to make of this. Are you guys gods or what? What was that talking buffalo? You guys were totally glowing bright white in colour.”

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7 thoughts on “Ambulance Driver Probes My Hole Pt 13

  1. Tommy says:

    I can’t remember enjoying a story so much. I grew up in a very conservative church and was very active until I was outed and kicked out. The love, acceptance and fellowship was heart warming. The native spirituality was totally up lifting. Thank you

  2. Tom+Ferrenberg says:

    This was a great story….. Pray it isn’t over…….but……if it is I hope the author writes another. It was hard to wait for each chapter……but Thank You for writing such a great intriguing story no

  3. JU says:

    I am sorry to close this “book”, I was brought into a culture of which I had no knowledge. The life style of the “brothers” is one I will envy for a long time. Thanks.

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