Ambulance Driver Probes My Hole Pt 7

Liam used both hands to reposition Jared’s legs so they were spread and the knees over the arms of the chairs. Jared rock hard cock, hanging balls and asshole were on full display now.

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Chapter 8 –

Jared was roasting another marshmallow when he felt something tickling his scrotum. He looked down and saw Liam’s hand underneath of the chair and a finger poking through the webbing. Jared turned to him and smiled. He held his hand to Liam and brought him into the chair sideways, sitting on his lap.

“You’re a little frisky Liam” said Jared.

“Only with you, my soul mate” said Liam as he leaned in and kissed Jared. Liam could feel Jared’s big cock under his ass begin to get more solid. He also realized he was getting harder too. Liam reached and started to play with Jared’s nipples, circling them with a finger playfully and they began to respond. Liam leaned down and blew over a nipple. Jared moaned aloud and threw his head backwards. Liam could feel Jared’s big cock getting real solid under his ass now. Liam slid off Jared’s lap, and the cock he had been sitting flipped up and was now sticking straight up. Jared had brought his head back up and was looking at Liam. Liam crawled up Jared’s body to kiss him. Liam’s flat muscular stomach was pressing onto Jared’s cock as he was being kissed. Liam also brought a hand up and began to play with Jared’s nipple again especially since he knew it worked Jared up so much. He broke the kiss and started to kiss around Jared’s neck and down to his chest.

“Liam, you are getting real good at this real fast” groaned Jared.

Liam looked up and smiled at Jared, then dove back down on his nipples alternating between them. While doing this, Liam had brought his hand up under Jared’s balls and began to play with them. Rolling and massaging them in his hand. He then moved under Jared a little further, tickling the perineum. Jared gasped and rolled his eyes. Liam was working his way down Jared’s chest, kissing and giving little nips at the skin. Liam’s hand under Jared began to tickle and move around the rose bud. Jared’s cock was so hard now it was dripping pre-cum like a fountain. Lim noticed when a wave of ecstasy rolled through Jared, his cock bounced.

“Liam, you have become my best student ever!” cried Jared.

Liam used both hands to reposition Jared’s legs so they were spread and the knees over the arms of the chairs. Jared rock hard cock, hanging balls and asshole were on full display now. Liam moved in and using one hand, he steadied Jared’s cock, beginning to lick from the ball sack to the now exposed and oozing head. Time after time Liam did this much to Jared’s delight.

Liam let go of Jared’s cock, and then went lower. He took Jared’s balls into his mouth and used his tongue to play with them while one hand was using the precum as a lube to slowly jack up and down on Jared’s dick. Jared was holding onto the arms of the chair in a vice like grip even a pry bar couldn’t break. Liam let the balls fall out of his mouth, and then reached his objective, Jared’s exposed rose bud. He began to lick it and play with it using his tongue.

Jared was moaning loudly and slid down on the chair a little further to give Liam easier access to his asshole.

“Please Liam, keep doing that, and get a finger into me” he pleaded.

Liam tongued Jared’s asshole with vigor, beginning to penetrate it. Liam slid a finger up and spit on it. The finger slid into Jared easily. He began to move it in and out slowly, then he went in deep. He wiggled his finger tip deep inside Jared and he could feel the prostrate love button. He massaged it gently causing Jared to squirm and gasp out loud.

“Liam, I am relaxed. Put your dick into me and share your essence with me” said Jared.

Liam got up onto his knees and produced a tube of lube and started to coat his dick as well as Jared’s asshole.

“Someone planned this” said Jared.

“Maybe” replied Liam as he made the facial expression of total innocence to Jared.

“Innocent my ass” laughed Jared.

Liam grabbed his dick and put it up against Jared’s asshole. He pushed gently, but felt himself slip inside easily. Both Jared and Liam groaned as the dick penetrated deeper into Jared’s ass. Slowly, Liam moved in deeper and deeper until he was buried as deep as could go. Liam lifted his head and kissed Jared.

“I love you Jared” said Liam.

“I love you more Liam. Especially when that big hard long dick of yours is buried in my ass” replied Jared.

“Jared, you are so tight and warm inside, I could stay here forever” said Liam, looking into Jared’s eyes.

“Liam, to have you buried in me is the most fantastic feeling. I would let you stay in there forever” said Jared looking back into Liam’s eyes.

Liam started to move in and out of Jared, slowly at first. Jared reached around and grabbed Liam’s ass cheeks.

Liam started to move faster and deeper into Jared. Liam’s dick was rubbing Jared’s prostrate with each movement, causing Jared to moan louder. Jared loved the feel of the hard little muscle deep within Jared as it came in contact with his dick.

“Do it harder Liam. Harder” moaned Jared. “Slam that cock into me.”

Jared asshole was so tight and slippery, giving Liam an incredible feeling as he moved in and out it. Jared’s internal passage was so warm, and the feeling of the slippery tissue on Liam’s cock as it gave to allow passage was the best thing ever had ever felt in his life.

Liam was moving faster and harder with his thrusts into Jared by now. Jared was moaning continually and Liam could sense his body getting more rigid. Jared’s arms reached up above his head and grabbed the back of his chair. Liam looked at the muscles in Jared arms, fully tensed while grabbing the chair. They were so hot.

Jared called out to Liam “I am going to shoot Liam. You are driving the cum out of me!”

“I am going to cum too Jared. I want you to cum first.” replied Liam

Jared pushed his ass onto Liam as he thrust in and arched his back up. Jared’s cock started to spew cum out in great squirts, the first landing on his chest and the second landing on his face. The rest of the spurts left a trail down Jared’s chest and stomach, ending at his dick.

Liam felt his point of no return as well. He thrust deep and let loose a loud moan. He felt his dick throbbing to deliver its load deep into Jared. He didn’t think it would ever end, contraction after contraction. Liam was on top of the world. He crashed onto Jared’s chest. Jared leaned down, grabbed Liam’s head gently with his hands, and kissed the top of it.

After a couple minutes, Liam stood up after pulling out of Jared.

“Liam, I feel so empty with your cock gone” exclaimed Jared.

Liam climbed onto Jared in the chair, curling like a child sideways. Jared reached his arms around Liam and held him. They had totally forgotten about the other men at the campfire and only remember when they looked around the fire.

What they saw was Darren bent over the log and Josh plowing into him hard. It was the same log Darren had made love to Josh the night before.

Troy was sitting on a log with his legs spread and Tyler was sitting on his lap bouncing up and down on Troy’s massive hard cock.

Liam and Jared heard Josh say he was cumming and then froze his movements, impaling Darren deep. Troy was jacking Tyler as he bounced on his dick, and they both started cumming at the same time. When they looked back at Darren and Josh, Darren was laying on his back, his hard dick straight up in the air. Josh was sucking the head while jacking him hard. Darren suddenly sat up and pulled Josh’s head into his groin. He straightened his legs and pulled his toes upwards laying his head backwards. It was obvious he was cumming in Josh’s mouth and Josh was swallowing as fast as he could to keep up. Josh then stood up and leaned into Darren and kissed him.

Darren suddenly realized everyone was sitting and watching them and said “What? Is there nothing on TV you couldn’t be watching?”

They all started to laugh as the couples snuggled together and watched the fire.

“Liam, do you remember you worried about being naked in front of everyone and being embarrassed if you had a hard-on when you first got here?” asked Jared.

“Hmmmm. No, I don’t remember that” Liam said, and he laughed. “You brought me out of my shell Jared, which makes me only love you more.”

Jared made a movement to signal Liam to stand up. They both stood up. “Guys, I have a new gift from the Creator I found out about this afternoon and I would like to try something with us as a group. The Creator would not object to us a family doing this. I am still learning the skill and I need feedback from you guys after it is done” said Jared.

“What is it” asked Josh.

“I think I am able to project emotions from person to person. What I would like to do, is have everyone think of each other and what we enjoyed the most about this weekend, beside the sex Darren” said Jared.

“Dam” said Darren.

“Let’s move towards the fire ring and I want everyone to hold hands” said Jared. When they had done this, Jared took his hands from Liam and Josh for a moment. He looked up to the sky and held his arms up and palms upwards.

“Creator, I stand here with my family of brothers and my soul mate before you. I am asking for your permission to use the gift to share what we have for each other.”

Jared’s eyes flashed a bright white, contrasted by the night surrounding them. Liam lowered his hands and took Josh’s and Liam’s hand back into his.

At first, the feeling started slowly as if a low voltage electrical charge was running through everyone. The electrical feeling transformed into a feeling of warmth centered in their chest. The warmth spread from their chest areas and progressed through their bodies until every square inch of them felt erotically sensitive and warm. The sensations they were experiencing gave each man a very strong feeling of security.

Jared sensed the emotional warmth and love of each member of his family, but especially from his soulmate Liam. Suddenly, they all began to have visions of the volleyball game, the wood gathering, the hot tub, and the meals where they were chatting between themselves. They saw the group swimming and water skiing as if they were watching television. The group also saw people running by Darren and slapping his ass, the tickling of Troy and the sweat lodge ceremony they had endured together.

The final vision they saw was not from their memories, but it was of a bear with an eagle on its shoulder with two wolves on each side sitting in a line and facing them. The single vision in their minds was now very clear; they worked and loved each other as a family, a real family. They needed each other’s strengths to balance the weaknesses, but it made them whole. They sensed how each of them didn’t have a family in their lives and they had been given the gift of each other to become the family they didn’t have. The love and the strong feeling of protection for each other brought a very warm feeling to their bodies. The vision began to change. From one side, a large black raven flew in and landed in front of the bear. A fox and another wolf walked in carefully and sat next to the raven. All the animals let loose their cry into the air loudly and then vanished.

Their bodies began to feel tingly again, like a low electric charge was running through them once again. It wasn’t uncomfortable and was pleasurable as they felt a charge throughout their entire bodies. The feeling receded from everyone, and they dropped their hands.

Nobody said a word for a moment until Darren said “Holy fuck, and I thought the sweat lodge was the best thing I had ever done.” The group laughed.

Jared asked them to describe what they saw and felt during the new ceremony. They had seen each other’s favorite moments over the weekend, like a news program summary of past events for a headline story. They all described the same thing, and they had experienced the feeling of love from everyone else in the circle. The men also described how they had felt the commitment to each other as family.

Liam spoke up “Jared, I have loved others. This is the first time I have ever actually experienced feeling someone’s love for me. I mean, I actually felt it. Of course, the strongest feeling was from you Jared.”

Troy spoke up “Our spirit guides are all wolves and wolves are very loyal to their pack as well as protective of all the members as well.”

“We all love each other as brothers, actually deeper than that. We are family. Something we all never had in our lives for one reason or another. We’ve accepted you as a member because of the way you love Jared and the aura you project while doing it” said Tyler.

Darren then spoke softly, and had tears on his cheeks. “I agree with everyone. I have yet to tell you guys about myself other than you accepted me as Josh’s boyfriend. There were no games or hidden agendas from any of you. You just accepted me for who I am, unconditionally. I have never felt anything like that before in my life and I didn’t know anyone could love me. I didn’t know anyone like Josh could be so good to me. I lost my brother while he was in the army, and he was the last to ever love me until Josh and you guys…” Darren broke down into tears.

The rest of the guys moved in quickly to hold him tight while he cried. A couple of minutes later, he was back in control.

He sniffed and spoke “You guys are the first I have ever cried in front of. I was taught that men never cry. The way you rushed into help me, I’m going to lose it again.” Darren grabbed Josh into a tight hug, and Josh returned it to Darren.

Jared then spoke “I would say that experiment went well. We are now aware of and have actually experienced each other’s love. I wish this was something mankind could experience, true love for each other. We are brothers.”

Liam spoke up. “I saw in the final vision we are about to grow in family members. We have another wolf brother coming as well as fox and raven brothers. I didn’t see any indication when, but it felt like it would be soon to me. Jared?”

“I agree, I felt it to be soon as well. We must all keep our eyes open for the people who may need to join our family’s path in life” said Jared.

The men all murmured their agreement.

Jared looked to the sky and said “Creator, thank you for allowing us to do this. Although I was learning the skill, I learnt much more about love and commitment. We offer our thanks to you for allowing us to share.”

Everyone was still looking up when suddenly a shooting star or debris from space entered their field of vision, streaking across the sky. It exploded into a beautiful burst of light and flaming trails. Then it was gone as suddenly as it appeared.

Tyler asked to no one in particular “A sign saying you’re welcome?”

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think it is bed time for Liam and I” said Jared. He then leaned over smacked Darren’s ass a good one.

Darren yelped.

“You were a bad boy today. You should be put to bed.” said Jared.

Then Josh added “after a good spanking.”

Darren laughed and gave us the finger.

“Please make sure the fire is out before you leave, guys. Good night” said Jared.

They all hugged before Jared and Liam left for the cabin, arm in arm. After relieving themselves in the bushes, they went up to bed. They climbed into bed facing each other and holding hands between them. After a kiss, they stared into each other’s eyes until they fell asleep.

The group had left the cabin by mid-afternoon to return to work the next day. The morning had been filled with waterskiing after breakfast followed by volleyball and sun tanning after lunch until they packed up and left for the city about mid-afternoon. Everyone had hugged before leaving and they would be texting each other to find the next window of opportunity for everyone to come back. Liam had followed Jared back to the apartment in his vehicle and spent the night.

Work had been fast paced today so the time went quickly and their shift ended before they knew it. Liam had gone to his apartment to go through his mail and catch up on various day-to-day things he had been ignoring for the past week. He would be back at Jared’s apartment about 9 pm and bring a few more clothes and personal items with him. Jared and Liam had been discussing his moving into the apartment and Liam would do it after giving notice to his landlord.

Jared was at his apartment alone and had just finished smudging. He was sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of herbal tea, watching Peter Griffin and his antics on television. Everyone had weaknesses of varying degrees and one of Jared’s was watching this show.

Liam came into the apartment around 930 pm and found Jared sleeping on the couch. He gently stroked Jared’s face for a moment, helped him up and led him to the bedroom. Liam thought to himself “Jared is really tired tonight” and helped him get ready for bed. When Liam crawled into bed, Jared snuggled up to him and placed his head on Liam’s chest, arm across his abdomen and fell asleep.

They awoke at 0500 when the alarm went off. Both had slept well through the night. After a quick run, shared shower and an even faster breakfast, they headed off to work.

As soon as they got to the base, both of them could sense something was up. They headed into the shift room for the briefing. Rob was sitting there and had a worried look on his face.

“What’s up Rob?” asked Liam

“Staffing problems.” replied Rob.

“What problems?” Jared asked with interest.

“Tim left a message for this morning he won’t be in for the next 2 dayshifts. There were 3 other calls from other medics saying the same thing. They all have some sort of gastrointestinal problem.” said Rob.

“We can switch and stay on days for you Rob if that helps.” offered Liam.

“Actually it does and I appreciate your offering. I was going to ask but it was too short of time under the Labour Act for me to change your schedule.” said Rob.

“Rob, it’s never a problem for us to help out. We’ve told you that before.” said Jared.

“I think this illness of Tim and his gang has something to do with his wanting to form that association and I have to walk carefully around here. I’ve always followed the rules and our employer has always been real good to everyone. I still don’t understand why he’s trying to do this.” said Rob.

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  1. Tom says:

    I sit and read every word when a new chapter or 2 are added. I love reading every word. The awesome sex really turns me on and makes me so horny n my cock so fuckin hard dripping pre cum down my shaft….as I jack my cock. I edge til the story nears its end amd I finally let myself cum n shoot everywhere. Can’t wait to read the next chapters.
    I can read n understand every word…..even if there are a couple words misspelled (like prostrate which should be prostate) so I’m sure anyone else can understand the story line. Keep up the great writing…….you are a wonderful brilliant writer…….thank you.
    Can’t wait til the next chapters

  2. Steve says:

    I love how so many people have been deeply touched by this story. It is easy to understand when you stop and contemplate the essence of the words you see before you. That maybe there is a bigger picture to the meaning of life and what as individuals play in that greater picture. I hope this is not the end of the story as we have still much to lean from what is contained in the text. As with Liam he has come to know and understand that his knowledge has always been there throughout time We just need those subtle clues and reminders to bring them to the fore .

  3. Gary says:

    More please!!! I am so into this story now and on I level that I can’t get into. I wish it was a novel.
    Anxiously awaiting!

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