Bathhouse Diary

All men know how good it feels to have their cock sliding into a wet warm mouth. The baths can be an extremely convenient place to discover how good two mouths together are, or what is like to have six different mouths go down on your more than willing cock.


The baths are undoubtedly the easiest place in a city to have male group sex, after allowing for individual circumstances during any single trip. After more than a hundred visits over the last few years, basically all of them involving satisfying sex with other men, often writing about the experiences afterwards, leads to a few general observations.

Visiting a male only sauna at least once is something that should be indulged by any man, regardless of any other considerations. Married men or widowers or longer divorced men, students, cross dressers, bisexuals, and gay men all share the same undeniable delight in anonymous sex. Not all visits nor all bathhouses are consistently appealing, but as a rule, the experiences range from interesting to sublime, possibly stretching over hours. All men know how good it feels to have their cock sliding into a wet warm mouth. The baths can be an extremely convenient place to discover how good two mouths together are, or what is like to have six different mouths go down on your more than willing cock.

One certain observation is based on a personal framework, that men having sex with other men at the baths is not, in a certain real sense, gay sex. Instead, it is men having sex with other men, enjoying a freedom that women seem incapable of understanding, much less surrendering to it. This attraction is shared by many men, whether straight, bi or gay when having sex with others. In a sense, the distinction is in what they find desirable, not in how any man loves giving in to the opportunity to suck three available horny cocks in a row.

Another observation is that when a man experiences such sex once, they may well easily become a willing repeat bathhouse visitor, regardless of who they have sex with outside of the baths. Bathhouse sex allows the opportunity to enjoy the skills and talents of men who know intimately what other men love. A fact that is a major reason to potentially experience it at least once, being introduced to the most exquisite ideas and talents involved in getting men off.

Everyone in a bathhouse knows that sex is available, creating a sexual freedom that is amazingly erotic. In a space like a steambath, the directness is explicit, naked men joining together for mutual fun. Sometimes, circumstances lead to a true orgy, losing all track of partners, minds lost in primal bliss, a state shared by everyone involved. Letting go, taking advantage of opportunity after opportunity in a place where men go to indulge in having uninhibited sex. Hands, cocks, mouths all becoming merged into a single glorious blur, a half dozen men pleasuring each other, most of whom have long experience in how to best have sex with other men.

The woman I have talked to the most about visiting a male only sauna simply does not understand that attraction. She enjoys hearing about what goes on in such a place, my cock growing as the conversation grows more explicit. Even though some of her fantasies include sucking multiple cocks at a sex club’s gloryhole wall or being tied up and used by multiple men one after the other. For her, the attraction of such fantasies includes a large portion of being humiliated and used. The more men, the greater the humiliation, her pussy becoming as aroused as my cock when talking like this.

Some conversations are best when turned on, when trying to explain to her that sucking and being sucked are equal pleasures, and that at the baths, her thrill at being helpless to stop sucking multiple unknown cocks is not really part of how men play with each other. And the broader part of her interests is also lacking at the 10 bathhouses I have visited, and apart from slings, there hasn’t been even a subtle hint of BDSM. Something that she loves, though I do not understand its appeal.

She simply cannot imagine having sex with six strangers where no one is being forced or humiliated. I have tried to explain the attraction of a gloryhole as a man, on both sides. She can understand that getting sucked is something no man can resist – she is a very skilled cocksucker as I know, deep throating exquisitely, swallowing each pumping jet of cum her wanting mouth causes. She has explained that she uses her cock sucking as a way to captivate a potential lover, and is fully aware of how a hard anonymous cock could not resist sliding into an available waiting mouth.

Though she truly enjoys cock sucking, the idea of enjoying sucking off six anonymous strangers is not something she can imagine willingly doing, without requiring an element of humiliation when being used like that. Yet one of the things that marks the baths is how all visitors are as equal as they wish when it comes to indulging themselves. Appreciating how much men love pleasuring each other when given the proper setting. She does, intellectually at least, understand how the only way to have group sex is with a group, though she simply finds it impossible to imagine how five strangers can have hot sex with each other. Something that happens regularly at the baths, a major part of its delightful magic.

A further observation is broadly about seduction, when seen in a certain straightforward light. The baths can be overwhelming, making it impossible to resist helplessly drowning in the delightful sensations. Discovering the baths in my late 40s, after several decades experience regarding self-control made it possible to at least understand what was happening before being completely submerged in desire. People at the baths want partners to play with, and being able to enjoy it on your own terms is necessary, including saying no. With the problem being the more turned on you are, the more likely saying yes becomes. Or not saying anything at all as the sensations flow, mind no longer capable of doing anything.

The first visits pf my to the baths involved using a condom all the time. Now, however, a number of dedicated cock suckers have seduced me into always enjoying naked oral sex. An easy seduction, especially after starting to go down on naked cock myself, unable to resist how much sexier uncovered was. However, ass fucking is still always done with a condom, or not done at all. Basically, most people at the baths who have anal sex seem to do it without protection, more than occasionally with multiple partners as I watch. And often actively participate in, making no judgment on what other men do with each other. Seduction has two aspects, and it is a fantastically addictive sensation to get head from a man getting fucked in the ass.

The men you find at the baths are understandably well acquainted with what other men enjoy, knowing how to make a horny man even hornier. If I had discovered the baths at 25 instead of a couple of decades later, it is hard to overstate just how impossible resisting sex so freely available at a place nearby would have been. Currently, going to a bathhouse is a part of an enticing routine of regular sex, both when at home or when traveling. Surprisingly, new delights continue to occur regularly, even after years and hundreds of partners.

An element of luck is involved, of course, there being a variety of bathhouse styles, sizes, and best times to visit. Each trip is unique, but the setting certainly plays a role over the longer term. Some bathhouses are quite large, tending to be impersonal, and surprisingly often considering their size, places with minimal contact. Others are quite small, tucked away discretely, often as much a gay bar as a place to have sex. Combining both can have its charm, yet when so small, variety tends to be lacking.

The best bathhouses are well kept up, attracting a wider circle of men. The wider the better, increasing the chances of meeting a truly extraordinary partner or partners in sequence, or together. Especially together, considering how after succumbing to the first mouth sliding down your shaft, it becomes impossible to resist anyone’s mouth following that first glorious contact.

To me, a certain style seems best, where the visitors and atmosphere mix in ways that can lead to hours of hot sex. A place to experience all sizes and types of cock, attached to all sizes and types and ages of men. Types who love rimming or going down on a stranger, knowing perfectly just how good that feels. Or tops and bottoms meeting up to indulge in their mutual fuck games, along with the men who are neither in particular. A variety that during the best bathhouse visit seems never ending, something that continues to feel never ending over years.

Another style of variety involves combinations. Group sex at the baths creates combinations that are unimaginably fantastic, not just involving hands and mouths and cocks and soft yielding fuck holes. Such as being in a steambath, a man stretched out on the bench underneath me, teabagging as I stroke my cock and another man’s to my side, looking at the teabagger’s hard cock being sucked by a kneeling man also jacking off, nothing ever imagined when first learning about bathhouses. Remaining a pair as other men came and went around us in the dim heat, a reality that had always been a temptation too, openly having sex. We rimmed each other, a fantastic variation on the 69ing we also enjoyed between times when other men were involved. Rimming is something imagined from that first exposure, though it is not as common as in those old fantasies. Descriptions of bathhouse activities tended to be vague in my youth, though still enough to get me hard. I had already spent a couple of years jacking off with a friend, without touching, learning that cumming watching another man cum was irresistible.

To be honest, the idea of a bathhouse always seemed most attractive after getting really stoned, much like my first experiences buying and getting off to male group porn. Though that initial visit to the bathhouse did not involve weed, smoking soon became part of the normal routine, just like when previously jacking off to hardcore gay porn. I am not the only visitor who enjoys getting stoned or drinking a beer before having anonymous sex, and not the only visitor who loves poppers. Though it took a while to learn, poppers are acceptable in all bathhouses. And incredible when having your cock sucked with another, all three men sharing the intoxicating scent. Poppers fit wonderfully in a number of such encounters, though not all men are interested.

The brown bottle does require a bit of care, as the effects become overwhelming, mind getting helplessly lost between your legs. Like condoms, poppers require attention to hold on to or use. Over time, I find myself using poppers less, in part to keep from cumming too fast. It is extraordinary to do a hit just as a stranger puts his lips around your cock head, yet learning to avoid the extreme temptation of orgasming so fast includes learning to save the effects for when they can best be handled.

Steambaths are generally the easiest area to find group sex, including men using poppers. The darkroom often provides a more leisurely approach, hands completely free to roam, the bottle safe enough on the platform. Though in the dark, almost instant sex can also be found, a man on the platform edge wanting to suck, leading to doing a hit before putting everything on the platform as your cock enters paradise. Poppers in a porn area can also be wonderful, stroking into a man’s mouth to the hot action on the screen.

Poppers exquisitely enhance the bath’s direct sexual atmosphere. My experience using poppers goes backs decades, enjoying them with several different women. Later, at a glory hole, a place where the focus on cock in a total stranger’s mouth is extreme, they were the perfect accompaniment. I have always preferred to use poppers when getting sucked, cock growing immense in an infinite yielding mouth. After years of male only sauna visits, poppers are even better in a bathhouse with other men than with a single woman. Whether watching gay porn while getting head, in the steam room sharing the magic bottle with other naked and horny men, or fucking in a booth, poppers are fantastic.

Though discrete on the outside, when inside, the baths become a place where sex is openly available and shared. Group sex is always public sex in a sense, where enjoying it means anyone can watch or join. Having three mouths share a kiss as your cock is sucked, hands pumping the stiff cocks of the strangers you are kissing is heavenly. As is having three mouths covering your mouth, nipple, and cock, with a man behind you sliding his silky length between your thighs, his cock head starting to press against a soft hole.

Limits become flexible in such situations, yet there remain things that are undesirable. I love nipple play, but not rough nipple play. Letting someone know that, even to the extent of grabbing their hand or head to move it away, is occasionally necessary. Rejection and acceptance flow both ways, straightforwardly in general. In a true group situation, often unnoticed. Everyone becomes submerged in the same sexual ocean, lost in a current of sensations with each other. Tongues finding new places to go, hands roaming over naked bodies to the left and right, cock hard the entire time. It can happen that a bit more effort saying no is required, especially after getting horny, as can happen. It is rare, but not impossible, that someone becomes a bother. Till now, simply being firm has been sufficient, though on a couple of occasions, it was necessary to simply get away from someone who did not seem to understand no at all.

Being invited or joining others often involves something that could be called subtlety, from a certain primal perspective. Stroking while watching men having sex in front of you is always allowed at the baths. The possibility of joining in is what makes the baths perfect for group sex, as men with a hard cock know how turned on other men with a hard cock are. Invitations can be obvious, from a look to a gesture to a touch – or more than occasionally, the feel of soft lips around your cock head, lips that were often just sucking another sexy dick.

Inviting oneself requires more tact than accepting an overt offer. Pairs often do not want distractions, and interruptions are not generally pleasant, though part of what is accepted when having sex in a public place filled with potential partners. Allowing others to play with minimal disturbance when wishing to join in is a simple skill to learn. Following a few basic rules helps, such as when a man’s cock leaves a stranger’s mouth, he is likely unable to resist a new stranger’s mouth replacing it. Especially when his previous cock sucker starts going down on you.

Apart from an initial yes or no, there is little ambiguous within the baths. Everybody is more than aware that this is a place everyone enters to have naked male sex. A place where five minutes after entering, it is possible to join an orgy of skilled hot men, all sharing years of experience at getting off in a group, everyone knowing what it is like to just let go, adding to the shared bliss.

Total freedom exists at the baths, including an abrupt ending of the pleasure always being possible. No commitments exist inside concerning anything you don’t want, a somewhat slippery concept once your willing cock is seduced the first time during a visit. A first time visitor might just be curious, determined to do nothing, but after an unseen hand in the dim steambath touches an uncovered inner thigh, one can easily soon find it impossible to stop from reaching out to find another man’s growing cock, Soon starting to drown in the entrancing sensations of an anonymous warm wet mouth sliding down a ready hard shaft, followed by the delight of a stranger starting to kiss opening lips, fingers running down an exposed crack, no longer sure who is moaning in pure slutty satisfaction.

At a male only sauna, all preliminaries, such as undressing, are handled before entering. Further, everyone met inside is open to having sex with other men, making it simple to turn someone on enough to get off in a place where any desire can be indulged. Or discovered, such as being introduced to nipple play by men who know just how irresistible it is. Rimming is another delight that becomes addictive as a stranger’s tongue slides over a soft available hole, creating sensations of incredible pleasure. Sensations which take complete control of your mind, unable to do anything but what the asslicker wants.

Being a place where men come to play with other men, exhibitionism and voyeurism become attractive elements also. Nothing is secret, the baths offer anonymous sex as the major reason to visit, in many different ways. Watching sex in person, with the distinct possibility of becoming involved, is even hotter than watching porn. As is openly showing off a hard cock, knowing that other men love looking, tempting them to approach closer, to do more than simply look.

Such directness is wonderfully appealing, sinking into a sea of sexual bliss, a hard cock offering an easy invitation to accept. Being explicitly obvious, often resulting in pure satisfaction as someone gives in to temptation too. After that first surrender, other delights easily unfold. Kissing a man after getting hard is heavenly. Yet even more heavenly is passionately kissing another man as both of your cocks are sharing another man’s mouth.

All bathhouses have private areas, where a door can be closed to prevent interruptions, though often enough, the door is left open even after someone enters an already occupied booth. Sometimes, the door remains opens as men enter and leave, the slut inside enjoying being used like that, as has certainly happened to me.

Some areas are more public, not particularly intended to be a place for sex, but even so, almost anywhere that is not the dressing area or bar is at least potentially an area to have sex. This certainly includes shower areas, the hallways, or the lounge chairs that are generally found in different sections. Sitting in such a chair, getting head as a second man gives me a foot job as people walk by is a thrill on multiple levels.

Other areas are more constrained, such as a whirlpool, though orgies can develop up to the number of men that fit in. Sitting and playing with the cocks of the men to each side, foot sliding along another man’s rigid rod, a fourth man kneeling in the water jacking off, all part of a larger group. Then there are the areas explicitly designed for sex. Booths, at times with porn playing, are intended mainly for couples who prefer a bit of privacy, though they also make an excellent place for taking pictures, door open or closed. Steam baths are the ideal place to cruise for group sex, a self-reinforcing fact as men interested in getting off that way regularly enjoy the hot environment inside with each other.

Porn areas provide the chance to get horny and jack off to explicit porn openly, where hard cocks reliably attract attention. The porn is always gay, some of which is extremely hot to see while getting sucked, playing with a third man’s cock as he kisses your nipples. A porn area is more reliable in a sense than a dark room, offering something to pass the time when alone. A dark room can remain empty for an extended period, something that can be quite relaxing at times.

A total contrast to the empty intervals is walking in the darkroom and feeling a man guide you to his waiting mouth after approaching the platform. Like in many steam rooms, the dimness adds to the exquisite delight of getting lost in the sensations of having sex with strangers. Being in the dark adds a certain extra thrill, things happening by surprise. Of course, not all surprises are pleasant, especially when someone is clumsy or not thinking about what they are doing. A dark room that combines gloryholes with an orgy space allows several types of playing in wonderful combination.

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