Becoming My Brother’s “Daddy” Pt 1

I gently nibbled at it before Stavros pushed the head of his fleshy cock past my lips. I gagged a bit as the thick meat suddenly hit the back of my throat.


My relationship with Matty is very complicated. According to some people, he’s my “step-brother”…but I myself would never call him that at all. We’ve only ever seen each other twice: once at my mom and Peter’s wedding (I house-sat while they honeymooned…okay, I took advantage of my step-dad’s riches and lived the good life for a week), and just recently when he came to stay with me and my dad.

Matty’s biological father died in a military accident when Matty was a newborn. His mother eventually married Peter. After Matty’s mother died of cancer several years ago, Peter became responsible for Matty. Peter never even adopted him, just became his guardian. I’d bet money Matty’s mom had some iron-clad agreement with Peter to take care of Matty. She had been a lawyer and was a careful planner. Then Peter married my mom. So now, I’m told Matty is my “brother”… No, just absolutely no.

My mom called one afternoon to tell me that Matty was transferring to the same university I went to for my undergrad work and where I’m still doing my grad work.

“I was hoping you’d let him stay with you. Peter’s giving him an allowance for an apartment and such, but all Matty talks about is staying with you. You might show him around and let him stay with you for a bit…even though it’s your father’s house,” she told me on the phone, the last part said with quite a bit of venom. “I mean, both Peter and I would very much appreciate any amount of time you could donate toward your little brother…”

“Little brother? I’m as much a relation to him as some random dude off the street. I don’t consider him my little brother. And I hate that you keep trying to make it into something that it’s not…and never will be…”


“Well, it’s true. Heck, Peter only took him out of a sense of obligation and a promise to Matty’s mom. Probably one of the few promises he’s ever kept. He’s always far too busy to play ‘dad’; and I suppose, what, you’re suddenly like ‘oh, look at me, I’m such a good mom’ maternal now?”

“Don’t you ever say that…you are so mean sometimes, just like your father…and after all that Peter, and I, have done for you…he’s basically paying for everything to get you through school so you don’t pile up some huge debt…I don’t really know what you’re going to do with that degree…but did anyone asked my opinion about it….and I have you know…..I mean, the disregard you show…I know i’ve never been exactly the best…”

“Sorry, you’re breaking up…..I will call you later,” I replied quickly and ended the call. “UGH!” I shouted and threw the phone onto the couch. My mother walked out on us many years ago to find herself. It could have been that my dad was a rock musician and a closeted gay man. Well, she found herself with a very wealthy, very conservative, and very straight husband in Peter. In her attempt to have a perfect conservative American family – in case Peter ran for Congress or some other such nonsense – she had made her presence quite known over the last few years. Peter paid my college bills and all as payment to stay quietly in the background of their lives. I’ve whored around in life before. I was cool with it.

My phone pinged. I grabbed it and saw that it was a message from Matty.

“I can’t wait to stay with you. In hell here. Your mother AND Peter, lol,” the message read.

I couldn’t say no. Matty was a little skinny nerdy guy who was very quiet. He has those really big baby blue eyes that just captivate you. He had been messaging me for a while now and we’d become friends. I don’t think he had a lot of friends at home. Peter was a wealthy businessman and was never a real father to the little guy, so Matty -seeking a father figure, i guess- became rather attached to me back when we first met at the wedding of my mom to Peter. I stayed at Peter’s extravagant house with Matty while he and my mom traveled the Mediterranean.

While I stayed at Peter’s palatial estate, Matty became my shadow most of the time I was there. It was just the two of us in the big house in the height of summer. Leaving and going back to my dad’s townhouse had crossed my mind, but I quickly came to my senses. There was no way I’d give up having a pool (indoor and out), a chef, a maid, a tennis court, a sauna, and all the other luxuries that obscene wealth could buy just because of a little tag-a-long. It’d be nice to have his company, I convinced myself. Hell, I thought, just watching the hot muscle hunk who kept the pool running and the grass cut was incentive enough to stay put.

Matty had spent most of the summer so far at some archaeological dig Peter was financing and he wanted to tell me every detail. Sitting by the pool, he’d drone on about pottery shards and lithic flakes; I was there zoning in and out, catching some rays while sipping easy breezy cocktails.

“…but Professor Todd grabbed me by the arm and, boy, he let me have it. I should have wanted to skulk back to my tent, but it was actually kind of exciting getting a tongue-lashing by someone so big in their field…” he said before taking a sip of his cream soda. He wiped at the sweat on his forehead with a red handkerchief he always kept nearby. “Yeah…,” he sighed wistfully, dreaming of buried history, as he gently shook his glass, settling the ice.

I sat up and took off my sunglasses. I had seen a photograph of the hunky Professor Andrew Todd. He was big and tanned with movie star good looks.

“What?” I asked, wondering exactly what had just been said.

“Oh, when Andy…Professor Todd dressed me down for calling some piece of pottery ‘a chunk of rock”. He was not happy with me. ‘Always use the technical terms, boy.’ I had a knack at pushing his buttons.”

“Oh, I see,” I responded, putting on my sunglasses again. I was so damn tired of hearing about broken junk in dirt. “Uhm, yeah, very interesting.”

I started to lean back.

“You’d like him. He’s a big guy…really muscled up…,” he paused for a second and looked over at me, squinting his eyes in the sunshine and wrinkling his nose. “He’s got a real hairy chest. You like a big hairy chest?”

“What?” I froze. “What are you talking about?

“It’s okay. I know you’re gay.”

I swung my legs off the sunlounger. I sat there for a second twiddling my fingers figuring out what to say. Matty was an adult, just a couple years younger than I was; but I knew he was naive about the world in general. I had never mentioned to him that I was gay.

“It’s cool. I just heard Peter telling your mom that he had reservations about me being here with you….but, hey, here I am. After all, I’m an adult, not some child. I was looking forward to this and I really don’t give a fuck about his old-fashioned homophobic attitude, bro,” he said as he moved a bit in the lounger, putting his hand behind his head and exposing his fuzzy pit.

“That mutha…,” I whispered under my breath.

I looked over at Matty, noticing the dark hair under his arms and his slim tanned build. The sparse dark shadow of his facial hair stood out in the sun, as did the faunlike hair on his legs. I noticed him as something more than the younger talkative guy I had complained about before…he was looking rather cute today after all. But I’d behave. I shook my head and laid back on the lounger. I hadn’t had sex in quite awhile, so I turned my back toward Matty – I knew I’d pop a boner if I kept thinking about his half-naked body just inches away. It didn’t take much lately to get the sap running.

“I’ve got to get this fucking body tanned before I leave here,” I announced.

“Yeah, all those guys probably like you being so tall, dark, and handsome. I do,” Matty laughed. He sat there quietly for a second. “Okay, I’m going to grab a shower. I’ve got some stuff to do upstairs in my room. Yeah, just stuff to do, you know.”

I heard him get up and leave. I myself adjusted the increasingly chubby cock in my swim trunks and considered a cold dip in the pool.

“Yo! Hey, Johnny!”

I turned slightly in the direction of the shout. It was Stavros, the groundskeeper. He was about my age and I had been lusting after him since I first saw him skimming the pool in a speedo when I arrived. I was considering pounding one out while watching him from my bedroom window the next time he did the pool. But I actually wanted a lot more.

Stavros was tall and lean. He had a distinctive v-shaped torso that the white tank tops he always wore only enhanced. His muscular body was hairy from his square head to his broad chest to his thick legs. The sunlight made his dark blond hair glisten as if it was spun from gold. Surveying his white tank, denim cut-offs, and leather work boots made my growing cock slide quickly across my thigh.

“I wanted to ask you over to the cabin tonight. A few of my friends from town are coming over, and I thought you’d like to join us,” he asked, stroking the edges of his golden porn mustache. “I know there’s not a lot of entertainment for you around here.”

He gave me a deep stare. He shifted his weight and I looked down. He had hooked his thumb in the front pocket of his shorts, his fingers running up and down the tight denim. I looked up at him and he gave me a wink.

Stavros and I had talked a few times and I had asked him what folks our age got up to in this area. He explained that most of his free time was spent relaxing at his cabin on the edge of the estate’s woodland, although he’d go on weekend trips to the city on occasion. With a few sentences and the way he sized me up, I knew that he was as gay as I was.

“Uhm, sure,” I responded, rolling onto my back. I did nothing to hide the thickness in my trunks. “I was wondering if I could show you something in the pool house?” I sat up and rested my hand on my thigh, my thumb resting on the head of my bulge. I looked right at him. “That is, if you’ve got a minute…or two?”

As he stood there watching me, he shifted his weight again and put his hands on his hips. The shift tightened the frayed cuffs of his shorts around his thighs causing an outline of his big Greek cock to become very apparent.

“Please do,” he responded in his slightly-accented deep voice, motioning toward the small building with a knowing smile.

I swung off the sunlounger and grabbed my towel. I walked to the pool house and went inside, leaving the door open behind me. I threw the towel onto the floor, noticing the dappled lighting coming through the large French windows covering the floor and the walls. The door closed, and I turned around to see Stavros pulling his shirt over his head.

“It’s so hot out there,” he muttered, throwing his shirt onto a bench as his other hand pulled at the riveted button of his shorts. “Very intense,” he said, stepping out of his shorts and leaving him in nothing but his leather work boots.

“The heat is unbearable around here,” I replied, walking over to him. I ran a hand through the dark blonde hair on his chest. “But I’ve heard there’s this remedy that the Greeks invented that makes it easier to take,” I joked as my hand slid down his hard hairy belly.

“We didn’t invent it,” he told me as he put a hand on my shoulder, his fingers grabbing around my neck. “We just perfected it.” He pushed down on my neck and I dropped to my knees.

His hand encircled his big uncut cock, holding it out near my face as I knelt in front of him. I leaned forward and lapped at the loose skin hanging from the end of it. I gently nibbled at it before Stavros pushed the head of his fleshy cock past my lips. I gagged a bit as the thick meat suddenly hit the back of my throat. Stavros pulled out a bit before pushing back in. I ran my tongue over and around the juicy cock in my mouth. As the sunbeams danced over our bodies; my eyes glanced out the big window near us. I could see the back of the big house. For a minute, I swore I saw Matty in one of the windows watching us. I looked back to Stavros and closed my eyes from the pressure of his full thickness pushing deep into my throat. My hands rested on his slim hips as he started to rock in and out of my mouth. I was enjoying Stavros, but in my mind I was imagining skinny Matty watching us naked, jerking on his cock. I pushed down my trunks and ran my fingertips through the slick leaking stream of precum, wondering if Matty was doing the same thing to his own cock.

Stavros wasn’t polite. He started using my mouth roughly to get his cock off. But I liked the necessary roughness. I was usually the guy in charge, but now I was submitting to this hot muscled working man. I could taste the salt of his sweaty groin mixed with my spit and his precum. I got so hard myself as my hand felt the two deep V-shaped muscular grooves on his hard abdominal muscles alongside his tight hips. His core tightened with every thrust. He grabbed my head with his strong hands.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

I turned my eyes upward as he continued to pump his cock into my mouth. He grunted gruffly as our eyes met. Sweat beaded on his face before running down to his cut-glass jawline. His tiny ringlets of curls falling into his face as the tight sides glistened with sweat.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum,” he hissed, closing his eyes as his legs stiffened and his back arched. His breathing was fast and deep. “Awww shit yeah…take this fuckin’ muscle spunk. Ahhhh… fuck yes!”

His hot spasms filled my throat as his fingertips pressed into my skull. His muscled body jerked backward and he released his grip. He punched his fists in the air toward the ground as he rocked back on his feet. His cock slipped out, unloading a string of hot jism across my face. I fell backwards onto my ass as I jacked on my own cock. Stavros dropped to the floor. He licked at the cum on my face and down my body. He replaced my hand with his, his lips moving over the head of my cock in quick circular motions. A rough hand slipped around to my ass, a thick finger running along the crack of my ass. My fingers scratched at the hard tile floor as my cock sank deeper into his mouth. His head bounced up and down tightly on my cock, as his fingers encircled the base of my thick cock. I could feel my nuts tighten against his fingers as an intense flush of pleasure raced through my body.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” I cried out as the cum hit his cock-ringed fingers pausing on the way out before finally coating his mouth and throat. “Fuuuuuck!”

As I lay there with my body oozing cum, Stavros was greedily sucking out the very last drop. His tongue bathed my groin, searching out every droplet. He raised up and dropped a gob of cum and spit on my cock. His fist slicked up and down my dick. He finally looked up at me with a big white grin.

“You know now that you’ve got to be at the cabin tonight so we can fuck.”

I assumed he meant him fucking me, until he slid his hairy muscled body on top of mine. I felt his round hairy asscheeks twerk gently onto my wet half-hard cock.

“I’m going fuckin’ ride the hell out of that big piece of daddy meat. You want to fuck me? You want to push that big hard cock into this juicy tight ass?”

My cock started getting hard again as cum and spit lubricated his thick hairy ass as it twisted and thrust around it. He pushed against the head of my slick cock, causing the full head to get wedged deep in his cheeks and perching just at the edge of his hole. He grunted and arched backward, causing the head of my cock to easily slip inside him. Stavros sucked in a deep audible breath as my cock sank deep into his chute.

“Oh, damn!” I hissed as his muscles milked me deeper into him. “Fuck, that cock is thick.”

He took my thickness easily and began to ride it as I met his rhythm. I felt like my cock was in a velvet vise. I could only groan as my empty balls tightened.

“I need to save up for tonight,” I cried out. “Don’t make my empty balls work overtime!”

Stavros laughed, placing his two big hands on my chest and lifting himself off my cock. He sat on his haunches, his big dick swinging. He reached for his hard cock as he squatted there and started jacking it like a man possessed. His breathing got faster and he fell forward onto his knees, releasing a load across one of my nips.

He gave me a happy lick across a nip before slipping off me.

“I tend to cum multiple times…always have,” he bragged. “I’ve got to get back to work. But I’ll see you tonight, right?” He shook his now limp cock as he grabbed his shorts. A couple of stray droplets of cum hit the tip of my nose and cheek.

“I’ll come,” I replied with a sly grin.

“Oh, I know that, you damn hot fucker,” he said, leaning in and wiping off the droplet on my nose with one of his fingers. He sucked his cum off his fingertip, letting his tongue twist around it like it was a lollipop. “Yum, just like candy,” he said, gleefully. “You’ve got my number. I’ll text you later,” he said with a wink as he buttoned his shorts, picked up his shirt, and then slipped out.

I sat on the floor of the poolhouse wiping away the last bits of that Greek god from my cheek. I took a deep breath and finally, as the strain of my used balls eased, I got motivated to get dressed. As I was leaving the poolhouse, I noticed Stavros over near the tennis court gathering up some tools. His tank top was hanging out of his back pocket. He gave me a little wave, I pounded my chest with my fists with joking bravado. He was laughing and shaking his head as I bounced up the steps to the big house.

Matty had just finished talking to Mario, the chef, as I came inside. Mario gave a little bow to Matty and me as he walked back to the kitchen.

“Mario made some salads and other stuff for the next couple days the staff is off,” Matty said as I approached the stairs.

“Oh, okay, that’s great,” I replied, continuing up the steps. I looked back and Matty was just leaning against the newel post. I stopped and walked back down to him.

“Watcha doing tonight?” I asked him.

“Nothing much. Probably watch a movie or get on the computer,” he answered, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m going to a little get-together at Stavros’ cabin later this evening. You wanna come?” I asked as I fished my phone out of my pocket.

“Uhm, yeah, sure,” he said with a little smile and eyes that lit up.

“Okay, cool. I need a shower and a nap. I’ll go into details later,” I told him as I texted Stavros to ask if it was okay for Matty to come. He immediately texted back it was fine, and I turned back and gave Matty a thumbs up. “It’s going to be fun!” I exclaimed as I bounded up the stairs to my room. In my mind I was thinking about how to get away from Matty, in order to give Stavros the fuck of his life. No good deed goes unpunished, I thought to myself.

Later that afternoon, fresh from my nap, I found a backpack and gathered up bottles of alcohol from the big pantry in the kitchen. I figured we could walk to the cabin since it was so close, so I threw in a couple of flashlights too. I tossed in some lube and other necessities.

I had put on a low-cut vest tank top with some short cut-offs. I finished it off with some hiking boots, and finally added a backwards cap. I wanted there to be little in the way when I got myself alone with Stavros. Wanting to be even more of a tease, I decided to go commando.

I walked down and Matty was at the door waiting on me. He was wearing a plaid cotton button-up shirt with the sleeves cut off and cargo shorts that hung on his tight hips. He was looking pretty cute.

“I thought we’d walk down to Stavros’ cabin. It’s not far down the back drive,” I told Matty.

“Yeah, it’s not far at all. I’ve walked past it a few times on my walks,” Matty told me. “I’ve brought some flashlights and some other things,” he said, holding up a small backpack.

“I’m bringing host gifts and refreshments,” I replied as the bottles clinked together in my big backpack.

“Provisions sorted then, sir. Let’s go!”

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