Becoming My Brother’s “Daddy: Pt 2

I swirled my tongue over and around his thick meat, tasting the spiky sharp precum. He started fucking my face, hitting just at the back of my throat before pulling back. His cockhead pressed against the back of lips.

Part 1


I pulled my cock out and jerked it. It wasn’t a slow easy jack; it was a tight-gripping fast jerk. I hunched over with my mouth open, spittle foaming at the corners, as I punished my fat horny cock. A quick load shot into my hand as a primitive guttural cry escaped my lips. I fell back in the seat with my load slowly dissolving across my out-stretched red palm and arched fingers. I grabbed a few napkins from the center console and cleaned up. I started the car, opened the gate and was off to the store.

I never mentioned what I had seen. And the next couple days were uneventful involving mostly laying by the pool with an occasional rendezvous with Stavros.

The day before I was to leave, I was burning up the wifi downloading some podcasts I hadn’t heard yet, when there was a hard knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and it was late in the evening. I figured Matty must have ordered some food. I opened the door and was surprised by a huge man. I mean, he made me feel small.

“Hey there, I’m Andy Todd,” he said, stretching out his big hand. “You must be Johnny.”

“You are correct, Sir.”

“Sir” seemed like the only thing that fit him. He had a few inches on me, his hat made him seem much taller. He wasn’t fat, just bulky. His polo shirt was very fitted over his broad chest; his pecs looked like two halves of a basketball stuffed inside his shirt. His biceps looked like softballs as his arms moved. Dark auburn hair spilled out of the open neck of his shirt. His scruffy beard glistened with coppery highlights and his eyes were a vibrant green.

“Uhm, can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” I stumbled, motioning for him to come inside.

“Matthew…uhm, Matty… invited me to stay over tonight and then we will head back to the dig tomorrow,” the big man said, hanging his hat on the stand.

“Oh, okay,” I said, watching his meaty paw run through his short auburn hair and watching his plump round ass as he walked into the library.

Matty came hopping down the staircase. When he saw me, he took them a bit slower.

“From your look, I bet Professor Todd’s here,” he said, his fingers tracing along the bannister.

“Oh, yes,” I said seriously. I tilted my head and smiled. “Damn, he’s a big boy!,” I quietly laughed as I looked toward the library.

“I told you he had a big hairy chest!” Matty whispered to me.

“Still I wasn’t expecting anyone today!”

“I told him that instead of paying for a hotel, he could just bunk up here. We’ve got plenty of room. Peter approved…anything to save a few bucks…rich people are like that, didn’t you know?” Matty explained, hopping off the last step.

“Yeah,” I agreed. Inside, I was actually thrilled to meet the big beefy hunk. “So which room?” I asked, flailing my arms in all directions.

“I think one of the sports rooms. He’d have access to the weight room, hot tub, and all that. Or maybe a suite upstairs. I’ll ask him,” Matty said with a gleam in his eye.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you to figure out. I’ve got packing and stuff to do before bed.”

I dashed up the stairs, turning back halfway up to hear Professor Todd bellow, “Hey, Matty, great house. I talked to Peter earlier today and I told him about our progress at the dig…” I chuckled and headed on upstairs.

By the time I finished cleaning up my room and packing, it was pretty late. I had shrugged off supper. I was busy anyway and figured I’d be bored to death by those two. I made do with a sandwich.

Since it was the last night, I decided to stay in one of the sports rooms on the other side of the house. They were four little sparse rooms that were for guest’s drivers or security details located near the home gym. Everything was located in this separate wing of the house; well, it was actually a separate building with a connecting hallway. The swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, yoga room, everything was there –a facility that would make commercial sports clubs jealous. Peter has his own private workout space at the other end of the house.

I stacked up my luggage, laid out my clothes and stuff for tomorrow before changing into just my robe and heading off downstairs. I decided that I’d workout, then take a sauna before bed – boy, I was going to miss all this, I thought to myself, so why not indulge. Everything was quiet and getting dark. I figured Matty had settled the big guy in a nice suite upstairs.

The sauna was relaxing. I just lay back and sucked up the sweaty heat, feeling as if I could melt into the bench. I finally left and plunged under a cooling shower. I dried off but had no desire to even put my robe on. I felt so good, i thought i’d head to my room naked -I mean, who’d see me and, right now, I didn’t give a fuck if anyone did. I turned everything off and quietly left. I was drying my hair with a small towel when I suddenly walked into something.

What the fuck I thought reaching out my hand in the dark. I could feel the softness of fur over hard flesh.

“Hey, whoa there. Take it easy,” a deep voice growled. “What’s the rush?”

I felt a big hand on my shoulder, giving me a soft squeeze.

“I was hoping you’d come down. Glad to get a few minutes alone with you in the dark. You get all packed up?”

A big thumb rubbed across my face and there was a deep short laugh. I knew it was Professor Todd, of course; but I don’t think he knew who I was.

My hand ran down his big chest to an equally hairy rippling stomach. Something hit my wrist.

“I’ve been waiting to feel you on this. Just like last time, buddy.”

I felt something tapping on my wrist and sliding over my forearm. I realized it was a huge cock.

“Yeah, Matty, you want to get down and suck on this big meaty daddy cock?”

I cleared my throat and moved my hand down to the big guy’s hairy crotch, rubbing around it until my hand was secured around the base of one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever touched.

“I’m not Matty, big guy.”

He pulled his hand from my shoulder, and ran it down the front of my torso.

“Well, fuck, I can feel that hot hairy muscle. I’m not disappointed. I had my eye on your earlier, you big muscle fucker,” he chuckled. “So how are you at sucking cock, boy?”

“Best in the business, sir.”

“We’ll see about that. Get down on yer knees and prove it.”

His big hands pushed down on me until I was on the floor. His hands ran over my hair to my face. His big thumb hooked into my mouth, as fingers of his other hand ran over my lips, stuffing my mouth and tickling my hard palate. My tongue slid over his rough fingers as saliva pooled in my mouth before running over my lips. My mouth watered as I felt his fingers being replaced by his thick cock. I felt the big head of his thick cock softly hit my epiglottis as his thumbs opened me wider. I gagged but he didn’t pull completely out. He chuckled and slowly pushed forward again, lodging his big prick at the back of my throat. My hands grabbed at his big thighs, unable to grasp them. Tears formed in my eyes as I was filled and stretched. I gurgled as I felt a stream of sticky precum dripping into my throat making me want to swallow.

“It’s okay, boy. Take it easy. Swallow that precum. Let it lube up that throat while I ease into it.”

Tears ran down my cheek as I felt that daddy cock own me, stretching me and slipping deeper into me. I was loving having this bigger guy make me take him. Thankfully, I have never had much of a gag reflex as he proceeded to completely fill my gullet.

He slowly pulled out. I gasped.

“Oh, fuck, so damn big,” I spit out hoarsely before he slid back in.

I swirled my tongue over and around his thick meat, tasting the spiky sharp precum. He started fucking my face, hitting just at the back of my throat before pulling back. His cockhead pressed against the back of lips. I wouldn’t let him pull completely out. My tongue pressed into his big piss-slit before circling around the back of his engorged cockhead.

“Yeah, boy. Taste that big daddy cock,” the big man growled. “I’m not going to last long if your tongue keeps the party going like that.”

I finally released his cockhead, letting him pull out for a second.

“Ya going to give ya boy some cum?” I ran my hands up his tree-trunk thighs and around his hips to his round tight hairy ass, pulling at fat cheeks. “You wanna empty those big bull nuts on me?”

“How about I empty them IN you?” his deep voice rumbled.

I opened my mouth to take his big cock load, but I felt him grab under my arms and lift me up. His handsome face was close to mine. I could see his handsome shadowy face as the light of the moon filtered into the hallway.

“You want me to fuck you?”

I stared into his predator-dark eyes for a few seconds, only a glint of moonlight in them. He slightly wet his lips as he hungrily stared back at me.

“Fuck me,” I said, turning my back to him. I leaned against the wall, sticking out my tight ass. “Fuck my muscle ass.”

He squatted down and leaned in. I could feel his hot breath on my buttcheeks. He placed a hand on either side of my ass, pulling them apart. His tongue ran over my hole. I could feel his prickly beard as he slathered my crack with spit. He pushed his tongue into me, opening me up and getting me wet. His tongue was soon replaced by his fingers. They pried open my hole, as he spit into it. He got up and let a big gob of spit run down into my asscrack. I felt his big cock run along my crack before pressing against my hole.

“You’re about to feel so good on my dick.”

I groaned softly with pleasure as his big arm reached around my chest and held me tight. I clenched my teeth as the head of his cock pushed into me, resting at my tight sphincter before conquering it. I gasped weakly as he embedded his thickness into me. The initial pain of his big meat stretching me made me want to claw at the walls to try and get away before fading away in pleasure as he thudded suddenly against my prostate.

I could feel his big pectoral muscles pressed into my back as he bit and licked at my neck, like some wild fornicating beast. His other hand reached around to my dripping cock and began to jerk me off in rhythm to his fucking. His hand, coated in my juices, rolled up and down my cock.

“You like my big cock in you, baby?”

“Fuck it’s so big, Fuckin’ horsecock inside me…pounding my tight ass!”

“Yeah, baby, it’s a big daddy dick in you. You probably can’t find a bigger cock. You are so fucking lucky, muscle stud. You fuckin’ needed this in you,” he growled in my ear. “You fuckin’ needed some big cock working your jock hole.”

My ass muscles squeezed at the horsecock in me. I knew I was going to miss it later on. I wanted to feel every inch of it and sear it into my memory. He was thrusting hard in and out of my ass. I could feel droplets of sweat running down between the both of us.

I could feel the cum in my balls rising as he pumped my dick with his fist. I started pushing my hips back to make sure his whole shaft was in me as I came.

“I’m going to cum!” I gasped as my whole being clamped down onto him.

“Damn, son,” he said breathlessly in amazement as my muscles tightened on him as my body shook my load into his fist.

As I relaxed a bit, he managed only a few strokes before I felt his hands around my neck and his spasms of cum shooting into me.

“Fuck! I’m cumming, stud boy. Fuck! Fuck!,” he rumbled. He pushed me hard into the wall as he bucked against me. “Damn, jock boy!” I could feel the power of his big body trying to restrain itself, trying not to maul or crush me in his intense rush.

My mouth fell open and my eyes widening as he shot thick load after load into me. I tightened my ass after every volley until he had to pull out. I felt a volley hit my back. He stumbled backward a couple steps before grabbing my sides roughly, licking at the droplets of cum on my back. His hands ran over my sweaty muscled body before slapping hard at my ass.

“Son, if you ever want to do this again…” he took a deep breath, grinning as he did, “you know where to find me.”

I turned around and gave him a deep kiss, my hand roaming over his big wet half-hard cock.

He pushed me against the wall, holding me with his hand around my neck. He patted my chest hard with his other.

“You fuckin’ hot jock boy,” he laughed as he released me. “I’ll see you later.”

Then he disappeared down the dark hall to his room.

Matty and Andy were gone when I woke up. On the table near the front door was a cute card from Matty saying how much fun he had had with me. There was also an envelope from Andy with “Jock Boy” scrawled on the front, with his business card inside.

After my stay, I didn’t see Matty again until he arrived at my dad’s place.

When Matty finally arrived, Dad answered the door and called down to me in the game room.

I bounded up the stairs and there was Matty. I was quite taken aback. Matty was still a little guy, but he was muscled up, like really tight and defined. His fitted shirt and stylish shorts did nothing to conceal his athletic lean body, even with the loose hoodie he was also wearing draped over them. The sleeves of the hoodie were pushed up to his elbows, allowing a view of his muscular forearms. His hair was buzzed on the sides in a military style with long bangs falling into his face. He glowed with a deep tan and a wide smile. He was a fucking little stud.

It was then that it registered with me. He had, among some other leather bracelets, a twisted red bandanna on his wrist, like part of a bandanna with leather encircling it. I grabbed his forearm, slightly pulling it toward me.

“I like the bracelet,” I told him. My fingers moved down his forearm to the bracelet, rubbing softly over it. “It’s very cool.”

Matty looked up at me, then averted his eyes. Even with his dark tan, I noticed his flushed cheeks. His other hand went right to the bandanna bracelet and turned it on his wrist.

“We are really glad to have you, Matty,” Dad said, noticing my surprise and jumping in. “Make yourself at home. Johnny will show you your room upstairs.” He poked me in the ribs.

“Uh, yeah…let’s get you settled,” I said, reaching for his suitcase. It wasn’t really that big and heavy. “With all those muscles, maybe you oughta grab this,” I said, pretending to be out of breath.

Matty laughed, and reached for the case.

“Nah, just kidding,” I joked and grabbed the suitcase before him. “Even with all those muscles, I’m still much bigger than you.”

“Oh, yeah, that I know,” he said with a sly smirk, barely looking at me.

“I’m running a little late with dinner, boys. Come down to the kitchen in about an hour. Tonight’s spaghetti bolognese.”

I showed Matty his room and gave him a tour of the upstairs. As we came back down I explained the game room was the heart of the house.

“If the door is closed, Dad’s doing some research or cataloging his collection -so don’t disturb him. Or that’s what he tells me,” I said with a wink. “Otherwise, you’re welcome to go down and have some fun.”

I showed him everything in the electronic wonderland. He marveled at the game console setup, and he flicked through Dad’s old record collection. I myself marveled at the change in Matty. My eyes ran over the veins visible over the tight muscles of his forearms. His shirt stretched over his firm thick chest, displaying two hard nips. I hadn’t seen a photo of him for awhile. I couldn’t help but stare.

“I know. I know,” he said, turning toward me grinning. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“That you did. We’ll have to go out on the town one night and let you flex. I bet no one will be able to resist you.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that muscles can get you noticed.” He flexed his arms. “If I don’t get fat from your dad’s Italian carbs,” he said, turning toward me. One of his hands pushed under his shirt, lifting it, and exposing his taut abs. “Trying to get a cut six-pack here. Make ’em a bit more visible. I mean, you can feel them now…” he told me, grabbing my hand and running it over his tight belly. “I just want to work on them some more, get a bit more shredded.”

I almost popped a boner right there.

“Very impressive,” I replied, turning away and pretending to look through a stack of games.

“You and your dad look so much alike, you know. At least you know you’ll be a big hot stud at his age.”

“Ha! Maybe so!”

We made our way to the kitchen. Dad was standing shirtless at the stove, dropping pasta carefully into the boiling water. His shirt was balled up on a chair seat.

“Got gravy all over the front of my shirt,” he said, turning to us. “Oh, Peter’s administrative guy called to tell you both that Peter was going to be at some economic summit in Copenhagen for a month, and if either of you have problems or questions about your stipends to call the office and talk to him. You aren’t to disturb Peter.”

“So, that means I should call him everyday for the next month, right?” I joked, turning to Matty who seemed to be in another world. He was staring at my dad.

Matty’s eyes were wide as he looked at my dad. As I glanced at him I could tell he was looking my dad up and down in appreciation. Dad had sleeves of tattoos on both arms and a large one on his hairy chest. I knew they had got Matty’s attention.

Dad had worked out earlier, so every muscle was on display. His hand ran over his thick hairy chest as he walked over and grabbed his shirt. Matty’s eyes followed him to the laundry room. He seemed to deflate as my dad came back in pulling a tight t-shirt over his head.

“We’re glad to have you, Matty. I hope you like it here.”

“Oh, yeah, I know I will,” Matty stuttered. He glanced over at me and smiled.

Dad walked over and gave him a side hug with one arm as he tousled Matty’s long hair.

“We’re very informal around here. Just do your thing…whatever it is. I don’t give a fuck if you like to stay up late or even walk around nude,” Dad bellowed, then laughed.

Matty’s face went a bright red.

“I don’t walk around naked.” Matty said softly.

“Well, that’s a shame,” my dad retorted. “You look like you’ve got a hell of a body under all those clothes.” He winked and patted Matty’s hard chest. He gave a whistle as he grabbed Matty’s arm. “Dangerous weapons. You can feel the coiled muscles ready to be released.” He laughed and went over to check the pasta. He started to hum. “You sing, Matty?”

“Dad used to be in a rock band back in the olden days. He was actually kind of famous,” I whispered. “He’s trying to break the ice.”

Matty just perched on a stool not knowing how to handle us both.

“No, I’m making you two sing for your supper,” Dad laughed.

Dad’s humming got louder, punctuated with a bit of off-the-cuff beatboxing.

“Sing it, boys,” my Dad said, pointing at me and grabbing two wooden spoons.

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that schwing…” I droned, rolling my eyes.

“Spaghetti-deedly bop… doo wap doo wap..” my dad sang comically, before using the spoons to bang out an unidentifiable tune on the pots and pans on the stove. He then pointed a spoon at Matty.

Matty looked at both of us confused.

“What am I supposed to do?” Matty asked, as he blushed a bit. He gave a nervous laugh and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok, I guess I need to bring out my big guns,” Dad laughed as he grabbed the spaghetti tongs. “C’mere ta me, boy,” he said, motioning for Matty to come over to him.

Matty slid off his stool and walked cautiously over to my dad.

Dad grabbed a noodle out of the pot, holding it at first with the tongs until it was cool enough to hold. He held it out to Matty, but before Matty could bite Dad held it up high in the air.

“Ok, Matt, you’ve got 10 seconds to get this noodle, taste it, and tell me if it’s al dente…Supper depends on you!”

Matty tried to grab it with his hands, but Dad held it even higher.

“Oops, mouth only!”

Matty grabbed around my dad’s big biceps and lifted himself up to bite at the noodle. The little fucker was amazingly strong. Dad laughed as his wrist moved the noodle just out of Matty’s reach. Quickly, Matty let loose of Dad’s arm and grabbed him in the crotch…basically encircling Dad’s cock and pulling it. He, in a split second, used his other hand and pulled Dad’s arm toward him, biting at the spaghetti noodle.

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    What Alex said. My dick is so hard right now. I gotta read this again. And please have more soon. Hopefully with Dad and the professor included. HAF!!!!

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