Best Friends Fall In Love Pt 6

He sucked every drop of cum from John’s cock but kept stroking it. He wanted to get it hard again so he could drink another load.

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The air felt different. Well, different would be an understatement if he was to describe what Thomas was truly doing to him. He was just standing there casually, looking up at him with those soulful blue eyes; he was just standing there turning him on without even trying, or maybe he was, in his own way, but there was something else; he smelt a faint aroma of something vaguely familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Maybe Thomas ordered in because it was definitely food and he could eat; either food or Thomas or both but he needed to eat.

“I borrowed your shirt; you don’t mind do you?” Thomas whispered softly looking up at him with an unreadable expression.

Jonathan took that time to really take in that magnificent body. The shirt was very loose fitting but by God he knew what resided beneath it. Thomas wasn’t a hairy guy to begin with, so those legs really had his attention. He wasn’t looking at him like a woman of any sort but he liked what he liked, and that was a beautiful man who exuded sex appeal in the most effortless sort of way. A man who also knew just what turned him on and took pleasure in exploring those less than righteously holy fantasies with him.

As his eyes trailed back up, he couldn’t seem to tear them from Thomas’ groin area. He was more than eagerly curious to know if that ass was bare under that shirt and he intended to find out. He first set his brown Teemzone briefcase at his feet then reached out to lift the tail of the shirt but Thomas smacked his hand away causing him to wince in surprise and rub his irritated hand.

“I asked you a question. I said do you mind me wearing your shirt?” Thomas whispered again very slowly in a commanding tone.

“Would you take it off right here right now if I said I did?” Jonathan answered with an aroused whisper as he stared into Thomas’ eyes darkly and predator like.

“Would you like it if I took it off, right here, right now?” Thomas kept his calm demeanor as he slowly started pulling that top button, then a second, then a third.

“Ohh shit.” Jonathan husked lowly as he shrugged out of his coat and jacket and started loosening his tie. All day he’d been conflicted about what Thomas said to him but right there in that moment, none of that mattered. He was salivating at the sight of Thomas revealing more and more skin but suddenly he just stopped.

“Do you want to see more?” Thomas whispered seductively.

“Yes.” Jonathan couldn’t tell what was happening but he felt like a dog being teased with a juicy piece of meat and if he didn’t obey and do as he was told then forget about being fed.

“Well, you can’t.” Thomas returned flatly then began fastening the buttons back.

“W-w-wait, why the hell not?” Jonathan was confused. “Come on baby, that’s just plain evil. Why the hell…”

Thomas folded his arms across his chest and gave him a straight face. “You know why. Do you have any idea how worried I was; you couldn’t pick up the phone one time?”

Jonathan went completely mush at Thomas’ saddened expression. He took a deep breath then stepped directly in front of Thomas, held his waist with one hand while the other brushed his cheek gently.

“Don’t.” Thomas groaned quietly in protest as he tried to wrest from Jonathan’s arms but Jonathan was way stronger and wouldn’t let him go.

The two locked eyes as Jonathan whispered, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I made you worry but I didn’t want to talk to you while I was angry.”

“You’re not angry anymore?”

“No. After the meeting I had some time to think about what you said and…”

“Wait, how’d it go? Did you still have the meeting? Did they…did they walk again?” Thomas spoke eagerly and concernedly. He’d never forgive himself if he jeopardized something as important as that meeting for Jonathan a second time.

Jonathan chuckled softly, looked at Thomas adoringly then kissed his forehead. “We got em. I honestly didn’t even have to pitch to them again…”

“Really?!” Thomas squealed and giggled as he jumped and wrapped his arms and legs around Jonathan. “Baby you did it. I’m so so proud of you, I love you I love you I love you.” Thomas peppered his face with loving kisses repeatedly as he spoke. He was so happy for Jonathan he couldn’t possibly contain his excitement.

Jonathan couldn’t suppress the huge grin he had on his face right then. He was happy when his clients made their new found relationship official but he couldn’t properly celebrate his victory like he would’ve wanted; not when he was at odds with the only person he wanted to share it. His colleagues were beyond ecstatic for their new venture and wanted to celebrate with him but a celebration was the last thing he wanted to be concerned with.

Right then Thomas palmed his cheeks then crushed their lips together, after which slipping that warm wanting tongue inside his mouth which was received with the utmost intensity.

Jonathan took that time to press him up against the wall and roam his hands all over that teasing frame. He was on a mission; he needed to know what was happening under that shirt. His lips were still glued to Thomas’ so he had to rely on his hands to do the investigation and…voila. Thomas was wearing some really tiny boxer briefs or mini trunks but they felt really thin like…maybe mesh?

Right then Thomas released his lips and gave him a naughty little smirk. “Have you found what you sought my king?”

“Indeed, I have my love.” Jonathan chuckled deeply then let Thomas down to stand so he could get a better view. He kept his eyes locked with Thomas’ as he reopened all six buttons with Thomas still pressed against the wall. When he finally looked down his jaw dropped. “Fucking A, there is definitely a God,” he husked as his eyes drank in that red alluring sexy skimpy mesh number. The material was virtually transparent but he knew once he peeled that layer away, he’d be seeing so much more. He ran his hands down Thomas’ sides, belly and back until he palmed both ass cheeks and squeezed possessively. “Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?”

That dark husky aroused tone made Thomas’ whole body tremble with vulnerability. He had no doubt that Jonathan would like his choice of clothing for the evening but seeing him react that way made him feel sexier than he’s ever felt. He never needed confidence boosting before, but since being with Jonathan, he honestly sometimes wondered if he was enough. Like, was he doing the right things, but nevertheless Jonathan always managed to push those insecurities aside as soon as they came. The way he touched him, the way he looked at him, everything Jonathan did and said made him complete. “Well, Charlie told me you’d be pleased but it’s…”

Jonathan’s eyes went wide. “Charlie saw you like this?”

Thomas tried to contain his laughter but he couldn’t. “No, she didn’t, but I did suggest two possibilities and she picked this one in a second.” He whispered to Jonathan slowly as he wrapped his arms around his neck. He kissed up the length of Jonathan’s neck then along his stubbled jaw line then whispered, “Listen to me, I’m all yours, I’d never let anyone else see me or touch me like this. You’re the only one who gets to have me like this; I promise you that.”

With one hand braced against the wall, Jonathan ran his thumb along Thomas’ bottom lip which Thomas parted willingly, then down his chin to the length of his neck until he reached the middle of his chest where he continued the trail down with the back of his hand until he reached the waist band of Thomas’ underwear where he slipped his fingers beneath them and glided his fingers side to side. “We’re going to Goodwill in the morning.”

Thomas found himself smiling broadly as he could already sense a silly reply coming. “Oh, we are?”

Jonathan nodded with a straight face as he slid Thomas’ underwear halfway off one hip and caressed that exposed skin.

“And why is that?”

“Because you don’t need your clothes anymore. You’re wearing mine from now on.”

“You know, if I had agoraphobia, I might’ve agreed with you, but I don’t think wearing clothes which are two sizes larger than me is a very good look going outside.”

“How about we stay in from now on?”

“Oh wow, what an awesome idea, genius. Why didn’t I think of that?” Right then Jonathan looked up and met his eyes, looking like he was processing some huge idea.

“Wanna fuck like cavemen tonight?” Jonathan requested then winked at Thomas.

“Ok so, let me see if I understand what you’re saying exactly; you want to drag me off to the bedroom by my hair and have your way with me?”

“I mean, I could carry you but…yeah.”

“You are fucking twisted, you know that?” Thomas told him as a matter of factly but the second Jonathan nodded at him, he couldn’t help but start laughing uncontrollably. What made it even funnier was the fact that Jonathan looked like he was in a trance as he wouldn’t stop looking at his body like a famished predator.

Right then Jonathan fixed back Thomas’ underwear, cupped his cheeks then pressed their foreheads together. “As much as I want to be buried balls deep inside you right now…we need to talk about this morning.”

The serious tone in Jonathan’s voice had Thomas remembering the look Jonathan gave him just before he walked out in the morning. They definitely needed to talk but not just yet. “I know, but first I need you to try something.”

“Try something?” Jonathan was confused.

Thomas smiled giddily then whispered. “Uh-huh, I cooked. Stop, don’t you dare make that face.” Thomas warned when Jonathan gave him an awkward skittish smile. “Let’s go.” Thomas held his hand and led him towards the dining room.

“Should I…maybe call poison control? You’re gonna poison me because I avoided your calls, aren’t you? I said I was sorry.”

That caused Thomas to stop abruptly and spin around facing Jonathan, giving him a death stare. “Maybe…” he grabbed hold of Jonathan’s tie and tightened it impossibly close to his throat. “…you shouldn’t get any desert later, how about that?”

Jonathan coughed. “Jesus, you’re a mean little fucker, you know that?”

“Got anything you wanna say to me baby?” Thomas whispered sweetly without loosening his grasp.

“Ok ok, I’m sorry. I’m gonna eat it, alright?”

“Yes you will.” Thomas told him softly as he loosened the tie and cupped his cheek. “And you’re gonna love it,” he added slapping Jonathan lightly twice on his cheek.

“Do that again.” Jonathan rasped lustfully as he reached down and grabbed Thomas’ ass.

Thomas slapped him harder this time. “Like that?” He questioned with a moaning whisper as he bit on Jonathan’s bottom lip.

“You drive me crazy. I’m sinfully hard when I’m around you.” Jonathan growled as he nuzzled and kissed Thomas’ neck which was tilted to the side.

“Tell you what, you keep whispering sweet nothings like that to me and you’re gonna be a very…” he paused and gave Jonathan a peck on the lips. “…very happy man,” he gave him another kiss. “That’s a promise.”

” I don’t think it’s possible to be any happier than I am right now. The second you agreed to be completely mine, made me the happiest man alive. You know I’d do anything for you right?”

“Yes.” Thomas whispered softly as locked eyes with Jonathan.


Thomas waved his hand before Jonathan just to check if he still had his eyes closed. After leaving Jonathan around the black lunar rectangle six seater dining table with his eyes closed, he went to the kitchen for a fairly decorated plate of cheesy beef and bacon casserole and a bottle of chilled Syrah Rosé.

He was already prepared for Jonathan to walk through the door but after Sara called him letting him know that Jonathan had just entered the building, he hurriedly did some last minute adjustments and pondered his first act for when Jonathan stepped off the elevator.

“Wait, is mom here?” Jonathan questioned confusingly. That familiar scent that he smelled earlier was getting stronger and the only thing that came to mind was his mother’s cooking.

“I know Juliette loves you endlessly babe, but Thanksgiving is two days away and we both know she aims for nothing but perfection. So unless you’ve been admitted, I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in person until then.”

Jonathan chuckled. “Yeah, you’re absolutely right about that. Speaking of, I was thinking that we could go see Belle before we head down tomorrow but it’s entirely up to you.”

“That’d be great.” Thomas whispered softly as he sat across Jonathan’s lap.

Instinctually Jonathan wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled his neck. “You smell delicious. I’d honestly rather eat you tonight.”

“How charming, but unfortunately flattery won’t get you outta this one. Keep those eyes and open wide.”

“What am I, a kid now?”

“Be quiet and open up, smartass.” Thomas blushed as he held the fork to Jonathan’s mouth. He watched as Jonathan chewed then opened his eyes, shifting them from side to side. He couldn’t tell what Jonathan was thinking because his expression was next to unreadable. “So…what do you think?” he asked anxiously and impatiently when he realized that Jonathan wasn’t sporting that ridiculous grin he always had when his mother made it for him.

Once that rich saucy, meaty, bacony, cheesy goodness hit his tongue, Jonathan had no doubt that his mother was involved, but the prankster in him reared its ugly head in that moment. “It’s ok I guess.” Jonathan uttered nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry, what? It’s-it’s ok?” Thomas stuttered blinking his eyes rapidly. He suddenly felt annoyed and irritated as he stared at Jonathan wide eyed and waited for an answer.

Jonathan kept his role going as he replied, “Yeah, it’s fine.” Jonathan replied coolly then reached for his glass of wine but before he could take a sip, Thomas took the glass from him and placed it back on the table.

“Are you kidding me right now? It’s fine? That’s all you have to say? Three hours in that kitchen mimicking your mother’s recipe is just fine? We both know cooking is not my area of expertise but that is NOT fine. Maybe your taste buds aren’t working. I can’t believe you…” Before he managed to breathe another sound, he noticed Jonathan tilting his head to the side, trying like hell to hide the smile forming on his face.

He cursed himself for not realizing that Jonathan was only messing with him. He knew it tasted incredible, so for Jonathan to say it was just ok after he spent all that time making sure it was spot on with his mother’s recipe, really got to him. “You’re such a jerk,” he pouted with furrowed brows as he shoved Jonathan’s chest.

Jonathan laughed out. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. You should’ve seen your face.”

“Oh, so you think that’s funny, huh? Maybe I should just throw everything out, how’s that…”

“Hey hey hey, come on, I was just playing.” Jonathan panicked when he saw Thomas reaching for his plate.

Thomas blushed then burst out laughing as he looked at Jonathan’s mortified expression. ‘That’s more like it,’ he thought satisfyingly to himself. The man was hardly a foodie but whenever he took a liking to a specific meal, there was no chance of taming the beast.

He moved from Jonathan’s lap to sit cross legged on the chair next to him and watched Jonathan admirably as he devoured a full plate of casserole along with seconds. It was as if nothing and no one existed in that room except for him and that plate. Thomas couldn’t stop smiling. Even though he was going by a thoroughly explained recipe, he was very surprised that it turned out so good, given his history in the kitchen that is.

If he had to buy a hundred cook books with Jonathan’s favorite meals or watch a couple episodes of Rachel Ray then he’d do it. Being responsible for that look on his baby’s face because of something he made with his own two hands, was the best feeling ever. Jonathan was always the one pampering him and cooking for him but he wanted to change that. He knew Jonathan took great pleasure in that but he wanted Jonathan to feel loved and appreciated just the same.

“And here I thought I was the Gordon Ramsey between us two, you tricked me.” Jonathan teased as he stared at Thomas enticingly.

“You still are, but I can be your sous if you’ll have me,” Thomas flirted.

“Oh yeah? And what will my sous be doing exactly?” Jonathan whispered lowly and huskily as he got up, pulled Thomas to his feet and lifted him to sit atop the table.

“It would be my absolute pleasure to work under you, sir.” Thomas reached up and started undoing Jonathan’s tie. “And…for any other special favors you may require of me.” With the tie still around Jonathan’s neck, he held both ends of the tie and pulled him forward. “I promise I’ll do my utmost best to keep you especially satisfied in all areas needed.” He kissed up the length of Jonathan’s neck oh so slowly causing Jonathan to growl deep in his throat. “So do I have the job? Or would you prefer to take me on a trial run?” One hand slipped down and grabbed Jonathan hot hard throbbing member. “Would you?

“Oh fuck.” Jonathan breathed roughly as Thomas started stroking him through his pants. His grimaced expression was evidence enough that he was in pain, painfully hard and he needed some release. “Come here.” He pulled Thomas off the table to stand before him then captured his mouth in a possessively hungry kiss after which pulling out his monster of a cock through his zipper and stroked it slowly, showing Thomas just how hard he made him.

Gone was the guy who thought he had the whole situation under control. Thomas instantly turned into a weakened, sensitive, whimpering mess. His hole twitched at the thought of swallowing up that massive hypnotic thing that had him presently in a trance. He didn’t even need to be asked, the second he felt Jonathan’s hand on his shoulder, he slid down and squatted before Jonathan then palmed that dick with both hands and went on to show Jonathan just how much he loved having that cock in his mouth.


Thomas was way past his limit of frustration after a load of Jonathan’s slightly salty sweet cream sauce. He was so horny it was virtually unbearable. Even after he sucked every drop of cum from Jonathan’s cock, he wouldn’t stop stroking as he planned on getting it hard again as soon as possible so he could shove Jonathan on the floor and ride that cock like his life depended on it.

“Uh…babe?” Jonathan uttered in a strained whisper as he looked down at Thomas who was chewing on his lip and staring intensely at his dick. “Aaah fuuck,” he winced and shivered as he pulled Thomas’ hand away then pulled him up to stand. “I’m afraid Johnny boy is a little sensitive right now; I think he needs a few minutes to recuperate.” He whispered as he pressed his forehead to Thomas’.

“No,” Thomas whined and reached back down to touch it but Jonathan wouldn’t let him. “I want you so bad, baby Please.”

“Jesus, you’re so fucking sexy when you beg for my dick like that?” He tucked his cock

back in then zipped up. He gripped the back of Thomas’ hair painfully then tilted his head to the side, putting his neck on full display after which scraping his teeth along that soft sensitive skin. “Let me hear you beg.”

“Ethan…” Thomas moaned weakly as he fisted Jonathan shirt hard. In that exact moment, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj — Bad For You, just sort of streamed around the room which complimented their mood perfectly.

“Tell me what you want. Tell me why you wore this tonight.” Jonathan whispered huskily against his neck then licked and sucked there while he slipped a hand beneath his shirt and caressed his side and stomach causing Thomas’ knees to buckle.

“Because I…” Thomas couldn’t finish what he was saying. He felt as though he was no longer in control of his body. He couldn’t seem to loosen his grip on Jonathan’s shirt for the fear that he might fall over. That hold on his hair was slightly painful but it excited him to no end.

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  1. Ray says:

    Hope this isn’t the end of the story, I was hoping we would get the marriage, move into the new house, then another kid with Thomas’s sperm and then they live happily ever after.

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