Bi Man Submits To Trans Girl

I occasionally get to sneak off to a Bathhouse where I am a total cock loving bottom. I love being used, degraded and acting like the cum whore I am.


I was several hours away from home on a hunting trip by myself for a couple weeks. Being in the outdoors alone was awesome, but around the campfire at night got lonely, especially for a horny guy like me.

I’m 43, bisexual, white, stand 5′ 7″ tall, and am in great shape. Six days a week in the gym sees to that! I’m married with kids, but my wife and family don’t know I love to serve men and am very submissive away from the wife. I occasionally get to sneak off to a Bathhouse where I am a total cock loving bottom. I love being used, degraded and acting like the cum whore I am.

On this trip, I was not far from a small city that I thought could help me scratch an itch, an itch for cock, cum and submission! I checked out what I could online with my phone and wound up on an app. I got a bit of attention from a few guys and decided to take a day off from the hunt and be a slut.

As I was setting things up, I saw a profile that caught my eye. A pair of beautiful blue eyes, on a face framed by long sexy, beautiful brown hair. The young face was male, but could easily be mistaken for a girl that wore no make up. The profile was titled “Quinn” and I opened it up. Quinn was a 20 year old, M2F trans, but the description stated dominant and wanting to be treated right. Not interested in jerks or guys wanting to entertain a fetish.

I left a comment, complimenting Quinn on her beautiful eyes, and we started chatting. She was living and dressing as a woman, but had not yet started hormones and treatments.

We hit it off and soon our conversation turned sexual. She liked being the dominant top but was frustrated that guys just wanted to dominate her, I on the other hand loved the submissive role, and wanted to be controlled!

Quinn could not host due to living with a friends family and I offered to let her stay with me, but it would be in a tent, by a lake, and the nights were cold.

She said she would keep us both warm! So we set up a meeting in the city and agreed that if we both agreed to it after meeting, she would stay a night and a day with me.

A week and a half of hunting with only a mid-day naked swim in the lake left me fairly scruffy and ripe. I drove to town early the next morning and went to a local gym that had showers. I normally keep my body shaved smooth as my wife (and Quinn) likes. I cleaned up, shaved my face and entire body.

A couple guys saw me shaving, one scowled at me and the other kept staring, and I thought he was going to join me as we locked eyes while I was bent over shaving my hole! He didn’t so I finished up and went to meet Quinn.

I pulled into the parking lot of a market not knowing what to expect. I recognized Quinn immediately, leaning against a fence, typing on her pink cased phone. She was thin and her body, except for lack of obvious breasts looked feminine. Her hair was long, coming to near the middle of her back. She wore very tight, woman’s jeans with sexy decorations around the pockets. The tight jeans showed an obvious bulge! Her tight black shirt fit well, showing the gentle curve of small breasts. The red purse over her shoulder looked like it belonged there.

I pulled up and got out of my truck. I walked over and extended my hand and introduced myself. Quinn’s hand was soft and matched the light grip of her handshake, her pink painted fingernails were short, but very sexy. After some conversation, she complimented me on my handsomeness and comforting personality. Quinn said she felt comfortable, and wanted to go with me, but she first wanted to go inside the store and grab something to drink before we left.

I walked with her to into the store, noticing her beautiful ass and very sexy walk. I opened the door and held it for her, placing my hand on her lower back and guided her inside. She flashed me a big smile and my heart began to race!

We grabbed a couple drinks and as she grabbed her purse, I told her no, and that it was my job to pay. She blushed and the clerk rang up the sale, while giving me condescending look. I didn’t care, and was both proud to be “made” and excited to be with this girl who would soon own my ass!

As we walked out, I again placed my hand on her lower back, but this time against the curve of her tight, firm ass! I Opened her door on the truck and admired her sweet perfume.

Quinn commented that she was impressed with the way I was treating her, and said she was not used to that. I immediately felt angry at the guys she had dealt with before. As we drove, we made small talk.

At a traffic light, a truck pulled along side us, and the guy was staring at Quinn. She appeared nervous, so I reached out and took her hand. She gave my hand a squeeze and immediately relaxed.

During the drive Quinn talked about how she is usually treated very disrespectfully by guys, and I assured her this would not happen with me. We shared sexual likes and dislikes as we drove. The bulge in her sexy jeans grew, as did mine.

After a few miles down the back country dirt road, Quinn said she had to pee. I did too, and so I pulled of the road, parking behind a group of trees in a spot not visible from the road. We walked away from the truck and as I was taking out my cock, Quinn did the same.

I immediately noticed she had a cock, every bit of 6″ long, thick and still soft! I found myself staring at her impressive cock as it drained its piss. I was wishing I was on my knees in front of her, taking it in my mouth. (Yes I’m a kinky boy!)

“Can I touch it?” I heard myself say as she finished pissing.

Quinn smiled and turned towards me. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around her now 7+” stiffining cock. Quinn tipped her head back as I lightly stroked her beautiful dick. Without a word, I dropped to my knees as my heart was racing. As I found myself eye level with her cock, I noticed her bright pink, lacy panties. I began licking and then sucking her beautiful cock, as I felt her hands on my head.

I began to take more and more of her now 8″ hard cock, she began thrusting into my mouth and then throat. She began fucking my mouth and moaning.

Soon I began gagging and a rymithic growling noise came from my throat. I could taste her musk, piss and pre-come as she began picking up speed.

“Take my cock bitch” she moaned, and I dutifully did exactly that! She fucked my throat for several minutes and I was in Heaven! Soon I felt her tense up and she told me to take her cum.

I felt her Cock unleash a huge load as spurt after spurt challenged my ability to swallow. Just before she was done, Quinn pulled out and the last two spurts hit my face. The first blast hit my forehead, left eye and cheek and the last covered the bridge of my nose and chin. I took her back in my mouth and softly sucked her cock clean, making sure I got every drop!

Quinn commented that I was a good cocksucker and was going to be her bitch for sure! My own cock ached for release as she explained how this was going to work.

She asked about other people around the area where I was camped and I told her I had not seen another person in over a week.

“Perfect, for what I have in mind” Quinn said wickedly.

Quinn ordered me to strip without disturbing her cum on my face. I did so quickly, and she told me that I was to be her naked bitch until she told me otherwise. I quickly agreed!

She inspected my body, paying close attention to my smoothly shaved hole and my rock hard 6″ cock, giving it a playful stroke, calling it “cute.”

She had me drive the rest of the way naked, with her cum drying on my face and my cock aching for attention. We arrived at the campsite and she got out of the truck, picking up her purse.

“What are you waiting for slut, show me around.” I walked around the camp naked, as she followed me clothed. After I had shown her all there was to see, she said we needed to go swimming. She walked into the tent and returned shortly wearing a very sexy thong bikini that barely contained her big meaty cock. The bikini was bright red and a very shiny, wet looking material. The small top was very sexy and enhanced the appearance of her beautiful small breasts, leaving her nipples plainly visible! Her sexy lips were beautifully painted in bright red lipstick.

She took my hand and said, “Come with me faggot!” And led me the 50 yards to the lake.

My mind raced at the possibility of someone coming by, and me being away from anything to cover up with. Quinn waded out into the water until it just hid her impressive tool. I eagerly followed!

As if on que, a forest ranger drove up. I went further out into deeper water, hoping the ranger would not see I was naked. Quinn was fine, as anyone seeing her from the waist up would not know about her beautiful bulging surprise.

The ranger got out and walked towards us. It was a woman in her early 40’s. She asked about how we were doing and I was so nervous, Quinn had to talk!

Quinn said we were fine, and that it was a beautiful day for a swim.

As she was talking, the ranger kept looking at me. Quinn told the ranger, “My guy here forgot his trunks so he is naked, is that okay?”

The ranger and I both blushed, and the ranger said she didn’t care, but told us it was against the law to be naked on public property. I apologized and Quinn smiled.

“I can’t gave you breaking the law baby” and she told me to we needed to get out of the water.

As the ranger left, Quinn took my hand and marched me back to the camp. Her tiny bikini bottom was doing nothing to hide her prominent cock and it was clearly visible, and strained the material with each of her steps.

We got to the camp and she ordered me to dry her off. My raging erection broadcasted my excitement in the sun as I knelt before my well hung Godess and dried every drop, paying special attention to her impressively swelling cock!

Quinn thanked me and then slipped out of her bikini bottom, Now wearing only her tiny, sexy top. Her cock pointed straight up, as she told me to grab some lube and meet her at the truck.

When I arrived, Quinn wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I surrendered to her soft, erotic kisses and we spent the next few minutes exploring each other’s mouths with our tounges and bodies with our hands. Quinn focused on My ass, running her fingers up and down my crack and fingering my ass as I played with her breasts and stroked her massive cock.

Quinn turned me around had me put my hands on the warm hood of the truck as she dropped to her knees and began eating my ass. I moaned with pleasure as this talented girl opened my ass with her tounge to get it ready for her big dick!

When I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, she turned me around and began sucking my aching cock. She quickly deepthroated me and kept my cock in her throat while she sucked and licked my balls. I was in Heaven as she brought me to the edge of orgasm before quickly pulling off my cock, standing up and telling me to turn around.

Quinn lubed my ass with her fingers, while working one, then two and finally three into my eager ass. She lubed her cock and then stood back and told me to beg for it.

“Please baby, give me that dick, fuck me like a bitch” I pleaded. Quinn just laughed as she stroked her wet glistening rod while I begged.

Finally she bent me over against the hood, and got behind me. Her cock teased my hole for what seemed like forever before she moved foreword and thrust her cock head into my hole.

I screamed loudly, and she smacked my ass hard. “Don’t be such a bitch, faggot!” She snapped as she gave me another inch or two. My big dicked lover stopped for a minute to allow my hole to adjust to her big cock in my raw hole.

She then began slowly thrusting, with each stroke giving me more of the Cock I was begging for while gasping for breath!

Soon I felt her balls against mine and my hard cock was dripping with pre-come. My mind raced with excitement!

Quinn started fucking me in long deep strokes, each time hitting my prostate and sending me closer to the edge! Here I was, in the woods, by a beautiful lake, getting fucked by a beautiful trans girl with a large cock. I was overwhelmed with desire to be her whore!

At this point, I realized I still had part of her last load dried on my face, and the ranger had seen it too! This realization pushed me over the edge and I blew my load all over the front bumper of my truck as she pounded my hole hard.

Spurt after spurt flew out of my cock and I came more than I ever imagined I could!

Quinn picked up the pace of her fucking and I was soon moaning and whining uncontrollably. I was caught off guard when she yelled, “Take my load bitch!” She shot loads of hot cum into my ass. She slowed down, but continued fucking me until her cock began to soften. She pulled out, leaving me feeling empty, slutty and satisfied! I could feel her cum oozing down the inside of my left leg!

As I stood up, she told me, “Now be a good faggot and clean me up!”

I turned, dropped to my knees, and sucked her cock until there was no hint of the taste of my ass or her delicious cum.

As I stood up, Quinn pointed to my bumper and said, “your not done.” I knelt down and licked my own cum off the bumper as she walked back to the tent, her sexy ass swaying as she walked in triumph of having made me completely hers.

Quinn soon came out of the tent wearing a pink see thru nightie that came down to the base of her cock, leaving her beautiful smooth tool, and ass exposed.

I was wondering what else she had in her purse, as she told me to be a good bitch and get her a beer.

We suddenly realized we were hearing the rangers truck driving away! I was gripped by fear, but

Quinn laughed and said, “I hope she enjoyed the show! That lady probably fingered herself the entire time and will be wet all day!”

I wound up taking two more days off from hunting and being Quinn’s personal sex slave and cum dump. She let me take her perfect ass twice, but she took mine many times, as well as feeding me tons of her come and later piss.

We spent our days naked in the sun and water. The only thing I was allowed to wear was her cum and piss!

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