Biker Gang Has Fun With Boy

I… WAS loving it. Jesus Christ, a man was giving me a blowjob and I was getting as hard as a rock! I leaned back and relaxed as Toby deepthroated my cock with the stamina of an expert.


It’s never easy starting a new business – even when you know exactly, what you’re doing. But I felt confident anyway. My father was an excellent mechanic. He taught me how to repair cars and bikes as well – so well, that at the age of twenty-five, I was confident enough to move out of my hometown to the growing city in development right next to us and start my new life. My financial options were good, the location and timing for a new business seemed perfect… The only thing necessary for me was to get used to how things work in the big city.

I remember I spent a long time in my soon-to-be new shop, cleaning, renovating, preparing everything. I fell in love with the place as soon as I bought it – I knew I could make some good business out of it, just like my father did in my hometown. It was hard work and I had to do most of it myself, but the motivation was driving me to get up and get to it each morning. And it was paying off.

One time when I was hanging out the sign outside – for which I paid good money to a designer – I saw a guy eyeing the sign from the sidewalk. A potential customer? It was never too soon to start with marketing – even though I wasn’t open yet. I was already done with the sign so I slid down the ladder and faced the guy with a smile.

“Hey there!” I said, cheerfully and offered my hand, “I see my shop caught your interest. Is there anything I could help you with?”

He seemed surprised, almost startled by my friendliness. I guess the city people weren’t used to so much contact with strangers on the street – I might need to adjust to that. Nevertheless, after the initial shock, he was friendly enough.

“Hey, yeah… No, I was just interested what was going on, since I live, like, right around the corner. I don’t own any kind of vehicle I would need to repair.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” I responded, feeling a little stupid for a second. Then a thought occurred to me… maybe I could at least get some information out of this guy, if not business.

“Say…” I began with a quieter tone, “You can probably tell I’m not from around these parts. I’m new to the city and to be honest, I don’t really know how things run around here. I’ve seen lots of movies… I know that in areas like this, someone usually pulls the strings. Could you tell me if there is anyone I should keep my eyes open for?”

The guy measured me with a suspicious look at first, then looked around and then finally answered.

“Actually, yeah. This part of town, as well as some parts adjacent to it, are the Triple B area. Triple B is a motorcycle gang that basically runs the shit around this place. If they like somebody, nobody fucks with that somebody. And if they don’t… well, you can probably guess what happens.”

“I see,” I nodded. This was valuable information. So a motorcycle gang, huh? That could play well with my business… Unless they already had a favorite mechanic and I would be a competition for that favorite. That wouldn’t be good at all…

“What do you know about them?”

“All I know is that they’re loud, nasty and they take no one else’s shit,” the guy continued, “Heard people saying that they’re fair though if you’re open to discuss business.”

“Interesting. Do you think I should approach them?”

The guy shrugged.

“I don’t know, man. But it would probably be better to see them before they see you, if you know what I mean. They usually hang out at this sleazy bar a couple blocks from here, it’s like their personal hangout. I can give you the directions, but that’s really all I should tell you, man.”

I got the directions out of him and thanked him a thousand times. This was all so priceless. These guys sounded a little bit on the rougher side, but I was sure I could make some good connections with them. Or at least I had to try. For the business.

The Friday night after that, I decided to take action. I got my leather jacket, my old denim and two big jugs of my fathers famous moonshine and set off to the streets. I followed the directions the guy gave me and as I did, the streets got sketchier and sketchier. Just when I was considering turning back, I found it. A little joint at the end of the street without a name. It was the only place where the lights were still on. Loud rock music was blasting from that bar and I heard screams of laughter, fists banging on the tables and clinking of glasses. The atmosphere seemed to be good…

I took a big breath and braces myself for the potential disaster this could bring. Here goes nothing, I said to myself, as I knocked on the door.

A little peeping hole on the top opened and I saw a pair of big, mean eyes staring me down.

“Private event,” he said with a resolute tone and was about to close the peephole.

“Wait!” I stopped him, “I know. I’m here to talk to… the gang.”

“Really? Are you?” he raised his eyebrows. His eyes ran me up from top to the bottom and saw the jugs of booze in my hands.

“Just some gifts,” I said, my mouth feeling a little bit drier, “And a warm hello from a new neighbor.”

The man hesitated from a while and then I heard the door being unlocked and opened. A huge puff of smoke came out and I was being let inside. My heart jumped. This was the last chance to run away… But I didn’t.

I stepped inside. It was probably the sleaziest pub I’ve ever been to. The tables looked about a hundred years old, there was dust everywhere and there were random cracks and holes in the walls, along with various metal band posters and graffiti.

Aside from that, the place was filled with about fifteen bikers, all of them probably able to take me down in a fight easily. They were all big, bearish brutes – most of them hairy from their head to toe, wearing tons of leather – which couldn’t have been comfortable in this hot little pub – metal chains around their necks, leather boots on their feet, even with knives, chains and guns attached to their belts. As soon as I came in, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and turned to me. It would be the most ominous silence if it weren’t for the radio blasting the hard rock from above.

The atmosphere was dense and they probably smelled something fishy. A random new guy, showing up to their private place on a Friday night? I don’t think they were used to having many outside guests around here.

I gotta say something, I thought, before they take action.

“Hey guys,” I said, my voice shaky as hell, “I was just walking by, wanted to say ‘hi’ to the neighborhood…”

“Who the fuck are you,” the nearest one barked at me. He had to be at least six feet and he had a big tattoo of something in Japanese on his bald head.

“I… let me introduce myself. My name is Lance, and I just set up a small repair shop a couple streets away from here. That’s why I thought I’d let you know… if you needed something, an emergency repair or anything like that, I’m open to discounts-“

“What you got there in those jugs, boy?”

The one who interrupted me was probably the biggest and oldest from the bunch. He was sitting in the front of a table in the back, with a scar next to his eye and a big white beard hanging off from his chin. He must have been in his late fifties, although his shoulders suggested he could easily take down two thirty year olds at once. I assumed he was the leader.

“Oh… this is just some of my father’s famous moonshine. I thought you guys would appreciate it.”

“Bring that shit over here,” he gestured me to come closer with his hand wrapped around in leather gloves. I meekly passed by all the other scary looking beasts and dove deep into the bar. Although I was struggling to hold both of the jugs in my hands, the leader took it away from me with a one, clean swing, opened it and smelled the content of it.

I watched his eyes grow wide and his teeth show in a deep chuckle.

“Fuck!” he laughed as his fist banged the table, “Your dad is a wild motherfucker. Some sit next to me, boy! And Bruce, you bring us some shot glasses!”

The atmosphere lightened up significantly after that. After the gang saw that the leader accepted my presence, everybody got much friendlier. I took the seat right by the Polar Bear – that’s how he introduced himself to me – and got into discussion with him, as we dove into the moonshine.

“So you repair bikes, huh?” the Polar Bear put his arm around me as he was talking to me, nearly pushing me out of me chair. I smelled his strong scent from up close – booze, sweat and leather.

“Yes sir,” I nodded and finished my glass. Seemed like not even my father’s moonshine was enough to satisfy these brutes – the first hug was almost empty in about a half hour and nobody seemed very tipsy from it. “And I think I’m pretty good at it. If you need anything, just stop by and we can take a look at what’s troubling you.”

“I like your attitude, kid. You show respect. We know how to appreciate good boys like you,” he said to me. He was giving me a smile, and so were the others – along with a couple of winks.

“I’ll do my best to show my proper respect, Polar Bear,” I said sheepishly as I realized his arm wasn’t going anywhere from my shoulders.

“Good,” he nodded, “If you’re a good boy, we’ll stay on the side of your business. No one’s gonna fuck with you or give you any trouble. You gotta remember to keep an open mind, though. When a Triple B member stops by needing your services, we expect you to help out… one way or the other.”

“Of course, sir. By the way… hope you don’t mind me asking, but what does the ‘Triple B’ mean, exactly?”

He grinned at me, showing his toothy smile.

“Oh… You’ll find out soon enough, my boy.”

“Okay,” That made me a little uneasy but the booze was already doing its job and the more pressing manner was me needing to go take a piss.

“Sorry, Polar Bear,” I turned to him, “But could you let go just for a minute? I need to go take a leak.”

“Take a leak, huh?” his eyes widened for some reason. He turned to the side and called out, “Sid! Avery! Why don’t you show Lance over here where the bathroom is?”

I was a little embarrassed that he was making such a huge deal out of it, before I felt four strong arms lift me from my seat. Two big brutes helped me out and practically carried me all the way to the bar, where they turned me around to face the whole pub.

Sid and Avery pinned my hands down to the table top of the bar from both sides so I was there with my arms spread, confused and scared. Every single one of the gang members was now looking at me, as if they were expecting some show or something.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I called out, “Did I say something wrong? I’m really sorry if I did!”

“Oh, on the contrary, boy,” Polar Bear said, as he approached me, together with another guy – with a ginger beard and messy hair, “Meet Toby over here. Toby’s gonna hell you out with your problem.”

“But I don’t have a problem,” I told Polar Bear, who took my side and put his arm around my shoulders again, while Sid and Avery were holding my arms spread, “I just need to take a leak!”

“Exactly,” he said, his lips close enough to my chin so I could smell the cigar on his breath, “Toby, get to work.”

Toby, to my shock, dropped down to his knees before me. I heard the sound of my zipper going down and then felt my jeans fall down to my ankles. My briefs were following soon after. There was a wave of whisper running over the crowd as my dick came into the plain view of everyone, with a couple of whistles.

“Nice one!” someone shouted from the crowd, “Can’t wait to get my hands on that!”

“What’s going on?!” I pleaded.

“Calm down, boy,” Polar Bear grabbed my chin, “Look: do you want to show the Triple Bs your respect, or not?”

“Of… of course I do, sir,” I answered.

“Then you should start with Toby down there,” he said to me calmly, “Make him happy – and in return, he’s going to make you happy in return. Sounds like good business, doesn’t it?”

“I… I…”

This was getting weird. But I really needed to go to the bathroom, one way or the other. I looked down and saw Toby taking my cock and putting it into his mouth. I sighed. It felt just like a woman’s mouth… but I could never imagine to piss in that!

“Relax, Lance…” Polar Bear whispered to me as he rubbed my shoulders, surprisingly gently for someone so butch. I couldn’t take it any longer – the urge was just too strong. I let out a long, relieved sigh as my dick started taking a piss right into the biker’s waiting mouth. As soon as the gang heard the sound of the liquid running, they cheered.

“Good boy,” Polar Bear said to me. He lit up a cigar as we were talking and was now taking a drag. Before he puffed the smoke out, he grabbed my chin and put his big, bearded mouth over mine. Before I knew it, this big brute was French kissing me more passionately than any girl ever did, blowing cigar smoke right into my open mouth.

I moaned into his mouth as the torrent of my piss grew stronger. Toby wrapped his scruffy lips around my shaft and was gulping it all down with no hesitation to my surprise. He was downing it down like a cold drink on a hot summer day and the crowd cheered to support him as if he was doing a chug.

“Drink! Drink! Drink!” the guys chanted, banging their fists on the tables to the rhythm. I gave Toby what felt like a whole day’s worth of piss while Polar Bear was still making out with me. I’m ashamed to say it, but the craziness of the situation and the pair of lips both on my mouth and my cock started getting me a little hard.

Polar Bear didn’t pull away until after Toby pulled away from my cock. He was breathing hard and looking up at me with gratitude.

“Good shit, man,” he said with a husky voice, his hand stroking my meat as he was kissing it, “Some really good shit.”

“That wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it,” Polar Bear said to me, “Now it seems like Toby isn’t done with your dick just yet… Would you care to make him happy some more?”

Fuck! This was the most twisted, nastiest situation I’ve ever been in. A whole pub of dudes was watching me taking a leak and getting my dick worshipped in public… And somehow, this all was slowly but surely making me hard. Toby’s bearded mouth felt fucking weird, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see where else he was gonna take this to.

“Let him do whatever he wants down there,” I sighed, which earned me a pat on the cheek and another smile.

“You heard him, Toby. Time to drain that dick in the other way as well.”

Toby was more than happy to oblige. His eager mouth started sucking on my tip and his tongue was making me moan out loud. The men seemed to appreciate my enthusiasm and were cheering on Toby.

“Suck that dick, man!”

“Shit, that looks mouth watering…”

“Look at his face, the fucker’s loving it!”

I… WAS loving it. Jesus Christ, a man was giving me a blowjob and I was getting as hard as a rock! I leaned back and relaxed as Toby deepthroated my cock with the stamina of an expert. His thick fingers played with my balls and chipped them while his lips, sealed tightly around my dick, were bobbing up and down. Toby’s saliva was mixing with my precum making it a very messy blowjob, but the biker didn’t seem to mind. He seemed to be working that much harder.

I was a little startled when Polar Bear flashed a switchblade right next to my face and when he got closer with it. I whimpered and closed my eyes but then only heard the sound of fabric being ripped apart. My T-shirt was now open like a vest, showing my bare chest to the whole world, together with my nipples, standing up like lighthouses.

“Any takers on the boys nips?” he exclaimed to the bar. Immediately, two men emerged from the crowd – one with a horseshoe goatee around his mouth and an open leather vest and another completely bald, licking his lips. Before I knew it, they grabbed me by the hair, arched me back over the bar and got to town on my nipples.

“Shit… Fuck!” I whimpered as the horny men’s tongues licked and sucked on my nipples like someone was paying them to do it. The sensation took over my body and soon had me moaning like a little whore.

“Looks like we found someone’s sensitive spot,” the bald one smirked as he slowly grazed his front teeth over my right nipple. That earned him the sluttiest moan I ever let out of my mouth and a wave of laughter coming from the crowd.

The horseshoe guy was grazing his rough beard over my nipple in between kissing it, occasionally flicking it with his fingers.

“Fuck, this is a hot one,” he commented on my body, “This is nowhere near enough for me, I’m going down.”

“Fuck off! Get your own dick to suck!” Toby stopped sucking me for a second to growl at him but that earned him a kick to the hip from Polar Bear’s boot.

“Stop being a greedy asshole, Toby!” he barked at him, “And share! There’s enough of Lance’s dick around for everybody.”

Wait… did he just say “everybody”?!

Horseshoe smirked evilly at Toby as he kneeled down next to him and starting making out with my dick. Toby complied and both of the bikers were making out with the tip of my dick in their sloppy, warm mouths. That was way too much for me to handle.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum…” I said meekly. Polar Bear was the only one to hear that.

“Did you hear that, boys? Lance is about to cum!” he shouted over the bar. The gang roared and whistled on their fingers as my orgasm started building up.

The bald one decided to gently bite down on my nipple exactly at the same moment it happened. I felt a twitch in my cock and an enormous wave of pleasure and relief as my cock started blasting loads and loads all over the bikers’ faces. I’m a pretty big shooter, so my cum found its way into both of the men’s beards, their chins, their heads and even on the floor behind them – long, sticky strings connecting my dick and their sticky faces. The group of horny men watching us howled.

“That looked fucking delicious,” the man with the Japanese tattoo uttered as he was licking his lips, his hand reaching into his fly. Actually, I noticed that a lot of the men were playing with their belts. I was a little scared but intrigued to what was about to come.

Toby took it upon himself to suck everything that remained on my softening cock while the horseshoe guy was trying to catch all the droplets I left on his face and lick them off. Sid and Avery had to pry them away from me as they acted on another one of the Polar Bear’s orders.

“Bring him to the table, boys! It’s time Lance did some legwork as well!”

I wasn’t fighting Sid and Avery as they lead me to the big, round table – actually I was starting to enjoy their huge muscles manhandling me like they did. They put me on my back and the gang surrounded me – most of them showing off their hairy beefy thighs and fat, rock hard cocks with their pants nowhere to be found. It was such a blur – I had no idea what happened to my clothes, but they weren’t on my body anymore.

“I’ll go first,” said the second largest man in the room – a big black guy I later found out was named Tyrone. He grinned at me as he jumped on the table and crouched over my face. His pair of heavy, hairy balls rested on my chin as his hole came into direct contact with my mouth.

“Show us what you can do to a real man’s ass,” he mocked at me as he reached down and shoved my face right between his buttcheeks. I moaned as I got a mouthful of the biker’s ass, as well as a potent whiff of his smell. He took good care of his hygiene down there, but walking around in leather pants all day will leave a potent, sweaty mark on you.

Well, I thought to myself, I already broke a couple of my limits today – might as well tongue this stranger’s hairy hole.

My tongue started flapping around Tyrone’s opening, gently encircling it before slowly pushing in. I heard him grunt in appreciation as he sat on me even harder, jerking off that big dick of his that was starting to leak intensely smelling precum all over my chest. The sight inspired other and soon I felt various hands and mouth all over my body. Two tongues started working my dick from the opposite sides, bringing me back to erection sooner than I thought I was even able to. Some other man quickly disposed of my shoes and socks and I moaned right into Tyrone’s open hole as I felt a few hungry tongues lapping at my toes. Those bastards weren’t afraid to suck the sweat of the whole day off of my feet and enjoy every single droplet of it.

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10 thoughts on “Biker Gang Has Fun With Boy

  1. Rob says:

    I so appreciate how this story worked through! With no intent pain. Any at all. I would have liked to read him, saver much of that Biker Vitamins from his lower hole! There so needs to be AT LEAST one more chapter. Where he finally learns the pleasure that may be mustered from his Ass!

  2. Birry says:

    Bikers are corny nowadays but those old 60/70s era bikers really WERE dirty nasty fuck pigs who loved to fuck a hole, make or female, anytime, anywhere.
    Dark tent at the campground and word gets out there’s a hot hike to fuck or suck you, those drunk dudes would soon keep you busy for days! In the morning I’d be so full of cum n piss, it was ridiculous.

  3. Justjackinit says:

    Bikers mmmm years ago this grandpa went to a biker rally in Ohio and happened to walk bi a canopy tent attached to a RV and saw a drunken biker sitting there and stroking his meat so I stopped and watched and after a few he invited me to his RV. As soon as we were in the door I dropped to my knees while he aggressively fukd my mouth and shot his load. Anyway not much longer more bikers cum in and I had the pleasure of serving all with my mouth and cum filled pusdy.
    Miss being yunger

  4. Dark Knight says:

    Fucking hot story! I love eating a guy’s ass while another is riding my dick. Came twice reading it! 💦
    Thank you.

  5. Bucky says:

    MAN, JUST LUV THE RAUNCHINESS, & Group EFFORT from all the BIKERS …. especially when they had their guy drink his piss & continued devouring all of him with pleasure while USING HIS COCK. It’s truly a cock suckers & bottoms fantasy. Thanks for the PRE-CUM while working .

  6. Walter Kallenback says:

    Very hot story, loved that this time the subject wasn’t the one being pounded in his hole and especially liked when he was rimming a guy and another shot his load so he could taste and push up the hole he was opening up. One of my favorite stories so far.

  7. William+Cleveland says:

    fantastic story – long a fantasy of mine – serving a whole gang of hot sweaty leather bikers!!!

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