Black Workers Spitroast White Boy

This story contains words that may offend some people. Offensive racial slurs and homophobic. These are not intended to offend anyone, if you do not wish to read this I would stop now.


If not, carry on and enjoy.

My name’s Chris. I turned 18 last week and I was living at home with my mum and dad until I go to university in a few months.

My girlfriend, Emily, was going to go to the same university and we were planning on going into dorms together.

I know that I’m not a ten out of ten guy, I am only 5 foot 8, short brown hair, skinny and not a hair on my body. But I have no idea how I managed to get Emily as my girlfriend, she is beautiful and perfect.

She was similar height to me, long brunette hair, slim, a great arse and she looked beautiful all the time. Since we were both 18 we recently just started having sex!

Unfortunately, it was now summer holidays, and she has gone away with her family for 3 weeks. I was sat in my house by myself as my mum and dad have gone away for a few days.

As a younger lad that has recently started having sex, obviously as soon as I am alone, I pulled up porn and started wanking.

It was a hot day so all the windows were open, but the curtains closed as I was completely naked, wanking in the living room.

My 4inch cock in my hand, completely shaved, I sat back and watched the lesbian porn on my phone as I wanked faster and faster. Pictures of Emily flashed in my head, thinking of her sucking my dick or bending her over and having sex with her. Once we had sex on this sofa while my mum and dad were asleep upstairs.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming, when suddenly there was a knock on the door!

“Urgh who’s this?!” I asked to myself.

I considered leaving it and finishing my wank, but thinking if I just answer it quickly I can just get back to my porn.

I put on my dressing gown, still naked underneath and using the rope on the dressing gown to try and hold my boner up so it wasn’t visible.

Unlocking the door, I open it to see a huge black man stood there. He was wearing ripped work boots, work trousers and a ripped t-shirt. He was well over 6 foot, had short black hair and was incredibly muscly, his tight t-shirt showed off every muscle on his body.

“Erm, can I help you?” I asked, confused as to why he was here in the middle of the day.

“Is the man of the house here?” He asked.

“That’s my dad, sorry he is out for a few days.” I told him, “Can I ask who you are?”

He smiled and replied.

“Yes of course, my name’s Cam. Your dad booked us in to come and fix the plumbing to your sink upstairs?” He told me.

I had no idea this was going on or that he was coming.

“I will just call my dad, can you stay here?” I asked.

“Ermmm sure, no problem.” He said smiling at me.

I closed the door and went inside, grabbed my phone and turned the porn off to call my dad.

No answer, of course!

Going back to the front door, I opened it to see Cam was stood there, but not alone. Another big black man had appeared and was stood behind him in similar work gear.

“He didn’t answer, is there any chance you can come back in a few days when he’s back?” I asked.

“Hmm, your father has already paid us and we aren’t free for a few months now. Do you mind if we come in and do it now? It should only take an hour?” He asked.

I didn’t really want these men coming in, but I didn’t want my dad to call me back later and shout at me for not letting them do the job he has already paid for.

“Erm, okay I guess that’s alright.” I said as I opened the door and invited them in.

As they walked past it really showed how big they were, I had to look fully up to see their faces, just the size of their arms were like the size of me!

“Oh, sorry did we interrupt you?” Cam said laughing as he walked through the house.

I looked down and saw a few crimpled up tissues and the tube of lube I left on the sofa.

“Oh god I’m so sorry!” I said, embarrassed to have been caught out and rushing over to move it all.

As I reached the sofa, Cam quickly grabbed the lube off the sofa and said.

“No don’t worry, we know what little boys like you like.”

“Erm… I think I should show you to the bathroom to do the work?” I asked, a little nervous around these to large black men.

“I think we are good right here, what do you say Joe?” Cam said looking at the other black man.

He started to walk over to me and spoke in a deep, masculine tone.

“Oh yeah. I think we should stay right here.” Joe said.

Oh no!

Joe walked to me from one side of the sofa and Cam walked to me from the other. Suddenly I was stood in the middle of my living room with two giant black men on my either side.

“Please don’t hurt me, I can show you where the work is.” I weakly said, getting really frightened now.

“Oh we won’t hurt you boy.” Cam said.

“Not too much anyway.” Joe laughed.

This couldn’t get worse, what should I do? I couldn’t try and make a run for it, they would catch me easy and do god knows what.

“Take off you robe.” Cam said to me.

I looked up at him, looking into his eyes, confused.

“What?” I stuttered out.

He leant down so his face was inches from mine, his whole body dwarfing mine.

“I said. Take off your fucking robe!”

Oh shit! I was really afraid now, what did these two have in mind for me?!

My hands were shaking, I slowly untied the knot in my dressing gown and let it drop from my shoulders to the ground.

“Look at you. You definitely knew we were coming. Being naked and ready for us you little slut.” Joe said.

“I-I-I didn’t know that you were coming.” I stuttered.

“Yeah sure, that’s why you were naked with a tub of lube in the living room just in time for us to arrive. I bet you thought, mummy and daddy are away. Two big black men coming round, you will have a little fun.” Cam said as I felt his big strong hands touching my body.

“I didn’t! I don’t want this!” I tried to protest.

“Then why are you so hard?” Joe laughed.

I looked down and was embarrassed by my body betraying me. Why the fuck was a hard! It must be from nearly cumming earlier and not getting to finish!

“Such a small dick.” Cam laughed which humiliated me. “On your knees bitch.” He ordered.

“Please don’t make me do this.” I tried to argue.

“You will do exactly what we tell you, you fucking bitch! Or I will bend you over and shove my entire black cock into your arsehole without any lube!” Joe threatened!

Oh god please no!

I knew I had no way out, I just had to hope this would be over quick.

I looked up at them both towering over me as I slowly lowered myself to my knees.

“Good bitch. Take my cock out now!” Cam ordered.

My entire body was shaking in fear, why didn’t I just leave the door closed!?

With trembling hands, I slowly reached up to Cam’s belt, undoing it and unzipping his pants.

“Hurry up you fucking slut!!” He shouted at me which caused my body to jump.

I pulled down his trousers and could see his cock bulging in his boxers, just the outline looked huge. Slowly I then pulled down his boxers and his cock bounced out in front of my face.


I stared at his cock in disbelief, how could someone’s dick be this big. I thought mine was okay but this was almost three times the size and as thick as my forearm!

It was still slightly bouncing in front of me and instinctively I reached up with my right hand and grabbed it, holding it still.

“Good slut!” Cam said.

I can’t believe this situation I’m in.

I just tightened my grip on his hard cock, not being able to nearly touch my fingers together because it was so thick. I started to move my hand back and forth the shaft, wanking of this massive black man.

“Oh yeah good slut, now put your mouth around it cocksucker!” He moaned to me.

I looked up at him, worried and not wanting to put this cock in my mouth.

“Don’t look at me like that bitch. I’m sure a little gay boy like you knows how to suck a cock properly.” He said staring at me.

“I’m not gay.” I argued, although I knew it meant nothing to these two.

“Ha! We will see about that!” Cam laughed “But I don’t give a shit if you’re gay or not, suck my big black cock now!” He ordered in a more threatening tone.

I looked back down at the dick in my hand, this was it, I was going to have to suck this man’s cock. I have never thought about a man before or ever wanted to suck dick. But I knew there was no way out of this without doing it.

Moving closer, I could smell his cock, it smelt…. Amazing. The heat coming from his cock was nice and I slowly opened my mouth as wide as possible, knowing it was going to be hard to get my lips around it.

That’s when I felt it, the head of his cock pressed against my lips, it was soft and spongy, still fairly dry. I tried to open my mouth wider and managed to get my lips just over the head.

“There you go cocksucker.” Cam laughed at me.

The head of his cock just in my mouth, I pulled back out and licked my lips. Hoping the spit would make this easier. Then going back, I managed to get the head back into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe that I had a huge, black cock in my mouth. What I couldn’t believe more, was how natural it felt. As though I should’ve been doing this my whole life.

I took him further in and felt the tip of his cock rub against my tongue, a small taste of precum hit my senses and sent shudders through my spine. He was delicious and I ran my tongue along his head wanting to taste more.

“There you go cocksucker, I knew you were a faggot as soon as I saw you.” Cam moaned.

I wanted to protest, but I didn’t want to take this amazing cock out of my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, loving the soft texture and the warmth in my mouth and the salty taste of precum.

“Take more of my cock down your mouth right now slut!” Cam ordered.

I had my eyes closed so I could only focus on the cock in my mouth, stretching my lips further I pushed my head forward and felt another inch of black cock slip between my lips. I could not wrap my wet lips around his shaft, feeling the veins.

“Oooh yeah that’s it cocksucker, enjoy my big cock!” Cam moaned out when I felt his big strong hands resting on my head.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned without realizing.

“The fucking slut loves it!” Joe said from behind me.

I didn’t care, I kept pushing my head further and further wanting as much of this cock in my mouth as possible.

“Take it down your throat cocksucker!” Cam said.

I put my hands onto his hips, stretched my lips wider and forced my head deeper. My tongue was rubbing along the bottom of his cock when I felt him hit my throat and forced me to gag.

Spitting I pulled out and full backwards, staring at his cock that was dripping in my spit, I looked up at Cam and he was just smiling down at me.

“Good slut. Get it back in your mouth whore!” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” I said without meaning to.

“Sir? What a faggot we have found here!” Joe said.

I was so embarrassed to have called him sir I felt my face turn red and become awkward.

“Don’t worry little slut, just get your pretty mouth around my cock.” Cam told me.

Sitting back up, again I wrapped my hand around it. Stared at the contrast in colour from my small, pale hand to his dark, black cock.

Leaning back in I put his cock into my mouth and continued to try and take more and more down my mouth.

“The slut has half of my cock in, I think we’ve found the biggest faggot yet!” Cam laughed.

The humiliation only enhancing my pleasure and I moaned around his cock taking him deeper. Suddenly I felt his hand grip my head and he shouted at me.

“Relax your throat bitch!”

Then I felt him sliding his cock forward, hitting the same spot as before that made me gag. Spitting, I tried to push away but his hands were too strong and held my head still.

I could feel his head hitting my throat as he kept pushing it further and further down, I couldn’t stop gagging and I thought I would pass out from not being able to breath!

“That’s it you fucking bitch! Take that fucking cock!!” Cam roared out when I felt his balls hitting my chin and I realised that somehow, I had this entire cock down my throat.

“MMMMMMMMMM!!” I moaned around his cock, knowing I had it all down me.

Cam let go of my head and instinctively I pushed back, feeling his cock slip out of my throat and I fell backwards again, my own spit pouring down my chin as I lay on the floor in front of this beautiful man.

“My turn bitch!” I head Joe said, turning my head I saw he was completely naked.

He wasn’t as wide as Cam, but he was completely toned all over. I could also see his cock that was just as big as Cam’s looking at me.

Still sat there, I looked up and saw Cam’s huge cock covered in spit, turning my head I saw Joe’s huge cock waiting to be sucked.

Any protesting I had was completely gone, I had two perfect black cocks just inches from my face and I fucking loved it.

Getting back to my knees, I grabbed Joe’s cock and wrapped my lips around it. Using my tongue to spread spit all over it while I bobbed up and down.

“Fuuucckkk!” Joe moaned, “She knows how to suck a cock!”

“Oh yeah she does!” Cam said.

They were calling me a girl, but I didn’t care. I was too happy having this cock in my mouth. I felt someone grab my wrist and suddenly my hand was wrapped around Cam’s dick.

As I bobbed up and down on Joe’s dick, I wanked off Cam. Realizing what a slut I was being for these two but loving every moment.

I took Joe’s cock out of my mouth, turned my head and wrapped my lips around Cam’s dick and then wanked off Joe.

“Such a fucking whore!” Joe moaned out.

Pulling out of Cam’s turning my head I spat over Joe’s dick and then started to deep throat it, taking as much as I could down my throat.

With a cock in each hand I would just keep swapping between having the two in my mouth, moaning every second being a cocksucking slut for these two men.

“Look at me you fucking bitch!” Cam said.

Not wanting to, but I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him, realizing he had taken off his clothes as well.

“How badly do you want to suck my cock?” He asked.

“Please let me suck your cock sir! I love having your big dick down my throat!” I admitted.

“You want to be a little cocksucker for nigger cock?” He asked.

I was always told not to use that word, which just added to the naughtiness of it.

“Yes sir, I want to be a good cocksucker for your black dick!” I moaned out.

“Say it you fucking faggot! Tell me you want to be a slut for nigger cock!” He ordered.

“Please sir! Let me be a fucking slut for nigger cock!” I moaned out using such a taboo word.

“Good girl!” He said.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned so fucking loud taking his beautiful cock back down my throat.

“Glug…glughp…lugghll….” Were all the noised coming from me as these two men fucked my face, their balls hitting my chin as they would use my mouth as a pussy!

“Come here you fucking whore!” Cam said picking me up from the ground.

I must have felt like picking up a feather for this strong man. He pushed me over the arm of the sofa and stood behind me.

“I’m about to fuck your little boy cunt!” He told me.

This frightened me, sucking cock was one thing, but being fucked was a whole other level. Especially by a cock this size!

“No don’t! Please that will rip me open!” I pleaded trying to get up, but his big strong hands held me down.


“Shut the fuck up you fucking whore! You are going to take this black cock into your little hole whether you fucking want it or not!!” He told me.


His palm struck my arse cheeks again making me whimper in pain.

“Why else did you leave this lube out for me?” He said laughing.

Then I heard the lid of the lube open and felt a cold liquid pour all over my smooth arsehole. He was using his fingers to spread it around and open my cheeks to look at my hole.

“Mmmm such a tight little cunt, I’m about to take your cherry little girl!” He told me.

I still tried to argue back.

“Please sir! I will suck your cock! Please don’t fuck me!”

But he didn’t care, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing up and down my arsehole until he rested it on me.

“Here I come bitch!”

He started pushing and I instinctively tensed up at the intrusion.

“You better fucking relax slut or this will hurt a lot more!” He warned.

Trying to control myself, I took deep breaths and let the panic subside. Slowly breathing in and out I felt him pushing again.

“FUUUUCCKK YOU’RE TOO BIG!!!” I cried out, the head of his cock forcing my arsehole to open.

“Take it faggot!” Joe said, watching from the side.

Clenching my teeth, my arse felt like it was ripping when I felt the head slip inside of me.

“FUUUUUUCCKCKKKKKK!” I screamed out.

“Oh your pussy is so tight!” Cam moaned with the head of his cock inside of me.

“PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!” I cried out!


His big strong hands grip onto my arse cheeks as I can feel him pushing further and further into me. Now that my arse was stretched around his cock, he slid in slightly easier.

My hole burnt from the stretching and every movement I could feel it tightly around his cock, feeling every bump and vain on his dick.

“Are you nearly all in?” I ask out whimpering.

“I’m about half way slut.” Cam said, I could still feel his big hands over my body.

“Fuuuucckk, please it hurts too much!” I moaned out in pain.

But Cam wasn’t bothered, he gripped onto me and kept pushing in.

Finally I felt it, his big balls were resting against mine from behind, his smooth skin was touching my arse cheeks and I knew he was fully inside of my arse.

“OOooohhh godddddddddd!” I brought my head up and moaned out.

“There you go bitch. You’ve taken my entire cock like a good girl!” Cam said rubbing my back.

He held still inside of me for a while. My arse was twitching around his cock and slowly growing accustomed to the stretching.

I felt him pulling back, so slowly. Every inch of his cock slowly coming out of my arse that was still stretched beyond imaging. Just as he only had the head in my arsehole, he started to push back in until again I felt his skin against mine.

He did this slowly for a few minutes, I focused on controlling my breathing as the pain starting to go down and down.

“It’s changing now isn’t it slut?” He asked. “The pain is gone, and you are feeling the pleasure of having a real man’s cock in your arse.”

“Y….yes sirrr…” I whispered out with my eyes closed.

I couldn’t explain the feeling, my stomach felt like it was being filled completely and every time he would pull back, I would push my arse back to want it back into me.

“Look at you, pushing your cunt back onto my cock.” Cam laughed.

“Please sir.” I moaned out.

“Please what? Faggot.” He asked.

“Please, fuck me.” I moaned, not believing that these words left my mouth.

“You want me to fuck your cunt with my nigger cock because you are a faggot?” He asked.

I hated saying it, I hated giving him what he wanted, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Yes sir, fuck my pussy with your big, black nigger cock like the faggot I am!” I announced out.

“OOOHH FUUCKK MEEE!!” I suddenly screamed as without warning he started fucking me harder.

His skin would slap against my arse as he would go balls deep inside of me!

“Yes take that black cock you fucking slut!” Joe was laughing from the side.

I turned my head and saw he sat on the other arm chair, wanking his huge cock. I stared at his eyes and went to speak but nothing but high pitched moaning came out of me.

“How does her cunt feel?” He asked Cam.

“Oh yeah, she will be taking dick all the time now!” Cam replied laughing.

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8 thoughts on “Black Workers Spitroast White Boy

  1. Randall E Stieren says:

    Thought it started out kind of decent but it totally lot me with the reference to pussy and wearing panties

  2. RedWard says:

    OMG! Frankly, us white boys often don’t know what we want until we are shown what we truly need deep within! “Forced” is shamefully edgy but I personally knew my need beforehand & begged to have my needy holes bred & anointed by BBC. Thank you Master Tosin! All glory to BNWO!

  3. Penfire says:

    Guess his cunt and his cock plumbing really hit a good cleaning by the black plumbers. 🔥 Story. Should have titled it as how I lost my cherry to 2 black plumbers

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