Boy Likes Older Dominant Men Pt 2

“Today, I’m going to let you pleasure yourself, but you will not be able to cum until I say you can. Repeat it back to me.” “I can’t cum until you say I can.”

Part 1

* * * * *

Dane didn’t want to think about that. He got dressed and left the other boy lying on his bed, a book in his hands. As Dane glanced back at him, he realized that despite everything, a burden he’d carried all his life had been lifted. He was falling in love, the way he’d always thought he would, only instead of falling for a girl, he’d fallen for the most amazing guy he’d ever met.

He could do some good here. And he had twenty-six days to figure out how he was going to break it to his parents.


When he got back to his room after group, he found Kian burrowed under the covers. He climbed onto the bed behind him and the other boy snuggled back against him.

“Was group good?”

“Brilliant,” said Dane. He rested a hand on the other boy’s arm. “I’ve been thinking. We need to figure out how to get you out of here.”

Kian groaned. “Don’t start.”

Dane gave an irritated sigh. “I’m not going to let him kill you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Kian twisted his head to look back at him. “Do you know what he did to me last night?”


“Do you want to know?”

Dane was silent.

“Until you turned up, he just used me for blowjobs. Last night, he threw me on the bed and fucked my throat. Then he cuffed me to the bed and edged me for two hours while he watched TV, just to torture me. After that, instead of letting me cum, he locked me in a chastity cage and then fucked my face again. Then, sometime in the early hours of the morning, he woke up and decided to take a piss down my throat.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“Yeah. So, don’t tell me you want me to try and escape, because you know he’ll take it out on me.”

Dane shivered, angry, grief-stricken, and enraged all at once. “Has he ever fucked you?”

Kian shook his head. “I don’t think he wants to, either. But if I make him angry enough, he’ll do it just because it’ll hurt me. I know he will.”

Dane wanted to cry, he felt so helpless.

“Stay with me from now on,” he said. He kissed Kian’s shoulder through his t-shirt. “We’ll stick together. I won’t let you out of my sight.”

Kian smiled to himself. “When I first saw you, I knew there was something about you.” He rolled over and put a hand to Dane’s cheek. “You’re a softy really, aren’t you?”

Dane started to protest, but Kian kissed him on the lips.

“Hey, you want to play a game or something?” Dane asked. Anything to stop thinking about all this depressing shit.

Kian shook his head. “I’m way too tired.”

“Okay. I might read then.”

Kian reached for the book, which was lying on the bed, and handed it to him.

“You want to read it out loud to me?”

Dane smiled. “Yeah, sure.” He opened the book to the page Kian had bookmarked, and read aloud:

“Through the gate to the bay below us, where Rednock brushed down the horse and knotted its mane, I saw the young prince Lancilet come in and greet the king’s hand; and I could tell a familiarity was there between them. Big Rednock saw the slender youth, and the grin on his face was wide and hearty. He spoke some words to Lancilet, but I could not hear them, so Emmy and I watched on their silent masquerade, and I wondered at it. I didn’t wonder long.

The youth hid behind his falling black hair and looked sideways at the man. Then he pulled his hair away and said another word, and Emmy pulled on my prick, a whispering, “He’s a pretty one, Maer, don’t you think? But he not like us girls so much, see where his eyes look.”

Kian closed his eyes and listened, and Dane rested the book on the other boy’s side as he read to him.

Later that night Dane fell asleep, filled with an unfamiliar sense of contentment.

Day 5 — Friday.

Kian woke him early in the morning.

“Come on. I’m going up to the roof.”

Dane groaned in protest, but he rolled out of bed and pulled some clothes on. Together, they took the stairs to the roof.

It had been raining and the concrete was damp. They leaned back against the generator, Kian enjoying his sunrise, Dane yawning and wishing he was still in bed.

“Look. Look!” Kian shook the other boy’s arm.

Dane shielded his eyes and looked where Kian was pointing. He broke into a grin. A seagull was perched on the spinning chimney cowl the other boy liked so much and appeared to be irritated that it wouldn’t stop revolving. It was pecking at it, attempting to stay facing the same direction, while its perch continued to rotate in the morning breeze.

Kian rested his head on Dane’s shoulder and after a moment Dane put his arm around him. He understood now what it meant to be ‘filled’ with happiness. That was what it felt like; he was full. Warm, and full.

Although they were both barefoot, and the damp concrete was making Dane’s feet go numb—and even though the dawn world didn’t hold the same thrill for him that it did for Kian, having his arm around the other boy, that heat against his side, made it all worthwhile.

He knew one thing. He wasn’t going to let Kian die. He didn’t care what he had to do; they were both getting out of Highfield alive.

He disentangled from the other boy and walked over to the edge of the roof.

“Make sure no one sees you,” Kian warned him, but Dane ignored him. He got down onto his hands and knees and peered over the edge of the parapet, to see if there was a way down. A way past the locked front door and the reinforced windows.

Highfield was by no means a maximum-security facility. It was a private hospital with door security, but the fence around it was scalable, and the gate only barred with a car barrier. If they could climb down the outside of the building, the only things between them and freedom, were a stretch of grass, and possibly a roving security guard if they were unlucky.

Kian crawled up beside him. He pointed to a concrete building at the end of the cul-de-sac that looked like some kind of abandoned factory. It was surrounded by a ten-foot-high security fence topped with barbed wire.

“See that building? He’s got his cloning tank set up in there. I think the plan is to use the proceeds from selling the first clone to expand and set up more tanks.”

Dane felt uneasy as he checked out the dilapidated concrete building.

“So, you could feel everything that happened to Kenneth—from in there?” he asked.

“Yeah. Like twins, I guess.”

Dane sat back on his heels. “What was it like… being born in there?”

Kian sniffed in the cold air, and brushed a bead of moisture from his nose, wiping it distractedly on his t-shirt.

“I woke while Blent was draining the tank, but I thought I was dreaming. I dreamed a lot in the tank. I think most of it was things that were happening to Kenneth.” He sniffed again. “I didn’t realize anything was real until he put me into a hot bath—and then I realized I could feel things differently. More strongly. He gave me some clothes and some food. Then he tied me to a chair in front of a computer screen and left me there.”

“All day??”

“Yeah. From when he left for the hospital until he came back. He fed me and let me use the toilet at night, then handcuffed me to his bed till morning. He has a living space set up there. In the evenings he made me sit at the kitchen table while he cooked, and he talked to me. At first, what he was saying was just nonsense—it made no sense to me. And then, bit by bit, it was like a picture coming into focus and I could understand him.”

“Were you afraid?”

“No. I mean, I didn’t know anything else. It’s only through watching TV with him that I know what’s out there.”

They retreated back to the generator and leaned against it again, Kian watching the seagull peck at its rotating perch, while Dane wondered how they could scale the outside of the building.

The door to the roof swung open behind them and both boys spun around.

“Get downstairs now!” It was Lenny, and he sounded pissed.

Dane ducked his head and walked back into the stairwell, afraid of making the tech angry, in case he told Blent.

Kian sauntered after him, offering two fingers to the tech as he walked past.

“Girly-boy fag,” said the tech.

“Pedo-faced cockmunch,” said Kian.

Lenny locked the door behind them and made sure Dane got back to his room.

“Get washed up and go have some breakfast,” he said to Dane, back to ignoring Kian. “And if you go near that door up there again, we’ll have someone check on you every fifteen minutes to make sure you don’t wander off.”

“We weren’t doing anything.”

“Sure. Want to tell that to Dr Blent?”

Dane looked down at the floor. “I won’t go up there again.”

“Good.” Lenny patted him on the back. “Best you don’t let your hallucinations get you into trouble. Now go get cleaned up.”

Dane jumped in the shower. By the time he got out, Lenny was waiting with his medication. The tech kept a close eye on Kian as he handed it to Dane, making sure the dark-haired boy stayed his distance.

Having no choice, Dane swallowed down the pills.

“Good man. I told the doctor we wouldn’t have any more trouble out of you.”

As Lennie left, Kian mimicked the tech’s words and gave the man the finger behind his back.

Dane dropped back on the bed, already starting to feel drowsy and light-headed.

“Hey, Dane?” Kian gave him a worried look. “You still with me?”

Dane blinked slowly at him. “We should…” he trailed off, and looked confused.

“Get some breakfast?” said Kian.


Kian sighed. “Yeah. Let’s get some food in you.”


By the end of breakfast, Dane felt very, very happy.

“Come on, you need to get to group,” said Kian, shaking his shoulder.

Dane realized the other boy was behind him, and in turning towards him, fell off his chair.

Kian rolled his eyes. “Okay, come on. Come on.”

He manhandled Dane to his feet and propelled him down the corridor towards the group meeting room. He helped Dane into a chair and pulled one up beside him while the others got settled.

Dane grabbed Kian’s knee and shook it when the doctor walked in. “Hey. Hey! Look who’s taking group today.”

“Sssh.” Kian warily watched Blent take a seat. The doctor gave Kian a long look and the dark-haired boy stared right back.

“Right. Good morning everyone. I hope you all have your goals written down for today. Lizzie, let’s start with you.”

Kian laughed to himself as he watched the other patients squirm with pleasure under the doctor’s grandfatherly gaze. Blent did a fantastic job of projecting ‘concerned father figure’ when he wanted to. None of the people sitting in this circle had any idea what happened to good looking boys who ended up alone with him in his office.

The girl he’d spoken to, Lizzie, kept her head down, her eyes on the floor. Limp blonde hair hung down around her face.

“I didn’t get through my goals yesterday, so I’ve put the same ones down for today.”

“What were they, Lizzie?” Blent asked. He gave her a kind smile and rested his hands in his lap.

“I was… I was going to eat something healthy. Like, some fruit or something. But I couldn’t.”

Lizzie had anorexia.

“What was that?” Dane asked. “Whatshedo?”

Kian patted his leg. “She was supposed to eat an apple,” he said quietly.

Blent’s gaze flickered across the two boys, but he didn’t say anything.

“Okay, Lizzie, let’s make sure you eat something healthy today. Can you do that for me?”

The blonde girl nodded. “Yes, Dr Blent.”

“Good girl. Okay, Dane, you seem as if you’re in a good mood today. What have you got on your goal sheet?”

Dane smiled at him.

Kian shook his friend’s shoulder. “He’s talking to you.”

“What?” Dane turned to Kian, forgetting the doctor.

“Dane.” Blent’s voice hardened. “What are your goals today?”

Dane looked up at the ceiling. “I’m reading a book. And I like guys. Guys are great.”

Kian rolled his eyes and sighed. “This is all you,” he said to the doctor. “You filled him with drugs he doesn’t need.”

Blent stayed calm, radiating kindness.

“Dane. Your goals?”

“Just say you’re going to do your washing, and make it to all the group sessions,” Kian hissed.

“Yeah, what the clone said,” said Dane. He smiled at Blent. “I like him. He’s really hot.”

The doctor deliberately turned his gaze to the man sitting next to Dane in the circle. “How about you, Reg? How are you doing today?”


Dane’s appointment was straight after group, and it took every ounce of Kian’s strength to guide him down the corridor to the doctor’s office.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Blent pulled handcuffs from his pocket and cuffed Kian to the radiator again.


“Because I don’t trust you. Now stay quiet. Don’t make me gag you again.”

Kian sat against the wall and watched as the doctor went through the process of putting Dane into a trance. With Dane already stoned on medication, it was easier than ever.

“When you open your eyes, you’ll be filled with all the feelings you have for Jeremy, but you will be here in my office. You will have those feelings towards me. Repeat it back.”

“All the feelings I have for Jeremy I’ll have for you.” Dane sounded far away.

“Good boy.”

Dane smiled. He was a good boy. He liked being a good boy.

“Open your eyes.”

Dane’s eyes fluttered open. His gaze locked onto the doctor, and Kian could see it’d worked. The doctor adjusted himself through his trousers, clearly excited.

“I’d like you to undress now and then get on your knees.”

“Okay.” Dane smiled.

“Good boy.”

“Iamagoodboy,” Dane slurred happily to himself.

He pulled off his clothes and then knelt down in front of the doctor, a stupid look of adoration on his face.

Kian was glad Blent had never succeeded in putting him into a trance, even though it meant the doctor took him by force at times instead. At least he was always aware of what was happening to his body.

The doctor ran a hand through Dane’s hair.

“Today, I’m going to let you pleasure yourself, but you will not be able to cum until I say you can. Repeat it back to me.”

“I can’t cum until you say I can.”

“Good boy.”

Dane gave the doctor a blissed smile. He put a hand to his cock and started to stroke himself.


Dane felt so turned on. He was looking forward to sucking Jeremy’s long, smooth cock again. No, not Jeremy’s cock. The doctor’s cock. He loved the feel of it in his mouth, loved the way the doctor’s precum felt when it leaked onto his tongue.

He bit his lower lip in anticipation as the doctor took out his cock, and then leaned forward to close his lips around the doctor’s firm, circumcised head.

“Oh, that feels good,” groaned Blent, as Dane licked and sucked his thick prick.

He put a hand on Dane’s head and encouraged the boy to bob on his dick, and Dane cheerfully complied, stroking himself as he pleasured the doctor.

There was something so deeply satisfying about having something in his mouth, thrusting in deep, pushing against the entrance to his throat. He felt himself leaking, and slicked his precum back over his dick, using it as lube to jerk himself harder.

This felt right. Being here, sucking the doctor’s dick. It felt right.

A dim part of him was aware that he hadn’t chosen this, exactly, but the excitement of having a powerful man like Dr Blent’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth overrode any lingering doubts he had.

This time, when he was nearing climax, the doctor pulled Dane’s head hard against his groin, pressing the teenager’s face into his greying pubic hair, as he came deep in the boy’s throat.

Dane did his best to swallow it all, his eyes closed as he drank the doctor’s cum, his own cock achingly hard in his hand. He was so close to cumming himself, just riding the edge.

Blent withdrew his cock and rested his cock head on the teenager’s tongue.

He didn’t need to say anything, as Dane automatically polished it clean while the doctor stroked a hand through his hair.

“I’m so proud of you,” he said, as Dane looked up at him adoringly, his lips still closed around the doctor’s member as he squeezed out the last few drops of cum onto his tongue with a hand wrapped around the older man’s dick. “You’ve come along so quickly. I bet you really want to cum now.”

Dane pulled off the doctor’s cock and licked his lips as he nodded.

He closed his eyes and went back to stroking himself, engrossed in finding his release.


The doctor watched, amused, noting the boy’s frustration as he failed to push himself over the edge. He walked over to the radiator and uncuffed Kian.

“Do your job.”

Kian got down in front of his friend and kissed him.

Dane opened his eyes and gave him a look of lust as Kian gently pushed him onto his back and took Dane’s length into his mouth.

“Oh, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

“You may cum,” said Blent.

Dane’s hand caressed Kian’s hair as the other boy sucked him. It didn’t take long.

“FUCK!” Dane’s back arched as he shot his load, and Kian took it all while the doctor watched.

As Kian licked Dane clean, the doctor let out a satisfied sigh.

Dane dropped his head back against the floor, exhausted and floating.

“Kian,” said the doctor. “Get him dressed, would you.”

Kian slapped Dane’s face gently. “Hey. Sit up.”

Dane let the other boy pull him upright, his eyes heavy-lidded. Kian handed him his t-shirt and Dane pulled it on, and Kian helped him wrestle his jeans and briefs back up.

The doctor tapped the side of his leg, and Kian him a filthy look as he took up his customary position at the doctor’s right side.

“How do you feel, Dane?”

“Good.” The teenager sat back on his elbows on the floor. Now that he’d cum, the oddness of sucking off the older man was starting to sink in. But before he could start questioning himself too deeply, Blent distracted him by leaning forward.

“I’m impressed with you Dane. You’re very committed. I think that’s the word I’ll use to help you find your way to this place again. Committed. You are committed, aren’t you Dane?”

Dane nodded, his mind slow and his thoughts heavy. There was something he was supposed to remember. Something that wasn’t quite right about all of this.

“Repeat it back to me, Dane. You’re committed, aren’t you?”

“I’m committed,” said Dane. “I’m committed.” He frowned.

Blent could tell he was about to lose him.

“All right, close your eyes.”

Dane did.

“Now, in a minute, I’m going to count you out of your trance. But the next time you hear me say the word ‘committed’, you’ll instantly enter this state of relaxed arousal, and be ready to pleasure me. Do you understand?”

Dane nodded, his frown deepening.

“All right, I’m going to count you out now. Three, you’re feeling lighter. Two, you can hear and feel things around you. One, you’re awake and alert, and feeling relaxed.”

Dane blinked. He looked around and realized he was on the floor. He got sheepishly to his feet and wove in place.

“Good work,” the doctor said. “Why don’t you go and get some lunch?”

“Lunch.” Dane’s brain wrapped in a cocoon of candy floss.

He walked over to the door, then glanced back at Kian.

“Are you coming?”

Kian glanced at the doctor.

“Yes, go with him. And both of you stay out of trouble.”


Over the next ten days, Dane’s life passed in a blur. He took his medication, went through the motions of making and carrying out his daily goals, and learned to drop to his knees in front of the doctor at the prompting of a single word.

Blent only had to shut the office door and ask Dane if he was committed, and the teenager’s mind emptied out, leaving him in a state of horny bliss, eager to suck, eager to reach his own climax in Kian’s talented mouth once he’d satisfied the doctor.

All thoughts of helping Kian escape left his mind, along with his ability to concentrate, and his ability to masturbate himself to climax. For that, he either needed Kian or the doctor.

At night Kian slept in his bed with him, but Dane was too stoned to even acknowledge his presence most of the time.

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