Boys Fall In Love Pt 8

“Don’t stop Bobby.” I pleaded as I put my hand on the back of his head, urging him on. I felt his tongue flick along the underside of my sensitive shaft as he masterfully slurped up and down my throbbing hardness.

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Chapter 2: Hand in Hand

I had lost motivation and had a serious case of ‘senioritis.’ If it weren’t for Bobby constantly reminding me that I needed to maintain my grades, I would have slacked off. Bobby remained vigilant, making sure we both stayed on top of our school work after spring break. In addition to the rain, April brought warmer weather, which I welcomed. The chatter around the senior halls really picked up with talk of prom, graduation, and beach week. Bobby had brought up prom a couple of times, but I wasn’t really interested in going. I was hoping he would let me take him on a private date like the one we shared during homecoming.

I was heading to lunch and took a pit stop in the bathroom. As I was washing my hands a heard the lecherous voice of Eric start to speak.

“Where’s your little boy toy.” He asked as he headed to the urinals. “Seems like he can’t go anywhere unless he’s holding your hand.” I knew he was trying to get a rise out of me, but I didn’t take the bait.

“He’s not my boy toy Eric. Why does it concern you where he is?” I rebuffed before turning on the hot air dryer, that did little to dry my hands, and I ended up wiping them on my pants. “Bobby is more than capable of taking care of himself.”

“That’s right, go hold his hand.” I heard Eric call as I started out the door.

“Why don’t you go live your own life Eric, instead of trying to butt into everyone else’s?” I retorted wishing I could slam the hinged door behind me. I took several deep breaths as I walked into the cafeteria, trying to calm myself before I placed my tray down in front of Bobby.

“What happened?” Bobby asked, he could read me like a book.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” I smiled and took a bite of my chicken patty.

“What happened?” He asked again, this time causing Katie and Billy to look at me.

“It’s that dumbass Eric. He just gets under my skin.” I answered and all three of them cut their eyes over to where Eric, Becky, and a handful of others were seated. Eric, seemingly knowing I would have shared what had happened, leered back at us.

“His eyes look evil, it’s like he wants to hurt me.” Bobby said as shook his head and looked away from Eric.

“I’ll always have your back Bobby. If he tries anything and I’m not there, defend yourself; don’t let him get the upper hand.” I instructed Bobby. “You’re stronger than you look.”

“Did y’all buy your tickets to prom yet?” Katie asked, changing the subject.

I glanced at Bobby who raised his eyebrows waiting for my answer. “Uh, no we haven’t.” I answered.

“Well you better get on it; you need to rent your tuxes too.” Katie said smiling at me and I caught her wink at Bobby. “And none of that ‘I’m going out of town BS either.'”

“Yeah, yeah.” I relented which rewarded me with a toothy grin from Bobby. I knew that if he wanted to go to prom, that I couldn’t tell him no.

“I’m one of the chairs of the prom planning committee; you can buy tickets from me.” Katie continued as she looked at me. “We’re looking for some volunteers to help with the planning if you’re interested.

“I have to work.” I quickly answered, not wanting to get roped into that.

“I’ll help you Katie.” Bobby jumped in and I felt him kick me in the shin under the table and grunted from the blow. I guess he thought I had been rude.


I showered when I got home from work and was sitting at the desk working on some homework while Bobby rambled on and on about the prom. I wasn’t paying attention, but tried my best to feign interest. I was reading the same paragraph for the seventh time when Bobby straddled my lap facing me.

“Well?” He asked.

I knew I had been caught not paying attention. “Um… sorry Bobby.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his back.

“You weren’t paying attention were you?” He chuckled as he spoke and a small smile reached the corner of his pink lips.

“Busted.” I answered and felt him kiss my forehead before he looked at me.

“Well are you going to ask me to go to the prom with you?” He asked as his shiny white teeth broke out of his smile.

“Me ask you? Who else would I ask?” I kissed him on his nose before continuing. “Actually, I think you should ask me babe.”

“Why should I ask you?” He replied leaning away from me to get a better view of my face.

“Because I’d rather sneak off and have a private date. You’re the one who wants to go to prom.” I answered smiling at him.

“You don’t want to go to prom?” Disappointment flashed across his face.

“Not really Bobby. I know you do though, so we’ll go. You know I’ll do anything to make you happy babe.” He leaned back towards me, this time pressing a soft kiss on my lips. I felt my manhood twitch under his butt.

“We don’t have to go Robbie.” He said, but I could tell he was only offering to be polite.

“Nope, we’re going, I’m sure Katie will have our tickets any minute now.” I answered squeezing him tightly to me. My lips found his and when I used the tip of my tongue to brush against his lips he opened his mouth to me, moaning as he did. I was definitely getting hard as Bobby ground on my bulging crotch through my pants, his tongue seeking shelter in my mouth. I grunted with disappointment when he broke the kiss.

“We need to go pick out tuxes to rent Robbie.” Bobby said leaning back again to look at me.

“Ok just lemme know when you wanna do that so I can tell work.” I answered pulling him back to me.

“You need to finish your homework.” He smirked as he vacated my lap.

“Tease.” I mumbled under my breath as he walked over to his bed.

“I don’t think you’ve ever been deprived.” Bobby chuckled as he reached over and turned on the bedside light.


Time was flying by and I couldn’t believe it was already May. Bobby and I were in the department store picking out tuxedos for prom which was quickly approaching. I let Bobby pick out whatever he wanted and just stood there nodding while the man used a tape measure all over my body to make sure he ordered the right sized tuxedo. He repeated his routine on Bobby who made a nervous face, causing me to laugh, when his inseam was measured. In addition to agreeing to going to prom, we also decided we would go to beach week the week following graduation with Billy, Katie, two kids who were on Bobby’s track team, a couple guys who played football, and a handful of the cheerleaders.

Bobby’s parents insisted on buying my graduation invitations and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I really appreciated all that they had done for me. Not every family would have been comfortable with me dating their son, let alone taking me in after my father had kicked me out. We were just walking in the door when Bobby’s dad stopped me.

“Let’s go for a ride Rob.” He said holding open the front door. I thought his dad liked me, but this was a weird situation. I looked at Bobby getting nervous and his eyes darted between us as he shrugged at me. “Relax son.” He said laughing as he patted my back. “Come on.” I followed him out to his car and buckled up. It was just after four as we pulled out of the drive. “I just need you to sign some papers Rob, no big deal.” His dad smiled at me and I tried to relax.

“Papers?” I asked, unsure what this could mean. “What kind of papers?”

“You’ll see.” He answered. “We’re almost there.” I looked out the windshield trying to guess our destination. I looked at him with confusion when he pulled into the bank parking lot. He held the door to the bank open for me and a lady greeted him as we walked in.

“Good afternoon Mr. Thompson, I have the paperwork all ready.” She motioned to her desk and we took seats across from her.

“Robert Johnson?” The lady spoke holding out a folder in front of me.

“Yes ma’am.” I answered looking at Bobby’s dad who just nodded at me.

“You need to sign here, here, and initial here.” She said pointing to the stickers on a document. The form was for a savings account with almost a thousand dollars in it.

“Mr. Thompson?” I started trying to comprehend what was happening. “I can’t accept this.” I finished, tapping the pen on the papers.

“It’s not a gift Rob.” He paused and looked at me before continuing. “This is all the money you’ve given me every week. I thought it best to put it in an account for you, and pass it over before you head off to college.”

Comprehension dawned on my mind and I was pleasantly surprised. “I can’t-.” I started speaking, but was cut off.

“You can and you will.” Bobby’s dad spoke with finality. “I was very impressed when you offered to give me part of your paycheck, at first I refused, but you insisted. I knew I couldn’t keep your money Rob. It’s your money, you earned it. You are very responsible and you’ll need some extra money when you head off.”

“Thank you.” It was almost a whisper as I spoke and I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to discreetly evacuate the water that was pooling in my eyes. Bobby’s father was a great man, a real father figure, loving and supportive. I thought of my own dad and quickly shook the thoughts from my mind as I signed the paper. Mr. Thompson put his arm around my shoulders as we walked back to the car to drive home.

When I walked in the door Bobby practically dragged me upstairs, dying to know what happened.

“He’s fine Bobby.” I heard his dad chuckle from behind us. “Nice to see you too.”

“Hey dad!” Bobby called back as we reached the top of the stairs. Bobby pulled me into our room and sat on the desk waiting for the story. “So what happened?”

“You know that money I’ve been giving your dad every week?” I asked and he nodded in comprehension. “Well he put it in a savings account for me. I had to go sign the papers to put it in my name.”

“I knew he would do something like that.” Bobby answered standing up and pulling me off the chair into a hug. “He told you that you didn’t need to pay him.” He smiled and kissed me on my stubbled cheek. Bobby brushed his smooth cheek across my stubble and looked at me before speaking.

“I think you should grow a beard Robbie.” Bobby said before nuzzling back against my cheek.

“Really?” I was surprised; I had been shaving because I didn’t want to irritate his skin.

“Yes Robbie, it’ll be so sexy. I love the way it feels.” He answered giving me another kiss on my lips.

“I’ll see what I can do.” I answered my smiling boyfriend.


“Stop squirming.” Bobby implored as he tried to adjust my cumber bun and bow-tie.

“I have to hand it to you Bobby, the color is nice.” He smiled as he handed me my tuxedo jacket to slide on. I had to admit we were a handsome couple standing in front of the mirror. We were in matching classic black tuxedos with matching cumber buns and bow-ties. They were a light sunset orange, a perfect match for the orange roses pinned to our lapels. The same color roses as the ones I had given Bobby on Valentine’s Day and after being an idiot after Eric had called him out. “You’re so handsome Bobby.” I said as I wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

“You too.” He replied wrapping his arm around my waist as we looked at each other in the mirror. We gazed longingly into each other’s eyes through the mirror before we shared a sweet, slow kiss and headed downstairs.

“Here comes the handsome couple.” Bobby’s dad said as we walked down the steps.

“You two are so.” Bobby’s mom was in tears with a camera clutched in her hands. “Handsome.” She finished as she started snapping pictures. Bobby’s mom was finally satisfied after exhausting the battery on her camera and we headed out the door. I felt a hand grasp my shoulder and turned around to face Bobby’s dad.

“Y’all take my car.” He said smiling holding out his car keys.

“You sure Mr. Thompson?” I asked looking between Bobby and his dad.

“Yeah, have fun you two.” He said dropping the key in my hand. “No drinking and driving.” He warned.

“I can drive it?” I asked looking between the two nodding Thompson’s. “Thanks.” I said as we walked outside. His black sedan was freshly washed and waxed and was glistening. I turned around and Bobby’s parents were smiling at us as we reached the car. I opened the passenger door for Bobby, letting him get settled before shutting it. I mouthed ‘Thank you’ to his parents before I got into the driver’s seat.


“Nice wheels.” Billy said as we picked up Billy and Katie from her house. “Guess I don’t need to drive.” They were going to dinner with us before the dance. They hopped in the backseat and after they were settled we headed down to a waterfront restaurant. Billy was dressed in a tux just like ours, but his cumber bun and tie were pink to match Katie’s light pink dress. It looked like half of the senior class was there, thankfully Katie had made reservations and we were quickly seated. On our way to the table I couldn’t help but notice Eric and Becky seated at a table for two when we walked by. Eric snarled, and I was surprised when Becky gave me a half-smile and a slight wave. I smiled back at her acknowledging her gesture. That was the first attempt at contact that she had shown to me since she found out about Bobby and me. Katie paused a few seconds and made small talk before joining us at the table.

The restaurant was alive with chatter from the happy couples inside. The waiter had just brought our desserts and I looked around and took in the smiling faces. Again when I looked over at Eric, I was greeted with a glare, but Becky again smiled at me. I gave her a smile and she shrugged before I returned my gaze to the handsome man across from me. He was happily eating a warm brownie with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I was eating hot apple pie with a similar scoop of ice cream. Bobby excused himself to use the restroom and I noticed that Eric followed shortly after. I paid the waiter before going to check on my boyfriend. Bobby was coming out of the bathroom with a look of combined shock and mirth on his face. I peered in the bathroom and Eric was hunched over gasping for breath with his hands on his groin.

“Everything okay?” I asked as Bobby nodded before looking back.

“Eric and I had a misunderstanding, I took care of it.” He answered as Eric continued to groan.

“Alright, I’ll be out in a second.” I smiled and kissed Bobby on his cheek before he exited the bathroom.

“I warned you Eric.” I stated as I walked closer to his skulking figure. “I told you he could take care of himself. What did you do that caused your predicament?”

“I called him a faggot and he kneed me in my nuts.” Eric spat out.

I tried to suppress the chuckle that formed. “Hateful words.” I said and smugly patted him on his back before joining the others outside. As I walked up to the group I was caught off guard when Becky was chatting with Bobby, Katie, and Billy.

“I’m sorry Rob.” She said as she extracted herself from the group. She kissed me on my cheek, and headed back to her table.

“You okay Bobby?” I asked before placing a peck on Bobby’s luscious lips.

“Yeah, Eric corned me in the bathroom and was calling me a ‘faggot.’ I kneed him in his junk and then you came in.” He shrugged and I couldn’t help but smile at how he shook it off.

“What was that about?” I asked the others nodding with my head in the direction that Becky had retreated.

“She said she realized how hateful she was being. How hateful Eric is.” Katie answered.

“She gave me a hug and apologized.” Bobby joined in.

“It sounds like she’s going to dump Eric.” Billy finished.

I was glad that Becky had come back around to her normal self. “Well who’s ready to dance?” I asked as Bobby locked his arm in mine and lead us out the restaurant.

Based on the movies and TV shows I had seen, our school’s prom was different than most. There were no fancy ballrooms or hotels in the area. We weren’t from a rich county. Our prom was held in a large field that bordered a creek. The corn hadn’t been planted yet and the field would probably be seeded tomorrow. The committee had rented and erected an enormous white tent that had clear plastic windows with Christmas lights illuminating and providing a soft glow all around. A trailer outside was brought in that contained restrooms. The DJ was set up at one end of the tent and there was a pseudo wooden dance floor lining the front half of the tent. The other half housed many small circular tables, each with six seats around. There was a long table behind them that had drinks and snacks. The generators were humming away as far as the extension cords allowed and the DJ’s pop song was drowning out the hum. There was a handful of kid bouncing around the dance floor. The rest of the juniors and seniors mingled around chatting in groups around the tent.

“I love this song.” Bobby said as he pulled me out onto the dance floor that was starting to fill up as Van Morrison’s ‘Into the Mystic’ reverberated from the speakers. I gladly let Bobby take the lead, as I tried to keep up with his moves. Bobby’s glacier blue eyes were sparkling as he gazed into my own. He was singing to me as he spun us around the floor. I watched as the chaperones stalked around the floor, putting space in between couples that they deemed to be dancing too closely. After several slow dances with Bobby I was ready to take a break, but he grabbed my arm when “YMCA” started to play. Most of the guys had lost their coats as we were doing our best to spell out the letters. Bobby jumped into my side as he bounced around the floor. I couldn’t help but join in, his enthusiasm was contagious. After the song the principal took the microphone to announce the Prom King and Queen. The dance floor was still and Bobby squeezed my hand as the principal was handed two sealed envelopes.

“And this year’s Prom King is.” The principal was silent letting the anticipation build. “Rob Johnson.” I wasn’t prepared for that at all. I thought I had lost some popularity since being “out.” I looked at Bobby who was grinning at me before he pushed me towards the principal. I stood smiling at my classmates as a sash was draped over my shoulder and a crown placed on my head. I gave a slight bow in appreciation as the crowd silenced and turned back to the principal who opened the second envelope.

“And this year’s Prom Queen is.” He paused again for suspense and I figured Becky would be joining me again. “Katie Murphy.” I was pleasurably surprised when Katie came running up and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I kissed her cheek before she received a tiara. It looks like Becky had lost some favor with the student body lately. The DJ started playing a slow song as we slowly twirled around the empty dance floor. At the conclusion of the song there was polite applause as Bobby replaced Katie, and Billy took my place for another dance.

“Congratulations Robbie.” Bobby said squeezing me closer and placing a kiss on my lips.

“Too close.” The principal grumbled as he walked between where Bobby and I, and Katie and Billy were dancing. Bobby was blushing and when I glanced up Katie was too. We quietly exited the floor as the DJ started packing away his supplies. There was an after prom party in the gym but a handful of us had already decided to head down to the beach for a bon fire.


Billy, Bobby, and I headed to our room to change out of our tuxedos while Katie went to the bathroom. Once we were all changed I grabbed my backpack and we made the short walk to join the others gathered around the softly glowing, lightly crackling bon fire. The group was smaller than usual, some kids were at the after prom party, others, like Eric, didn’t make an appearance. Becky was there though with some of the cheerleaders and their dates.

“Can I talk to you Rob, Bobby?” Becky questioned as she walked up to us. I glanced at Bobby and he nodded as we stepped away from the fire to talk to Becky.

“I just want to apologize to you two.” She glanced solemnly at each of us. “I’m sure you know I had a crush on you Rob.” Bobby and I both nodded at her admission and she continued. “Well when I found out about you two, I was mad and jealous. It had nothing to do with you being…” She paused shifting nervously on her feet. “Gay.” She almost whispered the last word.

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