Boys Fall In Love Pt 9

I reached around and grabbed Bobby’s steel-hard manhood and felt him thrusting up and down in my hand as well as on my dick.

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Chapter 3: Enjoying the Moment

“Thanks babe.” I said as Bobby finished tying my tie.

“No problem.” He answered adjusting the knot and giving it a final pat. This was it, in a couple of hours we would no longer be in high school. We headed downstairs, with our caps and gowns in tow. Bobby’s parents, his grandmother, his mom’s sister, and Emily were gathered around waiting to head to graduation. After exchanging a little small talk we headed to meet the graduation coordinator, Mrs. Apple. She was the home-economics teacher and very organized and task oriented. She was a plump woman in her late fifties. Her short graying black hair stopped at her ears. She had us lined up by height almost as soon as we entered the gym. I glanced forward at Bobby and saw his disappointment that we would not be standing in line together.

She had us practice sitting in our seats and standing up in unison as our row needed to head towards the stage. Thankfully, Bobby was in my row and only a few people away. When Mrs. Apple was satisfied that we could follow directions she let us mingle on our own. Bobby started brushing on the places that my gown hung when I pulled it over my head. I helped him with his as it stuck on his back. We had matching gold stoles and tassels, a testament to the hard work that we had put in this year. If it weren’t for Bobby, I don’t think I would have put forward the effort needed to graduate with honors. Katie and Billy joined us while Bobby adjusted my mortar board until he was satisfied. Mrs. Apple broke the friendly banter with an announcement.

“Alright everyone move to the foyer.” We all filed out into the foyer and the adjoining hallway to get lined up. Family and friends of the graduating students filled up the small gymnasium and at precisely seven Mrs. Apple announced it was time. Music was playing as we marched into the gym to claim our assigned seats before sitting in unison. I caught a brief glimpse of my mom, her sister my Aunt Carolyn, and a man I didn’t recognize, maybe her boyfriend, and then my Uncle Charlie. They were seated next to Bobby’s family which made me smile. I suppressed my sadness at the fact that my father didn’t show, I was hoping he would, but I wasn’t expecting any miracles.

The principal gave a boring speech about our accomplishments. A business man, who was apparently a very successful former student, gave the commencement address and tried to motivate us to live up to our potential. Our class valedictorian, Angela Almond, gave a speech that included Merriam-Webster definitions that had many heads drooping at her uninspired soliloquy. Finally our class president and resident class clown Tommy Whitestone had us energetic and laughing with personal stories and high jinks that had happened throughout the school year. Tommy received a rousing round of applause when he finished and the time had come. The first row of students stood and lined up to mount the stage and shake the principal’s hand as the names were called and receive their diploma. Our row was last as we were some of the taller kids in our grade.

Finally our turn to stand came as the row in front of us slowly reclaimed their vacated seats. We uniformly walked to the stage. I watched as Bobby climbed the steps and heard the principal say his name. I heard the applause; I even heard one of my Uncle Charlie’s wolf whistles, the kind where he used his fingers to make an amplified whistle. Bobby’s face flushed red with embarrassment, but he was smiling broadly, and I couldn’t help but grin at my uncle’s support for Bobby. It was surreal when I heard my name called and walked to shake the principal’s hand and receive my diploma. I registered the cheers, again hearing Uncle Charlie’s whistle, this time I heard a cat call, and I think it was from Bobby’s Grandma, and I couldn’t help but grin at the thought. It took some maneuvering, but as we headed back to our seats I managed to sit beside Bobby. He grinned broadly at me and stealthily grasped my left hand in his right. I knew that wherever Mrs. Apple was she would not be happy if she had seen me mixing up her perfectly organized line.

Tommy, our class clown/president had sneaked in and handed out poppers that would shoot streamers into the air. A majority of the students had them and when the announcement was made that we had graduated, the applause were drowned out by a slurry of pops and streamers and our graduation caps soared into the air, before gracefully falling to the ground. The crowd erupted after seeing the spectacle that showered down on the newly graduated class.

Bobby and I joined our families who expressed their congratulations. Bobby and I were having a small graduation party for family and friends. We would also have to make appearances at a handful of others throughout the night. Bobby and I pulled off our gowns and headed to the student parking lot for the final time. It was bittersweet. I was glad to move on to a new chapter in my life. It was a little sad leaving the place that I had gotten to know my Bobby so well. If he hadn’t moved here I would never have met Bobby. He was perfect, patient, fun, loving, and best of all he was handsome. I noticed the water filling in the pools of his blue eyes before he looked away and out the window, giving the school a final look.

“I love you Bobby.” I said reaching out for his hand. He looked at me and smiled before intertwining his fingers with mine. He used his right hand to discretely wipe the moisture from his eyes as we headed home.

“I love you Robbie.” Bobby smiled, reaffirming our love for each other. We parked in the grass beside the road because the driveway was full of cars. There was a large ‘Congratulations Bobby & Rob’ banner hanging in view as we entered the front door. The small gathering smiled and applauded as we went in to mingle with our friends and family.

“I’m so proud of you Rob.” My mom said as she pulled me into a hug. “Your dad was in khakis before he changed his mind.” The sadness was evident in her voice. “Give him time Rob, I think he’ll come around.” She held me tight before releasing to go give Bobby a hug. Aunt Carolyn followed with a hug, but only exchanged a polite handshake with Bobby as this was their first meeting. Uncle Charlie was more exuberant; he reached Bobby first and lifted him into a hug. He tried the same with me, but I’m almost his size and he settled for a suffocating hug.

“I want you both to meet someone.” Charlie excitedly informed us as he motioned for a man to join us. The man was about Bobby’s height at five foot ten inches. He had short black hair and big chocolate brown puppy dog eyes. He was clean shaven and slender as he approached us. “Timmy this is my nephew Rob and his boyfriend Bobby. Rob, Bobby, this is my friend Tim.” I think I caught Uncle Charlie flash Bobby a wink. Bobby was grinning as we exchanged handshakes with Tim before they headed off to join the other party goers. Bobby and I eventually made appearances at the other graduation parties before coming home to pack for our week at the beach.


Eleven of us met at the diner for breakfast before we headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for beach week.

“You better enjoy your time off.” Shirley laughed as she dropped off two trays loaded down with food.

“Oh I will.” I rebuffed as my plate was placed in front of me. Breakfast was finished quickly and we were all eager to get to our beach house for the week. Bobby and I were riding with Billy and Katie, Becky and two other cheerleaders were behind us in the next car. Two guys from the track team and two from the football team followed in one of their Jeeps, completing the caravan.

We were making good time but pulled into the Border Station, a gas station/convenience store that was half in Virginia, half in North Carolina.

“What’s with the Steelers bumper stickers?” Bobby asked noticing two cars with North Carolina plates that were showing their Pittsburgh pride. I looked around and noticed a few cars with Redskins stickers and magnets.

“I dunno Bobby.” I answered. “This is normally Redskins territory, but those Steelers fans are everywhere, you can’t get away from ’em.” Bobby laughed as we headed in to use the restroom. Bobby and I were getting fountain drinks and I noticed a Redskins magnet by the register and bought it before we headed outside. Billy grinned as he saw me place the magnet on the back of his car, nodding his approval.

We pulled into our beach abode and it was awesome. We saved some money by getting a house that wasn’t on the beach, but we were right across the road from it. The awesome part was the lot across from us was empty with just a public beach access. We could see the ocean and beach from the decks of the house. We drew straws for bedrooms and thankfully Bobby and I got a room together with a full sized bed. There was one room that had two sets of bunk beds, while Bobby and I were accustomed to sharing little beds, we didn’t want to have to share the room with other people.

As soon as our bags hit the floor I pulled Bobby into an embrace. His velvet soft lips reached for mine and I quickly enveloped his mouth with my own. His tongue was shyly darting around mine while he was moaning from the contact. When I broke the kiss to look at him he audibly sighed and had that endearing dazed look on his face.

“Let’s head to the beach with the others babe.” I suggested as Bobby tried to shake the lust from his mind.

“Yeah, let’s go.” He answered as he started riffling through the bags looks for our board shorts.


It was a fun day full of sun and sand. The girls were sipping on frozen concoctions while the guys mostly had beers. We cooked out on the grill for dinner. We had been playing cards and having a good time, everyone was getting along well. Bobby slid up behind me and handed me his beer.

“I’m going to bed.” He whispered.

“I’ll come with you.” I answered trying to stand from the couch. He pushed against my shoulders guiding me back in my seat.

“Stay, finish your game.” He said before he placed a kiss on the top of my head and quietly left the room. People around us were starting to yawn and I realized it was already after one in the morning. I played cards another ten minutes before I called it quits and went to join Bobby in our bed.

I slowly opened the door to the bedroom. I could tell by Bobby’s slow and steady breathing that he was asleep. I silently closed the door behind me and went into the in-room bathroom and quickly used it, washed my hands, and brushed my teeth before approaching the bed. Bobby was in the middle of the bed, on his side, facing away from me. I pulled back the covers and moaned at the sight in front of me. Bobby was completely naked. His smooth skin softly glowed in the barely illuminated room. The sexy mounds of his ass were on display and I quickly disrobed before joining him in the bed. Sensing my presence, Bobby unconsciously burrowed closer to me and I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around my sleeping lover. I used my left hand to brush the sandy brown hair from Bobby’s forehead before kissing him on the back of his head.

My dick started swelling and was quickly burrowed happily in the trough of Bobby’s tight ass. I briefly thought about waking Bobby up, but he looked so peaceful sleeping that I just pulled the covers up and securely held Bobby until I drifted off to join him in sleep.


It was already Wednesday and everyone decided that they wanted to go to Oregon Inlet for the day. I wanted some private time with Bobby and he eagerly agreed and we skipped the trip. We walked down to Sam and Omie’s, a restaurant near our house, and enjoyed a leisurely late breakfast. Across the street from the restaurant was Jennette’s Fishing Pier. We crossed the street and walked to the end of the massive pier. The pier had wind turbines, harnessing the omnipresent off-shore winds. There was a small aquarium that we walked through and enjoyed seeing the different varieties of sea life.

We walked hand-in-hand down the beach, ignoring the occasional grumbles, and unhurriedly made our way back to the empty beach house. When we approached the house Bobby took off running.

“Meet me on the back deck.” He called as he vanished around the corner. My curiosity perked and I took after to see what my boyfriend had in mind. I saw the back door slam shut as I entered the front one. I followed Bobby out and when I reached the door he was sliding the cover off of the hot tub. I watched as steam drifted up and dissipated into the air. Bobby looked at me grinning before he removed every stitch of clothing he had and sloshed into the bubbling water.

“You coming?” He husked, raising his eyebrows at me. I didn’t need to be asked twice and removed my own clothes and joined him in the steamy water. Bobby reached over the side and adjusted the settings, causing the jets to increase their pressure.

“This is nice.” I sighed as Bobby slid over wrapping his arm around my back underwater.

“I’ve been waiting for a chance to get it to ourselves.” Bobby admitted as he rested his head on my shoulder.

“Good idea.” I answered turning my head and kissing the top of Bobby’s. Bobby looked up at me and his straight white teeth were grinning at me.

“Lemme try something.” Bobby whispered before looking around. He took a long breath before submerging under the water. I felt his lip latch around my quickly hardening cock and moaned at the sensation. Bobby had been a swimmer most of his life and he held his breath a solid minute before coming up from air.

“Holy shit babe.” I gasped when he emerged. I wiped the wet hair that was stuck to his forehead aside before pulling him into a soul-scorching kiss. I let my eyes drift shut and heard Bobby moaning before he disengaged. I felt his masterful tongue lick up my neck before lightly nibbling on my earlobe, which sent delightful shivers down my spine.

“I want to ride you. I want you to fuck me Robbie.” Bobby whispered into my ear which caused me to shudder.

“Oh fuck Bobby, you’re so freaking sexy.” I moaned before sticking my tongue back in his mouth. He squeezed his arms tightly around me and I used my free hands to massage his smooth butt under the water. We were both moaning in pleasure, lost in the moment. I straightened the middle finger on my right hand and used it to probe at Bobby’s puckered hole. I felt Bobby gasp in my mouth as I traced around my target. The sloshing water aided my entry and I slowly inched into to his tight tunnel.

“Oh Robbie.” Bobby broke the kiss panting on my shoulder as I inched in and out, knuckle by knuckle. I felt Bobby sucking and nibbling on my neck and shoulder as I slowly worked his channel, readying it for my cock. I knew I rubbed against his prostate when he shivered in my lap groaning his approval. He tried to straddle my lap, but couldn’t with the edge of the hot tub. He settled on sitting in my lap facing away from me.

“I need you Robbie.” Bobby moaned as his hips trust in my lap.

“I need you too babe.” I growled in his ear. I used my hands to lift his hips and he lifted up and grabbed my throbbing eight inch organ and aimed it at his entrance. My helmet shaped head squeezed through his strong muscled halo.

“So fucking tight.” I groaned as Bobby panted and tensed as he slowly slid down, his ass inhaling my thick cock. I rubbed his chest and kissed his neck, urging him to relax until he bottomed out in my lap. Bobby remained seated, flush in my lap for several moments before he started to move. His insides wrapped tightly around my dick with velvety soft heat. Bobby slowly started bouncing up and down the length of my rock-hard member.

“Feels so good.” Bobby moaned as his head started rolling back and forth. He knew what he wanted and pistoned like a highly-tuned engine in my lap.

“That’s the spot.” He panted and repeated the action with abandon. The heat from the bubbling hot tub, Bobby’s tight ass clamped around my blood-filled erection, and the sounds he was making, whimpers, pants and moans, had me on the verge. I reached around and grabbed Bobby’s steel-hard manhood and felt him thrusting up and down in my hand as well as on my dick.

“Freaking shit, damn, oh Robbie.” Bobby’s voice hitched and I felt his dick pulse as his ass tightened abruptly around my aching shaft.

“Holy hell Bobby!” I shouted as his sphincter strangled my dick in a vice grip. Bobby’s bouncing stopped as I pulled him tightly into my lap, letting my seed blast volley after volley deep inside Bobby’s tunnel. Bobby’s body went limp and he fell forward. I grabbed him around his chest and held him close to me as we both worked our way through an explosive orgasm.

“So fucking good babe.” I gasped in Bobby’s ear as he leaned his head back to rest on my shoulder. I felt him nod in agreement as I lightly rubbed his chest. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, but was only a matter of minutes. I felt Bobby jump out of my lap when a car door slammed in the driveway. We evacuated the hot tub, remembering to put the cover back on. Not wanting to get caught we quickly grabbed our clothes and fled the scene, retreating to our bedroom to take a shower.


Before we knew it, it was our final day of the trip. The entire house went to the beach until lunch time. After lunch it turned into one final throw down. We scrounged up and consumed all of the remaining alcohol in the house, Billy brought out a jar of moonshine, and thankfully Bobby kept his distance from it. By midnight most of the housemates had made it to their beds, the ones that hadn’t passed out on the couches and chairs. Bobby was slightly tipsy when he walked over to me.

“Let’s go for a walk on the beach Robbie.” He suggested as he reached out to take my hand.

“Sounds great babe.” I grabbed his hand and we walked across the street and over the dunes onto the beach. A fingernail moon glistened above us as the waves lightly crashed on the shore. The stars were shimmering brightly and there was a light glow over the sandy beach. We walked to the edge of the water and sat gazing at the ocean. I felt Bobby’s arm reach around and squeeze my waist before he rested his head on my shoulder. I heard him sigh softly as he peered out into the water.

“Whatcha thinking babe?” I asked as I wrapped my right arm around his shoulder.

“I’m just going to miss you.” He snuggled closer to me as he admitted his feelings.

“I’m going to miss you so much Bobby.” I answered as he picked up his head and searched my eyes for the truth in my words.

“Let’s enjoy the moment.” Bobby stood up and took off his shirt and left it on the sand, he slid out of his flip flops before pulling me to my feet.

“I’ve always wanted to skinny dip in the ocean.” He grinned as he slipped out of his shorts. He ran and plunged into the water as I was standing, open-mouthed at my surprisingly brazen boyfriend. I glanced around noting that no one was around and quickly shed my clothes and took off after him. I couldn’t see him and was waist deep in the water when I felt him brush against my leg. Bobby came up laughing as he jumped up in front of me. He leaned forward and I met him for a kiss.

“Guess you can check skinny dipping in the ocean off your list babe.” I smiled as he nodded in agreement.

“I think I wanna add something else to my list.” The corner of his lip turned up and he blushed slightly before he buried his face in my chest. I could feel his hardness poking into my thigh and instantly joined him in arousal.

“Oh really Bobby?” I started, grasping his face in my palms, urging him to look at me. “What’s that babe?” He laughed and buried his face in my chest hair. “How can we check it off if you don’t tell me what it is?” I persisted and felt him bite my nipple in retaliation. I couldn’t contain the moan that drifted from my lips as he nibbled on the sensitive nubs. “I still don’t know what it is you want Bobby.” I teased as his hands rubbed all over my back and shoulder muscles.

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