Boys Smoke Then Suck Pt 4

I was high as a kite, horny as hell and each hand on a hard cock, neither of which was mine, and my cock was hard.

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I had purchased my first ounce of pot. Well, to be exact, I still owed Michael for the ounce, but it was just a matter of getting to the bank and cashing a check. Today was Friday, and the bank was already closed and wouldn’t be open again until Monday. Michael said not to worry about it. He trusted that I would get the money back to him. The purchase of the pot had also resulted in me getting fucked, twice. Once by Michael, and once by the dealer, Ralph. I had never been fucked before, hell, prior to this week, I had never truly had sex before, if you don’t count the petting session that I had in my Senior year of high school, where I came in my pants. The girl that I was with was not too happy about that.

Michael and I had returned to our dorm and found that his roommate, Carl, was not on the date he was expected to be on. We found him studying.

CARL: I’m just about studied out. Can I interest you two in a bowl?

All I could do was smile. The first two times that I smoked pot with these guys, which was the first two times that I smoked pot, I found myself with their cocks in my mouth. First Michael, then later that day, Carl. Both guys were shorter than me, by several inches, and both had considerably larger cocks than I do. I was amazed by the size of the cocks on these two diminutive guys.

JACK: Thanks Carl. I’m going to have to pass. I’m pretty beat and haven’t eaten yet today. The cafeteria will be closing soon, so I want to run down there and get something to eat. I appreciate the offer.

CARL: No problem. Our door is always open to you. If you are ever looking to hang out, just give us a holler.

I left, with my ounce of pot in my coat pocket. I was going to have to remember to get some rolling papers. I walked down to my room and found my roommate, Alan, studying at his desk. He asked what I had been up to, and I just tossed the bag of weed on his desk. He laughed.

ALAN: So, you seem to like this stuff. I smelled it when I entered the room this afternoon. Were you and Michael smoking in here?

JACK: I was. It was a joint that Michael had given to me. I decided to take him up on the offer of hooking me up with a guy that could supply an ounce. That is where we just came from.

ALAN: Ok. I’m not sure that I like you smoking in here, but as long as its just you, and maybe a friend, I’m not going to put up a stink … at least not yet.

JACK: Fair enough. Have you eaten yet?

ALAN: Yes. I got back a few minutes ago.

He looked at the alarm clock, and reminded me that the cafeteria line closed in 30 minutes if I was planning on eating here. I felt like cum might be leaking out of my ass, so I thought that I better shower again. So I quickly disrobed, and wrapped a towel around my waist.

Not quite quick enough. Alan had glanced over and thought he saw a sheen on the inside of the backs of my legs. He did not inquire about this, just registered it into his memory.

While I was with Alan, Michael was filling Carl in on our afternoon. Michael told him all about how first he, then Ralph had fucked me. Carl was disappointed that he couldn’t be the second dick up my ass, but certainly understood the need to keep Ralph happy. After all, Ralph was an important person in their circle.

CARL: Do you think he’s ready to take me? I’d really like to tap that ass.

MICHAEL: I have no idea. I can say that he handled Ralph fairly easily, but Ralph isn’t as long as you are. Hell. I don’t think my arm is as long as you are.

That satisfied Carl. It never hurts to stroke the ego of a guy, especially when you’re complimenting him on the size of his dick. Carl knew that Michael was just boosting his ego, but didn’t care. He hadn’t cum since Jack sucked his dick two days prior, and he was fuckin’ horny.

It seemed that Jack became very submissive once he became high. What they needed to do was find a way to get Jack high tonight. Then they could see if Carl could find a way into Jack’s pants.

I quickly showered, trying to figure out how to clean up inside of my ass to get any remaining cum out. Nothing came to mind. I returned to my room and got dressed to head down to the cafeteria. As I was walking to the end of the hall, Michael saw me and asked if that was where I was headed. When I confirmed that it was, he asked me to wait a second, and he would join me.

After we finished, we walked back up to Michael’s room and asked if he wanted to join us for a beer. At that time, legal drinking age in our state was 18, and we all qualified. Who knows? We could get lucky and find some pussy. I rushed down to my room to see if Alan wanted to join us, but he was no longer there.

The three of us headed out to a pub. As it happens, the establishment was only about a half of block from Ralph’s high rise. It was a typical Friday night, and the pub was extremely crowded. They allowed us in, but we could not find a table to sit down, so we got a brew each and stood near the bar. At one point, someone bumped into Carl, which caused him to bump into me. The back of my hand brushed his crotch. He was hard. Well, we were 18 years old. He must’ve seen a young lady that caused this reaction. I still can’t believe that I had taken that in my mouth. More unbelievable to me is that I had taken Michael’s cock up my ass. I was not unhappy about it, just having a difficult time processing it.

Michael, who was standing on the other side of me, tapped me on the shoulder and had me lean down so he could talk in my ear. At this time, Carl again was shoved into me, this time, his dick hit me in my hip. How does he walk around with that thing?

MICHAEL: This is nuts. Why don’t we grab a six pack and head back to the room? We can hardly move in here.

For some reason, every time that Michael makes a suggestion, it makes sense to me and I have to agree. We chug the remainder of our beers and head out the door. The beer store is across the street, and we enter and each grab a six pack. While I was there, I also asked for a package of rolling papers. Now here is one of the strangest things about our college town. We could actually get in trouble for walking down the street drinking beers, so we had to wait until we got back to the dorms to open the beers; however, we could walk down the street smoking a joint and not be hassled. As a result, Michael pulled out a joint and lit it up. He passed it to Carl, and Carl, after taking a hit, passed it to me.

Three days ago, I had never smoked pot. Now, for the third time today, I was smoking a joint and for some reason I had no problem with it. It took us about 20 minutes to get back to the dorm, and we had finished the joint by that time. Michael had even thought of bringing a roach clip, another new item for me to consider obtaining, so that we were able to smoke down to almost the very end. It got pretty harsh at the end. When I asked Carl and Michael about that, they stated that was normal.

When we got back to our dorm, we went up to Michael and Carl’s room. I ran down to my room to see if Alan was back, but he was not. No idea where he was. I took two beers, and put the remainder in our mini-fridge and headed back down to their room.

When I returned to their room, Carl was already back to his shorts and flip flops, shirtless and sitting at his desk, a beer opened and was filling the bowl of his bong. Michael had his shoes and socks off, and he was sipping his beer while sitting back on Carl’s bed, back against the wall. They were listening to the Moody Blues on their stereo. They told me to close the door and please lock it. We weren’t supplying beer and pot for the floor. I opened one of my beers and sat on the bed with Michael, with a reasonable distance between us. Carl asked me to please take my shoes and socks off, so that they wouldn’t dirty his blanket. Reasonable request, and he did say please.

After loading the bowl, Carl got on the bed with us, asking me to move a little closer so Michael so that we were all comfortable, and proceeded to light the bowl. Carl took a hit from the bong, and passed it to me. I proceeded to take a hit and passed it to Michael, who took his hit and passed it back to me. I proceeded to pass it to Carl, but he told me to take another hit. I can’t so no to these guys.

We proceeded to finish the bowl, and in case you haven’t figured it out, I had twice as many hits as either of them. Not sure how that happened. The album being played was “A Question of Balance”. How appropriate. I think that I was questioning my balance.

We talked on and off about school and football and girls. Carl bemoaned that he was hoping to get in his date’s pants tonight. He was planning on bringing her back here and chase Michael out for a couple of hours. Now, he was relegated to jacking off. With this, he grabbed his cock through his pants and showed us how hard he was. Of course, I just stared at the bulge. Michael laughed.

MICHAEL: Come on Jack. Take pity on the poor guy. Reach in his pants and stroke him so we can stop his whining.

I froze. I was not aware that the two of them had told each other about everything that had occurred the past couple of days. What I could say is that I was horny again. Damn. Is this what pot does to you?

I reached over and slipped my hand under his waistband, and found that he was not wearing any underwear. My hand quickly found his hard cock, and I caressed it, gently stroking it up and down. Michael took my beer from me and placed it on Carl’s desk. He proceeded to cross his legs, sitting in a buddha position facing me. He proceeded to take my other hand and slip it up the leg of his shorts, where I found his cock waiting for me. Here I was, high as a kite, horny as hell and each hand on a hard cock, neither of which was mine, and my cock was hard.

CARL: Let’s get naked. We can have a real circle jerk.

Three days ago, I was a virgin, and had never smoked pot. In two short days, I had smoked several joints and bowls, given 4 blow jobs and been fucked by 2 different guys. Now I was being encouraged to get naked, again. I just knew this was not going to be a simple circle jerk, but I couldn’t help myself. I was so fuckin’ horny and for some reason, dicks, especially these two dicks, were appealing. I stood up and quickly disrobed. It took me only slightly longer than Carl and Michael. We were back on the bed with my hands on their cocks. Carl has his hand on my cock, and Michael was pinching the nipple closest to him. Oh yes. I was feeling good.

CARL: Oh fuck, Jack. You’ve got me oozing some serious precum. Do me a favor and lick it off. Please?

Damn, these guys were just so fuckin’ polite. I released Michael’s cock, and got up on my knees. In the process, I think I forced Michael off the bed. Carl leaned back and I leaned forward to lick the precum from the tip of his dick. Of course, I didn’t stop there. My lips spread over the head of his dick, and I sucked the precum from his dick.

CARL: Oh damn Jack. Have you been practicing? This is feeling much better than on Wednesday.

I had not told Michael about my time with Carl, nor had I told Carl about my times with Michael. Now Carl had just announced to Michael that I sucked his dick. I wondered if Michael had told Carl about earlier today? I felt Michael trying to spread my legs a little. I thought he was headed back to my ass, but to my surprise, he worked his way under me and started sucking my dick. Oh man. I was in heaven.

Then I felt Michael reach up between my legs and started playing with my hole, gently running a finger around my hole. I moaned on Carl’s dick and started moving down on it. I remembered taking Ralph’s dick into my throat this afternoon. I wondered if I could get Carl’s dick into my throat. I leaned further forward and had Carl’s cock at the entrance to my throat. I took a breath through my nose and leaned in a little more. I felt Carl’s cock slip into my throat.

CARL: Fuck! Jack. How did you do that?

His hand laid across the back of my head, not pressing down hard, but keeping me deep, down on his cock. After 10 seconds or so, I had to come up, entirely off his cock. I breathed deeply, looked up at Carl’s face and smiled. I dove back down.

Michael climbed out from under me, and now his tongue attacked my hole. This felt good earlier today, and now it felt great.

MICHAEL: Damn. I think that I can taste Rich and my cum from earlier today.

Well, if Michael hadn’t shared the info earlier, he had now.

CARL: Really? Trade places with me. I want to taste that.

Next thing that I know, I had Michael’s cock in my mouth and I had Carl licking my ass.

CARL: Jack. Can I fuck your ass? Please. Damn … you’ve got me so hard.

Well … he did say please.

I felt his fingers working that petroleum jelly into me again, and he started rubbing that log up and down my ass crack. I’m hoping that my ass will recover from this. Michael had fucked me first, but while he was big, he wasn’t Carl big. Then Ralph, who’s cock was just as long as Michael’s, but thicker. And now Carl, who was thicker and longer than either.

I felt him pressing at my back door, then the head slipped in.

MICHAEL: Teeth! Jack, watch your teeth!

Fuck, I forgot that had Michael in my mouth still. I lifted my head and said “Sorry” just as Carl slipped another inch in my ass. He now had maybe 2 inches in, and I felt him slowly working that 2 inches back and forth. I dove back onto Michael’s cock, aware of the need to watch my teeth.

Carl lifted me by the shoulder and basically off of Michael’s cock, and in so doing drove another couple of inches into my ass. Now he released my shoulder and I dove back onto Michael’s cock, having it easily slide into my throat. Carl’s cock had opened that up for him.

MICHAEL: Damn Jack. You’re taking it all. I can’t believe this. You’re a fuckin’ natural. Swallow Jack. Let me feel those throat muscles working on my dick.

I wasn’t sure how I was doing it, but I had managed to find a way to fit Michael’s cock into my throat and breath around it, and I was digging it. Then Carl worked the next couple of inches into me and my throat must’ve convulsed.

MICHAEL: Oh Jack. Do that again. That felt great.

Well, Carl must’ve thrown my equilibrium off, so I had to lift up to catch my breath. Carl again took advantage, by driving another couple of inches into me.

CARL: Are you ready Jack? Are you ready for me to work the last couple of inches in? Moan for me Jack. Tell me how much you love my dick. How much you want to feel me cum in your ass. Please Jack. Tell me how badly you need my dick.

I didn’t tell him anything. I leaned back further, impaling myself on the last couple of inches. All I could do was moan. Carl leaned me back forward, and I took Michael’s cock back into my mouth. Carl started working his cock, back and forth, deep dicking me, and he was touching that spot. Every thrust had his dick sliding over that magic spot. I had that special orgasm rising up in me again. I continued to drive Michael’s cock into my throat, and each time I moaned, I could feel Michael’s cock twitch just a little bit. It seemed to be filling more of my throat. The feeling as the head of his cock repeatedly entered and exited my throat. All that I wanted in that moment, was to feel Michael cumming in my mouth and feel Carl spew forth his load into my ass.

Carl dragged his cock across that magic spot one more time and I lost it. My orgasm hit me, causing me to moan on Michael’s dick. This in turned caused Michael to start spurting. The first spurt happened while he was in my throat. It caused me to cough and I had to jerk up off of Michael’s cock. His next squirt shot up and hit me in my eye. I quickly got my lips over the tip of his cock so that I could get the remainder of his load.

I also felt Carl increasing his pace, and then I felt him start filling my ass with his seed. He pulled out and shot the rest of his load over my back. We were all spent. At least I was spent.

CARL: Damn Jack. That is one sweet ass.

All that I could do was mumble a thanks. I collapsed on my back, not even thinking about the cum that Carl had shot on me that was now on his sheets, nor did I care.

Carl got up, put on his shorts and flip flops and ran out of the room. He left the door open and anyone walking down the hall could have seen Michael and me. Michael quickly jumped up and closed the door. I’m not sure, but Bill from down the hall may have just peeked into the room before the door got closed.

Carl came back in a minute, with a wet wash cloth. He told me to get up, and wiped down my back and the cum from my face. He then proceeded to wipe off his dick.

CARL: Damn Jack. That was great. You came as close as anyone ever has to deep throating my dick, and what can I say about that ass. I’d love to get a crack at it again.

The Moody Blues album had changed and now we were listening to “Tuesday Afternoon”. Just think, on Tuesday afternoon, I had been a virgin and had never smoked pot. I was still a virgin as far as females are concerned, but who knows what the future will bring.

I smiled at Carl, then told him that he could count on it. Michael cleared his throat. I assured him that he would get his chance as well, but as far as tonight goes, I needed to head back to my room.

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