Can I Live Here For A BJ Pt 17

“I want you to shoot your load on my hole and then use your cock to shove it in me. I want this fucker to see your juice go in me.”

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When Gary came into the bedroom, Ron was standing nude at the side window peeking between the blinds. Gary noticed that his big dick was standing straight up.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked him.

“SSSHHHH!” Ron replied. “Come and get a look at our new neighbor.”

Gary walked over and stood beside Ron so that they could both peep out the window.

The blind was pulled up on the window next door and it appeared to be a bedroom. Standing in the middle of the room, toweling off after a shower was the new neighbor.

He looked to be around 45 years old. His body was solid muscle, not the weight lifting kind but the kind that comes from hard physical labor. He had wide, thick shoulders and a pair of flat tight pecs. His chest and stomach were covered in a fine coat of curly hair. His arms had thick biceps and forearms, also covered in fine hair. His thighs and calves were so muscular that the muscles were defined and separate even while he was standing still. And, of course, he had an outstanding cock and balls.

His big dick hung soft at around 5 inches, the shaft big enough around even soft that you’d have a hard time closing your hand around it and had a massive head with a wide flange flaring around it. His dick was so thick that it almost covered his fat balls that swung to and fro as he toweled his body dry. He obviously barbered his pubes because they were a short, tight patch of curls. He was drying his hair so Gary hadn’t gotten a good look at his face yet.

“Damn, pard, I see why you’re sporting this big boner.” Gary said, wrapping his hand around Ron’s hard dick.

“Wait till he turns around, he’s got an ass that makes my mouth water.” Ron replied.

Almost as if he had overheard, the new neighbor turned around and bent over to dry his legs and feet. His ass was magnificent, the muscles moving beneath the taut skin of his buns so that the striations could be seen. His crack was so forested with curly hair that his hole was entirely hidden. When he stood back up, his ass was even more appetizing, the full rounded globes of a mature masculine man, deep indentations making dish shaped hollows at the sides.

He looked over his shoulder, then turned and walked toward the window with his heavy cock and balls swinging. He looked over at the window Ron and Gary were peeping at him from, then stepped to one side and looked out to the street between the buildings.

“Fuck, he’s gorgeous.” Gary said. “I thought sure with a body like that he’d look like a troll but he kind of looks like Sean Connery. Do you think he’s straight?”

“Who gives a fuck?” Ron replied. “Even if he is, we can cure him.”

The first Tuesday that he lived there, he had a woman come over. He was nude when she arrived and without any preliminaries she stripped and climbed on the bed. Ron and Gary were suitably impressed at the neighbor’s erect cock, a thick eight inch piece of meat that stood straight up. He positioned the woman so that she was lying across the bed and lifted her legs so that they straddled his shoulders. Ron and Gary had a perfect view of his cock slowly sinking into her cunt. The woman didn’t look too happy having all of that thick meat forced into her.

“Damn, I would have sucked on that big monster for a while before I got fucked with it.” Gary said.

“Bitches don’t appreciate a good cock the way another guy does.” Ron replied, his hand pumping Gary’s hard throbbing dick.

The show that night went on for a couple of hours. The new neighbor fucked like a stallion, varying his speed and stroke. The woman mainly just laid there like a blow up doll while getting her pussy pounded to smithereens. He fucked her in various positions, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and then missionary again. The last time he had his ass to Ron and Gary and they both almost came from the sight of his beautiful ass pumping away on top of her. They could tell when he finally came, his ass cheeks tightly clenched and his cock buried deep in her cunt. When he pulled his dick out of her and rolled to the side, Ron and Gary could see the thick pearly juice running out of her abused pussy.

She got up and went into the bathroom off of the bedroom while the new neighbor lay on the bed looking out of the window.

“Do you think he knows we’re watching?” Gary asked.

“If he does, he doesn’t seem to give a shit.” Ron replied.

The woman came back into the room fully dressed and then the neighbor got up and went into the other room. He came back a couple of minutes later, his cock and balls still dripping from being bathed. Then, he opened the nightstand drawer and handed her a sheaf of bills.

“She’s a hooker!” Ron said.

“No wonder she looked like was bored the whole time.” Gary said.

She took her pay, shoved it down her cleavage, picked up her purse and walked out. The new neighbor walked over to the window and watched between the buildings until she was out of sight, then went back and lay face down on the bed. He didn’t stir again.

The new hobby over the next few weeks became spying on the new neighbor.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays were hooker days. The first woman or one of her co-workers would show up around 8pm, get pounded for a couple of hours, collect their money and leave. They never kissed, they never sucked cock and they never seemed to enjoy it. Ron and Gary, on the other hand, were having the time of their lives spying on them.

About two weeks after he’d moved in, Ron came home one evening from a trip to the store and noticed the new neighbor sitting on the front steps of the building next door. He decided to introduce himself so he walked over. The neighbor had on an old white t-shirt and a pair of old cotton gym shorts. The crotch strained to contain his fat cock and balls and Ron couldn’t help noticing that the flared head of his cock was perfectly defined in the cloth. Up close, he was even more handsome.

“I’m Ron, I’m your neighbor.” he said. “I live right there.”

He pointed at the apartment.

The new guy didn’t reply for at least a minute, looking Ron up and down the whole time.

“Are you the fucker who likes to peep through the blinds at me?” he finally asked.

Ron was surprised but replied, “I’m one of the fuckers. You’ve got a fan club. If you’ve known about it all this time you’d think you’d have put your blinds down if you didn’t like it.”

“True, I guess.” the neighbor said. “So, you like looking at naked guys? What are you, some kind of fag?”

“I like to think I’m every kind of fag.” Ron said. “Which doesn’t mean that I won’t kick your ass into next week if I don’t like what comes out of your mouth next.”

The neighbor looked Ron up and down again and said, “Yeah, sorry, I just never met a fag before.”

Ron laughed and said, “That’s what you think. We’re everywhere, just like roaches. I’m surprised a guy who looks like you hasn’t been hit on plenty of times by gay guys.”

“Oh, I’ve been hit on, I didn’t say that. I just never really had a conversation with one of you guys before; usually I just chase them off before they think I’m interested.”

“Well, since we’re playing true confession, let me ask you something. How come a hot guy like you has to pay hookers? You’re good looking, you’ve got a hot body, a big dick and you fuck like a porn star. You ought to be drowning in free pussy.”

“I like to fuck. I just don’t like having a bitch hanging around afterward. They act like just because they let you stick your dick up them that they own you.”

“See, that’s where you’re missing out by being a fuckhead bigot. Guys will let you fuck them as much as you want and then be just as anxious as you to get gone. You need to find yourself a boyfriend.”

“No way.” the neighbor said. “It’s bad enough sticking my dick in a smelly pussy; I’m never sticking it up some guy’s stinky ass hole.”

“You are a dumb shit, aren’t you?” Ron said. “Guys who are into getting fucked know how to take care of that kind of problem. You’d be surprised.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll pass.”

Ron noticed that the neighbor’s already fat cock looked like it was swelling.

“You sure like looking at my dick, don’t you.” the neighbor said.

“It’s a really nice dick and I like nice dicks. What do you expect? You know what I think?” Ron replied.

“No, what do you think, Einstein.”

“I think you’d love to stick your dick in a nice tight ass hole, you’re just afraid you’d like it too much and want more.”

The neighbor stared at him for a moment and then said, “I have to get back inside. See you later at my window.”

He stood up and adjusted his massive cock in his shorts, then turned and went into his building.

Ron entered his own building and went into the bedroom. He looked at the room, then pushed the bed over so it was opposite the window, just as the neighbor’s was. Then, he went to the blind and pulled the cord so that it was all the way raised. The new neighbor was already in his own room, removing his few clothes. Ron followed suit and he could tell that the neighbor was checking him out with sidelong looks. When Ron was fully nude he walked over and stood at the window until the neighbor looked at him, then gave him thumbs up and grabbed his cock and pointed it at him. The neighbor responded with a middle finger salute.

Ron went over and climbed on the bed and lay down on his belly, the overhead light shining above him. He knew he had a gorgeous ass and he knew that the neighbor had a clear view of it.

As he lay there, he called Gary on his cell phone.

“Where are you, asshole?” he asked when Gary answered.

“I’m about 3 blocks away, asshole. Why, did you forget to buy beer?’

“No, I met our neighbor tonight. He’s a real redneck bastard but a hot one. When you get home do you feel up to fucking my ass?”

“Well, sure!” Gary said. “I haven’t pounded your hole in a couple of weeks.”

“Good, we’re going to give the neighbor a show. Drop your clothes in the front room; I’ll have my ass lubed and ready. We’re going to blow that dumb fuck’s mind.”

“My dick is getting hard already. I’m right outside.”

It was already dusk and the neighbor’s apartment was dark but Ron knew that he was lying on his bed observing. Ron reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of lube, rolled onto his back and squeezed out a big dollop. He raised his legs so that his hole was clearly on view and proceeded to lube it up, sinking a couple of fingers into his hairy hole.

Gary came into the bedroom, nude and with his big cock hard and ready to fuck.

“Let me suck you for a minute for the audience.” Ron said.

He licked Gary’s hard shaft up and down, then popped the swollen head into his mouth and slowly slid his lips down around the shaft. His nose came to rest in Gary’s wiry pubes. He throated the big cock a few times before pulling off of it and asking, “You ready to fuck my ass?”

“Oh, hell yeah!” Gary replied.

Ron grabbed the lube and squeezed more out, then stroked it up and down the length of Gary’s stone hard cock with one hand while cradling his heavy balls in the other. He made sure that the neighbor had a clear view of him working on the fat cock.

Ron swiveled around so that he was on his hands and knees on the bed with his ass raised and spread.

Gary climbed between his legs, his fat cock head was poised to enter Ron’s hole.

“Go slow so that the asshole next door gets the full benefit.” he told Gary.

Gary pressed his cock against his hairy opening and it slowly spread open. His cock head disappeared in Ron’s hole, then slow inch by inch the shaft followed.

“Okay, asshole, fuck me like I’m your bitch.” Ron told Gary.

“You got it.” Gary replied. “Your friend is going to get a first class demonstration of ass fucking. I’m going to wear your hole out.”

Gary started slow, drawing his cock almost all the way out of Ron’s hole and then slowly easing it all the way back in, building the hunger in Ron’s ass.

“Damn, I forgot what a good fuck you are.” Gary said. He started deep dicking Ron’s ass.

“You’re getting into this, aren’t you?”

“It turns me on to know that some dumbfuck straight guy is watching me plow your ass.”

He started working his cock in Ron’s hole, making sure to hit the right spots. Ron was groaning in pleasure.

Gary pulled his cock out of Ron’s tight chute and said, “Ride my cock for him, let him see it in your hole.”

He moved over and lay down on the foot of the bed, his feet on the floor and his hard cock standing straight up. Ron crouched over his hips facing the window and held his balls up as he lowered his ass so that there was a clear view of the big cock disappearing up his hole. He rode up and down, his long hard dick bouncing and slapping against his belly.

“Fuck, your ass is so tight you’re going to make me cum.” Gary said.

“Not yet.” Ron said. “I want you to shoot your load on my hole and then use your cock to shove it in me. I want this fucker to see your juice go in me.”

He pulled his ass up off of Gary’s cock and then got on his knees again, his ass at a ¾ angle so that his hole was on view when Gary started fucking it again. It seemed to only take a few strokes before Gary said, “I’m going to shoot!”

He pulled his cock all of the way out of Ron’s hole and directed his stream of cum into his ass crack.

Ron felt the hot spurts of cum landing on his hole, then Gary’s big cock head scooping up his juice and forcing it into his pucker.

“We’re not done yet.” Gary said as he eased his cock out of Ron’s ass. “I want to suck your cock for our audience.”

“Great idea!” Ron replied. “Sit on my face so I can eat your hole while you do it. I bet straight boy never even heard of rimming.”

They went back to lying crosswise on the bed so that the neighbor could get a clear view of Ron’s hard dick being sucked and throated while his face was buried between Gary’s ass cheeks. Gary was really into having his hole tongued, riding Ron’s face and raising his ass so that the neighbor would get a good look at Ron’s tongue lapping in his crack.

Gary was an excellent cock sucker and before long Ron was raising his hips to thrust his cock down Gary’s hot throat. He felt his balls lifting and the first spurt of cum shoot into Gary’s gullet. Gary held Ron’s cock by the base and raised his head so that the rest of the hot load squirted out of Ron’s piss slit and into his wide open mouth, then cleaned up the spills and the drops of cum still flowing out of Ron’s cock head with his tongue.

“Damn, fucker, I forgot what a good time you are.” Gary said. “I need a beer after all that work.”

He eased his ass off of Ron’s face and hopped off the bed, then stood and stretched so that the neighbor could get a good look at his tight ass.

“If that bastard isn’t begging one of us to give him some ass hole by this time tomorrow I’m going to think he must be a dead man.” Gary said as he went for the beers.

Ron went over to the window and stood in front of it. The neighbor came out of the darkness and stood in the opposite window with his big hard dick in his hand. Ron turned around and bent over so that his ass was spread open, then slid two fingers up his freshly fucked hole. He stood up and turned and then put his fingers in his mouth so that the neighbor could watch him suck the fresh cum off of them.

The neighbor moved closer to the window and began jacking his fat cock. Ron watched him for a minute, then turned and bent and spread his hairy ass open again while watching over his shoulder as the neighbor beat his cock. His big cock head was crimson, the piss slit standing open because his cock was so hard. His hand pumped up and down, faster and faster, and Ron went back to finger fucking his ass hole.

The neighbor stopped jacking and pointed his cock at the window. A huge spurt of pearly cum blasted out of his piss hole and splashed against the pane. Another and then another wad splashed the window until there was a mess of thick cum rolling down the glass.

Ron stood up, turned around and lowered the blind just as Gary came back in carrying two beers.

“I’d say we’ve got that asshole next door about half way to ass fucking.” he told Gary.

The next morning as Ron and Gary left for work the new neighbor came out and sat on the front steps of his building.

“Give me a minute with jerk off.” Ron said to Gary, and then walked over to where the other man sat.

“Is he your boyfriend?” he asked, meaning Gary.

“He’s a friend and a fuck bud.” Ron replied. “Did you like the show?”

The neighbor was sitting with his legs spread in the same pair of old shorts only this time about 3 inches of swollen cock were hanging out of his pant leg.

“You guys are really nasty fuckers.” he replied. “Do you fuck each other or is it just one way?”

“We fuck each other, we fuck other guys, and sometimes we both fuck the same guy. It just depends on what we want.”

“Did I actually see you eating out his ass hole? That’s some nasty shit right there.” the neighbor said.

“You obviously never had the pleasure or you’d know how good it feels.” Ron replied. “You’ve missed out on a lot.”

“Yeah, well, some people will put anything in their mouth.”

“And enjoy every minute of it, jerk off.” Ron said, walking back to the truck.

When he climbed in, Gary asked, “What’s up with him?”

“We’ve got him interested, very interested. His dick was getting hard just talking about fucking ass and getting rimmed.”

“I think I’ll drop you off and get lost for a few hours this evening.” Gary said. “Time for you to reel in the fish.”

That evening, they followed the plan. Ron went into the apartment and turned on the overhead bedroom light, then stripped and showered. The blind remained down.

When he finished showering he came out of the bathroom nude, got himself a beer and went into the bedroom. He could hear raised voices coming from next door so he went to the window and peeked through the blinds.

The new neighbor was sitting on the bed nude while one of his regular whores stood dressing in front of him, shouting at him the whole time. When she was fully dressed, she stormed out of the room. Ron could hear the apartment door slamming from where he stood. The neighbor leaned back on the bed and turned to the window.

Ron raised the blind and drew a question mark in the air with his finger. The neighbor responded by standing up and thrusting both middle fingers in the air in the direction of the departed hooker.

Ron held up his can of beer, pointed to it and made a “come on over” motion.

The neighbor held up his finger in a “one minute” motion, grabbed up an old robe and walked out of the room. Moments later Ron heard the entry door open and then the apartment door. The neighbor walked into the bedroom carrying a six pack.

“So what happened with your fuck date?” Ron asked, climbing onto the bed.

The neighbor sat down on the only chair in the room and cracked open a can of beer. His robe was spread open and his big meaty cock hung over the edge of the chair seat.

“That fucking bitch.” the neighbor said. “I told her I wanted to try fucking her in the ass and she freaked out and said she didn’t do anal. Then I told her I wanted her to eat my ass hole and she really went ballistic. She’s a hooker, for Christ’s sake, she’s supposed to do shit like that.”

Ron reached into the bedside drawer and brought out the lube.

“You don’t mind if I get ready for Gary, do you? We’re going to fuck as soon as he gets here.”

He raised his legs, squeezed out a wad of lube and started working it into his ass hole. The neighbor’s dick started to twitch and expand. Ron made sure that his legs were raised high enough that the neighbor had a clear view of his hole.

“Your ass hole isn’t as nasty looking as I thought it would be.” the neighbor said. “It sure ain’t as ugly as a pussy.”

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3 thoughts on “Can I Live Here For A BJ Pt 17

  1. Bucky says:

    This MOTHERFUCKER story better not end … it’s by far MY FAV.! It’s impossible not a leak out pre-cum while reading all these episodes. You just hope one day you can SUCK & FUCK Ron, Gary & Jim’s pals. SLEEPOVERS one can never turn down.

  2. Steve R says:

    I finally figured out udatz if it the top of the list in the series it time has cum as has this one sorry to see it go love these 2 love more

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