Catching More Than Fish

He spread my cheeks and ran his tongue over my warm hole, lapping up the cum that was leaking from it and then probing it with his tongue.


I kissed my wife goodbye and headed out of the door and into the late afternoon. I was meeting Jason on the riverbank, hoping to catch a bag full of fish during the night.

When I arrived Jason was already there, and he’d chosen to set up in what was considered to be the prime swim. As I neared he got up from his chair to help me with my kit and I felt my stomach lurch. He was hot, he had blonde hair and a boyish face, a slim muscular build and he was wearing a pair of jogging bottoms that gave a tantalizing glimpse of the package that was hidden beneath.

I had known that I liked cock from quite a young age. The problem was that I was too scared to admit it to anyone else, that’s how I had ended up married, settling for the first girl who had shown any serious interest. I was happy in my marriage but there was something missing and that was the excitement of having sex with someone who had a cock.

I hid my discomfort from him and we carried my kit over to his and I set about setting up my rods and laying out the rest of my tackle within easy reach so that I would know where everything was when night fell. Once settled, I opened my flask and poured a coffee. We then baited up the swim and began fishing, waiting for the fish to start biting.

And we waited….

As the day came to an end and the night began to close in with no sign of a fish we began to light our lanterns so that our swim looked like an island in the night. It was relaxing being next to the river at night, hearing the water cascade over the weir and bubble its way past just a few feet in front of us.

In this relaxed and calmed state my mind began to wander and I began to visualize the outline of Jason’s cock in his jogging bottoms and wonder what it would be like to reach out and caress it, to release it from its prison and to feel the silkiness of his skin in my hand. As I closed my eyes and began to form the pictures in my mind my cock began to swell in my trousers and I crossed my legs hoping the lamplight had not revealed my situation to Jason. With my eyes closed and my legs crossed I felt able to let my mind wander further and imagine what it would be like to stand in front of Jason, remove his bottoms, place my lips on his cock and then take him into my mouth. My cock began to push uncomfortably against the material that restrained them and a small gasp passed my lips.

“You OK?” asked Jason, snapping me out of my fantasy.

“Erm, yeah fine,” I replied, very conscious of the bulge in my trousers.

“It looks like tonight is going to be a dead loss. We’ve been here hours without so much as a knock.” he said, “it’s a good job I’m not missing anything better.”

“Speak for yourself. I could be at home getting a blow job from the missus.” I said feeling emboldened by the lust in my groin.

“Well, you can still get one if you like.” He said with a nervous grin.

“Yeah, right, I’m going to get a blow job from some bint while I’m sat at the side of this poxy river!” I replied, laughing nervously.

“Oh, so you think I’m some bint then!” Jason laughed.

“You mean you’d suck my cock?” I asked as my cock pounded the inside of my trousers, begging to be released.

“Duh! Who else is here dimwit!” he said

“Oh shit, you shouldn’t joke like that, I’m as horny as fuck and would accept a bj from a fucking river rat!!” I replied.

“I’m not joking,” he replied “I’d suck your cock if you let me”

“Well you are definitely ahead of the river rats in the cue!” I replied

Jason rose from his chair and stood in front of my crossed legs and slid a hand between my thighs and gently eased them apart. As soon as he had enough space he moved between my legs and dropped to his knees, allowing one hand to caress my crotch. As soon as is hand reached it he realized that I had been hiding my hard-on behind my legs and he smiled knowingly at me.

“Didn’t think I had to do much running,” he said

“I told you I was feeling horny.” I replied sheepishly.

Jason let his hand slide up and down the fabric covering my stiff shaft and around my balls. I leant back in the chair and let out a moan. His hand gently squeezed my balls and continued to stroke my pulsating shaft causing it to swell further.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned in pleasure.

“Getting a bit snug in there for you is it?” he asked

“Just a bit” I replied

“I’d better get rid of some of the pressure then” he said.

He slid his hands up to the button of my jeans and deftly undid it with his nimble fingers; his hand then reached for my zipper and pulled it down. He peeled back the fabric to expose my snug fitting white briefs and saw my shaft stretching them, waiting to be released. He raised his head to my groin and pushed it towards me and then began to run his tongue over my briefs, warming my cock beneath. I pushed my hips up to meet his mouth and he rewarded me by gently squeezing my cock between his teeth and probing it with his tongue. I gently laid my hand on his head and applied a little pressure, forcing him onto me.

Recognizing my needs he let his hands wander to my hips and grasped the top of my jeans and began to pull them down my body, to help him I lifted by butt slightly off the chair. Soon he had managed to pull my trousers down to my ankles and I was sat there in my briefs with his head stuck firmly in my lap as his mouth continued to work on my cock.

With my movements a little less restricted and my cock a little more exposed I spread my legs further to encourage Jason to explore and that is just what he did. His mouth began to travel up and down my shaft, his teeth gently nibbling it on the way and his tongue soaking it with juices. My swelling caused it to press urgently against the fabric as if wanting to be freed yet Jason kept it his prisoner. His mouth began to travel south along my shaft and soon his mouth reached my balls where his tongue began to stroke them and his teeth began to nibble them gently before they were enveloped in his warm, moist mouth.

“Oh my god!” I cried

“Mmmmm…” Jason said with his lips still pursed around my balls.

“You are so fucking good at this,” I said

“Mmmmm…” said Jason as he sucked my balls deeper into his mouth and probed them with his tongue.

By now my briefs were soaked with the spit from Jason’s mouth and the pre cum leaking from my penis and the entire shaft of my cock and my balls were visible through the material. Jason pulled away and looked admiringly at my cock.

“Your cock not only tastes good but it looks good too.” He said.

“I’m glad you like it, though I’m surprised you can taste it or see it properly in there.” I replied

“I take your point,” he said as he grasped the waistband of my pants and pulled them down to where my trousers now lay. My cock sprang back against my stomach and twitched excitedly, my exposed head brushing my skin.

“There, I can truthfully say that you cock looks good now,” he said as he gazed at my fully exposed cock and balls. “Now let’s see how it tastes.”

His hand grabbed the shaft of my cock and raised it from my stomach and pointed it skyward. His head moved forward and his tongue sprang from his mouth and licked from the base of my balls to the tender tip of my shaft, I involuntarily raised my hips and let out a moan of pleasure as his tongue lapped up the pre cum that was leaking from my body.

“And now I can also truthfully say that your cock tastes good too.” He said looking at me slyly as his tongue licked the pre cum that coated his lips.

“I can also truthfully say that you know how to look after a cock,” I added, breathlessly.

“To be honest with you, when a cock is this good it’s easy” he said smiling.

His tongue began to lick my now slick shaft again and I closed my eyes, concentrating on the sensations that my body was now experiencing. I felt his tongue reach the top of my shaft and lap at the pre cum that was oozing from my slit. His lips suddenly parted and enveloped my pulsing head and slid down the length of my cock, I opened my eyes in surprise and saw his head gently bobbing up and down as he pleasured me. I reached out a hand and gently stroked his head, encouraging him to continue. He tilted his face towards mine and his blue eyes shone from beneath the curtain of his blond hair while my cock continued to slide in and out of his mouth. The tilting of his head caused my cock to slide over his teeth and gently grate with each thrust sending a shock wave of sensations through the tender tip. I let out a moan of pleasure and willed him on.

Seeing the satisfaction on my face Jason wrapped a hand around my shaft and started to gently pump my cock in time with his movements. With his hand gliding up and down my pole his mouth caressed my swollen head, his tongue stimulating the purple mushroom and causing waves of pleasure to assail my body. His fingers expertly held my cock, gently squeezing as they moved up and down. His tongue pleasured the head, swirling over its surface and probing the slit. My body was ready to explode and my cock throbbed as the pleasure mounted. Suddenly it did explode and cum was shooting from my cock, Jason released it from his grasp and forced the head into the back of his throat and began t swallow everything that I offered. As my ejaculation slowed his lips travelled up and down my shaft milking every last drop from me, when my cock began to soften he looked up at me and smiled at me with his with cum covered lips.

“Fuck,” I said, “that was so good.”

“It’s my specialty,” he replied, “but you should see what I do for an encore!”

“I can’t wait, but it may be a while before I can perform again,” I replied holding my limp cock in my hands to make my point.

“Well, who says that you have to be next,” replied Jason, as a sly grin passed is lips.

“Well, nobody, I just assumed,” I replied, “I mean, I’ve never been with another man and I don’t really know what to do.”

“No worries, I know just where to start the lesson.” He said.

He pushed himself upright between my legs and soon his crotch was level with my face and I could see the large bulge of his cock as it strained against his jogging bottoms.

“Fuck Jason. What are you keeping in there?” I asked in awe.

“Why don’t you take a look and see for yourself,” he replied.

My hands were on autopilot as they found their way to his hips; my fingers curled around the waistband of his joggers and began to ease them down his body. As they slid down his hips it became clear that he was wearing no underwear.

“You tart!” I grinned.

“I can’t help it, I was a boy scout and our motto was always be prepared,” was his smooth reply.

My hands continued to pull downwards, revealing a tantalizing view of his light pubic hair, the sight of which caused my dick to stir in my lap. I pushed my head forward into him and began to breath in his deep musky scent as my tongue ran through his hair and my lips sucked on his skin. Jason’s hips pushed forward and I buried my face deeper into his body. My cock stirred again and I knew that I had to have him. As my hands continued downwards I could see the thick shaft of his cock being pulled down by the waistband of his joggers. I let my tongue wander to the base of his cock and began to lick the pulsing rod as it was revealed, relishing the feel of the soft veined surface of his skin, feeling each pulse of his body as it pumped blood into his throbbing member.

By now his joggers were quite a way down his hips and I had seen at least 8 inches of his thick shaft and still there was no sign of the head of his beautiful cock. My mind was buzzing, wondering what I was finally going to reveal and wondering whether or not I could pleasure such a large cock. Just as I was giving up hope and beginning to panic I began to see the collar of his foreskin and a glimpse of his purple head and my lips began to drool. As more of the head came into view my tongue licked its silky surface and Jason let out a moan of pleasure, my hands moved lower down his waist and his joggers finally slid over the tip of his cock and his stiff shaft pinged back against his stomach and finally settled horizontal to my face.

I grasped his thick shaft in my hand and looked up at his face as I began to feed his dripping head into my mouth. My lips encircled his purple knight as he gently thrust towards me and I felt the loose foreskin pull further back down his mighty pole as he fed his cock past my eager lips. I greedily gulped him into my mouth, tasting the sweet flavor of his pre cum on my tongue as he passed over my taste buds, the warmth of his cock filling my mouth. Inch after inch flowed into me until I could feel his swollen head knocking at the back of my throat and feel his hairy nut sack on my chin.

He began too buck gently towards my face, his blue eyes locked with mine, his cock sliding gently in and out of my eager mouth.

“Seems like you don’t really need a lesson in the art of sucking cock after all, you are a natural,” he said.

He placed a hand on my head and held it still while he continued to fuck my mouth. My lips clamped around his sliding shaft while I frantically sucked him into me, my tongue raced to pleasure his throbbing head. As my tongue ran over the velvet skin of his head I probed every contour, licking around the collar where his head joined the shaft, licking the slit that was pouring out copious amounts of pre cum. His bucking began to increase in speed and soon he was fucking my face like it was a pussy, his cock was being forced deep into my throat and blood was pumping into the shaft causing it to pulse manically in my mouth. His breathing began to quicken and his breath was catching, suddenly a spurt of cum exploded from the tip of his cock and ran down my throat. I grabbed hold of his shaft and began to pump it into my mouth as he continued to fuck me. His body couldn’t hold back any longer and spurt after spurt of his hot creamy cum began to coat my mouth as I tried frantically to swallow it. His cock continued to pump in and out of my mouth, coating the shaft in cum, my mouth continued to suck him, enjoying the saltiness of him. The more cum that I swallowed the harder my cock became; soon it was a rigid pole pointing straight up from my lap.

Jason pulled his now limp cock from my mouth and lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me deeply, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth in search of his own cum.

“God, you suck cock real well,” he said.

“That’s only because you have such a fine cock,” I replied.

“Well that’s very nice of you to say,” he said with a cheeky smile, “how are you feeling now?”

“I feel good,” I replied, “in fact I feel really good.” I continued as my hand slid to my rigid cock and I began to slowly stroke myself.

“Mmmmm… I can see that. Do you think you are ready for your second lesson?” he asked.

“My second lesson?” I asked, “What else is there for me to learn?”

“Oh, there is plenty more yet, but lets take it one step at a time.” He replied.

“Ok then, what’s lesson two?” I asked.

“This should be easy for you, all you need to do is sit back and think of England.” He said as he stepped back and totally removed his joggers.

With them out of the way he lowered his head to my throbbing cock and began to suck it, massaging with his mouth until the blood was pumping explosively into the head. As he continued to suck he began to salivate, soaking my shaft and balls and making them slick and slippery. He removed his mouth and looked down at his handy work.

“That should do,” he said as he stood upright and placed his legs either side of mine and lowered his lips to my mouth. He began to kiss me passionately, his tongue probing deep into my mouth and I began to respond by sliding my tongue in and out of his mouth and battling his tongue for dominance. As our tongues collided he moved one hand down and grasped my shaft and pointed it upright. As he held me steady he continued to kiss me whilst he lowered his body towards the cock that he held in his grasp. Soon I could feel the puckered skin of his entrance against the silky skin of my head and I was surprised at the heat emanating from it. He gently rubbed the head of my cock over his hole, coating it with the saliva that he had greased my pole with and the pre cum that was leaking from the slit, then he held my cock still and started to lower his body onto it.

I felt the lips of his body begin to stretch over me and wrap around my head, he pushed down slowly and I eased further into him. I could feel his lips sliding down my cock, pulling my loose flesh tight in its wake; I could feel the heat of his body on the sensitive tip of my cock. His arse was tighter, smoother and hotter than any pussy I had ever been in and it took my breath away and I pulled Jason closer to me. He pulled his lips away from mine and asked how I was feeling.

“Fucking great,” I responded, “your body is so hot, how are you doing?”

“I’m feeling good,” he replied, “nothing like having a good cock up your arse to make you feel better.”

He lowered himself further down my pole and soon his cheeks were resting on my lap, he ground his butt into me, my body shuddered as my cock was stretched to its limit.

“Comfy?” he asked.

“Very.” I replied.

“Well let’s see how you like this.” He said as he started to slide up and down my cock, his body squeezing tightly on my shaft.

“Ah, fuck, that is fucking hot.” I said breathlessly.

He grabbed my head in his hands and clamped his mouth back onto mine and continued to kiss me furiously, my hands trailed down the silky skin of his torso and came to rest on his smooth hips where I tried to control his motions. As he slid up and down my cock the heat inside his body increased and my head was encased in a blanket of warmth. I could feel the juices from my cock leaking into his channel and lining the walls, the smoothness of his body caressing my shaft, his muscles contracting against my swollen head. I started to buck my hips into him, wanting to fuck him deep, my arms began to raise and lower him, speeding up his movements. Our bodies slapped together noisily as they moved against each other faster and faster.

I felt Jason’s cock begin swell against my stomach as he continued to ride me and I pulled his body closer to me so that his shaft was rubbing against it. As my cock continued to slide up and down his arse, rubbing on his sensitive prostrate gland, his cock began to leak pre cum onto my stomach, soaking it and allowing it to slide easily between our bodies. In all of the years that I had been having sex with my wife I had never felt this hot and horny, the addition of another cock seemed to complete me, at last I felt whole.

“I should have tried this years ago,” I said to Jason.

“I wish I’d come on to you sooner, I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage for years.” He replied.

“I wish you had too, I’ve been dreaming about your cock since we first met.” I told him.

Knowing that we had both lusted after each other for so long increased the desire in each of us and we kissed passionately, our mouths locking over each other and our tongues probing one another deeply. My arms began to bring Jason’s body down harder and faster onto my lap and my cock drilled deeper into his bowels. His body responded by squeezing my shaft, holding it tightly inside of him and trying to milk the juices from it. The head of my cock throbbed deep inside of him, knocking the deepest recesses of his body that I could reach and I let out a moan against his mouth. He responded by holding my body closer to his causing his stiff cock to flatten against my stomach, I could feel the head of it sliding smoothly over my body and I could feel the wetness that was emanating from the tip. As my hands lifted and pulled his body onto my cock Jason added his own movements, lifting his body from mine and plunging himself deep onto my throbbing pole. My hands slid to the smooth skin of his cheeks and I gently eased them apart, widening his slippery hole and allowing my cock to slide deeper into him.

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