Cherry Breeding Pt 2

“I’m going to be sitting in a chair, and you’re going to back up to me, facing the audience, and lower yourself onto my cock until it fills your boy pussy.”

Part 1


“That sounds awful.”

“Doesn’t it?” Blake gave me a lust filled grin, but then, he gently told me, “It will be bad at the start, but I promise you most of the pain will go away. Besides, some pain at first can make the pleasure so much stronger when you begin to feel it. – and I hope it will start to feel good to you once we get to the next two positions.”

I noticed his dick was hardening. And I was surprised my own rod was doing it too.

“But then,” he continued, “that’s what the audience will want to see — and keep in mind, paying a lot of money to see. But also, many guys love getting ‘rough fucked’. Who knows how you’ll feel about it? I guess we’ll see.”

“OK, now bend over already.”

He slid his rod under my balls and between my legs.

“When I get the head of my dick into you and pop your cherry, as I said, you’ll need to scream, so scream right now as loud as you can.”


“Louder and longer than that.”

So I screamed even louder and longer.

“Not bad — I’m sure you’ll do it even better on stage.”

“Talking on stage during all this will be very important, so say whatever you’re feeling at that time, OK? And say it loudly, so that everyone in the audience can hear. One thing I want you to be sure to say in this part is ‘Take it out, please take it out!’ and I’ll respond with something like ‘No way, take it like a man — I’m going to make you my bitch boy and breed your beautiful boy cunt!'”

I laughed at that. “Boy cunt? Are you serious?”

He chuckled, “It is sort of funny, isn’t it? OK, get ready.”

With his hard dick still between my legs and under my balls, he began slamming his hips against my ass. He did this for a minute or two and then stopped.

We both stood up and I turned to him. He was as hard as I rock. I bet this practice was harder on him than it was on me.

“OK, that’s that. The next position is the missionary. I’m sure you must know that one.”

I grinned, “Sure, it’s my favorite with my girlfriend.”

“Well, it probably won’t be quite like it is with your girlfriend. I’m going to slide out of you and flip you over and then fuck you harder some more. Since I don’t want to cum until during our last position, I’ll start slowing down. I’m sure you’ll catch on.”

He laid me on my back and pretended to fuck me. At one point, he leaned down and gave me a light kiss on my lips, taking me by surprise.

“The last position is the ‘reverse cowboy’. In this one, you’re going to be the one in charge. I’m going to be sitting in a chair, and you’re going to back up to me, facing the audience, and lower yourself onto my cock until it fills your boy pussy.”

(Boy pussy? Seriously?)

“In this position, you need to show the audience that you’re getting a lot of pleasure from being fucked, and of course be sure to be very vocal about it. I’ll tell you what to say at times if necessary.”

“Hopefully, it will feel really good to you by then and you’ll actually cum. Whatever you do, don’t try to jack yourself off – keep your hands on your sides or on my legs. After a few minutes, if it doesn’t seem like you’re going to shoot, I’ll reach around and help.”

“Shortly after, I’ll pump myself into you faster and faster until I cum in your ass and breed you.”

“After I do finish, I’ll want you to raise yourself off of me and let everyone see the cum dripping from your hole. Got that?”

It grossed me out, but I nodded. “Sure, Blake, no problem.”

“Finally, I’ll want you to turn around, lean over and kiss me. The purpose of this is not for the kiss, but so that the audience can see your boy-cunt with my semen still in it.”

“I think this will go really well, Mark. You’re a great boy to work with. And I have to tell you — it turns me on to be the one doing this to you!”

With that, he dressed, and shook my hand. “I’ll see you at three backstage.” He turned and went out. I closed the door, but a few seconds later, he knocked on it again. “I forgot to tell you something important — make sure you’re thoroughly clean inside, I’m sure your father will be able to explain,” and he left again.

* * * * *

I took a nap, but it wasn’t very restful. Dad woke me up about one, I took a shower and we had a light lunch. After eating, dad had me use an enema so I’d be clean inside too. We left the cabin shortly before three. I was clean both inside and out. and we were backstage about an hour early. Blake met us there and reminded me that we were putting on a show, to try and act natural, and to be loudly vocal.

Blake thought it would be a good idea if we put a light oil all over our bodies so that the light would catch them better.

Then he got some lube and had me bend over. He took a finger with lube on it and rubbed my asshole until it loosened up enough so that he could push his finger in. (Damn! It felt good!) Then he followed it with two and then three fingers, stretching my sphincter as much as he could. He finally decided he was satisfied.

As we were getting ready, we could hear the cheers and clapping from the audience for the couple just before us. Shortly after, they came off-stage, both grinning like monkeys, sweating and looking extremely satisfied. I hoped I felt that good after we were through.

“And now, gentlemen, the boy you’ve all been waiting for, MARK THOMAS, and with him, BLAKE WILLIAMS!”, the announcer shouted.

As we walked out onto the stage, I noticed that there was a small platform with a mattress on the right, a full size bed on the left, and a chair in the middle. Finally, there was a small table towards the back with an assortment of bottles and tubes – lubes and ointments I supposed.

There were cheers from the audience when we walked on. I still wasn’t comfortable with being naked in public and I was nervous as hell, but I tried not to show it and to keep my hands away from my groin, everyone could see all of me. Blake seemed to enjoy the enthusiasm from the audience, smiling a lot and waving at some of his friends in the audience.

Blake led me over to the platform and mattress and then kissed me in front of everyone. We hadn’t talked about this but I tried to make it seem like I was enjoying it. The audience clapped appreciatively.

Next he made me kneel down on the mattress, so that I was facing toward the wings in such a way so that the audience could see as much of my body as possible. Then he moved in front of me, made me open my mouth and shoved his dick inside. I let him fill my mouth with his cock and I willingly closed my mouth over it. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes until his dick was really, really hard then pushed me down, so that my hands were also on the mattress.

Walking over to the table, he took a bottle of lube and began lubing his shaft and cockhead as he walked behind me. He must have lubed up his fingers too because the next thing I knew, he was pushing his three fingers into me and stretching me open as wide as possible. He put copious amounts of lube around my hole and inside it too.

I was scared and frightened and tried to prepare myself for what I knew was coming. I was going to have a dick in my ass for the first time in my young life. I knew it would change me forever, but I had to go through with it. He pounded his hard cock on my ass a few times and then centered it on my asshole. Finally grabbing my hips with both hands, he shoved really hard and his cockhead penetrated me and was suddenly, too suddenly, inside my ass.

“OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!” I screamed as loud as I could. It was so painful that I didn’t have to fake it.

“GOD, NO!!!” I cried, tears coming from my eyes. “TAKE IT OUT! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!!!”

He shoved it in further and I screamed again.


And with that he pushed all of his 7 ½” deep into my bowels. I was sobbing uncontrollably from the pain.

(I was told later, that the audience were on their feet, yelling things like “Fuck the bitch!” and “Make him scream louder!”).

He grabbed ahold of my hair and pulled on it, until my head was back as far as it would go and then started plunging his rod in and out of my ass as fast as he could, his hips hitting my butt each time and making very loud slapping noises.

I felt like my ass was on fire and it seemed to get worse and worse. His rod was rubbing inside me and it hurt, really hurt, each time he pulled it out and shoved it back in.


It seemed to go on forever and ever, but finally he stopped and pulled out.

I had cried and wept so much, there was actually a puddle of my tears on the mattress where my face had been. Blake picked me up in his arms tenderly and carried me over to the bed. He spoke softly in my ear, “Sorry that hurt so much, Mark, but believe me it was necessary. Anyway, from the looks of your hard dick, it looks like you might actually have enjoyed it some.”

I suddenly realized he was right – after all that pain, how could I possibly have an erection? But I could tell he was right.

He laid me down on my back on the bed and went over to the table again. He took some cream and rubbed it on my ass lips, explaining to me while he was doing it, that it was aloe and it should help with some of the burning and soreness. Next he oiled up his rod again and put some more oil inside me as well.

Grabbing me by my ankles, he lifted them up until my ass was almost vertical. He stood over it, forced his dick so it pointed down and shoved it roughly into me.

I didn’t scream this time but gave out with a loud grunt as he pushed himself fully back into me. This time he wasn’t fucking me so hard and my ass was responding, seemingly eager to take his hard rod and sucking it in with each stroke. I felt myself actually beginning to enjoy it. I liked the way his shaft felt in me, sliding smoothly inside my ass, in and out, over and over again.

Blake pulled out and I felt an intense emptiness inside of me. He lowered my legs back down and shoved a pillow under me so that my ass was raised appropriately. He slid into me again, and held himself off my body and leaned over and kissed me. “Nothing but pleasure for you from now on, my beautiful, sexy boy,” he whispered.

He kissed my forehead, my cheeks, and my mouth. With the relief I felt, I eagerly kissed him back. He raised himself up so that he could work on my pecs and that changed the angle at which he was screwing me. His cockhead was hitting something inside of me and sent a spasm of joy throughout my entire body. Remembering his instructions, I yelled: “OH GODDD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Blake stopped his adoration of my chest and remarked softly, “It seems I finally hit your prostate, lucky boy.”

It felt so good that I raised my legs up and wrapped them around his waist, wanting him deeper and deeper inside of me. My hips started moving involuntarily, meeting each of his thrusts eagerly. I was in lust, but unfortunately, before too much longer, he pulled back out of me.

Blake stood up and pulled me onto my feet. He walked me over to the chair where he then sat down, his dick pointing straight up, dripping with the lube and juices from my ass.

I stood next to him, facing the audience, lifted a leg up and straddled him. I could see the audience now and they were very quiet. I even noticed that some of them had binoculars so they could get a closer look at what was happening.

I slowly lowered myself and Blake guided me until I felt the tip of his dick in my hole and then slowly bent my knees and let it slide into me once more. My ass welcomed it like a long lost friend, my rectum holding it tightly, my anal walls loving each and every inch as it slid back into my body. I gave a moan, loud enough to be heard by everyone as it filled me completely.

Blake wrapped his strong arms around me loosely so I could move, steadying me on his lap. He kissed the back of my neck and I began raising and lowering myself on his marvelous shaft. I literally squealed with pleasure as his hard shaft slid in and out of me. Shortly his cockhead found that sweet spot in my ass that so pleasured me. Each time it hit me, I moaned and shouted: “SO GOOD, SO DAMN GOOD!!” louder and louder. “FUCK ME BLAKE, PLEASE! FUCK ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL COCK!!!”

My own dick was super hard now and it was throbbing. I was in ecstasy and I don’t think I had ever been so turned on in my life.

Blake turned my head to him and kissed me deeply, then went back to kissing my neck and back while playing with my nipples, pinching and rubbing them. I was being FUCKED! in front of a large crowd by a man I barely knew, and I was loving it!

I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensations I was feeling in my ass — actually in my whole body. They were so intense that I began breathing with great gasps. I raised and lowered myself faster and faster and faster. My body shook with pleasure — and my cock literally exploded. I gave a loud gasp and shouted: “I’M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGG!!!!”

My cum shot out of the head of my dick so hard that it hit me on top of my head in my hair, then on my forehead and elsewhere on my face, even on my lips, then on my chest. It gave a few more small spurts that landed in my groin and I was done, totally spent.

But we weren’t finished yet.

Blake grabbed me, raised me up a few inches and then began thrusting in and out of me with intensity. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and he was moaning too. “I’m so close, it won’t take much more!”, he whispered to me. With a few more quick and hard fucks into me, he suddenly shouted: “I’M BREEDING YOU, BOY!!! I’M FILLING YOUR BOY ASS WITH MY HOT CUM — RIGHT NOW!!!”

I felt him pulsing in me and yelled: “YESSS! YESS!! YESS!!!,” I screamed

I could feel him shudder and he loosed his torrent of sperm deep inside me. He wrapped his arms around me as he came, squeezing me with each ejaculation, again and again — finally slumping onto my back.

There was stunned silence at first from the audience, but then they rose en masse to their feet – cheering and stomping and yelling until they were hoarse.

As for myself, I could hardly move, but I remembered what Blake had told me to do, and so I raised myself slowly off of his dick until we were separated by about three inches and let everybody see some of his huge load come gushing out of me. I reached under my balls, catching some of his cum on my fingers, put them to my mouth, sucking on them. The crowd roared!!!

As he told me earlier, he turned me around and made me bend over with my back to the crowd, my cum-filled hole open to the audience, and gave me a long wet kiss.

We slowly walked off the stage with Blake supporting me. “Thank you, Mark — that was more than worth what I had to pay to get you!”

Waiting in the wings was the announcer who patted me on the back, saying: “That was by far the most erotic and raunchiest breeding I have ever seen!!! Congratulations, boy — you sweet, gorgeous, young thing!” And he kissed me and patted my sore ass.


I was extremely tired, so dad and I went back to our cabin. I was going to take a nap and I guess dad was tired too. I stripped down to my briefs and dad to his boxers and we laid down on the bed next to each other but not touching. My whole body ached and my ass was really sore, but I immediately fell asleep. Unfortunately mine was a troubled sleep and I tossed and turned a lot.

It didn’t seem like I had been asleep long when dad woke me up with a concerned look on his face.

He was shaking me, “Mark, wake up, wake up!” Blearily I looked up at him.

I found I had been crying in my sleep from the wetness on my cheeks. “What’s happening?”

“You were screaming and crying in your sleep, Mark. Are you OK, son?”, he asked concerned.

I moaned, “I don’t know, dad, I hurt so much and I can’t seem to get it out of my head what happened today. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it!.”

“Oh you poor boy, I’m so sorry! Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I wish there were, dad. My body aches all over and it feels like my ass is on fire.”

“I’ll get you some aspirin which will help the aching and some cream that will probably help your bottom. I’ll be right back, the stuff is in the other room.”

I closed my eyes for the few seconds he was gone. When he got back, he gave me a glass of water and three aspirin.

“Here take these first and then turn over and we’ll see about your butt.”

I quickly swallowed the pills and then turned over onto my stomach. Dad gingerly pulled my briefs all the way off and looked at my bottom.

“It really doesn’t look as bad as I feared, Mark. Your ass is red and bruised, but the worst is that your ass lips are very swollen. I’m surprised that your sphincter hasn’t closed yet — it looks like it’s still wide open. I’ll put some of this cream around your hole and a little inside. It should feel better in a few minutes, I hope.”

He spread the cream around those areas and poked some inside my hole, using his finger to spread it inside of me. I found that his finger rubbing in me was turning me on — I really wished he could get it in further. I found my dick was getting hard.

My memories of earlier today surged back into my mind and I started crying again.

“What’s wrong, now, Marcus?” (He hadn’t called me Marcus in years, so I knew he was really concerned.)

I stopped sobbing long enough to tell him.

“It’s not that Blake wasn’t a nice guy – he was! But I hate the idea that the person who first fucked me was someone who I didn’t really know. I can still feel his semen inside of me and somehow it makes me feel dirty — I don’t know why.” And I sobbed some more.

“What can I do for you, Marcus? I’ll do anything you want.”

“Really, dad??”

“Yes, son, anything.”

“Would you take your boxers off and lay on top of me, hold me tight, and kiss me?”

Dad thought for a few seconds and then laid down next to me, holding me, just hugging me.



“Listen to me very carefully. I realize you’re hurting right now but what you seem to be suggesting right now won’t happen. You and I have a great relationship, don’t we?”


“Then I want you to understand that us having sex at this time when you’re in an emotional state is the last thing that would be good for you. It’s not that you’re not a very beautiful and extremely sexy boy, you are. And if you were anyone else, there’d be no question in my mind that I’d love to do you.”

“But — and this is a big but. If we did it, it could seriously damage our relationship and there’s no way in the world that I would want that to happen. And after you get over the events of the day, I’m sure that you’ll understand that I’m right.”

“Sex between two people who have deep feelings between each other should never be taken lightly — and it doesn’t matter it’s a guy or a girl. It will change how you’ll feel about each other, sometimes drastically. If you’re going to do it, don’t rush into it quickly but give it careful consideration before proceeding. You understand me?”

I choked back some tears, “I guess.”

“Right now, in the state you’re in, sex of any kind is out of the question. I’m sure I could find a hundred men outside right now who would love to screw you, but that’s not going to happen. So close your eyes and go back to sleep. I’ll lay here beside you until you’re sleeping peacefully. I think you’ll find the world a much better place later.”

* * * * *

When I woke up after probably three hours of restful sleep, I found that dad was right — I did feel better. Sure, I still had memories of what happened today — some good, some bad. There were parts I had liked and some that I didn’t. But, I now knew that I liked having a cock inside me and would certainly be willing to let a guy fuck me again, but probably not anytime soon. I still liked girls and particular my girlfriend, and hopefully there would be times in the future when I could play around with another guy too.

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  1. Rick says:

    This is a great begining for a very Hot continuing adventure for Mark, future trips to the camp. Also maybe some adventures when he goes off to collage. Just more more of this story

  2. Rob says:

    Everyone seems to agree that mark and Blake need to catty-on through-out this story. Waiting patiently for further chapters! Please continue?!!

  3. Bucky says:

    I was hoping his Dad & Blake would both FUCK MARK like crazy & become a threesome who would proudly show Mark all what they knew . Eventually having a group of 10 good fuck buddies who ended up caring for each other who spent all their holidays together- always having MARK be the STAR who always stayed humble with a huge COCK in his mouth & humongous COCK in his ASS.

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