Cherry Popped In The Sauna Pt 3

I’d always been curious about cock, but I was no longer curious. I loved how I could go from having my face buried in pussy, to having my ass full of cock, and I loved them both equally.

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After my last meeting with Mark, I went back to my normal life. Going to work, college and seeing my girlfriend. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about Mark and his enormous cock. I think it was safe to say that I was definitely bisexual now, I’d always been curious about cock, but I was no longer curious. I loved how I could go from having my face buried in pussy, to having my ass full of cock, and I loved them both equally.

But after our last meeting, me and Mark remained in constant contact with each other. There was nothing to sexual over the messages and whenever there was, I made sure to delete it afterwards. To my parents and girlfriend, he was just a guy that I’d met through college and would occasionally hang out with. But obviously his parents knew a lot more of what went on between us, especially after our last meet. And Mark had explained to them the situation with me and they were very supportive.

We were enjoying a bit of a heatwave over the last few weeks, which when living in the north of England is a rarity. We normally call one day of sun a heatwave. But anyway, my girlfriend got in touch with her friends and they’d decided to head off into the country for a girls weekend, meaning she would leave on Friday and I wouldn’t see her till after she got home on Monday. Once I found out, I text Mark straight away:

Me: Hey Mark, just to let you know my girlfriend is going to be out of town for the weekend, so I have no plans what so ever. If you fancy getting together to do something, it could be fun.

It felt like an eternity waiting for a text back, my biggest fear being that he would have already made plans meaning I’d be on my own all weekend, but eventually the reply came.

Mark: Sounds great, you could come to mine for a couple of days? Weathers supposed to be nice and I’ve spoken to my parents, they’re cool with you staying over.

Me: Sounds amazing! I would love to!

Mark: So come over Friday after work, and you can stay till Sunday? Ready for going back to work on Monday.

Me: So excited, I can’t wait!

Mark: Don’t forget to pack đŸ˜‰ xxx

I took the packing as reference to our last meet. The down side was that it was only Monday… this week was going to drag but on the other hand, it gave me chance to buy some nice lingerie, I bought myself some new knickers as well as a little outfit that would make me look like a secretary although I didn’t know if he’d be into that. I also got got myself a new jockstrap which left me with a nice looking bulge and also could contain me if I got hard.

The week dragged on. It didn’t help that Mark started sending me naughty messages which tended to include pictures of his body and cock. And also made it awkward enough for me at work that sometimes I couldn’t move away from my desk because of the noticeable bulge in the front of my pants.

But as the days drew closer to Friday, I started to feel a little nervous. Remembering how our last meet went and how open his family was. They obviously knew what was going on between us. They’d heard us having sex, his Mom knew about my love for lingerie and we’d heard them having sex. And I didn’t even know their name.

I took a half day at work on Friday and asked Mark if he would be okay with me coming early. My girlfriend was leaving on the morning so I knew that wouldn’t be an issue. I’d told my parents of my plans and when I left work that morning, I had my new jockstrap on, packed all my new things and some spare clothes and headed off to work. The morning seemed to go pretty quickly and before I knew it I was texting Mark to tell him I was on my way.

It was probably between 2 and 3 in the afternoon when I arrived at Marks place and he greeted me at the door as I parked my car in his driveway. I grabbed my overnight bag out the back of the car before heading into the front of the house leaving my bag in the porch as we went into chat to his parents.

I was finally introduced to his parents and was now on a first name basis with Michelle and Jimmy. Michelle was what you would call a typical MILF, she had a lovely figure, was around the same height as me but had amazing tits and a very nice arse. Jimmy was probably around 6ft2/6ft3 and looked good. You could tell they both worked out. They were lovely, we chatted for a long time about Mark when he was a kid, and about Michelle and Jimmy themselves and how they met. They also said they were looking forward to getting to know me over the weekend and how Mark seemed to be a lot happier since I came onto the scene.

Mark eventually excused us to show me around a bit of the house and also make some drinks up. We ended up in the kitchen, starting to make some drinks, when he grabbed a hold of me from behind, and slowly began to kiss the side of my neck, he knew this drove me crazy and made my legs go weak.

I instinctively turned to face him, as he put both his hands onto the side of my face and leaned down to embrace me in a kiss. It was without doubt the most passionate kiss I’d ever have. It was like he didn’t want to let me go. It was the kind of kiss that brought an immediate hard on inside my pants and made me feel all weird and tingly.

His hands began to wander all over my body, in the moment I almost completely forgot that his parents were just in the next room. His founds their way to my ass, squeezing me whilst almost lifting me off my feet at the same time. My hands worked their way down to his massive cock, which was now fully hard inside his jeans.

Mark glanced over towards the living room, and quietly popped his head round the corner, checking to see what his parents were up to, and they were both facing away from us, watching TV waiting for us to return. He came back into the kitchen and began to push me down onto my knees, I knew what he wanted… and I sure as hell wanted it to.

I dropped to my knees which wasn’t to comfortable on a tiled floor and I began to fumble with the buckle on his belt and the buttons on his jeans. I tried to rush due to the situation with his parents being in the next room, eventually Mark helped me out by undoing his jeans and slowly pulling them down, causing his massive cock to slap me on the face as it battled to get free from the constraints of his jeans which made us both let out a little giggle.

‘Everything okay in there you two?’ his Mom called from the living room.

‘Yeah we’re goooodddd’ Mark responded, almost turning into a groan on the end as I began to lick the shaft of his cock.

I knew we had to be quick so I gave him everything I had. Quickly working my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft whilst massaging his balls. His head tilted back, biting his lip, trying his hardest not to moan as to give away what we were up to.

I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth, looking up at him and maintaining eye contact all the time, giving him a look of submission to some extent. He knew he could do what he wanted with me. If it wasn’t for his parents in the next room, I’d have him fucking my brains out over the kitchen counter.

I began to quicken the pace of my sucking now, using my hands to jerk him off at the same time. I could see his body tensing up every time I went down on him, he was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

I took my head off his cock and whispered to him, ‘you haven’t cum for a while have you?’

He couldn’t respond whilst I was still stroking his cock and he just shook his head to say no.

‘But your going to cum soon aren’t you?’

Again, he just nodded.

‘Are you going to fill my mouth with your cum?’

He nodded once more before I took his cock into my mouth once more. I was now bobbing up and down waiting for him to fill my mouth with cum.

He looked down at me and nodded his head and I took this as a sign that he was going to cum. I swallowed his cock whole one last time and massaged his balls once again. I felt them tighten, then felt his cock begin to pulsate in my mouth before he dumped what felt like a month’s worth of cum into my mouth. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth as I struggled to swallow it all before it finally stopped and I took the head of his cock into my mouth once more to clean his cock.

‘Holy shit’, he said. ‘You get better at this every time. You sure your not practising?’

‘I’m not’, I replied, picking up the drinks. ‘Yours in the only cock I want,’ I whispered into his ear as we made it back into the living room and handed his parents the drinks we’d made.

I handed Michelle her drink and she had a smirk on her face. Surely there was no way she knew what we were up to in the kitchen. As I smiled back at her, she started pointing or scratching at the corner of her mouth. It took me a little time to realise, but she was trying to tell me that I had something on my face. I wiped my finger across the corner of my mouth and I must have turned all kinds of shades of red. It was cum… cum! I had cum in the corner of my mouth and trust me, there was no mistaking what it was. She laughed as I made my way to sit down, hoping the chair would swallow me whole.

The rest of the night went okay, apart from the obvious embarrassment. We had some food, chilled out with his parents for a while before heading off upstairs to watch a film and have a snuggle. I was hoping for more action but I’d obviously warn him out earlier in the day as he was out for the count just before 11pm.

I fell into a light sleep but woke up not long after midnight, needing a glass of water, I jumped out of bed, threw a t-shirt over my jockstrap and headed off downstairs. Thinking everyone would be asleep I didn’t think it would be a problem. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I was already pretty much in the kitchen and grabbed myself a glass from the cupboard, and filled it with some water. I tried to remain as quiet as I could. Other than few clangs of the glass which weren’t to noisy, I headed to make my way back to bed before something caught my eye.

In the living room, I could see a light coming from the room, almost as if someone was still watching TV but the light didn’t seem bright enough for that. I decided to pop my head in just to make sure whoever it was was okay, and it’s safe to say, I got the shock of my life. I peeked my head round the corner and from that view I could see Jimmy furiously jerking himself off whilst watching porn on what I assumed to be an iPad.

It was clearly like father, like son. His cock looked huge, probably not as big as Marks but still an impressive size and looked a little thicker. As I leaned in closer, trying to get a look at what he was jacking off to, I got another shock. It looked like he was watching sissy porn. There was a young dude getting his ass stretched whilst another guy shoved a cock in his throat. I tried to get out of there and head upstairs but in the dark I kicked the bottom stair, stubbing my toe.

‘Chelle, is that you?’ Jimmy quickly closed the iPad and locked it. As he stood up and headed towards the stairs.

‘No, sorry Jimmy, it’s only me, was getting some water and stubbed my toe.’ He quickly tried to cover himself but his shorts gave away his massive secret.

‘Come and sit down, let me take a look.’ He guided me over to the sofa, he had his hand on my lower back before having a quick feel of my ass, he took a quick look at my toe before joining me on the sofa.

We chatted for a while, and eventually he began to rest his hand on my thigh, slowly stroking his hand up and down my leg, causing my cock to wake up and get immediately hard. His hand brushed across my crotch, before I pushed it away.

‘We can’t do this,’ I said. ‘I’m practically seeing your son.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’ He replied, ‘You’ll soon learn that we share everything in this family.’ And then he leaned in to kiss me, and I couldn’t help but kiss back.

He lifted my shirt over my head leaving me in nothing but my jockstrap. He then wriggled himself out of his shorts, freeing his cock and my hand automatically grabbed hold of his dick and began to stroke it. He broke the kiss and gently pulled my head down towards his cock which I took into my mouth straight away.

While I was sucking his cock, I heard him pop open a cap on what I assumed was lube and he began to slowly drip it onto my ass, before slowly inserting a finger into my ass which caused me to moan onto his cock.

‘Ssssshhhhhh, we don’t want to wake everyone up.’

I continued to work his cock whilst his fingers worked my hole. My head was bobbing up and down, but Jimmy quickly found the magic button and hit my prostate causing me to lose focus as he made my cock twitch without even touching it.

He jumped up off the sofa and pulled me down onto the floor with him, bending me over the sofa. He grabbed the lube once more and began to work it onto his cock.

‘Take it easy, I haven’t been fucked for a while.’ I tried to tell him as I felt the head of his cock teasing my hole.

He began to slowly ease himself into me, stretching me a little more than Mark does but it didn’t take him long to bottom out inside me.

‘Fuccccccccckkkk, you’re so fucking tight, that feels so good.’ He said quietly as I let out a long moan before he used his hand to cover my mouth.

He started using long hard thrusts making a slapping noise as he fucked me, I had a feeling he wasn’t going to last long.

‘Oh fuck, I can’t wait to tell Michelle about this,’ he said. ‘I wish I hadn’t jacked off earlier, you’re so tight, I’m gonna fill your ass soon.’

‘Nooo,’ I quickly replied. ‘You can’t cum in my ass, I have to go and sleep next to your son. Plus I want to taste you.’

‘Your fucking naughty’, he said as he pulled his cock out of me and had me lay on the floor so he could fuck me on top.

He pulled my legs to his shoulders, slipped his cock back inside me and began to fuck me once again, pinning my legs as close to my chest as they would go. With the angle of the new position, he was hitting my prostate with every thrust. I was now the one trying to keep quiet and was biting my lip to do so.

Jimmy took his right hand and began to rub the bulge of my cock through my jock. I could already feel an orgasm building, he rubbed my cock a couple more times before I exploded inside my jockstrap causing me to squirm as spurt after spurt erupted from my cock, soaking my jock. My hole tightening around Jimmys cock only brought him closer to the edge…

‘Fuck… yes… getting… close… arghhhh…’

He pulled out of my ass and quickly got his dick inside my mouth and I began sucking.

‘Yesssssss… here… it… cums…’

I was soon rewarded with my second mouthful of warm cum. He was just as big of a cummer as his son and I struggled to swallow it all. Once again, being a good slut, I sucked his cock dry before cleaning any leftover cum from his cock. Before we were both spent, laying next to each for a while before heading upstairs.

He let me go up first, following me so he could play with my ass as we headed up. Giving me a playful slap before we headed to our separate rooms for the night. I got into Marks room, threw my t-shirt into the corner, peeled my jockstrap off and climbed back into bed, hoping I didn’t wake him but he was stirring.

‘He finally did it, didn’t he?’ He asked.

‘What do you mean?’ I quickly replied, turning to face him.

‘He fucked you, just then, downstairs?’ He reached under the covers and grabbed my cock. ‘Yep, sticky, you’ve just cum.’

‘I’m sor-‘, I tried to apologise but he cut me off.

‘Don’t apologise, it’s what we all wanted to happen, this is normally where the guy packs his bag and runs cause he finds it weird. My Mom knows as well.’

‘So you mean, I get two cocks, your Mom is okay with it and we no longer have to hide it?’

He nodded his head to say yes.

‘Then, why would I want to leave? Sounds like I’m in for a fun couple of days.’

I leaned over, kissed him goodnight and fell asleep pretty quickly.

I slept like a baby that night, worn out from all the activities of the day. We both woke just before noon, headed downstairs for breakfast, Mark in a pair of shorts, meanwhile I had no other guy underwear so slipped on some shorts and went commando as well for the morning.

We headed out in the garden to find both Michelle and Jimmy chilling in the garden enjoying the nice weather. Jimmy in a pair of swim shorts and Michelle in what looked like a very small bikini. Both greeted us with massive smiles, probably everyone was now up to date with the events of last night. According to Mark, our plans for the day were largely similar. They had a lovely sized garden with plenty of seating, and the trees around the garden provided a lot of privacy but didn’t block the sun. The garden was a perfect sun trap.

Mark disappeared inside and quickly returned a few minutes later wearing a pair of swim trunks that were as close to speedos as you could possibly get and he jumped onto one of the available seats.

‘Ermmmmm… the one problem I’ve got is that I only brought trousers and jeans, I don’t really have any swimwear or shorts to wear.’ I spoke up, there was no way I could stay outside in this heat if I was wearing jeans.

Michelle quickly jumped up out of her chair, ‘I think we’ll have something you can wear, come with me and we’ll get you something.’ She hurried off into the house and I followed, her ass pretty much on display in the thong bikini she was wearing as she led me to their bedroom.

She was rummaging through their wardrobes and I was waiting for her to pull out a pair of trunks of Jimmy’s that I could borrow, so you can imagine the shock on my face when she turns to face me holding out a skimpy pair of pink bikini bottoms.

‘I think these will fit.’ I think she recognised the look on my face and quickly tried to reassure me. ‘Honestly, if Jimmy or Mark had any other shorts to give you I would, but you know what some guys are like, one pair is enough. Now come on, they’ll be fine.’

She tossed me the bikini bottoms and headed back out towards the garden.

‘You can check through the drawers if you want, but those are the biggest pair I have.’

Funnily enough I believed her as I was stood there holding the bottoms. They were bright pink with string sides that could be undone and I would describe them as ‘cheeky’. I headed back to Mark’s room, stripped out of the pyjama shorts I was wearing and pulled on the bikini bottoms. I tightened the strings to make sure nothing would fall out and they immediately made me hard. I waited till my erection had gone before heading out into the garden.

As I got back to the garden, I was greeted by wolf whistles from all 3 whilst the 2 boys couldn’t take their eyes off me. I found myself walking whilst trying to shake my ass as much as possible, I loved the attention. Every now and then, I’d get an erection which was impossible to hide. I was extremely turned on being dressed like this. It was the first time people had seen me in women’s clothes other than Mark. I loved how open his family were about sex, part of me wanted him to grab hold of me, bend me over the garden furniture and take me right now, but I didn’t want to push things. If his family was into voyeurism, I wanted them to reveal it to me, I wouldn’t make the first move.

The morning went by and the day got hotter, the sun was shining and I could feel myself starting to burn. I turned onto my front, and asked Mark to put some sun cream onto my back. He was more than happy to help out… probably a little bit to eager. He began rubbing the sun cream into my shoulders and back, it was almost like a professional massage, very relaxing. He then worked on my legs making sure they were covered. Finally, he worked his way to massage my ass cheeks, paying extra attention to them, before he slipped a finger underneath the bikini bottom and straight into my ass.

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