Co-Worker With Good Benefits Pt 3

“Your ass, my God!” Kyle cried, “It’s made for my cock,” he pulled back and held the cockhead just inside my entrance, “look at that, stretched so wide,” I lifted my head, panting, to see him looking down at his dick leaking into me.

Part 2


Day two of the conference was just as boring as day one, but the swag bag was better. My coworkers and I ate lunch together, but since I worked in the smaller office I really didn’t know any of them. It was nice watching Kyle talking to his peers though, seeing him in his element, speaking to other supervisors, showed why he was in the position to begin with. He was personable and commanding and had a gentle way of keeping boundaries that didn’t make him seem like he thought he was better than everyone else.

In the afternoon all of us were ushered into a large theater area. We listened to the keynote speaker, a tall man with a thin mustache that spoke about marketing strategies that were aimed at gaining the trust of a younger demographic. Some people were taking notes, others yawned and I couldn’t help but think about the stranger Kyle and I had encountered in the elevator. He had said the ideas here were often out of date and listening to this speaker he was right. I tuned out when he said companies should utilize social media of “Myspace and the like,” clearly he had no idea where the youth were hanging out online. Near the end he said he had a 45-minute video for us to watch. I heard Kyle groan beside me and slouch down in his chair. I glanced over and he had crossed his arms and his legs. He looked extremely bored.

The man left the stage as the lights went off, not dimmed but completely off, plunging us all into darkness. The sudden loss of sight shocked enough of us that some gasped in surprise. The large screen in front of us lit up, but not enough to give adequate light to us near the back. It was weird and uncomfortable. Not even actual movie theaters got this dark. I sighed, settling in to watch what would be an undoubtedly dry film entitled “Social Media and the American Young Adult”.

After a time I felt Kyle’s hand touch my arm. I looked over and after my eyes adjusted somewhat I saw that he still had his arms crossed, but he had extended his right arm further so he could place his hand on my bicep. Feeling confident that we wouldn’t be seen in the dark I reached out and placed my left hand over his. I gave it a squeeze then looked back up at the screen. A few more minutes passed and I shifted, stretching out my long legs and putting my hands on the wooden armrests. Fuck it, I was going to take a nap. I closed my eyes and let my body relax but just as I was about to really settle in for a good rest I felt Kyle’s hand move, sliding off my bicep until it was touching my chest.

I took in a deep breath, surely he wasn’t going to touch me in public like this! Sure it was dark, but it could still be a risk. I was trying to come up with a way to protest when his index finger began to stroke my right nipple. I bit my lower lip to keep from gasping. He was going achingly slow, his long finger softly caressing the tip until it was hard. Then he put more pressure on it, pressing his finger down more, but still keeping the leisurely pace. The slow movement meant I could feel every time his finger caught on the underside of my nipple then lifted it until it sprang from the edge of his finger and bounced back down. Then he would move his finger again in the other direction until my tight bud pointed downward, before releasing and bouncing back up. Over and over again he rubbed my nipple slowly until the pleasure it was creating rolled through my body and made my other nipple pebble to hardness.

I lowered my arm, placing it beside me and off the armrest, showing him that I was accepting his ministrations. His finger sped up just a bit, rubbing the tip until it tingled. Then he crooked his finger and used the nail to scratch gently over the very tip. The sensation made me jolt a bit and I tried to cover it up by shifting to cross my legs, but that just made me realize how erect I was. I glanced at Kyle and he was smirking. He took my nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to roll it. He took his time doing this too and each movement of his fingers made my arousal grow. He began to pull on it, stretching it to its limit then letting it go so it sank back into my pecs before doing it again. He pulled and released my nipple until my toes were curling and my body warmed. I was trying hard not to pant, but the pleasure was almost unbearable. The knowledge of knowing he couldn’t very well make me come in this place and wishing he could touch both of my nipples at the same time made the tension in my body reach a fever pitch.

He suddenly let me go and shifted away from me, uncrossing his arms and putting his elbow on the armrest so he could cup his chin in his hand. I looked over and he was looking at me with a wicked smile. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart and went back to watching the video.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but Kyle was gently shaking me. My eyes popped open, embarrassed and terrified of being seen. The video’s credits were rolling and I got myself straightened and lucid before the lights snapped back on. More than a few of us groaned at the blinding light. The speaker came back on stage and asked if anyone had any questions. We endured a few of those before we were finally, blessedly released.

I went immediately to the bathroom to throw cold water on my face to try to wake up further. I was drying off when Kyle walked in.

“You good?” He asked.

“Yeah, just tired and fucking bored.”

He chuckled, “Same,” he stepped up and getting on his tip toes leaned in and gave me a quick kiss.

It still surprised me how bold he could be sometimes. Anyone could walk through that door. I grinned at him, “I think you want us to get caught.”

His eyes twinkled as he reached up and pulled on my nipples. He smiled, “Nonsense. I kinda like the thrill.”

He squeezed them and I let out a moan involuntarily. He chuckled then left the bathroom first. I took a moment to throw cold water on my face again, but for a whole other reason than tiredness.

By the time the day was over I was exhausted. I flopped onto my bed on my back and let out a long groan. I used my toes to kick my shoes off as I loosened my tie. I closed my eyes and let the softness of the mattress soothe my aching back. I heard a soft knock on the door adjoining my room to Kyle’s. I didn’t answer, he knew I kept it unlocked, he was just letting me know he was coming in.

I heard the door open and the soft fall of his feet as he sought me out. I felt the bed dip but I still didn’t open my eyes. I felt his hands at my belt and sighed when he started to undo it then my pants.

“You look worn out,” he whispered.

“These shoes suck for walking and I learned nothing, which just feels like I wasted time I could have spent being productive,” I rubbed my hands over my face then lifted my hips so Kyle could work down my pants, “I’m just over it.”

“One more day,” Kyle whispered as he threw my pants aside. Then he began to unbutton my shirt.

I just hummed in answer and enjoyed being taken care of. I wasn’t surprised once my shirt fell away that his hands started to roam over my chest and belly. I kept my eyes closed and allowed myself to feel handsome under his gaze.

“I wanted you so badly today,” he whispered as he began to knead my pecs, “I didn’t mean to tease myself, but after touching you in that auditorium all I could think about was wanting more of you,” I felt his fingers wrap around my nipples and squeeze, “more of these.”

“Why do you like them so much?” I asked quietly, trying not to dispel the mood.

“Because they are so sensitive,” he plucked them, “and large. God I love how big they are. Makes them so easy to find underneath your shirt. So easy to lick,” he leaned over and demonstrated nice and slow, making me sigh, “you know,” he whispered against it, his lips brushing over the tip, “they throb in my mouth when I suck them,” he bit it and I moaned.

He started to lick one while his fingers fondled the other, “I love this part,” he gave it a quick suck then pulled away with a smack, “when I can feel it grow hard in my mouth,” he sucked it again, a little harder this time and I moaned again. Another smack then he blew on it, “When your nipples get hard I know your cock is too…”

I arched as he moved to the other and suckled that one, worrying the spit slicked one with his fingers now. He continued to slowly suck my nipples, making them tingle and grow long. And he was right, my dick was straining against my underwear. When he started to flick the tip of my nipple with his tongue I felt my cock twitch in interest. He kept his tongue on me as he pulled back, releasing my nipple from his lips but still working it over with his tongue. I arched again and began to pant. I felt like my entire body was on fire. He was so good at this.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered then used his hands to grasp my pecs and squeeze them. The action forced my nipples to stand straight up towards the ceiling. He held my chest strongly then alternated licking the tip of each one over and over again until I was practically vibrating with pleasure. Then he used his lips to pluck at them, first the right then the left, then the right again. The sound it made was lewd, the only sound in the room being my harsh breathing and the popping wet noise from his lips. He then took them between his thumb and forefinger and rolled them quickly, like he was rolling a ball of clay. I bucked my hips and I felt wetness on my inner thigh.

“K-kyle…I…my leg,” I wasn’t coherent and it made him chuckle.

He must have looked down because he said, “Oh, look at that, you’re leaking,” he used one hand to pull my cock out but immediately put it back on my chest and resumed rolling my tit.

I let out a choking sound then pleaded, “Please…your mouth.”

He didn’t say a thing, just obliged and latched onto one of my nipples. His suction was slow and he worked his lips and cheeks like he was nursing. It made me blush when I suddenly wondered if he would like it if I was lactating. He let out a soft hum like this was the most comfortable place to be and the vibration reverberated through my nipple and down to my cock which sputtered precum. I shuttered and he used that moment to move over to the other one. His suckling was driving me crazy and I let out a gasping moan as my back arched again.

He pulled away with a lick then whispered, “You gonna come for me?” Then he was sucking me again.

I rocked my hips up, hoping he’d touch me there. I knew he could feel the movement, but he ignored me, instead he gave me a strong bite in that made me yelp then he started to lick at me. The fingers of his other hand and began to flick my straining tip. He stimulated it rapidly, making the nipple sway with the action.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I bit my lower lip and bucked my hips. I could feel my orgasm growing.

“That’s it,” Kyle whispered before moving to the other nipple and nipping it playfully, “come for me,” then he began to lave all around, not only getting my nipple wet but my areola too.

My mouth was fully open now and I was letting out a string of “oh shit” and “please please please”. My hips were rolling on their own and I had sweat on my brow.

Kyle lay his head on my chest, my nipple springing from his mouth with a moist ‘plap’ sound. He used his fingers to knead and pinch and roll my tips as he whispered, “That’s it…you’re close now aren’t you,” he pulled the nipples and I let out a hard shiver, “shoot it out, I want to feel your cum on my back,” he started to rub them quickly and that’s what did me in.

I let out a short cry then arched my back and released. My climax was surprisingly strong from having just been stimulated by my nipples but that meant I did, indeed, come onto his back. I heard him let out a soft moan before he sat up and looked down at me. He was still rolling my nipples as my orgasm subsided to tiny quivers. He was smiling as he finally let go of me.

I was panting when I reached out to him. He understood and leaned over and we kissed passionately, like starved men. It was frantic and sloppy and he moved to straddle me.

He licked into my mouth then asked, “Can I fuck you?”

“Please,” I gasped out, pulling his tee shirt over his head and dropping it beside the bed.

Kyle stood and removed his pants and underwear. He then quickly reached for me, practically ripping my underwear off before clamoring between my legs to pry my ass apart. I lifted my legs and held my thighs so he had more access. There was no foreplay involved, he just dove right in, lathering spit all over my puckered hole. I tried hard not to move, but it felt so good that I couldn’t help but jerk my hips. He grunted and gave me a hard spank to my inner thigh that made me whimper, but he never stopped eating me out. He worked me over good, slurping and lapping at me until he could push the tip of his tongue inside. My toes curled at the sensation. He pulled back and I could feel his saliva running down the crack of my ass. He moved his fingers closer, pulling me apart more so I was gaping before him. I whispered ‘oh god’ when he began to spear his tongue in and out of me.

He smacked his lips, “So pink,” he licked me, “gonna fuck you so hard,” a sucking wet kiss, “gonna fill you up.”

My dick was trying to come to life again and I didn’t know how much more of this rimming I could take. I wanted him so badly. I whined pathetically then begged, “Please! Now!”

He looked up from between my thighs, his mouth still open tongue out and I nodded frantically. He licked his lips then sat up, “Lube,” he demanded and I rifled under my pillow and brought out the small bottle I had. He snatched it up and poured too much over my opening. He didn’t seem to care as he pushed in two fingers, “Fuck you’re so tight,” he tried to prepare me gently, but we were both a little needy and after a while he just started to finger fuck me the way he wanted. It stung a little but not enough to tell him to stop.

My cock was erect once again by the time I was loose enough for him to enter me. I loved the way he looked over me, his small build dominating me turned me on more than anything else I had ever encountered. I held my legs up and as wide as they could go as his cockhead breached my hole. I felt myself flutter around the intrusion before I relaxed and opened up to him. He sank in slowly with a long groan and when he was in all the way he gave a grunt then grinned.

“You always feel so fucking good,” He pulled out slowly, then rocked back in again and it made me gasp, “you like that, yeah?”

“Fuck yes,” I whispered as my body was pressed into the mattress when he began to start up a rhythm.

He took his time building up speed and each thrust became stronger as his desire intensified until his hips were snapping into me with enough power to make his balls hit against my skin with an echoing slap. He was grunting, his body glistening with sweat as he looked down at me. I bit my lower lip and tried to keep my eyes open so I could watch him, but he was moving so quickly and slamming into me so strongly that eventually I found myself with my head thrown back, eyes closed with my mouth open, moaning.

“Your ass, my God!” Kyle cried, “It’s made for my cock,” he pulled back and held the cockhead just inside my entrance, “look at that, stretched so wide,” I lifted my head, panting, to see him looking down at his dick leaking into me. He let out a deep sigh, “Fuck yeah,” he looked up as he slammed into me, one swift move that made me cry out his name, “love this big body,” he slid his hand up my torso then grabbed my tits and pulled the nipples roughly, “love that you become my pliant little bitch!” he twisted my nipples and I screamed, my body convulsing as a mini shockwave of pleasure shot through me.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” I squeezed my eyes shut as I took the pounding. My tiny boss jackhammering into my toned ass with abandon, abusing my nipples until they were taut and tingling. His dick felt so good, thick and long, longer than his small body would have you believe it should be. Each thrust in sent my mind spinning, my ass swallowing him up as I eagerly kept my legs spread for him. He was impaling me, claiming me and I couldn’t wait to be marked with his seed deep inside my guts, “Please please!” I begged, tears at the corners of my eyes. I felt a slap against my cheek and my eyes snapped open.

He pushed his thumb into my mouth and I sucked on it sloppily like a slut, “Please what?” He demanded.

I was forced to speak around his thumb. My speech was garbled, my eyes glassy with lust, “Please come! Make me come!”

He removed his finger then slapped me again, “Say it right.”

I groaned and I felt my cock jump in delight. I glanced down and saw a string of precum had oozed out of my piss slit and had settled on my belly. I whimpered, “Fuck your cum into me!” Another slap, “Sir!”

“Fuuuuck yes,” He leaned forward and placed his hands on my shoulders then surprised me by picking up speed yet again. The new angle forced him in a tad bit deeper. He was looking down at me, both of us sweating with the force of the fucking, “I’ll cream your tight little ass,” he snapped his hips and I screamed, “Fill you up real good,” he sat up and slipped his arms under my legs and gripped my thighs tightly. He leaned back and fucked in at an upward angle and this position caused each thrust to drill into my sweet spot.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” I covered my face with my hands then began to come, splashing myself with my hot spunk that found all the valleys of my muscular abs to settle into.

“Shit!” Kyle cried then he was climaxing too, his cum shooting inside me forcefully as his dick throbbed with each spurt. He snapped his hips with each ejaculation until the pulsing streams subsided.

He fell on top of me and I immediately wrapped my arms around him. We were both gasping for breath, sticky with sweat and cum and utterly satisfied. I gave him a strong squeeze then asked if he wished to shower together.

“Give me a sec,” he chuckled breathlessly, “but yeah.”

I couldn’t help but tease him a bit so I flexed my inner walls and heard him let out a grunt. I chuckled then did it again, this time it almost pushed his softening dick out of me. He reached up with a groan and pinched a nipple hard in warning, but that just made me tense and it did push his cock from me that time. I felt his cum dribble out, making the crack of my ass warm and wet.

He looked up at me and smiled, “You good?” He reached up and rubbed my cheek, the place he had slapped.

“I’m great,” I grinned back at him. He always asked and I was always too embarrassed to tell him I wanted to be hit harder. Someday I wouldn’t be ashamed of my desires and I’ll open up more to him about them. Right now though, I was still reeling from the fact that he was not only accepting of my submissiveness but genuinely enjoyed it. I never thought I’d find a partner that didn’t think it was weird that a man as tall and bulky as me loved the idea of submitting to them. He had made a few comments in the past that suggested he didn’t think he’d find a person willing to let him be dominate. I think we were both still in a little bit of awe with the other.

He finally rolled off and landed beside me on his back. I looked over at him and again admired his beauty. He looked at me and smiled then took my hand.

“You’re a good lay you know that?” He grinned playfully.

I laughed, the action forcing more of his cum to bubble out of me. I closed my legs and groaned, “Oh I’m so gross down there.”

He chuckled then sat up, “Come on babe, let’s go clean up,” he scooted off the bed and waved his fingers at me.

I sat up too and took his hand. We walked to the bathroom together and I wondered silently if he meant to call me babe. If he called me anything sweet it was baby and it was in service of trying to get me to come faster. But this had sounded casual, like an endearment. I found myself smiling as I walked with him and really hoped that was.

Co-Worker With Good Benefits Pt 4

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  1. Kent says:

    Ohhh!!! So Fuckin’ HOT Story!!!
    As the “Tit-Pig” I am, with big, sensitive tittys, I know so well all of his reactions, feelings and tit-orgasmes he gets from having his tittiez played, licked, sucked as men loves to use and enjoy them.
    This is just the same as I experienced – with the only difference that I have not got me a tit-lover to worship my tittiez…

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