Co-Worker With Good Benefits Pt 4

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Those nipples are such a gift. I’ve never seen anything like them…so suckable. Juicy fat tits. Just remembering how thick they were in my mouth gets me so damn hard.”

Part 3


The last day of this conference was like a breath of fresh air. They had small business owners come in and speak and they, of course, had better, fresher ideas than the larger companies’ over paid spokespersons. The product room had extended hours and I watched Kyle and some of the other higher ups compare the quality of one bulk pen manufacture to another. I ended up with so much free swag I was making mental notes on which younger kin I was going to send stuff too. School was coming up and I had so many pencils and water bottles to give away.

During lunch I ate outside, tucked away in a shady corner with my fast food. Kyle found me and we ate together, then, because we were secluded, he flicked my nipples and kissed me until we were both breathless. He whispered against my lips how pretty I was as he pinched my stiff nips. We ended up being a bit late to a demonstration because we ducked into a bathroom on a different floor and sucked each other off.

The rest of the day turned into this flirty game of hide and go seek. We’d get separated, see each other again, make playful banter then part ways due to conversations or seminars. It was silly but fun. Kyle was adorable when we would meet up, smiling at me or giving me winks. Late afternoon he began to get bolder: touching my arm, rubbing my ass, whispering what he wanted to do to me. The last time we were far enough from people that he grabbed my chest and squeezed my nipples. I was so shocked that I actually yelped. He laughed at me.

“Do you want us to get caught?!” I hissed, terrified someone would finally notice what we had been up to.

Kyle’s demeanor instantly changed. He narrowed his eyes, “Don’t you trust me?”


His voice was suddenly serious, “Do you think I’d risk our jobs?”


“Do you think I’d humiliate you?”

I started to feel worried. Had I angered him?


I felt small, we had been having a fun time and now I had seemingly ruined it.

“Is that what you think?” He raised a brow, waiting for an answer.

“No,” I answered truthfully.

“No…” his upper lip curled, “what?”

My eyes went wide, “No Sir…” my mouth went dry and my body warmed. He hadn’t been angry at all. He was still playing the game!

Kyle’s expression softened, “You’re right…I would never do anything that would take me away from your lovely tits,” he reached up and began to rub one, “playing with them at work makes my day more enjoyable. You like when I touch them too don’t you?”

I swallowed, realizing that this whole argument was just an excuse for him to get me to remember who was actually calling the shots here. I had to trust him because I was the one who chose to submit to him. I nodded my head and whispered, “I love it Sir.”

He smiled but it looked a little wicked, “And what if I did want us to be caught?” He flicked my nipple and I forced myself not to look around. I wanted him to see that I could obey, so I kept eye contact. His smile widened, “Maybe I want others to see just how slutty your face looks when I squeeze these big nipples. Maybe I want to show you off.”

“Whatever you want Sir,” my body was so ready for him. I really think in that moment I would have done anything.

He chuckled, “Don’t give me that much leeway!” He twisted my nipple until I winced in pain then he gave me a hard stare, “Don’t become a pliant little doll. Do what I say but be reasonable. I want a partner, not a slave,” he released me then smoothed his fingers over my rock-hard nipple to soothe it, “got it?”

“Yes Sir,” I was so tense with lust and wanting.

“Of course you do,” He patted my chest then dropped his hand, “I can’t wait to be alone with you tonight. I plan on having my fill of you,” he looked directly at my standing nips with yearning, “I’ll see you later,” then he waved and walked away.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to gather myself. He was so fucking hot I could hardly stand it. I was pretty much in a lusty haze for the rest of the day.


Dinner proved to be interesting. The stranger from the elevator came up to me holding a plate of shrimp cocktail. He smiled. He was even more handsome in a suit.

“Hey,” I said returning the smile.

“Hi,” he took a bite of his food and looked around, “your buddy around?”

“Somewhere I’m sure.”

“Y’all change your mind?” He looked up at me through his lashes as he ate another shrimp.

It took me a minute to get what he was saying but once I realized I answered, “It was actually a misunderstanding. We wouldn’t have otherwise…”

“That’s a shame,” he stepped forward and lifted his plate and I was too late in realizing what he was doing. With the plate as a weak shield, he used his other hand to pinch one of my nipples, “I’ve been dreaming of sucking on these all day.”

I quickly stepped back, but my sensitive nipple had already stiffened. He gave me a wink then walked away.

“Now who wants to be caught,” Kyle said from behind me.

“Shit!” I spun around, startled. I hadn’t heard him come up. I pursed my lips, “I didn’t invite him.”

“You didn’t hate it,” he reached up and flicked the hard teat.

“Stop!” I whispered, feeling my face blush, but he just laughed, “I can’t help that my body…does that…” I gave him a glare, “besides, I blame you.”

“Me?” Kyle looked confused.

“You touch them so much, you’re the one that got them like this!”

“I love them like that,” He gave me a lascivious grin, “don’t think I’ll stop playing with them,” he chuckled then whispered, “last day, wanna use the hot tub?”

Before I could answer he walked away calling out to a coworker.


As it was, very late at night, we did use the hot tub. It was a fairly large community one next to the hotel enclosed pool that could be shared by other guests. I thought it was unsanitary but Kyle seemed so excited by it that I followed him in anyway. There were some people that we didn’t know already in there. And elderly woman that said we made a cute couple and a burly man who quickly got out with a disgusted looking snarl. We sank down low and enjoyed the warmth and bubbles. After a while the old lady said goodnight then left. We both closed our eyes and just relished the soothing atmosphere.

“Oh hey guys!”

I opened my eyes to see the stranger from the elevator (I should really learn his name). Kyle sat up and gave him a slight nod.

The man lifted his hands, “I swear I’m not following you!” He gave us an adorable grin then sank into the water.

“It wouldn’t matter if you were,” Kyle spoke, the tone a bit icy, “because we still wouldn’t change our minds…”

“Don’t be like that,” the man smirked, “you’re acting like we didn’t have fun.”

I saw Kyle’s mouth open to retort but I cut him off, “What’s your name?” I let out a heavy sigh.

He smiled, “Noah…and you?”


“Kyle,” my boss drawled, blinking slowly.

Noah chuckled as he stared at Kyle, “You’re awfully protective,” he smirked, “it’s cute,” he chuckled again when he heard Kyle huff. He sank deeper into the water, “you were all eager to share in the elevator. There’s no way you don’t know how sexy as fuck Jason’s chest is. You really expect me to not shoot my shot again?”

I felt a bit self-conscious, exposed just enough to show off my thick nipples. I went to move but Kyle reached up and took hold of the right one and tugged. I let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure.

Kyle stared down Noah, “I trained them to be like this,” he flicked my tip and I jolted, “always ready. Stiff and begging to be played with. So yes Noah, I know Jason’s chest is sexy as fuck,” he gave my nipple another flick then dropped his hand.

Though it was very clear that Kyle was being hostile Noah was still looking at my nipples hungrily. He finally looked at our faces and spoke, “Why are you acting like this? Regretting our time in the elevator? Or are you jealous that another man can turn Jason on? Remember, you’re the one that watched me touch him,” he moved closer to us, “let me.”

Kyle narrowed his eyes but before he could speak I said, “I told you it was a mistake. I thought he knew you. I only went along because I thought that was what Kyle wanted.”

“And what about what you want?” Noah looked at me, “You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Those nipples are such a gift. I’ve never seen anything like them…so suckable. Juicy fat tits. Just remembering how thick they were in my mouth gets me so damn hard.”

He reached up, like he was going to touch me but Kyle’s hand quickly shot out and he gripped Noah’s wrist, “You’re bold,” Kyle practically sneered.

“I’m horny,” Noah smirked, “Come on, it’s the last day and you will never see me again. Were you both so freaked out that I was a stranger that you are going to shut down having a bit more fun?”

Kyle sighed, “Look, I’ll admit that it was…thrilling. I had never seen anyone else touch Jason before. I did get caught up in the newness of it all, but afterwards I realized it just wasn’t my thing,” he shrugged, “look, I’m sure you’re a great guy, but…well, I just don’t want to share.”

“Then don’t,” Noah pushed away until he was back at the opposite side of the hot tub, “just let me watch…”

My eyes went wide, was this man serious? He wanted Kyle and I to perform for him, in this community hot tub where anyone could enter?! I was going to protest but then I felt Kyle push me forward a little. He moved and settled in behind me, forcing me between his parted legs, my back to his chest. He took his hands and hefted my pecs up high. He gave my shoulder a soft kiss and it was then that I felt he was as hard as a rock. He wiggled until his cock was nestled between the globes of my ass.

Noah smirked as he looked at us. He grinned, “You are lucky Kyle, to find a man with a pair like that.”

Kyle began to knead them then he whispered into my ear, “I’ll stop, but I wasn’t completely teasing earlier. The idea of showing you off is so fucking hot to me…,” he pressed his erection strongly against my ass, spreading my cheeks more, “and he’s so fucking horny for you…but we never set those boundaries like we should have…” he squeezed my chest hard and I whimpered, “So I’ll stop if you want, just let me know.”

“Keep going,” I whispered as I lay my head back. I closed my eyes and basked in the pride I felt at knowing that Kyle wanted to parade me around like a prized stallion. I liked making him happy. I liked that we both enjoyed pleasing each other. We could talk later, maybe on the drive home, but right now I just wanted to be Kyle’s pretty little pony.

Kyle let out a rumbling groan against my throat as his fingers found my straining teats and pinched them. He looked over at Noah and spoke, “I couldn’t believe it, when I first saw them, just how big they were,” he pulled up and out, stretching them to prove his point. The sensation made them tingle. He continued, “Then I found out that they are sensitive. The noise he made the first time I touched them almost made me shoot my load.”

“I bet,” Noah licked his lips and it was then that I noticed his shoulder was moving. He was jerking off under the water, right here in the hot tub while watching Kyle play with my tits. Noah groaned, “How sweet was it to finally suck on them?”

“So good,” Kyle let out a moan, “I didn’t want to let them go. They grew so long, so rigid. He makes the most wonderful sounds when I nibble on them,” he started strumming my nipples quickly and I arched as pleasure raced through me. I heard Noah curse then I cursed myself when Kyle twisted my throbbing tips, “he really likes it when I use my tongue. Don’t you baby?” Kyle kissed my neck, “You like when I bite and lick your lewd nipples?”

“Yes,” I gasped out. He was rolling them now between his thumbs and forefingers.

“You prance around the office with these stiff nips. Teasing me all day. Making my mouth water until I can finally touch you at lunch. Sucking these slutty thick nipples until you come is the highlight of my day.”

I watched Noah speed up, his movements disturbing the water, breaking the pattern of the bubbles with his frantic jerking. I had gripped my thighs, trying so hard not to touch myself. I was fully erect and every time Kyle pinched my nipples it bounced eagerly. I rocked my hips, rubbing my toned ass against my boss’ scorching hot cock.

Kyle licked my neck then said, “Then after work I can’t wait to get you alone so I can make you pant and writhe properly,” he held my nipples in his thumbs and middle fingers then used his index fingers to stroke the very tips of them until I was trembling. He let out a pleased hum, “I love when you get like this. Docile. Mine,” I whined and he chuckled, “thinking of nothing but the pleasure of your tits, these fucking huge knockers,” he suddenly released me only to bring his hands down and slap my pecs hard.

“Look at that jiggle,” Noah breathed in awe, “do it again please.”

I gasped when Kyle did, the contact making an echo when his palms cracked against my still stinging chest. Then he rubbed all around them, like he was trying to rub the slight pain away, but soon it became apparent he was using the movement just to make them wobble more.

My nipples were so hard that they felt like pins and needles were prickling them. I looked down and saw how high and tight they were, straining to be touched. My cock was undoubtedly leaking into my swim trunks.

“He’s panting,” Noah observed and it made me blush. He looked me in the eye and said, “You look slutty like that you know. With those rosy cheeks and fat hard nipples tempting me.”

“Aren’t they though?” I could feel Kyle’s smile against my shoulder, “So tempting,” he started to flick them rapidly and I shivered against his body, “and he is such a slut. Without prompting he started to send me pics of himself playing with these lovely gems,” he was still flicking them and now my hips were rocking nonstop, “he couldn’t wait for me to touch them again.”

“What did he send you?” Noah never took his eyes off my chest.

“His nipples covered in melted chocolate, pinched between clothespins, hard against a piece of ice or rubbed with oil. One time he sent me a picture of them cover with his cum. Then like the desperate whore he is he called me and begged me to come over and lick him clean.”

Noah let out a long groan, no doubt thinking about licking my chest. Kyle ducked his head under my arm and suddenly wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked. I let out a yelp but it just made him suck harder. He was making noises, moaning and slurping around my tit like it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. Noah was whispering ‘fuck’ over and over again. Kyle’s suction was so strong that when he finally popped off my teat it made my pec bounce like a water balloon.

Noah looked over at Kyle and whispered, “Please…let me…”

Kyle didn’t answer with words, he just dropped his head and sucked my tingling tip back between his lips then used his hand to wave Noah over. The man didn’t hesitate, he rushed towards me and latched onto my other nipple like a hungry babe. I threw my head back and cried out, heated desire flowed through my veins as my nipples were suckled by two sexy men.

Noah pulled off, “Fuckin’ hell these are magnificent.”

Kyle glanced at me and opened his mouth so I could see just how rapidly his tongue was flicking over my perky nipple. I was panting, between the danger of getting caught, Kyle’s dirty talk, our little show to Noah and now this intense suckling I was so eager and primmed to come.

I reached down and pulled Kyle’s hair just as Noah bit my nipple. I gasped out, “I’m close…I can’t-oh!” Kyle was nibbling me now too, “I can’t…not in here. The…oh God…the water,” my toes were curling and my neck and chest were so hot. My arousal heated body mingled with the warmth of the water so I didn’t know if my lightheadedness was from that or my incredible pleasure. I moaned and said again, “I can’t come in here.”

With a loud smack both men released me and I sagged. My body was trembling with pleasure. Kyle looked at Noah then at me. I licked my sweat coated lips then watched as Kyle reached up with both hands and rubbed all over the expanse of my massive chest.

My handsome lover smirked at me then said, “You’re right, it’s rude as fuck,” then he pinched my nipples and rolled them. He kept eye contact as he continued to play with them and I realized then that unless I was more demanding he was going to make me come anyway. We were already in so deep that I don’t think he cared at this point if my orgasm clouded up the public hot tub. Kyle dropped the hand closest to Noah and the man wasted no time in licking my tip until it was tight and throbbing before he slurped it back into his mouth.

“Look at you,” Kyle grinned at me, “such a horny bitch for me. Not even putting up a fight,” he chuckled when I let out a long moan. I didn’t know I had a kink for name calling but fuck did I ever when Kyle did it. My dick twitched and I felt myself step closer to the edge, closer to losing all composure. He pulled on my teat then glanced down to watch himself rub the very tip of it with the pad of his thumb, “you’re so responsive. Love the way you jerk when I catch you off guard at work. Love how you beg when we’re alone. Love this slutty expression you’re showing now. So good to me,” he leaned up and gave me a chase kiss then whispered, “I want you to come for me. Show Noah just how beautiful you look when you let go.”

I groaned and Noah and I locked eyes. He was sucking hard now and I could feel my nipple stretch then retract over and over again between his lips. The pressure was such that it hollowed his cheeks and made tight squeaking sounds. The sight of him suckling so hungrily on my chest was what sent me over. I arched my back and whispered Kyle’s name just as my climax hit. I coated my trunks with hot cum as my boss started quickly flicking my nipple. I opened my eyes to watch my body be manipulated. The way my nipple bounced up and down as Kyle’s finger bullied it looked sexy even to me. Noah had drawn my tight bud so deep into his mouth that my pec was almost cone shaped. I was still spurting my seed when I felt warm wetness strike the side of my thigh. Just then Noah released my nipple by opening his mouth and moaning loudly as he rode out his own climax. I had no idea the man had even started to jerk himself again. I soon felt his bare dick rubbing against my muscular thigh and knowing that Kyle couldn’t see, that he wouldn’t know Noah was rutting on my body, was a dirty little secret that sent me into another smaller orgasm.

Finally, in what felt like forever both of us stopped coming. I was panting hard and Noah quickly jumped out of the tub, having pulled his shorts back up. He sat on the edge for a second before laying back, “Fuck I’m overheated, thought I was gonna pass out.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, my throat felt dry as I spoke so it came out a little more than a croak.

Kyle pushed my hair aside and looked up at me, “Should you get out too?”

I nodded. While I would love to enjoy this crazy afterglow I did need to cool down and we all needed to escape from here. We had been so so fucking lucky no one came in while I was recklessly getting fondled.

It took some time but I was able to pull myself out of the water. Kyle was next, having adjusted his cock so the elastic band pushed it against his stomach. We found that we were all overheated so parting ways in the hall consisted of weak waves and tiny grins. I made my way into Kyle’s room and stripped completely naked then flopped onto his bed. Kyle joined me, also nude, and he held my hand as we looked at each other.

He had a huge grin on his face when he asked, “You good?”

I laughed, “I am. You?” I rubbed the back of his hand with my thumb.

“I’m great,” he sighed, “but we really should talk about those boundaries.”

I chuckled, “We do, we really do.”

He gave me a sweet look then leaned over and surprised me by giving me a soft kiss, “You really did look lovely tonight,” he smiled at me.

I felt a warmth in my heart at the compliment so I snuggled up closer to him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. I was so much bigger than him, there is no way I should be the little spoon and the awkward angle made me chuckle too. Nevertheless it felt comfortable. Right. And I refused to let myself ask what I was to him. I closed my eyes and didn’t remember falling asleep but rather the feeling of contentment.

Co-Worker With Good Benefits Pt 5

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  1. Kent says:

    Ohhh!!! So Fuckin’ HOT Story!!!
    As the “Tit-Pig” I am, with big, sensitive tittys, I know so well all of his reactions, feelings and tit-orgasmes he gets from having his tittiez played, licked, sucked as men loves to use and enjoy them.
    This is just the same as I experienced – with the only difference that I have not got me a tit-lover to worship my tittiez…

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