Coach Helps Son

“Awww, I don’t mean to make you embarrassed. It’s fine,” Ralph said as he moved to sit by his son and not even realizing his own cock stood straight up and out in his shorts.


“Son, you have to spread your legs a little more in your squat,” Ralph sighed. He watched his son carefully, making sure to note how each muscle flexed and moved with each bow downward. “Straighten your hips, and make sure the bar isn’t on your neck. You have to straighten things out, or you could hurt yourself. I would hate for the best damn shortstop the college has seen in ages roll a metal bar on their vertebrae…”

Ralph had his hands on Austin’s hips, the similar-looking but smaller-statured man going through his reps as his beefy father watched with a calculating gaze. Stiff calves, straining traps underneath the athletic shirt, and a grimacing expression told him all that the older stud needed to know; he was pushing his son to his limit.

The garage that they were working out in was nothing spectacular. Even the weights that the two were utilizing were hand-me-downs from Ralph’s college days working out at home. The weights were rusty, but like an old car that just didn’t know when to die, they were as reliable as well as prone to give some form of disease. Well, maybe not that bad, but Ralph begged to differ. It was actually quite crude for Austin to work out in such conditions since he was one of the best the college had. Austin was always a starter and always on top. His dad took a moment and smiled to himself, watching his son strain against the weight.

Austin grunted as he did a few more reps, feeling his toned yet somewhat thick back muscles starting to scream at him. “I-I don’t think I can finish this set, Dad,” he groaned, sweat rolling down his face and dripping off his face and rolling down his chest from the exertion evident from how he was starting to shake from struggling with the weight. He hated being a quitter, but he knew better than to push himself too far and end up getting hurt.

“Push just a little more, son,” Ralph urged, but his actions showed his confidence was misplaced; he put his hands right underneath the bar. He saw Austin get hit by a pitch which nearly tore his ACL a few weeks back. It always left him an emotional wreck when Austin ended up in the E.R., but he’d be damned if he’d allow his son to half-ass the squat. He was so close already, and Ralph knew Austin had it in him. Giving the bar a bit of force underneath to help, Ralph added, “Think about how good it will feel to have done three sets of ten. How good you’ll squat on the mound. You’ll be able to stay there for hours on Friday. Concentrate…and push like you fucking mean it.”

Spurred on by his father’s words, the athlete pushed on, slowly raising himself back up to a standing position despite his wobbling legs as he felt a surge of pride shoot through him for managing to make it, even if he did have a little help getting there. That was pretty much the story of his life, trying his hardest to achieve greater heights in his baseball career but always needing his dad to push him that little bit extra in the end. Austin wanted to be able to do it all by himself, but he knew his father meant well and wanted to do what he could to see him improve.

With a final grunt, Austin racked the weights and let out a long puff of air, slumping back against the wall of the garage. “Think I’m gonna have to call it there for tonight, Dad. I don’t think my leg can take much more,” the young stud sighed, internally cursing his injury and the weakness it left him with even after he healed.

Making sure that the bar was properly locked in the squat rack, the beefy father nodded. “All good. You did well today. You’ll need your strength for later.”

Noticing that Austin was looking like he was in a bit of pain, Ralph scanned over his son quickly. Austin was a prime specimen. Austin’s chest was built, and as he took in puffs of air, it reminded Ralph of his days before he dirty bulked. He was lean, but with just enough muscle to be able to take several hits and dish one back ten times as hard. The sweat dripping down over his tanktop and his athletic shorts left little to the imagination, and Ralph blushed slightly when he realized he was looking too hard at the sweaty outline that formed right in the crotch of Ausin’s shorts.

It reminded him too much of the quick fling that he brought home a few nights ago from the bar. “Your leg feeling okay? We can grab some ice from the freezer and make sure you get a warm shower after.” Walking forward, Ralph felt no guilt in kneeling close by his son and feeling his kneecap. Like any type of machine, the body needed to be primed and ready for whatever activity was coming. The game coming up was no exception.

“Massage would feel pretty nice right about now, but I’m pretty sure Tim would kill me if I texted him at this hour, not to mention if he found out I was working out this hard after practice,” Austin replied, rather wishing he had access to the trainer’s gifted hands. He could work the knot out of any muscle and make you feel like a new man.

Austin looked down at his dad with a raised eyebrow. “It hurts, but it’s not like it’s broken, Pops. You don’t gotta go feeling up my knee every day,” he huffed. “If something was wrong, I’d tell you.”

“Hey…I mean…”

Dropping the thought of taking the place of Tim and shaking his head, Ralph pulled away suddenly, realizing what he was about to suggest to his son. “Don’t worry about it. Or rather…I guess I need to stop worrying about it.” Ralph looked a tad bit nervous, clearing his throat and making his way over towards the door that led into the family room. The knee-high socks that he wore along with his tennis shoes gave him a sporty but comfortable look, and he leaned against the doorframe.

“Sorry, son. Seeing you almost fall down on the field must have released some paternal instincts in me. I still remember when you nearly busted your knee right on the field,” Ralph said. “Made the damn diving play to second, though. If you were old enough back then, I’d buy you a beer…”

Smirking, Austin shook his head. “It was a pretty great play, I guess, even if the ball nearly shattered my knee. And it’s fine, I know you’re just doting because you don’t like seeing me hurt,” the player waved dismissively as he took a small towel and wiped his face off before walking into the house to join his father. “At the time, I was more worried that I’d probably never be able to run again, or I’d end up in a wheelchair or something. Glad it was just a damaged ACL and not a complete tear. Anyway, what’s for dinner? I haven’t eaten since breakfast, and I’m starved!” Austin smiled.

“Got a chicken baking in the oven, greens to go along with it. You can expect legumes,” Ralph said with a grin. “Gotta keep my son nice and strong for the game. I couldn’t remember if you liked edamame, but I decided to put some along with the chicken anyway.” Opening up the door for his son, the two walked into the living room. It was spacious; a nice flat screen TV along with warm, wooden floors. A carpet was spread across the living room floor, and the glass coffee table that was right in the middle had an empty coffee mug along with a coaster set off to the side. Straight ahead with an open doorway was the kitchen with a delicious smell wafting its way through the house.

“Smells good, Dad,” Austin smiled happily as he hobbled after the older stud. His leg was acting up even worse than usual, but he didn’t want to worry his father by telling him about it. Or, at least, he hadn’t been intending to alert Ralph of his pain, but when his leg suddenly gave out and he fell right onto the hard floor, he yelped in pain as he held his leg close against him.

“Shit,” Ralph said as he walked forward, crouching down near his son. There was obvious worry in his expression as he reached forward to feel across the tendon. “You are really tight there. Sure you don’t need a quick rub-down before dinner? I have the warming liquid for your muscles to relax them.”

Whimpering while holding his lower leg, Austin managed to nod his head slightly. “Think I might really need that…Sorry, Dad…” he apologized, lowering his eyes in shame now that he showed weakness and got his father all worried.

The stoic, stubborn, and sometimes pushy Coach reached an arm down and underneath his son’s arm to lift him up before practically fireman carrying him towards the leather couch in their living room. Making sure his son had laid down stomach-first in order not to twist his leg, Ralph went into the kitchen to turn off the stove and quickly pulled out dinner. He haphazardly put it on the table before rushing upstairs. It wasn’t like Austin was bleeding out onto the floor, but Ralph practically flung himself around the house as if he was possessed.

Clomp, clomp, clomp…

Ralph’s hands plunked down onto the wooden floor in the upstairs bedroom as he dug through his dresser’s underwear drawer and through the random condoms to grab the ointment. Truth be told, it was just a warming lubricant used for sex, but with a bit of aloe added and with some help from his divorced partner, who was a biochemist, Ralph turned it into a topical fluid for application to the skin. It was hard to dodge her questions, but worth it in the end. Plus he could use it in bed…which he always had to make sure that Austin never found that little tidbit out.

Running back downstairs as if his life depended on it, Ralph arrived back to the couch. “Got the stuff. You feeling about the same?”

“Feel like I could run a marathon faster than anyone alive,” Austin replied as he gave a pained smirk and twitched on the couch for effect. “Wanna see me do it again?”

“Shut up…and stay still,” Ralph said with a glare, but not without a grin. Putting some of the lubricant…errr…ointment onto Austin’s lower leg, Ralph started to rub it around the muscle. The warming effect took hold pretty much instantly. Austin’s tendons were already starting to unwind and began to relax. “Jesus, you are really, really stiff. Just wish I could book an appointment with the physical therapist…”

Ralph pushed into the bulk of Austin’s muscular leg, feeling a bit lower towards the calf before moving up towards the thigh and going underneath his son’s shorts. It wasn’t uncommon for him; it was all professional, but he had to admit that his son really packed on the muscle. The workouts were starting to do wonders and really tone and lean him up. He would be ready to be one of the top shortstop players in the country in no time.

“Y-yeah, wish you could too,” Austin muttered, squirming a little as he felt his body start heating up weirdly. “What kind of ointment is that? Smells like silicone and aloe,” he sniffed, but his focus shifted entirely when the tips of his father’s fingers brushed against the hem of his underwear. “W-woah there, Pops,” he protested, his cheeks darkening with a blush. It felt great, and he didn’t want it to stop, but he had a feeling if he didn’t things were going to get awkward.

Giving a snort, Ralph moved down a bit. “Sorry, just needed to make sure the rest of the muscles weren’t damaged. Need I remind you that I brought you into this world, by the way, and I have seen you in less than your underwear? I can’t tell you how many times I have caught you tugging one out.” Although Ralph knew he was being a bit vulgar, he figured it would get his son off the trail of the lube-turned-medicinal cream.

“Okay, that was ONE time!” Austin protested, ears turning red in embarrassment. “Actually, I guess it was closer to three times, but that’s just because I didn’t know you were home! Ugh…please kill me, this is too embarrassing,” Austin groaned, not noticing that his shorts were starting to tent when he remembered the first time he’d been caught. His dad was fresh out of the shower, and he had come into Austin’s room in just a towel, looking like a wet, musclebound god exactly as his son was hitting his orgasm, and the strangled noise which had come out of Austin when he realized he was caught and frantically tried to cover himself up mid-orgasm was a sound he doubted either of them would likely forget, as much as he wanted his dad to forget that part in particular.

Luckily, Ralph was fairly oblivious to his son’s erection, but the way he was acting all submissive reminded him of the man he banged three nights ago. Used the same lube and everything…god, what an ass though.

“Shit, focus,” Ralph said to himself as he went back to rubbing up Austin’s thigh once again. Wait, Austin didn’t want him to do that. Welp, too late for that. He figured his son’s leg was going to be fine. It seemed relaxed, anyway, but he couldn’t just leave his son embarrassed; he had to take the opportunity to go further.

“Well, I gotta say that the sex talk after was a little awkward. Especially since you were probably, what, nineteen? Heh. I bet you don’t get any complaints in bed, do ya? You could be like those football players in college that get a job as a skimpy waiter or something! Only kidding.”

Clearing his throat and looking away as best he could, Austin felt his cheeks only heating up further. “C-can we not talk about that? I really don’t wanna discuss my sex life with my own father, especially when he thinks his son needs the sex talk once he’s out of high school and was already not a virgin at that point anyway,” he grumbled.

Chuckling, Ralph relented. “Fine. Sounds like a fair enough compromise. Anyway, I think I’m all done with our little moment before dinner. Help yourself to the food on the table. I’ll take the ointment back upstairs.”

Ralph got up off of his son, the businesslike composure still in his stature. Luckily, he was wearing a jock, and it kept his cock from practically bursting out of his shorts. Thinking about his lay last night was really getting to his head, and it was unfortunate that the guy he was rubbing down was his own son and looked extraordinary like him.

Not thinking about it, Austin flipped himself over onto his back and stretched his legs, only wincing a little as he stretched his injured leg. To his chagrin, however, he didn’t notice his erection hadn’t gone down in the slightest from his dad rubbing his leg, and he quickly tried to cover it up with a throw pillow far too late.

“Whoa there, man,” Ralph said with a chuckle as he pretended to cover his eyes. “Damn, you got a huge boner there.” The Coach paused for a moment, a grin still on his face until he saw Austin was very red.

“Awww, I don’t mean to make you embarrassed. It’s fine,” Ralph said as he moved to sit by his son and not even realizing his own cock stood straight up and out in his shorts. Rub-downs must get to everyone; including the usually stoic coach. “You don’t have a lot of alone time to yourself these days. Probably really pent up…”

Ralph barely knew how quickly he was talking before the words left his mouth. Truth be told, seeing his son naked and stroking his massive, knotted maleness did make him hard when he caught him out of the shower the first time. He was lucky he had a towel over his junk, or he would have been giving his son a bit of a talk with a boner. Well, to be honest, it was less of a talk and more of a joking snicker.

When Ralph got a good look at his son, he realized how attractive he was. The baseball player had the look, the resolve, and the willpower; practically a younger version of himself. Reaching forward, Ralph put a hand assuredly on Austin’s thigh and squeezed. “I’ve seen you get a boner when I massaged you before anyway…Was just a matter of time before you couldn’t hide it. I find it to be a compliment.”

“But…but you’re my dad, and it’s weird and creepy that I had that reaction to you touching me,” Austin squirmed, wanting to hide his face in the couch and never see the light of day again. If he hadn’t been actively trying to not look at his father, he’d have seen the reaction it was having on the Ralph as well.

“Hey…hey…” Ralph said with a small smile and reached forward to squeeze Austin’s hand. “Come on…I’m not saying you have to feel good about it, but it does feel good that you find me attractive. I gotta say that you are so handsome…my own son who just has a daddy kink.” Ralph slapped Austin’s thigh before squeezing the muscle again. “I’ve seen every part of you, trust me. This isn’t a big deal.”

After a few moments of silence, Austin slowly turned his head to look at his father with a mixture of confusion and apprehension. “You’re still my dad though. I’m sure most sons don’t get hard when their dads touch them…” he muttered, eyes falling to his dad’s chest instead of his eyes which started sparkling just a little from the compliments.

“Well, probably not, but…”

Ralph scooted forward to start rubbing Austin’s chest, feeling the hard muscle of his pecs. “You are so much more than just my son…and it seems my star player just needs a little help. Just think of me as a helper…someone that wants to help you feel good, like when I massage your leg. We’ll just do something you’d like that will make you comfortable, because it seems like you want me here with you during this.”

Austin’s eyes were still full of confusion, but he didn’t move to push his dad off his chest, enjoying the sensation of that strong hand feeling up his muscles he’d worked so hard to build. “Why do you…wanna help me like that? I mean…I can jack off in my room instead, and you can go about your day and stuff,” the younger dobie asked.

“Because…I’ve seen the way that you check me out in the shower, and I know that a little bit of help now can help performance later. Just lay on your chest again…but this time take off your shorts, and we’ll start slow. Think of this just like the massage from before,” Ralph said with a twinkle in his eyes as he started to take off his sweaty tank top.

“See? Now you can admire my muscles better, too,” Ralph said with a grin as he flexed his biceps, his chest puffing out as he looked over his son with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. God, his son was so hot sitting there all spellbound. He was so much better than that bratty dobie he’d fucked the other night. So much more handsome, muscular, and more talented. To be honest, Ralph was surprised his son was so shy…he had always been a horndog with all the porno mags and fleshlights he found tucked underneath his bed or inside his nightstand. Made him wonder where he got the money to afford all the toys anyway.

Gulping, Austin grabbed the hem of his own tanktop and dragged it up over his hard torso and over his head, tossing it to the floor to join his father’s. He hesitated for just a moment before his hands moved down to his shorts and dragged them straight down, underwear and all in one fluid motion, exposing his hard cock to the man who sired him. Giving his father a chance to take in the view, he gave it a few seconds before he laid down on the couch on his stomach. Looking over at his father a little uncertainly, his eyes ate up the sight. He never could seem to get enough of ogling his huge hunk of a father, though he’d always figured he’d been discreet about it. Apparently not.

“Good boy,” Ralph quietly cooed, his heart beating in his chest as he moved forward to straddle his son. His hard cock, now pushing out of his relatively tiny shorts in comparison to the huge member they strained to contain, rubbed in between Austin’s perky cheeks.

A finger brushed up against his generously sized balls and sent a shiver up Ralph’s spine. Austin was such a hot specimen of masculinity, a young stud of pure muscle and athletic ability, yet trimmed down to perfection, and Ralph felt a tinge of jealousy when his hands started to graze across Austin’s naked back and down towards his rump. There was just enough hair to provide texture; a black sprinkling that was soft to the touch.

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8 thoughts on “Coach Helps Son

  1. Phillip says:

    I just had another orgasm while reading this. It would make such a HAF video. I hope there will be more Coach and Son stories.

  2. Bill in MN says:

    This was great, one of my fantasies was to play with my dad. We shared a bed most of my high school years. I so wanted to offer him a blow job, but never had the guts to do it.

  3. Lonewolf69 says:

    I remember my step dad being passed out drunk on the couch a few times and Me being curious a curious teen sneaking his cock out of his tighty whites and sucking it. when he stirred I lost my nerve to finish but it happened More than one time. After that we had a stream with a pool in it out behind our house so we went skinny dipping then laid out under the stars. This brings back memories and I love the story.

  4. Justjackinit says:

    Oh how this sub Grandpa wanted to be used bi my dad cause at 9 I accidentally saw dad fukin mom in her ass and she loved it as she was moaning and shoving her ass deeper on dads very massive beautiful hard mancock. I knew then what my boi pusdy was created for but had to wait till I was 12 in Boy Scouts with scoutmaster and his wife. And still wishing all these years later of being bred bi dad

  5. Bucky says:

    Luved the BOND, lust & raunchiness once they both became mature enough to realize they are both GREAT MALE SPECIMENS with 9 & 12 inch COCKS – a life any gay guy would be happy with .

  6. Alex says:

    This is so wrong in so many ways., but I loved it. But I can see from the ratings that I’m not the only one. I never had the hots for my dad. Never even thought about sex with him. But in these stories, there’s always a hot dad, and it’s so taboo that it’s just hot.

    On another note….I did fuck around with most of the guys in my neighborhood. Never fucked, but knew at a young age I loved dick. A couple of brothers (one being my best friend) had big cocks and even back then I knew I liked big dicks!

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