College Boy Gets Affection Wherever He Can Find It

“What – oh!” Ben exclaimed as he watched what I was doing, and when I managed to plug the head of my dick into his foreskin and pushed in until our dicks met the senior got giddy. “That’s amazing. I never experienced that before.”


1971 had me as a freshman in college a couple thousand miles away from home. I was often lonely, homesick and not very cautious when it came to looking for affection. Fortunately for me I lived a very charmed life and was very lucky, so most of my “indiscretions” had happy endings.

Ben Carson was one of the wonderful gentlemen I had the pleasure to meet that year, and although to me he looked like he probably did to everybody else, a very distinguished looking silver haired gentleman in his early sixties with a warm smile and a twinkle in his eye, I was to find out that there was more behind the facade than one would think.

Not bad mind you, just different. Very different.


I was headed back to my dorm room, trudging along with my books in my backpack after working out in the gym as had been my custom that fall. My somewhat long dirty blonde hair was still damp from the shower, something that I usually enjoyed as much or more than the workout itself, and as it turned out when a red Corvette convertible pulled off to the side of the street next to me I was thinking about that very same person behind the wheel.

“Care for a ride son?” was what he asked, and although I did a double take when I saw the slender senior behind the wheel of the hot car I was able to recognize him after a few seconds.

You see, it was my custom to look at other parts of the men who showered at the gym, usually just glancing up occasionally to make sure my attempts at subtly observing wasn’t being noticed.

I think it was more the very prominent gold band on this gentleman’s very long fingers that finally got me to connect the face with the … other parts of him, and when I did I was more than happy to squeeze into the little bomber alongside my shower mate.

“My name’s Carson – Ben Carson,” he said in voice that sounded deeper than I would have expected to come from his reed-thin body, and as I awkwardly shook that big bony hand and started to introduce myself I discovered he already knew my moniker by saying, “Do you go by Tim, Timothy or Timmy?”

“Uh – Tim is fine,” I mumbled in surprise, and just before I was about to ask how he knew my name he answered my unasked question.

“I happened to follow you at the sign-in desk one day Tim,” Mr. Carson explained.


“I said to myself, Ben – this is a young man to keep an eye on,” he said with bravado as he roared down the road, the breeze drying my hair for me. “It didn’t occur to be until today in the shower room that you were keeping an eye on me as well – and if I’m wrong please forgive me and chalk it up to me being a silly old-timer with a vivid imagination. Am I mistaken about your interest?”

“No,” I said after swallowing hard.

“Good, although with all the muscular young bucks in there like you, I have no idea why a withered old coot like me would catch your eye.”

“I like – mature men,” I said after choosing my words carefully. “My Mom says I was born too late because I like old music – old TV shows – old movies…”

“And old men?” Ben said with a chuckle as he pulled up to the stop light, and after I smiled and shrugged he said, “That’s lucky for me then I guess. Now what I would love to do is take you home with me some time and show you that while there’s snow on the rooftop there’s plenty of fire in the furnace. You interested in spending some time with me some night that you’re free?”

“I don’t have classes until afternoon tomorrow,” I managed to get out before Ben stomped on the gas, cranked out the Steppenwolf on the 8-track and set sail for his home out in the suburbs.

It wasn’t a short ride but it didn’t take long because Ben drove like kids my age did. The Corvette was something he bought as a retirement present to himself, he yelled over to me as he whipped around the winding curves like a seasoned race car driver, and although I was hanging on for dear life at first I figured out he knew what he was doing so I relaxed and thought about my shower buddy.

Ben Carson was a couple of inches taller than my 5’9″ or so but he was very slender, although not in a grotesque bony way. Just very slim and toned like a long distance runner, and if it wasn’t for his shiny silver hair that still looked full I wouldn’t have guessed he was 63.

I told Mr. Carson that I was about to turn 19 next week, and after he told me he had socks that had been around longer than me we shared a laugh as he pulled into his driveway and the end of a quiet dead end street. Ben turned off the car and turned a bit to face me, patting my knee and smiling.

“I have to admit that the times I was in the shower room with you – and I confess to timing my visits in there to coincide with yours lately – I must tell you that my thoughts were anything but pure. Does that bother you?”

“No sir,” I said.

“You have without question the cutest ass I’ve ever seen,” Ben said after admonishing me about calling him sir for at least the second time. “Since you usually try to hide your front goodies for some reason when you shower, that gave me plenty of opportunities to check out that sweet dimpled rump.”

“If you saw what I was hiding you’d understand the reason,” I said in my usual self-depreciating way, but the squeeze of the hand on my leg and Mr. Carson’s rather stern look cut me off.

“You aren’t as good at hiding yourself as you think,” he informed me. “I think I’ve memorized every bit of you, and I think your penis is beautiful. The only reason I seem more interested in your back side is – well to be frank I’m an ass man. Always have been and I suspect I always will be, so when I tell you that yours is gorgeous I speak from experience.

“I lost a lot of weight over the last couple years, but not quite as much back there as much I guess.”

“Good thing too,” Ben said. “There’s a couple of things I’d love to do to that sweet rump, although I understand if it’s not something that you…”

“No, as a matter of fact,” I said in answering the question that was about to be asked. “I kind of like it.”

“Hopefully I don’t have a stroke on the way up the steps,” Ben said before we got out of the car. “Because so far this is going even better than I dreamed.”

Ben made it up the steps just fine, even better than I did, and just before we entered the very nice ranch he stopped before turning the knob.

“Now Tim, when we go in you might be a bit confused and not understand,” Ben cautioned me, which made me nervous. “Trust me that everything is all right and I’m very normal – well – maybe not normal but it all works for me. Okay?”

“Uh – yeah,” I mumbled and nodded while not knowing what in the world I was replying to, but then the door was opening and I was being ushered inside.


The house was very neat and upscale, confirming that Mr. Carson was as well off as his car suggested, but when I saw that he had a maid that put him on a whole other level.

“Tim, I’d like you to meet Jane,” Ben said as he introduced me to a woman who looked a little like the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch, and although she shook my damp hand she looked at me suspiciously, like I was going to steal the silverware or something.

“Tim you say?” Jane said before turning to Mr. Carson and starting to say something before he cut her off.

“Tim works out with me at the gym and since his birthday is next week I thought him and I would have a little party to celebrate,” Ed said. “He’ll be 19. Remember when we were 19?”

“Vaguely,” the maid said before turning to me and asking me my date of birth, and then followed by asking me what day of the week that was.

“Thursday,” I replied, and she thawed a bit when I added that it was exactly 8:30 in the morning when I arrived, and after I finally appeared after my mother was in labor for almost 24 hours she swore that I was going to be an only child.

“Well then happy birthday in advance,” the maid chirped and even gave me a kiss on the cheek and told Mr. Carson that I was adorable. “Pork chops for dinner – I do hope your young friend is joining us.”

“Jane has this talent of being able to tell you what the day of the week was for any date you can name,” Ben said proudly as the maid started puttering around. “It’s not something she learned to do, she just knows it.”

“Amazing,” I agreed as I was ushered down a hall and into a spacious bedroom where the furnishings probably cost more than everything in my house back home did combined.

“Funny thing is that I pride myself on being a patient man,” Ben said as he began undressing me, “But there’s something about you…”

What that was exactly I had no idea although I was no longer questioning it, because after being very unwanted through most of my teens by either gender having older men take a fancy to me was something I enjoyed, and since I guess I was searching for a father figure and they turned me on as well that made it perfect.

“Ben,” I said after my shirt came up over my head and he began nibbling on my shoulders. “The door – in case the maid comes in?”

I had noticed that Ben had swung the door closed when we entered the bedroom, but not only didn’t he lock it behind us it hadn’t even closed all the way and while I enjoyed showing my body at the gym I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the maid coming in on us.

“You worry too much son,” Ben told me as he squeezed my biceps before sitting on the edge of the bed and undoing my belt. Jane knows better to come in here when I bring a young friend home.”


“One thing though,” Ben remarked casually as he rubbed the modest bulge in my briefs before lowering them. “Later, it wouldn’t be a good idea if you called Jane a maid in her presence.”

“Oh, okay,” I said as I felt the usual rush of apprehension whenever my shortcomings would be revealed for the first time, although since Ben had already seen me in the showers – several times apparently – it wasn’t as strong this time. “What should I call her? Jane?”

“Jane is fine,” Ben said as he cupped my nut pouch in his left hand and rolled them in his palm while his right hand grabbed my dick. “That or Mrs. Carson.”

“Mrs. Carson?” I said as Ben took my dick in his mouth and began sucking on it. “You mean she’s your…”

I didn’t finish the question because I was never good at ages and wasn’t entirely sure whether Jane was Ben’s wife or mother, but it didn’t matter because Ben’s mouth was occupied and soon I was on the bed and preoccupied myself.

As was my custom in my youth I had very little self control where sex was concerned, and with a man as skilled orally as Ben Carson I stood no chance. Despite my confusion over the maid/wife/mother woman I was hard in no time and soon after I was cumming hard into the senior’s very eager mouth.

“Let me get you undressed,” I told Ben as he tried to get me on all fours so he could show me that his oral magic didn’t end with the lips.

“Oh – okay Tim,” Ben replied, and we briefly scrambled off the bed so that I could unwrap what I had enjoyed looking at in the showers.

Ben was slender yet not absurdly so and his lean torso was not as muscular as I sensed it once had been, but he was in excellent shape for a man his age and he seemed to enjoy me telling him so.

“This is even sexier dry,” I said of the cloud of silver hair on his chest that I had only seen pasted to his skin, but as I raked my fingers up through the mat of curls I saw his rather plump crimson nipples through the fur.

“Oh my,” Ben sighed as I leaned down and sucked on his nipples, cradling the back of my head and drawing me close while my mouth worked on first the left and then the right while I held on to Ben’s sides and let my thumbs stroke the abundant hair under his arms as he shivered. “That’s very nice – everything – so nice.”

“I know how you felt before because I can’t wait either,” I told Ben while undoing his belt and keeping my eyes fixed on his. “Something I couldn’t take my eyes off of before.”

When I undid the belt Ben’s baggy trousers dropped immediately to the carpet with a thump, causing us both to smile. I leaned over and nuzzled into his neck while I let my hand slide down the outside of his boxer shorts in search of something I knew would not be tough to find.

“Thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me – or maybe soap got in my eyes,” I whispered into Ben’s ear in between nibbles as my hand went down the length of his cock – lower and lower until I reached the end and whispered the words I had learned all men loved to hear, “Damn – I can’t believe a man can be this big.”

“You like that Tim?” Ben was saying as I rubbed the long snake and ground myself into him. “You enjoy big cocks?”

“Yes, and yours is so…” I gasped before dropping to my knees and tugging Ben’s boxers down to expose his manhood while he raked his hands through my scalp.

“Omigod,” I muttered as I grabbed the rubbery hose and lifted it up, exposing a pair of balls that hung loosely in a furry sac, and as I looked up at Ben I added, “Looks even bigger close up. It’s unbelievable.”

By the look on his face I could tell that Ben, like most men I had encountered, enjoyed being told how well endowed they were even when I was embellishing the case a little. As far as Ben was concerned, while what I was holding at stretching wasn’t anything remarkable as far as thickness was concerned, there was no denying that Ben Carson had a very long penis indeed.

What was most incredible to me was the foreskin on the sleek beige organ which was the longest I had ever seen, at least an inch of shroud covering the conical head of his member which was in there somewhere, and I knew I would enjoy coaxing it out.

I remember wishing I hadn’t be cut as I began sucking on Ben’s gelatinous cock, because having a long foreskin like his would make me look more impressive, or at least not quite as pitiful in my eyes.

Ben’s cock was almost a smooth 8 or 9″ inches of beige flesh with only the slightest indication of the outline of his glans and just one solitary vein along the top of his organ that began at the stump and disappeared halfway down.

My mouth was traveling about half of the length, and while Ben wasn’t getting bigger he was getting harder. I looked at the silver bush his cock sprouted out of and noted that if he trimmed around the stump like a lot of guys did his length would be even more impressive, not that he needed help.

“You’re quite the cocksucker, aren’t you Tim?” Ben said as he leaned my head back.

“I love your cock,” I told him honestly while looking at the part that wasn’t wearing my saliva. “Wish I could take more of it.”

“You’re doing fine son,” Ben assured me. “More than fine. So well that I think we better get on the bed and change things around a bit. I’m afraid that at my age I’m only good for one go-around and I think you know where I want to end up. Unless you’ve changed you mind that is.”

“No sir – I mean Ben,” I replied as I looked ominously at the long spear bobbing in front of me. “I’ll try but you’re so big…”

“I’ll be gentle son,” Ben assured me as he reached down under my arms and helped me to my feet, and as we faced each other our dicks hit each other.

“Oh my – you’re erect again,” Mr. Carson said as he watched our cocks waving around down there.

“Sucking your big cock – it really turned me on,” I said as I playfully tried to hit his swaying member with my little prong. “Think I’m going to lose this sword fight.”

“I think we both win, don’t you?” Ben asked as he reached down and grabbed both of our cocks in his large wrinkled hand, squeezing them together. “You’re so hard – how I miss getting that erect – but we look good together don’t we?”

Ben moved us over so we were opposite a large mirror above a dresser, and it was a reflection that showed how different we were in age and everything else.

“Can I?” I asked timidly as I got my dick loose from Ben’s grip and tried something myself.

I had peeled Ben’s foreskin back while I was giving him head to expose the nose cone-like glans of his flesh rocket, but while as he got erect the shroud became less so his cock still looked like a cocoon. A tunnel I wanted to explore.

“What – oh!” Ben exclaimed as he watched what I was doing, and when I managed to plug the head of my dick into his foreskin and pushed in until our dicks met the senior got giddy. “That’s amazing. I never experienced that before.”

“The only advantage of having a tiny one I’m afraid. Feels good doesn’t it?” I asked as I pushed into him hard, and Ben nodded until finally he disengaged us.

“Too good I’m afraid,” Ben confessed. “A little more than that and I might have lost it.”

“Me too.”

“Maybe another time,” Ben lamented as we turned to go to the bed before the old man stopped us and looked over my shoulder and suggested I look back at the mirror. “Look at you.”

I glanced over my shoulder at my backside reflection, wincing when I looked at a butt I thought too big, and while I no longer was the doughy high school kid and had a decent body now I found my pale and almost hairless body as unappealing as a man’s form could be, and told Ben so.

“Not in my eyes, and I’m still 20/20,” Ben told me as he moved us around so the mirror showed us from the side. “You’re like a statue.”

I almost laughed at that but held it back and let Ben’s hands work over my chest and shoulders, even enjoying him maneuvering my upper torso so I was making muscles for him.

“Even not pumped up you’re like an Adonis,” Ben marveled at a physique that wouldn’t even get a second look in a real bodybuilding competition, but I was enjoying his enjoyment no matter how silly it might have looked.

“So hard and smooth,” Ben declared as he squeezed my bicep, leaning forward and lightly biting my muscle before kissing his way down to my armpit and continuing his affection by nibbling at licking the moist hollow and the modest patch of peach fuzz.

“You like that don’t you Tim?” Ben asked as my body shook and our cocks kept dueling, grinning when he saw the rope of pre-cum in the tip of my dick. “I’ll do anything to make you happy – but first…”

I was placed on all fours and very meticulously positioned so I was facing the large mirror across from the bed. This afforded me a perfect view of myself in the submissive position that I was quite familiar and comfortable with, and I raised my ass up to give Ben a better view of my bubble butt that he was so crazy about.

“I don’t know what I want to do more with your gorgeous little butt, fuck it or eat it,” Ben sighed as he began to join me on the bed, his hand on my ass while his cock sprang around wildly when his knees hit the bed. “I’ve wanted to do this from the first time I saw you.”

Ben had decided what he wanted to do first, and I looked up to the mirror just as he was spreading my cheeks and putting his face in the crack. The feel of his tongue caressing my anus created goose bumps all over my body, and as his face pushed in farther I learned that Mr. Carson’s tongue seemed as long as his cock.

“Oh man – this is unbelievable!” I howled without exaggeration as he poked inside of me, and the snorting sounds the old man made as he rimmed me only added to the enjoyment.

His tongue burrowed deep into me, probing in and out in between letting in slide down to the underside of my balls, and when his hand reached around and found my dick hard he expressed surprise at my resilience.

“I guess you do like this,” Ben commented as he stroked my erection before going back down for more.

Being naked in a room this bright would have been impossible for me before recently, but losing weight combined with having discovered men liked me as I was had changed that. In the quite revealing mirror I clearly saw Ben’s grey hair over my backside and a long rope of pre-cum hanging down from the tip of my gumdrop glans that dropped off just as the old man’s head came up.

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