Cum Dump Pt 1

A text alert came through on his phone. “I’m here,” he got out of his car, looking around for the hook up. He spotted the other man getting out of another vehicle.

No words were needed. Just that look on his face. The smile that said enough. He moved back behind the car and glanced back, knowing that the stranger would follow. He looked more or less his own age, perhaps a year or so older, no more than twenty-five. They both were fit as the other. Their t shirts showed off their arms and their shorts showed off the thick muscles on their legs. Neither were shy to the gym.

The day had been hot, yet it was now much cooler. The sun was vanishing quickly now, still enough light for the next half an hour, or so. There was a smell of freshness in the air as the stranger crossed the road, following him into the woods. Both of the men smiled inwards.

A minute or two later they were out of sight of the road, finding an area they would not be seen. The traffic could be heard every so often, speeding down the road towards the small towns they were between. No one would know they were there.

He turned and faced the stranger, smiling at his sexual prey.

“Jackpot!” the older guy whispered, feeling up the younger guys bulge and falling to his knees in front of him. Both looked like men, and both were exactly that, however one knew how to look up to another man. He opened the other man’s zipper and both sets of eyes locked onto the other pair and then smiles broke out on the each other’s face again.

The guy on his knees licked the nine-inch shaft from his balls to the tip of his bell end. Slowly and with intent. The intent was to make the other guy moan as loud as he did. He moved back down with his tongue as he felt a hand reach the back of his head. The hand scraped the scalp, making hairs stand up. He moved his head slightly and holding the shaft with his left hand he took the tip into his mouth, tonging it a little. A little pre cum formed. He could taste the excitement of the man above him.

The man’s cock scent was nice and musky, the way the older guy liked. He usually sniffed his underwear after the gym because he loved the scent of them. This stranger’s cock smelt just as intoxicating. His bush had signs of being kept trim, but there were still enough pubes there to catch the sweat that had been forming in the younger man’s underwear as he drove. The older man savored the taste and smell of the younger man’s cock and bush, pressing his nose into both firmly to huff deeply.

He swore he heard the man towering above him call him a “dirty little faggot!” words that made him want to suck this younger man good and hard.

Almost without warning he took down the hard shaft into his mouth, working two inch in and out, then another inch and another. He slowly worked the cock until he was down to the hilt and then released the full length. He didn’t stop, just went back down to the base of the cock.

By now the standing man had both his hands on the other mans head, slowly he took control and slowly he showed the other man he was in charged.

“Yea, take it, just like that, take it you cocksucker!” his breathing was deep. Every now and then he pushed in the cock further. He played with the cock-smiths hair.

The bitch moaned, taking it further and harder on each thrust.

“Do you want it up that tight ass bitch?” the man enquired and was answered with a grunt and withdrawal. The older guy got up and took his top off, revealing a firm torso and a six pack. He then dropped his shorts onto the ground. Not caring that he was naked, not caring that he had a small cage on his little appendage. It was made of black silicon. The true man chuckled to himself and flicked the cage.

“Someone’s a little bit of a fag!” he declared half laughing to the faggot who was now going red in color.

The man-boy turned round offering his smooth butt to the man, adjusting his clothes to be comfortable on his knees, leaning downwards and opening up his shaven hole. He rubbed some lube on the open hole as the man began to enter the fuck hole.

Sometimes you have to take your time with fucking guys, however, with guys like this there is no need to. Just slowly position your cock and press into the hole. They moan a little and possibly move their head a little but just like the man in this situation you can go in almost straight away.

Soon the man was fucking the slut good and hard. The bitch was moaning underneath, encouraging the true man with words such as “Fuck me hard,” and “just like that, yea!”

The cum dump was pushing back as hard, whilst, the stud in his pussy hole was pumping equally with the same amount of vigour. Both man and bitch were close to climax. The fag could feel his little balls tingling, the little clit cage was twitching too. The stud’s large cock was also twitching hard, pulsing as though it was the rawness of a heart pumping away. His balls were ready to drop the built up load inside of them.

The young stud grabbed hold of the cumdumps’ hips hard and pulled the pussy boy into his cock to the hilt. He took hold of him for moment as he squirted load upon load into the tight fuck chute. The bitch went over the edge almost at the same time and then started to squirt a continuous load out of the cage. The slut went limp onto the ground as the man caught his breath for a second, pulling out of the cumdump. He then pulled up his trousers as he saw the cum dumpster look back and smile with bliss of his face.

The man walked back to his car. Looked into the rear-view mirror at his satisfied face. He smiled to himself as he spotted the bitch boy cross over the road to his car too.

Both man and fag were smiling inwards.

A text alert came through the app. He knew what it said, more or less. All cum dumps want more.

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1 thoughts on “Cum Dump Pt 1

  1. William says:

    Sounds like me! I feel bad I didn’t give in to my inner faggot cumslut fantasies and line up next to the guy getting gang banged .

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