Cum Dump Pt 3

He told all his partners he used fisting lube when fucking guys. He found that he was so big that he caused damage, so it was a way not to.

Part 2



Legal note: All characters are over 18. The reference to ‘boy’ is used for condescending and humiliating purposes.

Back ally cum dump.

There was nowhere for either of them to go. The twenty-year-old lived with his homophobic father and the other guy who had just turned twenty-six lived with his sister and her husband. Both guys were as hot as fuck. Both worked out, although the younger of the two was more into cardio than weights and the older blond one was into weights more than cardio. They could both bed anyone who they wished to.

The cardio junkie was six foot two. He had a number one crop and his cum dump profile called him Hot Young Alpha. His real name was Malvic. His father was Black Nigerian and his mother White English. He had beautiful skin and facial structure that he had inherited from both of his parents. Everyone who knew him called him Mal. He had put dick pics on the cum dump app and they showed his twelve-incher beer can cock next to a beer can. He told all his partners he used fisting lube when fucking guys. He found that he was so big that he caused damage, so it was a way not to.

Mal had texted the ‘Muscle Mary’ a few times, with responses in minutes each time. The fagot profile often flashed up to show that he was within yards of Mal a few times a day. Mary saw it too and was alarmed at how close they lived and worked together that he turned the gps off the site for a while.

‘Muscle Mary’s’ real name was Frankie. He worked in the gym across from Mal’s running club. He saw himself now as a faggot and was at peace with that. The cum dump app graded fags. He was 4.45. According to some not quite hot but others thought he was the hottest things since slice bread. He was OK with the grading. He had started wearing a cock cage. Although he called it a clit cage. He had not cum in weeks. The closest that he got to an orgasm was when a sixty-year-old married man came down his throat a week ago that very day. He leaked a little into his thong.

He had not seen Mal on the app for about the same amount of time. Little did he know, and little did Mal cared to tell some ‘dumb fagboy’ that he had been away for training at the Olympic Park in London. Frankie had finished on time, and it was dark out, although cool right then the week had been hot.

Muscle Mary, Frankie saw the message from Hot Hung Alpha aka Malvin. It was a simple message.

HYA Text: I want some tight pussy tonight fag! Are you up for it?

Frankie’s cage was throbbing through his trackies. His little nipples were pluck for teasing. He half panicked when he thought of the size of his cock. He needed to douche first.

Muscle Mary Text: Yes. I need an hour. Are you OK to meet where we said we could last week?

He rushed locking up the gym and ran the five minutes home. Shouted to his brother-in-law that he was going out and hopped in the shower, cleaning himself inside and out, He dashed into his bedroom and found some slacks and a white cotton top, unbuttoned down to the cleavage and sprayed some expensive aftershave that he knew some women thought it was a perfume. His text pinged.

HYA Text: Ten forty-five fag! Do not be late! I will be gone at ten forty-six!

That bought Frankie a little more time. He was turned on at the Alphas assertiveness. He was panicking about his tightness so instinct took over and he found some lube and his biggest dildo in the bottom drawer. Not as big as the top man he was meeting but enough to make it easier later.

He locked his door. Got on the floor and lubed up the toy. He pushed it straight in. Saw the time was 10.15 and went for it for five minutes or so. Fucking himself. Lubing up his fuck pussy increasingly. His cage was now straining but he did not care. It was half for the thought that he would be fucked like a bitch by a real man later and half because he was masturbating his over sensitive P spot.

It was half past. He pulled up his trousers. Put everything away and ran downstairs.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” his sister yelled, half laughing, as he left.

“I am!” he smiled and muttered to himself as he let the door slam shut and his sister could not hear his reply or see his smirk.


The alley was between two streets and some garages no one used. It was dimly lit by streetlamps. Frankie’s phone pinged again.

HYA Text: Get on your knees bitch.

He did as he was ordered to. He found it odd that the Alpha almost knew he had done as he was commanded. The Alpha was good at this, despite his age.

Mal walked round the corner. He approached the fag and looked down with a face of contempt, one he had practiced a hundred times. The fag looked up in admiration. The Alpha marked his face with spit. He smirked down at the bitch half recognising him from around. He could see his torso looking like women’s breasts. The Alpha was excited by the fags look. He looked like a woman in a few ways, but a man in others. His aftershave made him smell like one too,

“You look like a whore!” the Alpha smirked down at the fuck boy, “A dirty fucking whore,” he chuckled to himself.

“Yes, sir!” the older but more inferior man agreed with him. “I’m here to serve you,” he quickly added “SIR!”

With that Mal pulled out his cock that was already hard as iron. It had a vein running down it. The fag Salivated at the thought of sucking him off. He waited though, like a good fag should. The man looked down at the fag for a moment. The fag was looking up with desperation on his face. He was ready for the man’s beer can cock.

The man waved his meat at the boy. “What are you waiting for boy!”

That was all the faggot needed to hear as he leaned forward and took the man slab in his mouth. The size of the man meat is what separates cock suckers and faggot cock suckers. One would just get in as much as they can and be happy with that. The other, the faggot cock sucker would yearn to get it all into their mouth and not give up. They would learn how to suck big men like Mal and over time would get beer can cock in their upper fuck holes. This was why Mal liked older men as he found guys his own age had no clue how to pleasure the meat his size.

Soon the fag had all of the man’s cock in his mouth. He knew how to breathe when he had so much meat in his upper fuck hole.

Slowly he released the meat and went back down again.

“Nice work faggot!” the man inside his mouth was impressed.

The dirty faggot went down to the pubes again, this time it was a little faster, and the time after was a little faster still. He soon began excited by the cocksucker’s mouth. He rewarded the boy with a little precum and a slap round his head.

“Enough!” he demanded the fag boy to stop and indicated him to turn round on the dirty alley’s floor. The fag knew what to do. He pulled down his trousers and turned around. The man spotted the fags clit cage but treated it with the disdain it deserved. Probably worst than mocking the fag boys locked cock. All he did was smirk at the sight. Frankie saw the smirk but ignored it, knowing it was all he deserved. This man who was about to fuck his man pussy was three times the length of his mini meat. Frankie stuck his smooth ass in the air and placed his head on the cold ground. He spread his legs a little so the real man could see his pussy hole.

“Looks like someone’s prepared herself for a good fucking!” the man laughed as he waxed up his cock and smeared some of the fisting wax on the fags hole. He then gave the faggot a bottle of poppers. “You may not like poppers, but you will find this easier to begin with, with a long whiff!” The fag took the man’s advice. He pushed himself back onto the mans cock as he mounted the fag. Slowly he took the boy. He was experienced to do it slowly. The first time he fucked another guy the guy screamed all the way through, and he hated that. Mal learnt how to fuck another man.

Frankie had never been taken by a man this big before, but he knew in the first ten seconds that he was in good hands. After a few minutes of being slowly fucked and getting use to the mere size. After another whiff of poppers, he pressed back onto the monster cock. The man in his pussy took it as a sign and allowed the bitch boy to fuck himself. Frankie was now in heat and was fucking himself as hard as he could.

Mal began to talk filthy to the cock whore, making the dick pig more and more horny. He then learnt forward and began to rub the bitch boys torso. “I love your tits, you gym slut!” he insulted the boy more “Your like a sissy girl aren’t you.” The insults continued and it made the whore get closer. “Next time you need to wear some sexy panties!” he ordered. This excited Frankie so much that he began to shoot his watery fag slime on the ground below him. He bellowed out like a wolf. He tightened up his cum chute causing to push Mal over the edge. Frankie could hear the words ‘next time’ echo around his mind in hope.

The man hadn’t shot in a few weeks, so when he did it seemed to last for three or four minutes. Perhaps it did, time is a funny thing that often feels shorter or longer in different situations and this was one that was hard to tell the length of time. The pressure and pleasure were harder and more intense than before.

Mal understood one thing after he came into the cum dump. They fitted like a hand and glove. He understood that he needed this fag again.

“Be here same time tomorrow fag!” he ordered as he pulled up his trousers and walked away from the bitch boy.

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2 thoughts on “Cum Dump Pt 3

  1. Rob says:

    Surprisingly as a complation of several stories. It actually ended to SOON! I’m eager to read more! I’m eager to learn how Mal and It continue there exploration!

  2. Victor Evans says:

    So why the cock cage? There is no indication that he’s saving himself for someone. Or maybe that’s part of the BDSM vibe.

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