Cum Slaves Pt 10

Winston’s large cock snaked slowly into the boy’s virgin hole as he smirked down at the newly enslaved white boy.

Part 9


Its legs were over Winston’s head and it looked up at the black barber like a rabbit looking at a set of headlights. Only the rabbit could get away, this piece of meat couldn’t move as the weight of the fifty something year old man anchored it down. It also knew that if he did resist there would be consequences and it had already felt punishment earlier in the day, something it didn’t want repeated. It had received a large dose of humiliation whilst it was brought to the brothel as a newly enslaved virgin, and it had gotten an erection, something the slave runner took opportunity to whip the slave over.

It wouldn’t be able to get an erection now, as its little dicklet was securely locked into a two-inch metal cage. The slave also had one of the brothels collars around its neck and had received a second enema of the day ready for a late night being used as a cumdump hole in the brothel.

Winston had requested special access to the slave, which came at a cost for VIP members of the brothel. He had ordered the slave be prepared for his large cock and the Overseers happily obliged.

Some of the brothels’ regulars watched as the Overseers forced the slave down on to the oversized butt plug right in front of them. They watched as its cunt stretched open and it cried out in pain. The regulars laughed and hollered at the moans of pain the slave went through, and the Overseers took delight in entertaining the crowd. They even slicked up the slave’s insides with thick slave spunk from a high-yielding milk boy. The Overseers and the onlookers alike verbally humiliated the slave on its embarrassing deflowering.

Winston was almost at orgasm. The slave screamed like the pig it was becoming. Winston spat down onto the piece of meat he fucked, glazing its face as he did in the dimly lit brothel lock up.

“Are you ready to take me to the hilt, Bitch?”

“Yes, Sir” was all the defeated bitch could mutter. If it wasn’t broken it was soon to become so.

Winston was a wise man. He knew that if he went too far too soon the new cockslut would be in too much pain to be used in any way this evening. He also had the experience to know how to slowly get inside a bitch and stop there until the moment the bitch started to moan and beg for his cock. After a few minutes Winston started to move slowly in and out again. The slave found it hard but slowly it became easier. Slowly it became more pleasurable. Slowly the moans got louder.

“I always knew one day I would be deep in your boy pussy fucking it long and hard” Winston declared in a degrading way. The old man started going faster and pulled the bitch’s legs apart. He spat on its face again as he sped up further. The cock cage was twitching up and down in an almost comical way. Sweat rolled from the man’s face down on the slave’s body below him. He didn’t care though, he wasn’t interested in the slaves’ thoughts. All the time as a Freeman the ungrateful bastard had moaned about its hair cut being too short, or too long and so the man had no qualms in hurting it a little. The boy was nothing but a cunt for use. A hole for real men like him to use however they wanted. The man knew that it would soon have a number two crop as most slaves like this one did. Soon it would be owned by someone who would use it for a sex toy, there was no doubt. There was also no doubt that the boy would stay at the brothel for a little while and would be trained to suck cock as well as its fucking skills and recognizing what free folk want without them ordering. It would even endure degrading pussy eating lessons with at least a couple strong powerful Dominatrix. Winston knew within the month the new slave would be totally submissive and used as a sex object, first and foremost. He had an eye for straight boys who would make excellent sex slaves. Its body was perfect, its arse nice and tight and muscular, and defined abs, with beautiful cock-sucking lips.

“Oh yes!” moaned the slave, pushing on Winston’s big black cock. The cock was pulsing and throbbing in delight within the stretched boy cunt. The slave had a brief moment of thought while it moaned.

“Being a slave may not be that bad after all!”.

Little did it know what was to come.

Winston fucked harder, he half hated the slave wasn’t hating the fuck and instead moaned and almost begged for the fucking but knew that if it did actually beg for the fucking then it may have been punished. Then it happened. It both surprised the slave as well as the Freeman using its’ pussy. The slave began to squirt a watery clit spray from its cage. One quick shot, then another, and one more as it tightened its cunt around the man cock inside of its hole.

“Yes!” the man bellowed loudly. “I’m shooting my load, Bitch!”. Squirt after thick creamy squirt went into the pussy boy. “You are a natural cunt” the man spat onto the boy’s face.

“Thank you, Sir,” was a surprise reaction to both the man and the slave.

It made Winston think.

Two months later and Winston was right, the slave came up for auction as a bed slave. A fuck bitch. A pussy boy. Whatever you wished to call it.

Prior to enslavement the fresh twenty-one year old had been arrested for fighting in a park one night at an illegal gathering. Following Winston’s initial fuck the slave had been fucked countless times and received degradation beyond its wildest imaginings, and Winston had visited two or three times. He watched as the boy serviced others, and tested its new skills on his own thick meat. He was patient.

Winston had done his maths and had thought it through, and made enquiries both at the brothel and in his shop, but played his cards close to his chest. He was wealthy due to the fact that slaves were not allowed to cut hair due to sharp instruments so close to free folk. His trade never took a hit from the Indented Slave Act. He also researched how he could use the slave in his business and make the purchase profitable.

The slave stood silent on the piece of worn-down wood, almost dancing with fear rather than simply shaking. The metal collar cut into the skin around Its neck, and Its butt plug was of standard glass. It’s arms were shackled to a wooden cross beam, and It let out a desperate sigh as It balanced delicately.

The slave’s cock was already small prior to chastity, but since its enslavement the brothel had been dosing it with shrinking agents so it now only stood to be a one inch cock when erect. Even though it was humiliated beyond belief, the tiny pecker was leaking straight down It’s leg, right on to the wooden block. The slave was ideal for breeding the nice arse it had gotten playing soccer before enslavement, but equally had appeal for an owner that liked shrunken boy cocks and the humiliation that brought. Its body was not muscular, but lean and toned and athletic like the soccer star it was, adding to the appeal for developers of such boys, or ones who would like to have a young slave in his or her bed. Its tits were also enlarged during its time at the brothel, and made to be more succulent to add to the desperation and humiliation as it loved when its nipples were toyed with and sucked or licked or even bitten.

It hoped for a young female owner, maybe even a Dominatrix, but reality was, it would be more appealing to a much older man. Many older men had used it over the last few months. A few women too, but not as many. Mostly they found its dicklet bemusing and useless. They just wanted to talk down to a male for a while and degrade the boy rather than fuck it in any way shape or form.

The room was full, and the chattering was at peak volume before people started settling down for the auction as many took a last chance to feel up the slave boys before their sale. There were five of them. Young virile men. Just about to enter their new reality, moving on further down into slavery and depravation. The one Winston was interested in was the second of the day, and there were several more auctions to be held after this, all slaves currently tied and waiting display.

The auctioneer began with a cute sort of chubby looking baby faced kid of about 19. The auctioneer explained it played rugby in its former life, hence the meat on it, and nice round buttocks. It had been chemically treated to be completely hairless, clean shaven and given permanent facial hair removal to suit the baby faced look about it. The only part of its body that wasn’t hairless was its head, which was cut with a number two crop just like the other four boys. There was something different about this boy. Although many had figured out what type of appeal the boy had it was personally oblivious to its own possible fate. Over the last few days and especially the past few hours potential buys had pulled its dicklet back to see what it would look like with it removed. They ordered it to hold its tinky winky behind its legs and squeeze so they could see what it might look like without it. It cried when it was ordered to do that. Those interested studied its short and stocky legs and debated if permanent morphing was an option. The shock became too much for it as the gavel went down for the third time. The audience laughed as they lip read the cussing, something of which it would be punished for later.

“Holy Fuck” is not the type of phrase you would expect from a future full-time adult baby slave. It had been sold to a company that specialized in turning slaves into adult babies for families, couples, single people wishing for an adult baby slave, and just about anyone that would love to humiliate a slave by dressing it up in diapers and treating it as such. The slave was cut free from the ropes and fell to the ground whilst the audience laughed uncontrollably as it was ordered to crawl off the stage to a waiting slave hand.

The audience soon went silent as the boys’ new owners were led out of the room. They saw no reason to stay as none of the others appealed to their niche market.

The second boy gazed out into the audience looking at its possible buyers.

It shuddered as he saw the Black barber who had cut its hair as a Freeman. Winston was the first to make a bid. It didn’t want the reality of having to face life in its old neighborhood again naked as the day it was born, or even more servicing an old perv like Winston. Its stomach was full of butterflies.

A young female looking for a slave husband made a bid.

Then it returned to Winston.

A brothel was the next bid. Then the young girl again.

Then a guy he knew from college called Grey.

The girl dropped out as she thought it was now far too expensive for a slave with such a small cock that would give her little pleasure.

The slave was scared of where it was going to go, so scared it pissed itself. The warm liquid ran down both sides of its block, down its leg. The audience didn’t mind, in fact, it even increased the bidding war by a fraction. The auctioneer knew how to extract more bids when this happened, drawing attention to how much punishment the boy would earn from doing such a thing on the auction block.

The boy lost track of who was bidding as it focused on the warmth down his legs and continued to balance precariously on his block.

The gavel went down for a third and final time.

The dirty old perv had won the slave slut.

Winston now owned his former customer. He grinned like a Cheshire cat as his cock hardened at the thought of the coming evening.

The auctioneer made the slave clean the block with its tongue after the sale, before the third slave was up for sale. This one a faggot with cum dripping from both ends. The faggot didn’t mind standing on its block, in fact it was turned on by the degradation it endured.

Later that evening the entire street below heard the scream through the purposely open window as Winston pushed his large cock into his new slave’s fuck hole.

“Scream in delight faggot,” shouted his new Master. He didn’t care his slave was once straight.

The new slave’s screams of delight were heard by all, well into the night.

Winston woke up early the following day and kicked the boy from the slave mat at the side of his own master bed. Winston didn’t want the boy to be too far away from him at night just in case he wanted a piss. There is nothing more delightful than the shame on a slave of such a beautiful pale face as it gulped down a real man’s amber nectar. The boy would become an expert before too long. He took the boy into the shop downstairs and instructed it of its tasks setting up the shop each day moving forward. The boys heart sank. It realized that people who once knew it as a Freeman came into Winston’s barber shop. Its very own former father and its brother, not only them but many of its friends too. The boy was now naked with the exception of its small button cage over its one-inch nub, collar, and a butt plug with changeable attachments that ranged from feather duster to toilet scrubber.

Winston went into the back and brought out a wooden box. He explained to his new slave boy that it was full of wax and cloths and the boy would offer to clean the shoes of Freemen while they waited for a cut. The boy was dumbfounded of its new life. He understood the taunting it would receive, the laughing as its owner’s cream leaked out from around its plug. The offers that its owner would receive for his customers to fuck it hard. He knew that It’s owner had already prepared a bed in the back room for his customers to use the boy the way he does at night. Its former best friend fucking its hole whilst whispering degrading words into its ears. There was little it could do about it but take it.

It was only just beginning to understand the depth of the humiliation and how far it had yet to fall.

Cum Slaves Pt 11

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