Cum Slaves Pt 13

Lucas continued to fuck his own face on one slave’s cock while the other fucked his ass hole. It didn’t take long for his holes to be filled with the juices of one of the slaves.

Part 12


Slave shorts: The Alpha slave husbands.

Lucas had an epiphany when he visited his old school friend Stephen. At first, he was shocked to see their mutual friend naked as a slave boy. However, he always was attracted to him, although he never admitted it. Lucas felt up the naked slave boy all night. At one stage he made the boy kiss him on the lips when Stephen was out of the room. Lucas could see the humiliation on the boy’s face, but it knew never to speak of it for fear of punishment. It was just a common slave with no opinion now. Lucas even asked Stephen if he could have sex with the slave. Stephen refused, clearly wanting to keep it for himself for a while at the very least.

Lucas knew he needed a slave for himself. That way he could keep his sexuality quiet and enjoy a slave’s body. However, Lucas had another secret. If Lucas wasn’t so rich perhaps the option would be to become a volunteer slave. There was now a new set of slaves that volunteer and give up their lives to serve real men. They’re called faggot slaves, as humiliating and uncouth Lucas found the expression, which was how he saw himself. A person who wanted to service other men sexually and be used by them. A faggot slave. Rare but becoming more common. He had read in the papers opinions of how important it was for faggots to enslave themselves as it prevented crimes.

Recently there was an incident with a soap star who broke the law because it was repressed. If only it had registered himself as a faggot, then no one would have been harmed when it broke the law. Society had more respect for the slave who enslaved itself. Lucas had also read of another recent incident where a slave came forth as a piss-loving faggot, so it gave up its freedom to become a urinal in the WS1 area, at the very least that perv didn’t break any law and wasn’t a potential risk for society. What Lucas needed was an Alpha slave to serve him sexually, to meet his needs. They needed each other. Lucas was going to make one slave incredibly happy.

Or so he believed.

Lucas’ family owned one of the largest slavery operations in the world, although he worked in HQ and didn’t encounter any of the livestock, just slave workers. After the night with Stephen and his new slave boy, he began searching for the perfect Alpha slave and was surprised to find over available 500 in the system, so he spent a week going through them. He was after someone more muscular than himself but not bulking, a natural body made before their enslavement. Someone intelligent but not overly arrogant. He was looking for a slave husband. It wasn’t uncommon for some women to buy slaves for husbands, why should he be different. Soon he got down to four, but one was sold quickly, so to avoid disappointment he requested all three to be shipped to HQ.

He then spoke to his father and told him everything. Almost everything. He told him he was after a slave husband, and he’d narrowed it down to three. His father said he could have any of them without charge, if it made him happy. His father knew his son was a gay bottom boy, he had known for many years, ever since he discovered the boy’s browser history on the families computer. Lucas’ father didn’t tell him, he just steered him along to make sure he didn’t give up his freedom to be a faggot slave.

He knew his son was better than that, and he knew it would cost his reputation and would be a bad look if the son of a slave empire owner became one. So instead, Lucas’ father remained quietly supportive of his son’s submissive tendencies, though he made sure his son would never end up a slave. He was scared that Lucas would enslave himself just as more closeted faggots were coming out and throwing themselves forward to be the perverted cock-lusting slaves they so desperately wanted to be.

He knew that allowing Lucas these Alpha slaves would be good for him, he would get his cock-lust satiated, but would continue to be a Freeman. He loved his son very much and would do anything he could to protect him, and his own reputation.

A day later Lucas visited all three slaves in their cells. He whittled down his decision to two and needed time to think about the best one. When he told his father, his father told him to take both. It was a good move because people would be less suspect having two slaves looking after him. His father then secretly visited the two slaves and told them how to contact him directly if they thought that his son was in any danger. The two slaves where a little nervous of the situation but as slaves agreed to this most powerful man.

The first slave was dark haired and looked of Brazilian descent, with a large cock and lovely large hands. The other slave was also large in the cock department and his body was muscular and hair blond, like a Nordic god.

Lucas owned a large house and so two slaves would be ideal. He took them the following evening. A Friday evening. A long weekend as he wasn’t back to work at HQ until Tuesday.

He decided they should wear clothes and live their lives as husbands. No collars, butt plugs, cock cages. Nothing. Except a slave chip and a device that would paralyze them and give them an electric shock, if their owner needed to. He sat them at the living room table and spoke. At first the slaves looked uneasy, both thinking that they were suspect of the set up and thought something was wrong.

“I wanted just one alpha male slave husband,” he said. He went on to explain that he wanted them to keep the house and outside gardens in perfect condition whilst he worked. He followed with the house rules and clearly set out what punishments they would receive for not following orders. Slowly the slaves understood their place as Lucas told them more.

Once Lucas had gone over the rules they watched TV, relaxed and chatted. Like a modern family. During this period Lucas was continually felt up by the two slaves. One exclaimed Lucas was a great kisser when a TV advertisement came on and he kissed him passionately. The other pointed out that he was attracted to both the freeman and the other slave so much it made it easy for him. Lucas couldn’t deny the truth, or their shared pleasure. After midnight they went to bed. The three of them together. Instead of the Freeman being in charge and sleeping by himself with two slaves. He had two equals. He knew it would be wrong to refer to them as ‘its’ as it is common to refer to slaves normally.

Lucas took control at one point during the night and got one of the slaves to spread his legs slight, allowing himself access to the slave husbands cock and slide down on the slave’s monster cock. He wanted to give these two studs pleasure. The other slave fucked Lucas as he commanded. Soon the three were in a rhythm of hot passionate sex, made all the better from the techniques learnt by the two slaves at the brothel they were initially placed in.

Lucas continued to fuck his own face on one slave’s cock while the other fucked his ass hole. It didn’t take long for his holes to be filled with the juices of one of the slaves. As he blew, Lucas shot all over the sheets, hands free and the other slave came buckets in his mouth. He swallowed all the load completely. It was the hottest sex that he’d ever had. It continued with them all taking turns in various positions, until the sun came up.

Both slaves knew this was luck. No slave they had ever heard of had such a good set up. Look after the house and keep their owner happy. Their owner being a good-looking twenty-year-old with stacks of wealth. A perfect life for a freeman, let alone a slave.

When they woke up, part way through the afternoon, Lucas told his two husbands that they all needed to go shopping.

“What for?”

“Clothes for you both and a bigger bed. Do you think I’m going to make either of you studs sleep in the slave hole ever?”

Lucas may be a natural faggot, but he knew exactly what he wanted and took it. Signs of a natural leader.

Cum Slaves Pt 14

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