Cum Slaves Pt 14

I unzipped my fly and stuck my hard musky, precum leaking cock in its mouth. I started to piss.. I told it to swallow every drop that I drained into it.

Part 13


He was a good-looking guy, and I enjoyed his company. A lot. We met at the gym, and he had a six pack and nice pecs. He had a bubble butt and a youthful face. He made me laugh and seemed to have a sense of fun. He was incredibly fit and fast. Once he made a bet that he could beat a Rickshaw pony slave to the next stop. He beat the slave hands down. This was a feat hard to achieve. We became close. Super close.

Little did I know he once followed me to a brothel. I used to go and fuck a tight young slave there I knew as a free man years ago. Looking back, the signs were there, but I never saw him watching me fuck that tight hole senseless.

Then we got drunk. He told me everything. He told me that he was gay, and he used the term “fag” because he said it felt a better choice of word to describe him. He was submissive and liked the humiliation. He wanted a real man, and he saw me fuck. He told me his plan.

I went on the Internet and did research. He could do this and offer himself to me. I didn’t have to agree at any point, and if I didn’t, then he would be sold, I was in control. I could do anything I wanted. I had a small place, but a slave would help a lot. I decided to say yes. I didn’t have to go to court. Everything including his property that I decided to sell was mine.

There were loads of history on such beings, including the history of faggot slavery. Such contracts were offered 15 years ago. Since then, many had been offered. It almost suggested that I would be doing him a favour by taking his freedom. Incredible stuff.

He was delivered to my door.

The slave police came in first and then the faggot slave boy followed with its head downwards. It wasn’t allowed to speak, and the police spoke to me about the finer points, including his estate. The point that he was estimated worth ten times as myself shocked me. How could a man want this? The answer from one of the officers was that he wasn’t a true man. It was and always has been a lesser being. A faggot slave. A server of true men.

They asked me if I wanted a demonstration. I said yes. The Slave Police yanked on the slave’s leash and forced him to kneel before all three of us. The officer with the shaved head and arm tattoos put his hand behind the slave’s neck and made him get down to his elbows.

He pushed the slave’s face on to his black leather boot and told him to lick it clean. The slave did so as all three of us watched. My cock was beginning to stir. The slave had no resistance to the rough handling of the officer as it stuck it’s tongue out and licked this man’s boot. The officer kept his tattooed arm on the slave’s neck as it continued to lick. It began to whimper.

“What’s that? You want what’s inside, faggot?”

The other officer, a man with cropped brown hair, took the leash from the tattooed officer and yanked the slave back up to its knees. Its hands went to a begging position like the kind I see the pups use when they’re waiting for an Alpha’s bone. The slave’s chaste cock was pushing through its tiny cage, and it looked up at me. I could see lust in its eyes. It was hungry for degradation, and I could tell it was about to get it.

The tattooed officer unlaced his boot and pulled it off and grabbed the back of the slave’s head again as the other officer kept the leash tight in his grasp. The tattooed officer then pushed the slave’s face into his boot.

“Sniff my boot you pathetic little fag.”

The slave did so quicky, and without hesitation. I could hear it inhale the boot musk deeply and I saw its body shiver with anticipation. The officer chuckled and ran the boot around the slave’s face and pushed further into its face. Knowing it was a warm day out, and the boot was leather, I could tell the scent would be strong. But the slave was relishing it. This is what it wanted. To be used and abused and humiliated like this. The officer took the boot off the slave’s face and held it aloft.

“Beg for more.”

“Please may I have more, sir?” the slave whined.

My cock was leaking into my underpants now. Seeing my friend reduced to a begging foot fag. He was different to what I had seen hm before. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams I would see this.

“Not good enough, faggot.” The tattooed officer grumbled.

The slave piped up. “Sir, please may I worship your boot and foot, sir!

I’ve been a good faggot. I want to worship a real man and his musky scent. Please!”

The officer smirked and told the slave to worship his sock.

The slave didn’t need any further prompt and knelt back down to his elbows and began to sniff his black socked foot. I watched in fascination as the slave started sucking on the fabric. The officer lifted his foot, and the slave sucked his toes and sniffed at the same time, whimpering all the while. Its back was arching as it did so. The officer holding the leash told the slave to show off its hole to its new master.

I watched the slave move its body to be positioned with a nice tight pink hole facing me as its back arched and it stuck its arse toward me, never stopping the worship of the tattooed officer’s foot.

“Yeah? You like my sweaty socks, faggot? You like smelling the feet of a real Alpha?”

The slave could only moan in agreement.

The tattooed officer unlaced his other boot while the slave continued to sniff and worship the socked foot. He pulled the slave up once more.

“Do you wanna sniff the other boot, you pervert?”

The slave begged like before and the officer obliged and pushed his other leather boot into the slave’s face, to which it began huffing deeply once more. The officer was having the time of his life making my new slave worship his boots and feet.

He spoke to me as he ignored the slave worshipping. “I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger sneaker foot freak in my years in the service. You should have seen it during its time during processing. One of our officers discovered how much it liked to worship feet when he was testing what kinks and fetishes the fag was pre-disposed to. It took stilettos, gym sneakers, even pony boy hooves on its nose, all the while leaking through its micro-cage,”

“Woah, I had no idea,” I said. Truly, I didn’t. My friend had never shown even an inkling to this side of himself.

“Well, it just goes to show he was never really destined to live life as a Freeman, his faggotry was always there, just needed to be truly unlocked.”

The tattooed officer told the slave to stop, and it did so with a whimper. The officer gave it orders like a pup boy.

“Lay flat on the ground. Roll over. Good fag.”

When the slave was in position the officer took his left sock off and pushed his sweaty feet on to the slave’s face. The slave started licking without the order.

“That’s right, faggot. Lick between my toes. I’ve been in my socks and boots all day in this heat. Get all the fluff off my feet and lick the sweat and sniff and worship my Alpha feet. Fucking dirty pathetic faggot.”

I could see the cage leaking more down between the slave’s thighs. It really was a foot fag and loving it. The officer let the slave lick both feet and clean them both before he ordered it to stop.

“That’s a suitable demonstration, I think. It’s time we get going. We have other faggots to re-home.”

The leash-holding officer passed the leash to me to hold with a sturdy grip. I did so and the slave looked up at me with begging and pleading eyes. I could see some of the sock fluff around its nose and mouth. But it looked like it was in heaven. The tattooed officer put his socks and boots back on and looked at me.

“Tie one of your dirtiest sneakers to his face for the next 24-hours to train it to lust for your scent. Then remember to do that every other day for the next two weeks, it’s shown to help in its obedience training. You can do it with your underwear from the gym too, but we’ve found with foot fags like this one it’s better to just use your sneakers. I don’t think you’ll have much difficulty with this one since it willingly gave up its life to be your slave, but if that puddle of precum on the floor is enough to go on, I’d say you’d be cementing its status by training it like that.”

I thanked the officers and watched them leave. Once the police left it just knelt there waiting for me. It was waiting for its new master to make a move. I needed to relieve myself, and the toilet was upstairs.

“Fuck me, that was quite the display. I think before I get my dirty ol’ gym sneaker for you to huff for the next 24-hours, I might just get you used to my taste. Open that mouth, slave.”

It did as was told while it continued to kneel in a begging pose.

I unzipped my fly and stuck my hard musky, precum leaking cock in its mouth. I started to piss.. I told it to swallow every drop that I drained into it. After I finished relieving myself, I told it to kiss my dick as a thank you. He willingly obliged. I then put my cock back in my pants and told it to lick up the precum puddle it had made while I got my sneaker. It stuck it’s arse out as it knelt forward and licked my timber floors clean.

I grabbed my dirty not-so-white-anymore low top sneakers and returned to my new slave. I hadn’t cleaned these in a couple years of gym use and the more I wore them the more I could smell them myself and I never once put my nose into them. I tied the sneaker around my slave’s head and made sure its nose and mouth were kept almost completely sealed.

“Good faggot. Now stay here until I need to relieve myself again.”

I tied its leash to my nearest dining room chair and left to do work. I wanted it to make sure it knew who was in control. It was always going to be me. Never it.

Cum Slaves Pt 15

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