Cum Slaves Pt 15

He was then sentenced to be a fuckhole in a nightclub. Fuckholes are rather like flesh-lights and are morphed objects, however, they are public units and are fitted in areas where men are most likely to be horny and will use the hole no matter its condition.

Part 14


To actually get into the Slave Police is more difficult than you might think. You have to study and be knowledgeable in slave law and be in peak athletic condition too. Only top Alphas can be accepted. However, because of the long hours it takes to meet their conditions and their role in society, the pay is good. Their role is vast too. From arresting criminals to enforcing slavery and ensuring that the public are not being too relaxed on slaves.

You have to be extremely cold at times, with empathy trained out of the Slave Police during training. However, you still have to balance and reflect on the circumstances of each situation you are put in. They are one of the few sets of people who are allowed to use old style transport to get about, and if you are not a member of the Slave Police and you travel inside one of their black vans then you need to understand that you might as well be naked and have a collar around your neck.

Most people are aware that if they volunteer to strip naked before their court appearance during their arrest statement, they will most likely be given a lesser sentence or no further punishments given to them by the judge, such as a whipping or any form of body-morphing.

The opposite also applies too. A teenager was caught crossing a road unlawfully. They saw the officer and instead of simply admitting to the crime and most probably receiving a first offender warning for something that would be seen as petty, they ran off in fear. The member of the Slave Police who witnessed the act began to chase on foot. It was in the city and so it was caught on dozens of security cameras. A second officer was called in and once the two burly officers caught up with the teen, he was arrested for resisting arrest, as well as his crime of jaywalking. At most he probably would have been given a level one enslavement. Unfortunately, he refused to strip. He bit one of the officers and when appearing in court the following day fully clothed, he was sentenced as a level three slave.

The judge was unimpressed by his attitude and ordered him to be whipped. He was then sentenced to be a fuckhole in a nightclub. Fuckholes are rather like flesh-lights and are morphed objects, however, they are public units and are fitted in areas where men are most likely to be horny and will use the hole no matter its condition. It was placed in a foyer going into a nightclub toilet and was set up with visual access, meaning he could see the men who were fucking him. These units are useful as they are said to prevent rapes and other sexual crimes given their hole is accessible to the Freemen during the peak times these crimes were committed prior to the new world order. The slave is now doing the world a service for certain.

Collecting and arresting slaves isn’t just what the Slave Police do. They investigate too. Now there is a case going on looking into allegation of a corrupt judge and their friend framing his daughters’ boyfriend. It implements several girls, as well the defense lawyer.

Crime has gone down since the introduction to the new enslavement laws and the Slave Police play a big part in this. They will also help volunteer slaves through the process too. Only a while back a young man called Tom applied to be a volunteer slave. He applied for five years’ service as a urinal in the WS1 area and then be allowed to become a level one slave after his first five years. He applied online. A few hours later he was visited by two members of the Slave Police in one of their vans.

Tom invited the two beefy Alphas into his little apartment and they spoke at length. The Slave Police are not harsh to volunteers when they begin discussions. They will ensure that this is what a free person wants. If they are unsure that this is for them then the Slave Police will leave, giving them time to rethink. Generally, if someone is scared in the beginning, they eventually come around maybe days or weeks later. It isn’t long either way. They begin to fantasize about how they would be treated, and they soon lust after being fuckholes and urinals and other humiliated things as a slave. In Tom’s case he was one hundred percent sure he wanted to volunteer. He said so to the Slave Police. The two beefy Alphas with their wide chests and muscular arms turned Tom on so much he told them how arousing it was that they were there in his flat. He told them how he had started to love the idea of being a human urinal. One of the officers smirked at him.

“You are a fucking faggot!” it was a fact. “It is that simple” he paused “That’s why you want to be a sub for Alphas like us. Why you crave being a human urinal, an absolute perverted pig.”

The faggot looked down to the ground. “What happens next?” he asked.

“You strip right now and then we will put a temporary collar around your neck. We will take you to the holding cells at headquarters then in the morning you will be taken to the courthouse”.

One officer reached for the collar hanging off his belt. He began to explain to Tom that his home would be vacated of items with his furniture sold and the money from this, as well as his personal finances would all go toward the state so they can continue to upgrade slave facilities like urinals or farms held by the state. The officer stood up in front of Tom. He looked down at the boy, the officer’s crotch bulge prominent in the boy’s face as he sat on the dining room chair. The boy could smell its musk of the day through the tight trousers. He could see the Alpha’s cock hardening in his pants.

“Are you ready, faggot?” the officer said gruffly.

Tom gulped. He shakily stood up and began to strip in front of the two officers.

The boy was soon naked in his apartment with two Slave Police in front of him. They could see his tiny dick getting hard and they did what they could to help tease the poor faggot by their looks and demeanors. They then read him his rights as a slave. “As a slave, you have no rights”. That simple.

The officer with the musky cock then clipped the collar around the faggot’s neck. The faggot was no longer human. It would not be referred to as a “he/him” anymore. It was now just “it”.

The officer stood back and laughed at its dick being hard and throbbing in front of the two men. The officer taunted it and told it to kneel. It obeyed and was ordered to kiss the four boots that were below it. They continued calling it degrading and humiliating names.

It looked up as it kissed their boots and saw both men had their cocks out. Their hairy musky bushes filled the faggot with cock-lust. It would do nasty dirty things to taste the dicks of the two muscular Alphas. The officers could see its tiny dick twitch more as it leaked on the rug. They laughed.

“You don’t get to suck any cock now, faggot. You signed up as a urinal, remember?”

The officers laughed as their cocks started streaming yellow piss on the slave. The hot urine flowed on the slave as the men let out moans of satisfaction and the slave began kissing the boots more, their piss coating its lips.

Its cock was bouncing and leaking from pleasure as it was covered head to toe in its apartment with Alpha piss. The officers shook to signal the end of their streams and zipped their monsters back in their tight pants, satisfied.

The first officer then clipped a chain to the plastic collar and unhooked a yellow tag from his belt to attach to the collar to indicate its status as a urinal fag. He ordered it to stand, still soaked in piss dripping off its body. The slave did so with no hesitation. The two Alphas turned the fag around and marched it out of the building.

Naturally when a Slave Police van shows up in a neighborhood the neighborhood comes out into the street and waits to see what happens. The neighbors started shouting and jeering as the door opened. Everyone knew that the guy at number 10 was about to be enslaved. The to be enslaved usually come out clothed, but as soon as they saw naked Tom they knew that it was a done deal.

After that people laughed seeing the slave pissed on and having a yellow tag.

“Phew, what’s that smell?” someone joked. “Looks like someone has found its calling!”.

The jokes continued as the Slave Police locked the apartment and then placed an enslavement notice on the door. The notice warned people looting was a level three offence, it had information of how to collect debts from the enslaved if it was a next of kin and was eligible for money, and then almost at the bottom they stamped the reason of enslavement on it:


Another involvement of the Slave Police was education. They visited colleges often. They explained the importance of social behavior. Often, they take an enslaved former student into the college or university to show what may become of the younger population should they not follow the new world order.

Other work by the Slave Police is processing legal applications regarding slaves and ownership disputes and other such matters. Currently there are officers working on a detriment order against an employee of Manfred Giles Farm. Manfred is suing the employee for damage of property. It is thought that the boy will be enslaved within days, although the boy hasn’t a clue.

These Slave Police continue to keep the cogs of the new world order machine running smoothly, and it’s never a dull day in the life of an officer.

Cum Slaves Pt 16

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