Cum Slaves Pt 16

“I’m a faggot sir” he said proudly “I’m a faggot”. The boy was in fag heaven. The boy, Marcus collapsed in defeat as Manfred purposely put his weight on the boy.

Part 15


Marcus was a slave hand. He was one of the best ones that worked on The Manfred Giles Pony horse estate. He worked hard and he was a loyal worker of the estate. Recently he had seen a drama involving some new ponies and a careless slave hand and he knew it wouldn’t be long before that particular worker returned to the estate. The slave hand had spoken to Marcus since his suspension and knew that he was to report to Manfred Giles once he returned. Marcus could only imagine what would happen there.

Among most of the staff and slaves he witness the two escaped slaves receiving a public punishment. He had also looked up towards Manfred’s seats and saw the slave hand who had caused all this commotion. He noticed like everyone else that the boy was being touched by Manfred. Marcus knew that it was a mark of disrespect. When a freeman mauled another freeman like that. The poor boy’s career was clearly over to everyone. Apart from the slave hand.

What bothered Marcus was his throbbing hard on in his shorts. His longing for it to be himself being mauled in such a way by Manfred Giles, a man three times his age. He almost yearned for to be one of those slaves he fucked regularly. He saw them push back onto this real mans fuck pole and take it as they deserved. He understood that Manfred had a power beyond just being their owner. It was almost as though once the slaves where penetrated for the first time they were marked with the magic of the want for more. This was another thing that bothered him. He had never been fucked and yet he yearned this filthy old man’s cock.

The return of the slave hand who had caused all of the trouble wasn’t pretty. Marcus passed by the office that morning and noticed that the door was ajar. Himself and a few other slave hands witness Manfred making the now naked collared slave fuck itself on Manfred’s cock. Manfred had got the boy enslaved through a law that slave owners can claim freemen for slaves if they leave them in detriment in any way. The slave hand had slowed down the process of the farm for almost a week. The other hands where disgusted and yet Marcus could feel his medium size cock pulse to the beat of the boys riding itself on Manfred’s cock. The hands all vanished when the slave Police arrived.

Later that morning the head stable hand, Lewis walker asked Marcus to take some papers for Manfred to sign. His office door was open. He walked in and the old man wasn’t there. He could still smell sex. He saw an open tub of slave spunk on the side and a few drops on the table too. Marcus placed the papers on Manfred’s desk and knew he should have walked out straight away. He didn’t, instead Marcus, almost voluntarily moved towards the tub of ‘milk boy juice’ and leaned forward. He sniffed it. He always liked the smell. Suddenly he came back to reality and understood his fate if he had stayed much longer. He rushed to the door. On the way down the corridor, he saw Manfred. He told him the paperwork from Lewis was on his desk. He thought that was the end of that.

A day later the enslaved slave hand returned. He was naked and smooth as a new slave boy. It came apparent that he would serve Manfred in his bed chambers at the large manor house. The boy already looked broken and dripping with cum. Marcus was sure that Manfred was purposely doing this in order to be a deterrent to the other hands. However, Marcus was finding that this having an opposite affect on himself. He needed to distract himself. His thoughts were getting out of hand.

That evening back at home there was a debate on television with Reggie Finn. Talking about Faggot slave rules and how he opposed the calls of them to be changed. Recently there had been a few cases where Faggot slaves had enslaved themselves by breaking the law. There was a case of a tv star who had done exactly that. Yet here was this billionaire slave trader who thought the opposite to most. He believed everyman who stayed within the limits of the law should have the right to choose if he voluntarily enslaved or lived there lives as free-fags. Reggie was asked if his own son was a fag. He replied this is exactly the issue that just because a man is gay that people who don’t care to understand jump to the conclusion that they are faggots. There is a difference.

Marcus liked Reggie. In fact, most people did. Most people liked his son too, Lucas Finn. Marcus looked up Lucas online and saw he looked exactly like he did. Only with richer clothes. If this guy was a fag, then he was lucky to have a father like Reggie that understood him. At that point his mother called him down for dinner.

That night Marcus had a version of his reoccurring dream. This time he was being fucked doggie style by Reggie Finn in the ass and Manfred Giles in the mouth. Then they both changed spaces. Marcus woke up yet again with cum all over his boy bod. His fag-boy bod. The first step is admitting it to yourself.

He looked in the bathroom mirror and with a little sadness he said it out loud. “I’m not gay. I am a faggot”. He understood the difference.

A week or so later he found himself in an unusual situation. He was on a late shift and Slave master Lucas had left early to take his wife out. Manfred was in the stables and nothing much was happening. Manfred saw the boy watching him. He had seen him a few times doing the same. “Is everything sorted for the night?” Manfred asked. “Yes sir” Marcus replied politely.

“Come with me” the man said to the boy “it is ok, you’re not in any trouble”. Marcus always felt safe round Manfred. He led him to his office. The man poured two whiskies. He sat down with a tablet in his hand. It was as though it was all planned. That because Lewis was off Manfred had arranged Marcus to work. It felt more so when Manfred showed Marcus the clip of him sniffing slave cum. Marcus didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok I am not about to enslave you for sniffing slave cum. I am curious why though. I’m curious why you watch intently when I fuck a boy and when the visitors do to”.

“I’m a faggot”. Fuck me, he thought he admitted too eagerly. “I can’t enslave myself, it would kill my mother and I can’t afford buy a slave husband. I’m just stuck”. The tension went through his body. He almost cried. Manfred smiled. “There is a lot in the press at the moment of how faggots should be treated. I agree with Reggie Finn on this matter. They should have a choice. They haven’t done anything wrong. It is the way some guys are. Do you realize some straight men are fags too?” he informed Marcus.

“No sir” he replied.

“Well, they are”. The older man paused. “Well, it’s between myself and you.” He paused. “I don’t believe in force enslaving a fag or influencing them” he smiled at the boy, “also you are a good worker. I would hate you to leave the farm.”

“Do you have anyone using you right now?”, Manfred asked. Marcus shook his head. Manfred then stood up and walked up to his desk. He took the pot of slave spunk he always kept around and opened it. Manfred then dipped a couple of his fingers in it and pulled them out, offering them to Marcus. The free-fag opened his mouth and allowed Manfred to insert his seaman covered fingers into his mouth, he licked them clean and allowed Manfred to finger fuck his mouth like he would have done a common slave. Only Manfred knew to tread slowly as the boy could have easily pulled back and stopped and he could not have stopped him. He was a free-fag after all.

Soon Manfred poured slave spunk on the boys face, rubbing it into his face too. This seemed to excite him.

Two minutes later Marcus dreams came partially true. The fat old sixty something man had his cock inside of him. He was on all fours taking this Alphas cock. He was different to what he had seen before with others. This was kinder, only slight, kinder nether the less. Marcus felt his calling drew nearer. “Say it boy!” Manfred instructed, almost commanded as he shot his load up the boys pussy.

“I’m a faggot sir” he said proudly “I’m a faggot”. The boy was in fag heaven. The boy, Marcus collapsed in defeat as Manfred purposely put his weight on the boy. He groped him for a while, neither of them would know for how long. Maybe ten minutes, maybe longer. It was as though time had stopped. Marcus had arrived where he needed to be in his mind. Has a free-fag he was in control. Not the Alpha that had fucked him into submission.

Things changed after that first encounter. The following day Marcus was cleaning out a part of the stable showers and Manfred came into inspect. He instantly showed respect with no one around “Hello sir!” he lowered his head. Manfred was impressed and walked behind the free-fag. The relevance of what happened next was not wasted on Marcus. The much older man inserted one finger in the left nostril and one in the right. He then pulled the boys head upright, like he had seen Manfred do many times with slaves. Manfred removed his fingers and presented them for cleaning. How did Manfred know that this was a turn on for him? Once Marcus had cleaned Manfred’s fingers off to a satisfactory level Manfred then began to feel up Marcus through his shirt.

“I understand that you finish your shift at six this evening. If you wish for this to continue, then I expect you at my private residence within the hour. Enter through the slave entrance and then strip naked in the slave foyer and then wait”. He paused a second whilst pulling hard down on the fag’s left nipple. “No one but slaves will be present in the house and your faggy secret will not leave their lips in fear of the consequences.” He paused again twist the boys right nipple. “Do I make myself clear boy?”

He nodded his head like a slave would. Without saying a word Manfred left to go.

Marcus’s cock was hard, he could feel it pulsing. He hadn’t come in days, and he had not had a wet dream either. This was working out to be the most perfect week ever. Marcus was beginning to transition but he was unsure what he was going to transition into.

Cum Slaves Pt 17

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