Cum Slaves Pt 17

He got his fag boy to put his back to the Gurney where the judge was tied to, and the boy lowered the rear of his pants. Manfred then began to discreetly finger the fags hole. The boy was used to this level of humiliation.

Part 16


If you enjoyed the Fleshlight story you will enjoy this. The people who framed the judge have just been sentenced. It has sex, but also transformation into objects. Just like the fleshlight.


Judge Eric Davidson was trying to hide it’s shame and tears as it knelt on the floor with the other four newly indented. He was no longer a ‘he’, simply nothing but an animal.

An it.

The slave looked up at the young girl at the side of himself, who was being pulled by her hair by a member of the slave police. She was screaming as one of the other slave policemen clipped the first of the six slave collars round her neck. The slave police pulled on her exposed body parts a little in order to cause more humiliation as he clipped a lead on her collar and led her out of the room to the processing area.

The former judge was next.

The entire court watched as the much younger slave policeman grabbed a handful of the old man’s failing white hair and pulled the animal to its feet. This slave police officer had only been serving in the forced for less than a year and yet he had a reputation how he treated the older slaves. The former judge was aware of this reputation. It also would have been aware that the slave policeman would have been chosen to handle the judges downfall. It was not a coincidence. Somehow the naked slave was pulled up from the floor in such a way that his belly stuck out, the slave policeman hid his hard cock in his pants by twisting the slave round to the courtroom audience, showing the entire court room the new ‘boy’ slave. The contrast between dignity and indignity could not have been so apparent.

“God. I love my job” the young officer exclaimed as the audience laughed at his declaration. The slap on the slave’s meaty arse was also not missed by the onlookers. The slave policemen did not need help as he was a strong Alpha and knew how to manage such slaves. Often in slave handling sessions at his old college where he was at previously before getting this job, he had plenty of experience with older slaves like this one. The young officer developed a liking for humiliating old men like this. He clipped the collar around the slave’s neck and pulled the already attached chain tight with his left hand, whilst harshly tapping the slaves nut sack with his cane. This led to a squeal from the slave, and another break out of laughter by the audience. Suddenly he pulled the chain and treated the former high roller as nothing but a dog.


The fallen judge could only hear the clapping and laughter it left behind whilst moving slowly to its new life. The new slave had been sentenced along with the others for plotting against a young man that had caused him to be forced into slavery. The former young man was now nothing but a fleshlight. His former colleague and close friend had sentenced him with regret as a level three slave and showed no favoritism. What the former judge was unsure about what would happen after the humiliation and what it would land up to be.

Later the same day.

It looked up into the mirror on the wall in front of it as it slowly recovered from the processing. The slaves collar was thick and made of some type of metal. It looked a little medieval and yet the judge knew better. He knew that the collar would be reaming with technology. It could feel slave drool coming from its ‘top hole’ caused by the o ring in its mouth. The three male slaves where considered the worst of their kind and would be made examples of.

What it feared the most was the imagination of the new world order and what would happen to them.

Its head had been shaven and all the remaining hair on its body was chemically removed. It felt extremely empty inside after a prolifically humiliating and degrading hour of being made to have clean out after clean out of its bowels and constantly been made to be sick by the use of drugs to empty the slave’s stomach of any free food. The most degrading part was when it was hosed down in front of a crowd of about hundred or so people along with the other five newly enslaved. The slave policeman had ensured the water was extra icy.

His head sank down back onto the gurney frame as his now weaker body slowly recovered. He looked over towards the three sobbing naked girls who had helped them to frame the poor innocent boy. They had received level two enslavement. They would soon be taken to a select brothel. He felt the guilt and the shame. To the other side of it was the attorney and the man who had approached it as a free man.

If only the Judge had refused the suggestion of breaking the law in such an horrendous way, it would not be in this position. A naked slave ready for further humiliation and degradation. It knew what was coming next and that made it shiver down its spine. It also had an idea of who would be doing the first part of the humiliation. What it wasn’t aware of was what they had installed for the three male offenders. No one would imagine that in their worst nightmares.

Throughout the next few hours, the slaves where moved several times. Sometimes they were marched through areas of the run down parts of the city. Some familiar to them, others not so. Slave runners were used and so were the bailiffs from the court house. All adding to the three slaves nightmare. Never before had the courts had exposed three slaves to this level but someone thought they truly deserved it. They most certainly did.

The three men found themselves face to face on a bench or gurney. Their faces only inches apart and bodies still naked. They were all trapped to restraints in the same way, almost in a doggy style position. Their legs spread a little and their holes exposed. The judge knew exactly where he was. The young attorney had one defendant landed up on such a place a while back, but the third guy didn’t have a clue what was happening. They all knew that they were in an outdoor arena, and it was evening time.

There were spotlights on them. At first there were no one present and slowly over half an hour the area seemed to fill up. They had been taken to an arena that the judge was aware of. It was owned privately by a man called Manfred Giles. The courts used it often. The judges heart sank as he knew this was going to be beyond humiliating. Music was playing, people eating popcorn and toffee apples, almost like they had gone to the circus. Large screens showed close ups of their naked bodies as well as the looks of terrors on the faces of the newly enslaved.

The judge spotted his former friend and farm owner Manfred with a young slave hand he was mauling, the boy looked like he was enjoying it. Clearly a free boy, but clearly a fag boy. How could anyone enjoy this level of humiliation. The judge despite being a wise man never understood why he had seen many fagots enslaved themselves through the court system. Even more so now. Manfred’s ‘consort’ had no concern to the judge, at all now. The judge was now a slave, and the faggot was above it, as he was still a freeman. How low could a judge fall like this.

Manfred was a little of a humiliator on many accounts. He got his fag boy to put his back to the Gurney where the judge was tied to, and the boy lowered the rear of his pants. Manfred then began to discreetly finger the fags hole. The boy was used to this level of humiliation. The judge wasn’t. Soon it became apparent that earlier that day the boy had been fucked. No doubt by Manfred himself, and maybe by others too by the amount that was coming out onto the old Alphas hand. He looked back to see the Judges face horrified and began feeding the former friend Alpha cum that had been in the fuck hole of this young faggot boy. The judge was powerless to prevent it from happening. Powerless from cleaning it up and powerless in protesting. The judge had cum all over its face.

The lights dimmed.

The judge wasn’t sure, but he guessed that there was over 300 men in the arena that night. The young Alpha guard was one of the first to come onto the stage and fuck its hole and flick its balls. Manfred was not far behind him, being egged on by his fag boy.

“Yes, daddy fuck its hole good”.

Time gets twisted when you are in a mixed of turmoil and regret. It must have been passed midnight. It didn’t matter anymore, nothing mattered anymore. Time was no consequence to the indented.

All three slaves were pulled up, side by side.

“With the authority of the new world order it has been decided that all three slaves with be turned into drainage holes”. Manfred announced to a confused audience. “They will be turned into a cross between a flash light and urinals.”

All three slaves were soon hoisted high in the air above away from the center of the arena, whilst from below the arena a pod arose that many would recognizes instantly as a version of a fleshlight convertor. Larger than the single ones and the actual fleshlight shell was made of solid glass. The three slaves dripped buckets of man cum from above, looking downwards not quite understanding their fates.

They all entered the pod. The nano technology worked quickly as the audience in the arena went silent, millions of others over the net watched with bated breath.

Everyone at home and in the arena had time to figure out that the glass bell jar like object would be these three slave’s home for their eternity. Three holes where on the side of the jar equal spacing. All with a rubber ring attached to it, not dissimilar to the outward facing part of a fleshlight.

“Oh my!”, that fag next to Manfred had just realized. They would serve next to each other in the same glass jar in some public toilet. Piss holes and cum dumps. The fag saw the three slaves bodies appearing out of the convertor. The fag seemed high on something, getting excited, drawing attention to himself.

Their bodies shrunk, arms and legs a fifth of the size. Their bodies were of a similar size to each of the other two indented, although the judge kept its large belly. The heads didn’t suit the rest of them. The proportions were way out, but you knew it was for comical value when you heard the audience roar with laughter. Their dicks and balls were extremely small, but hard as iron all the same. The attorney began to piss all over the inside of the jar, like a fountain encased in the jar. The flood of fluids began to collect at the base of the jar.

Once their bodies completely appeared you could see a pipe in the center of them, no doubt with all of the technology for cleansing, medication and drainage, as well as enough formula to keep them alive for a very long time. Once in the jar completely the top was sealed down and their heads shot forward attaching their o rings to the glass bell jars holes. The jar was self-cleaning after a while, but it would fill up with piss, cum, Saliva and much more, before that happened. This was similar to the human fleshlight they had turned their young victim into. The slight changes were that they shared the jar with the other two, and it was made of glass. Every single move they made, every cock they would suck, every gulp of piss they would swallow would be seen and ridiculed by all.

All three were now in position waiting for cock.

Except for the location.

They would have to wait for daylight for that final horror.

Cum Slaves Pt 18

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  1. Rob says:

    Incredible to read of some payback. Given the state of th U.S., I think we have several respected Jude’s for a couple Jars!!

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