Cum Slaves Pt 18

It could hear it’s father being face fucked by Alex. Its handler responded with “What’s up boy, do you want a taste of Alpha cock like your old man?”

Part 17


Alex of the Slave Police.

Alex was going places. He had already been promoted in his position as a part of the slave police at the courthouse. He was now the desk sergeant of one of the four slaveries at the country’s largest courthouses. They had an intake of over fifty slaves passing through each day, just on his section alone. He loved his job. He was an adaptive person, everyone could see that it was only just over a year and a half that he had left training and look at him now.

At twenty-four he was proud of himself. He kept his hair trimmed to a number two crop. He didn’t care that he looked like a slave. He clearly had no other slave characteristics. It made him look mean and mean was something as a up and coming member of the slave police he wanted to achieve. He had dark hair and green eyes, his clothes were tight due to all of the muscles he had acquired in the gym since an early age.

Alex was dedicated to his work too. Unlike other rookies he treated every single enslaved animal the same. However, he particularly liked older slaves. It is what impressed his superiors recently. He was given charge of a slave who was once a judge, and he made its purpose known to it. It was not left unnoticed. There was something inside of Alex that many could not understand. He had a fondness of older slaves. He realized this whilst at college learning how to be a good slave handler.

It always made him especially hard when he was fucking an older man as well has disciplining them, being young he ejaculated in and on them several times a day. He had no time for women in his life, not that he didn’t attract them, but he was not interested.

His cock was over nine inches and sometimes hard to hide when slaves were brought into his slavery naked.

Only last month a much older slave was brought into the slavery from being sentenced. It had already been stripped naked and processed. Alex could tell this because of the color of its face, and he was shaking. Its head was downwards. Alex looked at his screen and saw who the slave was. Sentenced for tax avoidance. His two sons and wife were being processed too. A family group. Alex always finds such groups entertaining.

This slave was forty-two years of age, and its wife just had her fortieth birthday. Their two sons were both eighteen and twenty. Alex knew which slave handlers would be right to finish of the processing on them, but this animal was his.

He assigned the other crew their slaves for when they came down and Alex led the newly enslaved away into the open dungeon. Into its new life.

Alex strung the slave up onto a metal beam device and hoisted it upwards. Its hands were close together and feet were just touching the metal floor. He knew that very few people knew about the metal floor in these new dungeons and was curious how the boy would respond. Alex knew of the man the slave once was. Everyone did. It was once a part of the alpha council that Alex wanted to be a part of one day. He knew the man started in The Slave Police when he left college training, just like he had, not so long ago. Alex sat down reading the reports and the boy just dangled.

He watched with patience. Observing the enslaved. He found it amusing when it realized the boy new the floor where it ‘stood’ had a shock system in it. Alex read his tablet device to understand if there was anything he needed to be aware of. He soon discovered that the boy was to be fitted with nano bot tit rings. They were a new invention that simply clicked onto the slave’s nipples, then the nano bot technology that is used in such inventions as the human fleshlights and other such toys. These go into the nipple and is used for tormenting the slave as well as keeping it under control. Once removed they don’t leave a mark, because of this they were becoming very popular. Ideal for training slaves. They only took a moment to be fitted. Soon after two prominent silver tit rings of roughly half an inch stuck out. Alex gave them a yank and spat directly into the slave’s face. The drool dripped down its face and joined the endless supply of slave slime from its upper hole.

Other information was on the list. No anal. Which meant that its virginity was intact, and someone had claimed it, despite its age. Test results where filtering through and it appeared that it had a clean bill of health. The boy wasn’t privileged to this information anymore. It wasn’t it’s concern. Only the concern of its betters. It also read no cock cage required. That always meant more torment from whoever had bought him.

They often liked to watch as the boy’s cock turned into a little baby dicklet using nano-tec.

Alex wanted to have some fun though. So, using his device he released the boy, dropping it on the metal surface and the moment it fell Alex put a charge through the floor. The boy screamed and jumped in shock. “Pathetic” was all Alex said, then chuckling at the boys predicament he simply said “All fours, now boy!” he responded quickly, knowing it wouldn’t be good enough the boy anticipated another zap and showed signs of jumping, instead Alex used his cane on the boys ass. “Faster”. He stated firmly. He then stated louder, “Head up, boy!”. The cane snapped on its balls this time making it jump. “Faster, you pitiful animal”. Alex cock was hard through the fabric of his trousers. He started swiping the boys ass crack harder and harder hearing him yelp and watching him dribble through its o ring. He then waited a second and stood back zapping a shock wave through the floor, hearing the fallen yelp like the animal it had become. He deserved it after all.

Alex then went to the front of the slave boy and simply opened his zipper and fed his cock into the boys wide open slavering upper fuck hole. Alex knew what he was doing as soon the boy was gagging. The affect he required. The next member of the family was brought into the dungeon.

The youngest of the two boys. It could hear it’s father being face fucked by Alex. Its handler responded with “What’s up boy, do you want a taste of Alpha cock like your old man?”. Laughter filled the room. “Apparently Alex.” The slave handler said in a condescending way, “This one is a faggot. It has already been fucked”. The handler stopped talking and looked at the boy and then back to its father. “Does Daddy know you’re a faggy? “, chuckled the handler. “Daddy is a faggy too”. Alex slapped his cock on the side of the old slaves face. They laughed.

“What are you fucking looking at fag?” Alex gazed at the younger slave with disgust.

“You won’t get our Alex’s cock fag, he likes old men, like your daddy”. The two freemen laughed as the slave handler led the boy away.

“I’m taking this one into a private cell. A member of the Alpha council is coming down to pay a visit”.

“Fucking popular, aren’t we?” Alex looked down at the old man, spitting on its face. Fucking its hole good and hard.

A few moments later a member of the council was present. Alex pointed the way to him without stopping “Fuck its face good, my friend, it is a disgrace to all”. The council member walked by with his two prize Doberman’s eagerly leading the way.

Alex shot his load down the slaves face and drew away in time for the slaves wife and older son being escorted through. All three shivered with fear as they heard the screech of their youngest faggot of a relative in a private cell.

Humiliation was a part of the parcel when entering Slavery.

This was a typical day in Alex’s life. He loved his job as he often would tell the enslaved. He was moving up in the world fast too. The young man bought himself a beautiful apartment in the centre of the city, down from the courthouse and slave police headquarters.

All he needed to complete his perfect life was a couple of slaves.

He began his search.

Alex didn’t care about auctions. He knew what he wanted. He wanted two older slaves. These slaves tend to be much cheaper than the younger ones. An advantage of having such a fetish. He wanted both slaves to have had a high status. Two fit older men over forty.

On his days off he began to look round all of the dealers, from Harris and Smith and even Slaves are us. On his journey he looked at many. The dealer often would offer him younger guys, because of the profit. When he told them he wanted older slaves and a couple of them, they soon obliged. They even took him down into the pens.

On one such afternoon out, he looked down at a younger slave. It was the young fag boy that was a part of the fallen family. He was being fucked hard by a fat old man. The man was simply evaluating the product. Pushing the slaves head down with his heavy set body. The boy was a true fag, moaning like a bitch and pushing back, desperate to be owned.

How a quick can a rich family fall?

May that be a warning to all of us!

Alex evaluated a few slaves himself over the next few weeks. He checked their sucking techniques and made them bend over to check their holes where not worn out. He looked at the credentials. He wanted two slaves to look after him, as well as to serve him sexually.

Suddenly it occurred to him. He should advertise for a freeman that was willing to be enslaved.

The advert went in a prestige newspaper.

Young twenty something Alpha male looking for two older men for enslavement. The right candidate will lose their freedom. They will give over any possessions, both liquid assets and property to their new master. They will be fit. Slim and attractive, despite being older. They will be treated harshly like a fag slave should be.

Alex waited for a reply. He wondered if anyone would.

How many replies do you think he had?

Did you reply?

Cum Slaves Pt 19

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