Cum Slaves Pt 19

The enslaved boy was pushing his ass back and moaning, pleading to have his ass canned before fucking.

Part 18


Disclaimer: Slave Short stories are set in a universe that has accepted slavery as a part of its makeup. In this universe there are males that see themselves as a lower class called Faggots. Some people may find this too offensive or demeaning. If this is the case then these stories are not for you. If that is not the case please enjoy and send feedback. I am open to constructive criticism. Not flamers.

Slave shorts: Lucas meets Clay

Lucas had been befriended by a college student a few months previous, after drinks prior to a dinner in aid of a new slave hospital and veterinary college. Lucas was impressed with his natural Persona. His two husband’s both were at the event but Clay discreetly asked, “I’m unsure why you would pay good money on slaves eating such fine food and having such incredible entertainment spent on them,” Clay smirked with a mischievous grin.

“Unless the facade is for your benefit too!” Lucas smiled back, but wasn’t unphased by the last year college students obvious clear perception. That was a few months ago and now Clay had established his relationship with Lucas, things where more clear to both parties.

“I’m a faggot!” he meekly confessed to his better. Lucas felt the relief that all free fags appear to feel when they admit who they truly are.

“I crave real men’s cock. I spent a long time searching for these two slaves that I call my husband’s and I’m satisfied.” Lucas admitted only a few weeks after meeting Clay. Clay was unsure if Lucas could be truly happy with slave husbands. However, Clay was honest back, and they respected each other’s boundaries in regard to Lucas and his odd but ‘workable’ relationship with his two men.

When Clay was in his final year of university he needed to start thinking of his future, although he had been laying plans for a few years, it was now that he needed to reveal them and finalize them. Clay had been putting thoughts into Lucas head about various things, from slave Discipline through to how free faggots should act to free Alphas, which was important of cause but not manipulative. Not at first.

He had installed in Lucas’ head that he should always respect free Alphas more. Buying them gifts, drinks. Moving to allow them to sit down. Bow his head slightly and agree when they are right. Lucas even bought Clay an apartment near to the university.

Clay decided to take Lucas to a slave farm that he went to regularly. He wanted to show the difference between sex with two Alpha slaves and a free Alpha. He wanted Lucas to understand what it was like to have sex with a slave and the lack of limits.

The first time he took Lucas there, Clay was purposely precise. Clay hired a room and a slave he clearly was acquainted too. They entered the room, and the slave was already restrained and hanging from the ceiling. Clay told Lucas to strip and kneel in the corner. He chucked him a bag and told him to put it on. He opened the bag. As Lucas pulled out the contents he explained. “It’s important for all to understand their roles,” Lucas gasped at the slave collar inside.

“Put it on if you wish to stay and place your clothes in the bag!”

He did, and placed the bag on the ground. Clay walked over to Lucas and almost rubbed his cock on Lucas’ face. Only and inch away. Clay took Lucas’ chin in his hand and lifted his head up. Clay almost dribbled saliva in Lucas’ mouth but refrained as he thought it may push him too over the edge in order to make the points he was making. They looked directly into each other’s eyes.

Clay began to speak. “I want you to understand your place in life in comparison to an enslaved faggot.” The Alpha made it clear the free fags place and the complications that arose from that.

“There are subtle differences, and you have more rights, of cause. You can say stop and I will do that. I also want you to understand the difference between Alpha slaves and Alpha free men and the limitations of having two slave husbands.”

Clay then looked into his eyes caring and with honesty at that point, “At no point I want you to feel I’m trying to enslave you. I just want to show that you need to find ways to meet all your needs. You are in a unique position in life, and I don’t want you to lose it.”

Clearly Clay’s feelings were stronger than Lucas knew. That in itself shocked Lucas. “I will adjust your head in a moment you should keep it in this position. No faggot should see the full punishment of another faggot. Free or otherwise!” Clay adjusted Lucas’ head, so his eyes were looking down at the ground and Clay walked away.

Clay walked round the enslaved boy. A boy that was once a friend in college with himself. A boy that Clay had previous fun with. “The punishment isn’t for any reason, but I can. The faggot on the floor is paying for this season today so you have him to thank.”

Clay informed both boys at once. Lucas’ little cock twitched and the same time as the enslaved boys dicklet, as the enslaved creature comically mumbled “ank ooo.”

Clay took a cane from the wall of the room. He started flicking the cane on the boy’s body as he continued to walk round him. The boy whimpered. “You see Lucas. The boy can’t get away. he can’t ask for it to stop. He can’t sue me or get me enslaved for rape and torture. A free faggot like you can and so you are never going to understand what that’s like, equally your slave husbands will never be able to give you what you need because you are in control. You can’t give them complete control and despite you have an almost perfect life as a faggot, it’ll never be as you need it to be.”

Grey went to the back of the slave and stopped for a moment. looking at Lucas and his throbbing cock and listening to the moans of the enslaved faggot. The enslaved boy was pushing his ass back and moaning, pleading to have his ass canned before fucking.

“You sick fucks!” was all the young master said before he began a constant assault on the enslaved bollocks. The boy was squeaking loudly now in a universe inside his own head full of pain and pleasure. Lucas couldn’t help but look up at the scene. As soon as he saw Clay tapping the boys sack hard, he squirted his load all over the floor. “Lick it up you filthy pervert!” Clay screamed. Lucas began with a eager charge, and as he tasted his own spunk in his mouth the faggot slave added to it and shot buckets by simply having its balls pounded. some landed on the ground, more landed on the natural faggots back, soaking the free fag in indented slave slime.

Clay began to tap on the enslaved boys balls with the cane making him plead with the natural top man, who rightly ignored him. As Lucas began to finished his cleaning task he slave began to piss every when including over Lucas who felt embarrassed and dirty.

Clay was considerate and told Lucas to move back to the corner, as Clay pressed his cock up the boys tight ass. “Yes! that’s what I’m after.” The boy began to struggle because of his assault he endured on his bollocks and his extra-large size of his cock. It always made slave boys squirm.

“This is what I’m talking about Lucas!” he smiled at the boy in the corner, “Being treated like this has to be forced to an extent, although the boy is a natural fag like you.” Clay then dished out his proposal, “I can push you like that if you want?” Lucas nodded, wishing Clay to do such things to him there and then in that room.

All of the events had excited Clay too and his chm just gushed into the boy hole. He gasped with the relief, but it wasn’t over, not quite. The boy began to cum again and therefore sent Clay into a much longer orgasm before coming out of the hole.

Clay ordered Lucas to lick out the hole, whilst he stepped back and pressed the button for a guard to come. The door opened wide, and the guards first site of the room was a naked Freeman licking out a slaves hole. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m done here!” Lucas informed him, “Can you escort the faggot to the cleaning facility here then ensure he waits in reception for me, I have an appointment with your boss in his office.”

Clay walked out and allowed Lucas to finish his task.

The humiliation wasn’t too much for Lucas, but it would have been for many free people. The guard that had caught Lucas on his knees sucking out Clay’s cum from the slaves hole was bemused every time he saw a faggot Freeman submit himself in anyway.

There was no way he could handle two faggots on his own, so he did ring reception for an extra pair of hands plus a slave hand to clean the room.

The guard warned the other that he was a Freeman, just in case he went too far. Although to the trained eye it was clear Lucas was no slave. The guard pulled Lucas up and dragged him out of the room. Whilst the enslaved boy was released from his restraints. The slave hand set about cleaning the dirty room. He found the bag of clothes and knew by experience to use them for the initial clean up use and would return them to reception.

Lucas saw a part of slavery that he had never seen, although his families involvement in the trade. He was led by a chain the guard attached to his collar down the back of the stables across outside the open land naked and into an outhouse building. He was freezing and exposed. The building was white ceramic tile from top to bottom, purposely nothing fancy. From the ceiling was bars to retain slaves with.

Lucas was in the facility they clean slaves down in. He was after all in the eyes of the slave guard. nothing more, nothing less and shouldn’t be treated any other way, despite his true status.

The guard used shackles to restrain Lucas to the ceiling bars. He didn’t speak to Lucas but looked at him with content. Then the door opened and in walked the other guard and the enslaved boy that he had just licked his hole out. The other guard followed suit and retrained his boy. he stepped back and glanced over at Lucas and his fine body. “You fucking queer cunt!” he insulted him as they both laughed. “This boy has no choice, he’s a slave and you clearly want this!” the purpose of the spitting was probably not relevant being Lucas was about to be hosed done. However, it did make Lucas cock hilt again.

The guard began to use the slave hose on both boys, hearing them scream as they were fully cleaned down. Then the first guard stepped forward with a syringed for his free boy. “Hey. should he be having that? ” Was the reply from the other guard. “He’ll be fine, maybe making him horny in reception, maybe shrink his cock again slightly. They both laughed.

Soon both boys where released.

From the opposite end of the outhouse came in about eight slave ponies to be washed with three handlers. One of the handlers felt up Lucas buttocks and slapped them, stating he had a familiar face.

At first the reception was empty and Lucas was chained by his collar to a bar on the side above his head, making him stand tip toed and naked, like a common slave would have too. His heart was racing a little as he kept his head down in fear of being recognized now. The slave hand returned with his bag soaked in piss and kicked it behind Lucas. He was totally humiliated, although his steel cock sold him out how he felt inside.

He had no choice but wait for Clay to return, naked, cold and collared. His heart sank and five free college lads came into the reception. They groped Lucas up and one inserted fingers in his hole until the receptionist pointed out he was a Freeman.

“Who would do this to themselves?” they laughed at Clay and pointed at his throbbing cock, it was almost spilling over again. One boy twisted one of his nipples as he pointed out to the others they needed some real slave meat and they moved into the barn in search of their own sexual adventure.

On Clay’s return with an old man in his sixties, as ugly as fuck. They were laughing and joking and clearly, he knew more about Lucas than he did about him. He didn’t mess about his hands went all over the faggot, he declared if you get naked and collared in my establishments be sure to get a grope. He laughed. Then began to grope more. Turning to Clay he asked where he found him Clay replied at a fund raiser.

Clay wanted to move on and asked for the bill. He saw Lucas bag on the floor and picked it up passing it to Lucas and simply said “Wallet!” Lucas already knew he would be paying. The ugly fat man said the bill was high and asked if it was right to the reception.

Two people in one room, clean-up operation after and care taking the slave was reasons enough for the cost.

The journey home went smoothly, although Clay shocked Lucas by making him get into the slave carrier in the boot. When they returned back to Lucas’ home Clay backed the car in the garage and eventually released Lucas’ from the tight slave cage. They had hardly spoke all night.

“You, ok?” Lucas just shook his head as a true slave would.

“We need to talk,” Clay paused, “I’m not going to enslave you, or treat you any less than what you are. You’ve been more than good to me. What I am going to do is try and help you find the right balance for you. if you want me to do. Answer me by nodding or shaking your head.” He waited a second, “Did you enjoy tonight?”

Lucas hated some aspects of the evening but as a whole he felt complete and enjoyed it more than going out for a meal. He nodded.

“Are you happy for me to take more control?” Lucas needed him to take control, he eagerly nodded his head.

“I bought you a present,” Clay said reaching into his pocket. He pulled out two rings with bolts going through, meeting in the centre. Lucas knew what they were. He looked at the top of one of the bolts. It had a hole in it. He saw them at work. They were nano nipple clips. The boys tit goes in the center and the nano technology worked itself through them and into the flesh of the torso. They were beautiful in design. Nice little diamonds round the side of the ring. The ring itself was about an inch and showed off the nipple in the center with the tit crush between the two flat bolts. tight, harsh and yet a statement.

“You can’t wear a collar every day but these you can and will be a reminder of our agreement,” he explained reaching out to Lucas firs nipple circling it with the ring and reading he bolts through the ring, holding it in place he used the Alan key to lock. The with the second. Lucas gasped.

“Happy?” Lucas nodded to Clay’s question.

“Let’s go inside the house,” Clay ordered “We need to explain the situation to your husband’s.”

The looks on the slave husbands face were pictures in themselves. Clay explained that from now he was going to be in charge. He went on that he was going to teach them how to tick all the boxes for Lucas and he would also be having sex with Lucas. However, he explained to both slaves he would train both to satisfy Lucas’ needs.

Lucas trusted Clay straight away the moment he met him, so all of this was natural to him. Clay led him to the bedroom and summoned his two husbands to follow. He ordered them to kneel either side of the extra-large bed and watch. Clay learnt his back to the headboard and opened his legs. Despite the events of earlier that evening Clay was hard again. He made Lucas climb on the bed and place himself on all fours in the center, between his legs. Clay got the natural cocksucker to take his cock, after a little while he pushed down on his head. He began to talk to him like a scum slave. The two slaves were shocked, but it had good effect. All Lucas could do was moan around Clay’s cock. Clay advised the slaves on what to do and speak. He explained he needed it.

Lucas was not wise to what was happening. Clay was demonstrating to him how he could train a faggot to give maximum pleasure and get what it needed. Over time this would became apparent. Clay was a natural and he had plans for himself. Big plans. Not sinister ones like some would have but genuine business plans that were sustainable. For now at the very least.

Cum Slaves Pt 20

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  1. Shaun West says:

    These are very stimulating fantasy stories. The theme that some people are Dominate and others submissive and that each seeks out what they need is a reflection of life. An English teacher would not be happy with the grammar, the use of incorrect words and so on. Maybe they are written in a different language and translated or the author is writing in a language not being their first language. In any case the stories are so enjoyable I am able to deal with those aspects and look forward to more stories. Thank you for providing the stories.

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