Cum Slaves Pt 8

He started telling the slave how good it felt to have his cock cleaned after multiple fucks over the last few days. He asked if his cock tasted and smelt good after being musky and horny in the palace for several days.

Part 7


These brothel houses are all over the city now. They began as a franchise chain twenty years ago but now many companies are setting up their own versions to cash in on the popularity of them. The Harem franchise itself is expensive to enter but they house the most beautiful of male slaves that the city could offer. The buildings add to the experience, usually lavishly designed with a beautiful grandeur of a palace of yore. The tiled and mosaic floors, the carved marble interior design and the colour palette all add to the ambience.

The walls adorn mosaics and artworks of Freemen fucking slave boys in a variety of positions. Beautiful male slave boy statues made of marble have been carved into the bottom of pillars showing their physically fit forms holding the structure. Often with small carved dicklets or little cock cages. All rooms are usually stunning. It always feels as though you entered another world — usually a beautiful Arabic, Greek or Roman palace.

The main reception area of these brothels is just as lavishly decorated as the rest of the palace. The staple for each brothel is usually a marble fountain in the centre of the lobby that has a carved statue of a muscular daddy-type pissing on two slave twinks at his feet, and I am sure you can guess where the water comes out.

The palace is yours to explore once you’ve checked in at reception and paid the grand charge for your stay. You can stay until midnight on the same day, after which you would need to spend another thousand to stay an added night. The bedrooms are open and free to reside in, usually the sound of fucking can be heard down the halls.

Money is no problem for me. I wrote a successful song that made me rich, and then I invested that money and got even richer. I live across the city in a penthouse apartment with three slaves that I don’t fuck. If I chose to fuck them, I would, but why would I be interested in lower quality boys when I could have any of the most attractive slaves in the city at my fingertips in a Harem brothel house such as this. My slaves are attractive but not to the level as the slaves in these brothels, they’re handpicked and trained to be cock-loving little faggots, since you know they were probably arrogant with their looks when they were Freemen. So, seeing their beautiful features covered in real man cum while they stay locked and still physically in their best shape is very hot to plenty of Freemen.

The first time I went this to one, I was hooked. It’s been the only one I frequent when I’m at home and not travelling across the globe on holidays. I remember how beautiful it was when I first entered. The showers, pools, areas with beds and loungers all had beautiful indoor plants. There were hints of orange and lemon throughout the palace brothel from the trees they had growing in the centre of some rooms.

A main hall with beautiful music filling my ears on top of the sounds of fucking and Freemen being pleasured by slaves. Even the food tasted better in these palaces. The fruit is so succulent it melts in your mouth with the sugary and strong juicy flavours.

When I need to relax, I come here. It is just midday and I intend to stay for a while. Walking down the steps from the reception to the main hall there is a slave on a harp making a wonderful relaxing sound. A young mix race slave sat on the lap of a politician I knew. He was feeling up the boy’s body. The politician’s son was recently enslaved. An incredibly sad affair. Even sadder I tried to buy the new slave but he had been sold to a pony farm. Shame really. That was a boy I would like to stick my dick into and make scream.

As I come down the marble steps I see several slaves serving wine in large terracotta jugs, pouring the wine into golden chalices and goblets, the further down I go the more I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. No mobile devices are allowed in the brothels. One reason is to keep that feeling of past times and the other was because the men here are super rich like myself and do not want themselves to be photographed in the most intimate of positions. It is also the reasons why the establishment provides all freemen with tunics to wear on their stay, to look authentic and be a safe environment.

There were several other slaves entertaining Freemen all through this main hall. One scene that struck me was a young slave boy. He was thin with blond floppy hair that hung like a young 90s haircut around his face which was cute and hairless. He had lovely eyes when he looked over at me. I could see he was locked in chastity, like most of the slaves. Although some do not wear chastity, as they are “bulls” and are used to fuck men who like anal sex, they are also sometimes put on displays fucking the chaste slaves. Others are used as objects and ordered to show off their physically fit bodies.

The blonde boy was between the legs of a heavy-set and hairy man, sat on a day bed. The man’s tunic was open. The large man looked of Middle East descent. He had his hand on the back of the boys head. I walked towards them to get a closer look. I took a goblet from a slave who asked if I would like to use its services. I ignored it, as you should ignore anything from a slaves’ lips that you are not interested in.

I now could hear the Arab man speak to the slave. He spoke to the boy with no respect, calling it a faggot, slut, bitch and filthy cocksucker. He told it, and rightly so, that it was useless and pathetic. The man ordered it how to suck cock properly. He also started telling the slave how good it felt to have his cock cleaned after multiple fucks over the last few days. He asked if his cock tasted and smelt good after being musky and horny in the palace for several days. The slave nodded eagerly. The Freeman was loving the experience. Many people in the room were watching the boy degrade itself. The truth is that you do not have much choice. If you are a slave, you obey no matter. As the saying goes the only thing a slave should say when talking about sex is “more please”.

The man clicked his fingers and ordered the slave to straddle him. The slave got up and straddled the big man, stretching its legs apart. It struggled at first but managed. Soon it was bouncing up and down on the mans’ fuck stick. I would guess that the man was over ten inches. For such a heavy-set man it was a surprise. The man ordered the slave how to fuck itself on the man the way he liked it. He told it to lean in and the man kissed the slave deeply, with a lot of tongue. The man played with the slave’s nipples as it bounced up and down on the cock. If the slave was a Freeman and gay, I doubt that he would have done this. It was both the grossest scene and the most exciting.

The man ordered the boy to turn round on his cock, whilst it was still inside. The boy obliged. He ordered it to fuck itself. Now the entire room could watch the slave’s face as it worked the Freeman’s cum out of his hairy musky balls.

The slave was now being told to go faster so it did. It began to moan, and we could all see on its face how much it enjoyed being a pussy faggot. Its cage was bouncing up and down against its stomach and the Freeman’s balls, its own precum leaking in a long string down to the marbled ground. The Freeman was getting close to orgasm. The slave was hurting itself on the man. Suddenly the man holds the slave’s hips all the way down on his cock. The slave yelped in pain as the Freeman made loud groans and began to shoot up the boys arse. We watched as his swollen hairy balls bounced and then started tightening up. The man finished his long orgasm and clicked his fingers again. The slave dismounted and then cleaned the man’s cock without being ordered to. It never ceases to amaze me how these boys don’t vomit when cleaning their pussy slime off a man’s cock.

The slave was ushered away by a couple of the clean-up crew, and the man covered his dignity back up without wiping himself off properly. He was probably already lining up the next slave bottom to clean and suck him before it fucked itself on him.

I moved on. There are always some hot boys upstairs from experience so I went to explore. I went through to a back staircase that led to the upper levels and balconies. In a large alcove there were two slaves, a little older than the other slaves, maybe mid-30s. Their bodies glistening with oil as they sat on a love seat being observed by a couple of younger onlookers. The slaves were making out. Fingering each other’s pussies too. Making it erotic for the two fresh much younger looking Freemen watching them closely. I passed by and went up the staircase, watching them from above. One of the Freemen had moved behind the first slave boy and was about to fuck it doggy style, whilst the other was making his move on the other slave, who was now engaged in a long kiss with its slave brother. It was fascinating to see two young studs begin to fuck two older slaves.

Up the stairs and into the stairway of opened and shut doors. Rooms with waiting slaves, waiting to be fucked like the bitches they are. A fit Asian slave was waiting with pussy up toward the door in one room. It turned as it heard me approach. I recognised the face, I had used the pussy before. I continued on as I wanted a fresh fuck. Set back in an alcove was a male slave with ripped muscles and tanned skin. It was not in chastity as its dicklet was soft and only about an inch. It looked forward, knowing that it was there to be touched and ridiculed. It was made to stand there like a statue. The sight was one of beauty.

The next room along had two beautiful blond boys, making out like the two downstairs. They were feeling up each other’s bodies. One was licking the other and the other was moaning loudly. I noticed they both had nano cages on and their big shaved balls looked prominent. Both dick cages where almost violently twitching. I coughed. They looked up with a willing smile.

“Hello sir”, they said in unison.

Suddenly it struck me. They were identical twins. I smiled at them both, stepped in the room that looked like a true bedroom and shut the door behind myself.

The beauty of using brothel slaves like this is they would not complain if I was twenty stone and fifty years of age. They would still have treated me the same. However, I am twenty-nine next month, a millionaire a few times over, and I keep in reasonably good shape.

As I mentioned, I own a few slaves myself. Although I’m not old fashioned, I wouldn’t fuck any house slave. I find you get bored of them easily. When you come to this level of brothel you can fuck any slave you wish that is here, however you want.

I’m always impressed that slaves like this can read your mind. One moved into a doggy style position while the other mounted the back of the other slave, so its face was just above its brothers pussy. My tunic came off and revealed my 9 inch uncut manscaped cock.

“Oh yes, please sir may I suck you first.”

I ignored its insolence and shove my cock in its mouth. Slaves like this one not only deserved to suffer a heavy sex session, but I knew it craved it. They both probably enslaved themselves willingly. You can often tell. I pushed my cock into the slaves gaping mouth hole and warned them they were going to get a rough ride. Within five minutes the slave was spewing fag slime that was dripping down onto its brothers’ open and willing pussy as it knelt there in doggy position. I wiped the fag slime all over the inviting hole and moved slightly. Then I slapped the ass hard. I went in without warning. The fag on top seemed to be connected with its brother as it moaned as loud as its brother did. I would have cum in minutes, but I pulled out and turned on the other brother for a little face fuck again. I fucked both holes for over an hour, until I couldn’t hold it back. At the time I was in the top hole, and I just let rip. The fag just drank it down. I took my cock out as I was still coming and then entered its brothers hole. Shooting my remaining Freeman seed in the cunt. I stayed in there for a few minutes. Not caring I rested my body on the top fag. He wasn’t as large as me. They both had muscle but unlike me. I had Alpha muscle, they had fag muscle. I pulled out, moved back and told them both to clean my cock. They both moved towards my cock and gave the best dick bath I ever had.

We laid they’re for a while. As they were slaves they fed me food, grapes and canopies. This is often best practice in brothels like this in order to keep you there and keep you returning.

The idea behind these places is that you can wander through them and fuck whatever slave you want except for those like the ripped muscle slave with a tiny cock. Those are usually left alone as Freemen know they’re to be treated as humiliated objects.

These brothels are full of well-disciplined slaves, and some are total fags that enslave themselves willingly. Once I was rested, I asked the twins their story. It turns out they had indented themselves with a standard five year clause. The owners though felt that they would extend the contracts for longer, before being sold as level one slaves. I stayed longer, ate food and drunk my wine. Before I left I fucked the dirty blonde floppy haired slut who was fucked by the Arab man. His hole had been sufficiently widened for my cock, but he was still hot to toy with and use as a plaything. He also couldn’t get enough of my Alpha cock. I noted to myself that my next return might see me take on all three blonde slaves in one session to see what other humiliating and degrading things I can get them to do, maybe eating my Alpha seed out of each other’s cunts. Until next time, Harem brothel.

Cum Slaves Pt 9

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