Curious About What It Would Feel Like Pt 1

A lot of the men have asked to meet up and Lee was always tempted, however, he has always been in a relationship with Steph. However, this could be his opportunity to finally experience it.



The Break-up

Lee was twenty-four-years old, originally, he was from Leeds, however he met a beautiful young woman called Steph a few years ago. After two years of dating, he moved to Nottingham where she lived and they both rented an apartment together. For another two years they were happily in love. Lee started a new job that he was loving every day was a dream.

His only problem was he wanted to explore his sexuality. From a young age he knew he was attracted to men, however he never took the plunge to experiment. Now that he has been with Steph for four years, he thought that would never happen. He loved Steph and loved having sex with her, however, whenever she was away, he would always find himself on Udatz reading gay sex stories of young men getting fucked by older men.

Although he considered himself straight, he just had a desire to try being with another man. He didn’t think he was bi, as he can never imagine dating another man, he just wanted to try having sex with one.

Every now and again, when Steph would work away for a weekend, he would wind up on gay chat rooms and have facetime wanks with other men. Occasionally, he would even finger himself on camera for them which just turned him on more.

With Steph he was definitely the dominant one in the bedroom and never gave anything away to her to show this other side of him. This other side that was growing stronger and stronger to come out.

Lee was just under six foot, a fairly skinny frame, clean shaven all over (Steph liked him smooth all over) and he had short brown hair.

One day, Lee and Steph were sat eating dinner together when out of the blue she suddenly said, “I think we should have a little break.”

“What?” Lee said back in utter shock definitely not seeing this coming.

“I just think we are both young. Are we old enough to settle down for the rest of our lives?” she said her voice is sad but harsh.

Lee’s mind went wild, without thinking he blurted out, “So, I moved here to be with you and now you want to end it?”

“I don’t know Lee,” she argued back, “I just think we both need some time apart and make sure we are with the one we want to be with for the rest of our lives.”

For a minute Lee sat in silence, he can’t actually believe that she was suggesting this. He has come to be happy with the thought of being with Steph for the rest of his life, but apparently, she wasn’t.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lee whispered.

He felt like he could cry but the shock was apparently stopping any emotion from coming through.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Steph said back to him looking down at her plate of food.

“I need a minute,” Lee said standing up and walking away.

Deciding he needed some fresh air Lee grabbed his coat and went for a walk.

After ten minutes of aimlessly walking, he doesn’t know if he can go back to their place and stay the night with her. Pulling out his phone he calls one of his colleagues that lives in a house on his own nearby.

“Hi mate,” Tom said answering the phone.

“Hey, Tom, can I come stay at yours?” Lee asked.

“Yeah sure, why? What’s up?” he asked back.

“Steph, she’s broke up with me,” Lee said the emotions now coming to the surface and his eyes beginning to well up.

“Shit, yeah of course come round,” Tom said.

“Thanks, I’ll be over in a bit,” Lee told him hanging up the phone.

Returning home Steph was sat in the living room. The TV was off and she was sitting in silence staring at Lee as he walked through the door.

“I’m going to get some things and stay at Tom’s,” he told her.

“Oh, are you sure?” she asked which just seemed to piss Lee off. Part of him had hoped that when he got back that she would have changed her mind but obviously not.

Not saying anything Lee headed for his room and packed a small bag of clothes before going over to Tom’s.

“Hey Lee, come in. How you doing?” Tom said answering the door.

“Thanks for this mate, hopefully I won’t need to stay too long,” Lee told him heading inside.

“You can stay as long as you need, there’s enough room,” Tom told him and then he showed Lee to the spare room.

“You need a beer?” Tom asked.

“Definitely!” Lee said with a half-hearted laugh.

Sitting in his living room Lee began to drink from the can of beer when Tom started to ask him, “So, what happened?”

“She said we needed a break to make sure we are the right ones for each other,” Lee told him still feeling like it hasn’t hit him properly.

“Shit, I’m sorry man,” Tom said looking to the ground clearly finding the whole conversation awkward.

For the next half an hour the two sat and had their beers until Lee headed for bed.

As he lay there in the dark, stuck in his own head, his mind began to think.

Does she just want to sleep with other guys? Is that why she wants a break? Is she seeing someone else?

Over and over these sorts of questions filled Lee’s head until the early hours of the morning when he eventually managed to fall asleep.


Newly Single

It’s been a week since Steph ended it with Lee. He is still struggling to think of anything but her, what she’s doing, who’s she’s with, is she with another man?

It’s now Saturday night, Tom is over at his girlfriend’s house and Lee his alone. For the first time since the break-up, he found himself getting horny. Being alone he went to his room and started to get ready to have a wank.

Opening his phone, Lee clicked onto Udatz and began to read stories such as “My New Black Daddy” and “Straight Boy Fucked by Two Bulls”.

Reading through, his five-inch cock was rock hard in his hands and he was leaking with precum. Getting close to cumming, then stopping to keep in the pleasure, teasing himself over and over.

Thirty minutes into his wank, suddenly he remembered a website he has been on before, FabMen. It’s a site where usually gay men would sign on. You had to take a photo of yourself with a piece of paper with your username written on it to verify yourself.

Lee has been on this site a few times before and had multiple verifications from other men from when he has facetimed them. A lot of the men have asked to meet up and Lee was always tempted, however, he has always been in a relationship with Steph. However, this could be his opportunity to finally experience it.

If she can fuck around then so can I! he thought.

Clicking on “Status update” Lee began to type into his phone.

“Newly single, no experience with men but ready to explore!”

It took about five minutes until a few messages came through. The majority were people that weren’t verified which Lee wasn’t interested in. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it right.

Then one profile that messaged him stood out. His name is Mark14 and he is based fifteen miles away from Lee’s location.

His profile read:

“Two men, forty-nine and forty-seven.

Mark and John. We are both tops who are looking for NSA fun with younger men. Can accommodate.”

Firstly, the idea of two men turned Lee on immensely. Then, he read the multiple verifications for these two, mostly from younger men.

Twink20: “Great time with these two, friendly, guys that welcomed me into their house. Both have beautifully thick cocks and they worked me over great. Can’t wait for next time!”

NotsGuy: “Both are really fun and kinky men. They took me in and pleased me all over before I took both of their cocks all night.

Liam30: “Great night with these two! Unfortunately, they were too big to go in my ass but hopefully next time.”

There are plenty more verifications each one turning Lee on more and more and he hoped he has found the two men that he can have his first time with.

Clicking on the message from Mark14, it said, Mark14: Hi Leeds24 (Lee’s profile name), how are you doing this evening?

Lee quickly started a conversation with him.

Leeds24: Hi, I’m good thanks. How are you? I am assuming there are two of you?

Mark14: Yes, there are, is that a problem?

Leeds24: Not at all, as long as you know I have no experience with men at all.

Mark14: We prefer that. What are you looking to try?

Leeds24: Everything!

Mark14: Good, we like breaking in virgins.

Reading this Lee’s cock twitched and he had to stop himself from wanking to orgasm right now.

Leeds24: I’m glad. So, what are you two into, so I know what to expect.

Mark14: We like to have a submissive young boy that will let us do whatever we want to them, to obey us without hesitation!

Fuck! This sounds like me! Lee thought slowly wanking his cock.

Leeds24: I think I can do that.

Mark14: Good, when do you want to meet?

That was fast!

Leeds24: Shouldn’t we talk a little more first to get to know each other?

Mark14: We have had a lot of time wasters on here and no shows. We would rather just meet somewhere and go from there.

This made sense to Lee as he can picture that plenty of guys never show to these sorts of things. Hell, Lee was still nervous about it, although he knew this could be his first actual chance to experiment.

Leeds24: I understand do you want to meet for a drink first?

Mark14: Sounds good to us what about next Friday?

Leeds24: Perfect.

Mark14: Send me your number and I will text you when and were.

Without hesitation Lee sent across his number and quickly got a text off to Mark and John.

“Hi, meet us at a bar called Dog and Bone at eight p m on Friday. What’s your real name by the way?”

Lee quickly replied.

“I’ll be there, my name is Lee.”

After that their conversation was done. Although Lee still hadn’t cum, he was excited to finally get to experience what it was like to be with not only one man, but two!

Happy with himself Lee carried on reading gay stories on Udatz until he came all over his stomach and then managed to drift off to sleep. This was the first night he wasn’t kept awake with thoughts of Steph.


Building Excitement

It’s now Wednesday and Lee’s excitement for Friday was growing more and more. He hasn’t been in touch with Mark or John since their first chat so he is typing a message just to check in.

“Hey, just making sure we are still on for Friday?”

They quickly replied.

“Of course, thanks for checking. Can you send us a photo of yourself so we know what you look like?”

Lee is hesitant to send a photo of himself which he knows is stupid. He is planning on meeting up with these two men to have sex with them but he’s nervous to send them a photo of his face! Pushing his nerves to the side he takes a photo and sends it across.

“Cute, here’s us. Mark is on the left, John (Me) is on the right.”

Lee looked at the photo they were both older looking men but their faces were well chiselled.

Mark had short black hair with a few greys coming through. A couple of wrinkles and a short, black stubbly beard and brown eyes.

John had medium length, brown hair, brown eyes and was clean shaven.

Lee was immediately relieved that he actually found them both reasonably attractive.

“Do you like?” they texted Lee when he didn’t reply.

“Definitely, you’re both very handsome,” Lee replied.

“You don’t need to be so formal,” they texted him.

“I’m sorry, guess I’m just nervous,” Lee sent.

“Don’t be just look at our picture and know that soon you will be looking up at us as we cover your face in cum!” they texted.

Lee’s cock twitched in his pants reading the message. He can’t believe this is actually happening a fantasy he has had for so long!

“Oh God, that massively turned me on!!” Lee replied.

“Good boy, you are going to be a good obedient little boy for us, aren’t you?” Mark and John texted.

“Yes Sir, I’ll do anything you tell me too,” Lee sent reading so many stories he knew to call the dominant ones, “Sir”.

Then another message came. Opening it Lee let out a gasp when he saw two photos of giant cocks on his phone.

“What you’re going to be pleasuring all Friday night,” they texted after.

Lee stared at their cocks for a few minutes. One was long and smooth, with a clear vein running through the shaft, the head looked soft and beautiful. The other was not as long but was much thicker like a can of pop.

Both made Lee drool with the thought that soon he will be pleasing them both. Wanting to come off as an eager slut for them both he texted them back.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to have both of your cocks in my mouth, Sir. I want you both to use me as your little sex toy all night!”

They quickly replied, “Good! We are going to please your body all over until you are begging to have us use and abuse you! Do you think you are ready to take a cock in your virgin arse?”

“Definitely! I want to take you both! I don’t care how long it takes!” Lee replied getting more and more turned on.

For the rest of the night, and the night after, Lee was sending dirty messages to these two older men. He would send photos and videos of him naked showing them his arse and hard cock and they would reply with videos of themselves naked together, touching each other’s cock.

When Friday came Lee was horny enough to just get straight to the fucking!


The Seduction

This is it time go to.

Lee was looking at himself in the mirror, he had clean shaved, made sure his balls and arse were completely smooth and had dressed nicely in a black buttoned shirt and black jeans.

Getting into a taxi he sat down and gave the address to the driver.

Then the reality started to hit him. The temptation of turning around and not showing was growing more and more appealing, yet, he couldn’t.

I don’t have to have sex with them. This could just be a meet and maybe next time we could have sex, he said to himself.

When the taxi pulled up, he saw Mark and John stood outside of the bar. It was definitely them from the photos and videos he has gotten. Lee’s heart went into overdrive with nerves and just as he went to tell the taxi to carry on, Mark spotted him and waved.

I guess I can’t turn back now.

Stepping out of the taxi Lee tried to smile and Mark said, “Glad you came!” And then went in for a hug. When he pulled back, John said, “You seem nervous?” His tone was deep and soft.

“I am I don’t know if I can go through with everything,” Lee stuttered out looking at the ground.

“It’s okay,” Mark said putting a hand on Lee’s shoulder, “let’s just go in for a drink. Nothing has to happen tonight.”

Lee’s mind slightly went a bit at ease and he followed them inside the bar. It was quiet a nice place, definitely too expensive for Lee and he was grateful when John went to the bar to get the drinks in.

Looking at Mark and John they weren’t obviously gay. They dressed like regular older men and they both had deep manly voices.

Mark ushered Lee to a booth, moving into the middle, Mark sat down on his right-hand side.

“So, why are you nervous?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know. I guess I always just had this as a fantasy,” Lee stuttered out, “now it’s going to be real I don’t know if I can do it.”

His body jumped when he felt Mark’s hand land on his thigh only softly resting on him.

“Don’t worry, just think you are out with friends,” he said in a soft tone.

“O-okay,” Lee stuttered back.

“Hey guys,” John said sitting down with three pints of beer, “hope you aren’t starting the party without me,” he said noticing Mark’s hand on Lee’s thigh.

“I’m just putting little Lee’s mind at ease,” Mark said giving his thigh a light squeeze.

John sat down on the other side of Lee making him feel trapped in by these two older men.

Oh God, I can’t escape!

“So, why did you agree to meet if you are thinking of backing out?” John asked although Lee’s mind was lost with Mark’s hand squeezing his thigh.

“I… I thought I wanted to,” Lee stuttered back.

“And you don’t want too anymore?” John asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Lee replied.

“You seemed pretty excited when you sent us the photo of you on your hands and knees and showing us your smooth, tight arsehole,” Mark whispered his mouth inches away from Lee’s ear.

His warmth breath made Lee’s cock start to grow in his trousers. Then, John’s hand appeared on his other thigh and he whispered in his ear, “Oh yeah, you were telling us what a naughty little slut you wanted to be for us.”

Oh god! This is too much!

“I just broke up with my girlfriend,” Lee blurted out.

“That’s a shame,” Mark whispered yet leaving his hand on Lee’s thigh.

“Yeah, she’s really missing out letting go of a cute guy like you,” John said he sat back and took a drink of his beer.

Thinking that a little alcohol will loosen him up, Lee took a sip of his beer and placed it back onto the table.

“Why did she break up with you?” Mark asked.

“She said we should see other people to see if we are the right fit for each other,” Lee stuttered back nerves still taking over his body.

“That’s a shame,” John said.

Lee watched as John sat back on the chair, his shirt was fairly tight to his body and showed off his muscular body.

“Do you want to know a little bit about us?” John asked Mark’s hand staying firmly on Lee’s thigh no longer squeezing but just staying still.

“Sure,” Lee replied as he had another sip of beer.

“We are friends with benefits. We’re both gay but we aren’t a couple. We just like having sex with younger men, such as yourself,” John stated.

“How… How many guys have you slept with?” Lee asked nervously.

“Too many to count,” Mark whispered while taking a sip of his drink his hand slowly inching further up Lee’s thigh.

“But we’re clean you don’t need to worry about that,” John said after.

“Okay,” Lee said his mind still deciding on not going through with it, however, this conversation was turning him on immensely.

“So, how come you’ve never been with a guy before?” Mark asked.

“I haven’t been brave enough and I have been in a relationship for a long time,” Lee told them feeling calm enough to speak openly about it.

“And now?” John asked leaning in closer.

Before Lee could answer Mark leaned in and whispered, “Now you want to be on your knees and sucking on both of our thick cocks?”

“Oooohh,” Lee accidentally moaned when John’s hand landed directly on his cock.

“Seems like you’re enjoying yourself,” he whispered.

With John’s hand on his cock and Mark’s hand high up his thigh, and with both of their mouths close to his ears, Lee was becoming weak.

Mark’s other hand came to Lee’s face and before he knew what was happening his face was turned to the side. Without warning Mark leant forward and planted a kiss on Lee’s lips.

His mind a mess Lee kissed back instinctively. Feeling another man’s lips against his feels surreal. Mark’s tongue presses against Lee’s lips and he automatically opens his mouth and accepts it in. Feeling this man’s, who is old enough to be his dad, tongue pressing against his own, Lee let out a quiet little moan.

Here Lee was, making out with an older man, whilst another had his hand lightly touching his cock. He doesn’t care that he is in the open and is sure that other people can see what is going on. He just closes his eyes and carries on making out with this man.

Mark pulls away and Lee opens his eyes only to see a young couple looking at him. He looks back at Mark who is smiling back at him.

“So, that was your first kiss with a man?” John asked.

Lee turns his head to look at him and answer, but before he can, John leans forward and kisses him. Kissing the second man in his life Lee was lost in the moment. John’s tongue enters his mouth and Lee automatically starts to make out with him.

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  1. Penfire says:

    Sounds Iike lee got broken in by mark and John. Sounds like they are not done yet until they bred lees cunt. Lee is now a cock sucker and bottom

  2. Vern says:

    Keep up the story!! You got me hard and me thinking more of being with two or more guys, being cum hols/holes!! PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE STORY!!!

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