Curious About What It Would Feel Like Pt 2

Lee had felt like he has explored his bisexual side and although he absolutely loved it, he felt like he’s done that now and doesn’t need to explore it again.

Part 1


After Mark and John

It’s been a year since Lee had his wild night with Mark and John. He was very thoroughly fulfilled after his night of wild sex being both of theirs little slut.

He carried on messaging them for a couple of weeks, until Steph got back in touch with him. She wanted to give things another go and although Lee was still hurt by how she ended with him, he was still madly in love with her so he said yes.

He stayed living at his friend Tom’s house but they dated and hung out a lot.

Lee had felt like he has explored his bisexual side and although he absolutely loved it, he felt like he’s done that now and doesn’t need to explore it again.

For 6 months Lee and Steph dated like this, but something just wasn’t right. Lee didn’t trust her anymore, every time she called him he panicked that it was to call it off. Eventually, Lee couldn’t take it any longer and broke it off himself.

Still heartbroken, he decided to look for work back at his home city of Leeds. It didn’t take long, sales companies are always looking out for hard workers with good experience.

A month later, he was all packed up and moving back to his home city to start a new chapter of his life.

He got an apartment in the city all to himself and was eager to start his new job.


The New Job

“Lee?” A older man says walking into the reception, he’s dressed in a very expensive looking black suit.

From the few greys that Lee can spot in his hair, Lee would guess this man is maybe in his 50s.

“Yes, that’s me.” Lee replies, standing up.

Dressed in a navy blue suit, Lee straightens his tie before shaking the older man’s hand.

“I’m Mr Tomley, the director here.” The older man says.

Lee had heard about Mr Tomley when he came for his interview and instantly grew a little nervous when meeting him.

This man started this company on his own 25 years ago and now has nearly 100 employees.

“It’s great to meet you.” Lee says, wanting to start off on the right foot.

“Good, come in. I’ll show you to your desk.” He says gesturing for Lee to follow him.

Stepping through the main door, Lee is amazed at the size of the office. Much bigger and more high tech than his last place.

It’s filled with desks and all he can hear is people on the phone.

Walking through, Lee gives a few nods to some of the other men and women in their, all dressed respectfully in suits. Eventually Mr Tomley stops.

“This is your desk, make yourself comfortable.” He says, pulling out the chair. Lee puts his bag on the ground and takes a seat.

“Can I get you a tea or coffee anything? Then we can start with your tasks.” Mr Tomley says with a smile.

Wow, what a nice boss. Lee thinks to himself.

“No thank you, I’m eager to get started.” Lee tells him.

“Good, good. Right then,” Mr Tomley says pulling up a seat and sitting next to Lee.

“So you will report directly to Dominic, he is your Team Leader. He’s also soon to be a director here so stay on his good side.” Mr Tomley says with a laugh.

“Of course.” Lee says.

Mr Tomley spends the entire morning with Lee, helping him work out how to use the computer systems and tips on what they are selling and pretty much any information he needs.

Lee almost can’t believe it when he hears it’s 12.

“Okay, lunch time.” Mr Tomley says, “Most of the people here go to the café in the building.”

“Sounds good.” Lee replies standing up.

Mr Tomley walks in the opposite direction of everyone else and disappears into what Lee assumes is his own office.

“You want me to show you?” I dark haired woman says to Lee.

“That would be great.” Lee replies back to her with a smile, not being able to help getting lost in her beauty.

“Come on then.” She says with a smile and Lee follows her with the crowd of people out of the office.

He grabs a sandwich and sits down with the woman, whose name he learnt was Deborah, and a few other men.

“So Lee, where are you from?” One of the guys ask.

“I’m from Leeds. I moved away for my ex but we broke up so I came back.” He tells them before taking a bite from his sandwich.

“Well I’m sure you’ll love it here, we all do.” The one man says with a smile.

“Thanks.” Lee replies.

For the next two months, Lee falls in love with his new job. It was a dream. Everyone there is so nice to him, the bosses especially and Lee was absolutely smashing it. Making more money than he ever thought he would in his first two months.

By his third month, Lee knows and is getting along with everyone in the company. He is the youngest in the office by a few years but he was hoping that soon he will be as good as the rest.


Late Night’s In The Office

Right, that’s enough. Lee thinks to himself. It’s nearly 7pm and every one else in the office left at least an hour ago.

He is still trying to prove himself as one of the next bests so he makes sure to be the first one in and the last one to leave. In this last month Lee’s billing his soared and his hard work is starting to really pay off.

There is one other colleague, Doug, he’s been there 6 months longer than Lee and Lee is eager to catch him up on his sales.

Seeing Doug as his first target to beat, he’s eager to work hard to get ahead.

Lee closes his laptop and puts it in his bag. Picking up his mug, Lee goes to the kitchen and cleans it before putting it back onto his desk.

Grabbing his bag, he leaves the office and heads for his car.

Ah shit! Lee thinks, reaching his car only to realize he’s left his keys in the office.

So, he goes back inside and back to his desk.

That’s strange. Lee thinks walking into the office, I turned all the lights off when I left.

Walking in, there is a light in one of the far offices that is on. Which Lee knows for certain wasn’t on when he left just a minute ago.

He puts his bag down next to his desk and slowly walks over to it. Knowing that the last person in the office is responsible for making sure everything is switched off.

Walking closer to the office, Lee stops dead in his tracks when he hears something.

What’s that? He thinks, It sounds like, slapping?

Slowly, he creeps closer and closer to the office and the sound is getting louder.

Reaching the office, it has blinds which are ever so slightly open. He peaks his head around and at first it’s blurry, but then it comes clear and Lee realizes what he’s witnessing.

Oh my god! He thinks to himself and has to stop from letting out a loud gasp.

He can see Dominic, his Team Leader and one of the top billers in the company stood their with his shirt off and his body is moving pretty fast. He is sweating a little and has a sort of animalistic look in his face.

Lowering himself down a little, Lee is even more shocked to see Jeff, another colleague, who isn’t as good a biller as Dominic, but doing well in the company, completely naked and bent over the desk.

The blinds are making it hard to see but Lee does his best to move to get a proper look.

No way! He thinks.

Coming into clear sight, he can see that Dominic is fucking Jeff. The slapping sound is Dominic’s skin hitting Jeff at every thrust.


A loud strike echoes around the office as Dominic spanks Jeff.

“You like that you little slut?” Dominic moans out.

“Urgh, fuck…. Yes….” Jeff moans.

Lee doesn’t believe what he is seeing, Dominic has two kids, Is he gay? Lee thinks to himself.

Suddenly, Lee feels his cock pressing against his trousers. Moving his hand down he realises just how turned on he is by watching this.

Dominic’s toned body looks amazing as he thrusts his cock in and out of Jeff’s arsehole.

Both are moaning pretty loudly and Lee has to do everything in his power to not touch his own cock at the sight.

Realizing he has been stood there watching for a few minutes, Lee quickly turns around and sneaks out of the office. Grabbing his keys and bag he gets into his car and speeds home. Trying to process what he just saw.

Getting out of his suit, he gets on the bed to see his hard cock looking right up at him.

He can’t help himself, gripping onto his cock, Lee closes his eyes and remember what he just saw.

Dominic fucking the life out of Jeff bent over the desk.

Then, an old memory that Lee hasn’t let himself think about comes to his head.

“This little faggot looks good getting spit roasted!” John moans as his cock hammers into Lee’s arsehole.

“Oh yeah, look at him taking my cock down his throat like a real slut!” Mark moans back.

Lee just stays on his hands and knees and lets these two older men use his holes for their pleasure.

“I’m about to fill his little cunt full of cum!” Mark roars out.

Feeling his cum explode into his arsehole, Lee’s cock erupts onto the bed below him without even touching it.

Lee makes himself cum remembering that night so long ago.

“Oh fuck.” Lee pants to himself as he recovers from his orgasm.

Grabbing a tissue he cleans himself off and then sits down, lost in his own thoughts.

A door that he once solidly closed, seems to have reopened.


The Christmas Party

It’s been a month since Lee caught Dominic fucking Jeff in the office and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Worse, he has wanked at the thought of that or of the memory of his own gay experience nearly every night!

This side of Lee, the side that loved cock, that he thought he had satisfied has returned with a vengeance.

He has resorted to going onto the old chat room and chatting to men again about being a dirty little online slut for them.

And now, it’s the office Christmas party coming up tonight.

Getting ready in a black suit, Lee orders and taxi to mee everyone at the bar the company have booked for the night.

Arriving at the venue, it seems the party has already started.

Walking in he sees a few of his colleagues clearly drunk and many on the dance floor.

He chats to a few for a while before getting himself a beer. Not being much of a drinker, Lee only plans on having two or three.

An hour into the party, Lee is sat on his own after having a conversation with Deborah and suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“There he is!” He hears someone shout.

Turning around, he sees Jeff smiling down at him.

His short brown hair looking a little messy but his short stubble beard looks perfect.

Instantly, Lee feels nervous around him. Having not spoke to him since he saw Jeff with Dominic.

“Hey,” Lee says trying to act cool, “You having a good night?”

“Oh yeah. Great night.” Jeff says sitting down.

He looks slightly tipsy but nothing too bad.

“How’re you finding it here?” Jeff asks.

“Loving it.” Lee says, hoping to be able to pull of a normal conversation with him after what he saw.

“You know, Dom is really impressed with you.” Jeff says and Lee’s eyes nearly shoot out of his head. “Oh yeah, he really thinks you have high potential.”

Oh my god! Why is he talking about Domini to me? Lee thinks to himself in a panic.

Not being able to find any words, Lee just stutters for a second before Jeff leans in close.

“You know, I know you saw us.” He whispers.

Jumping back, Lee stares at Jeff in pure shock.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Jeff whispers again.

“I was just, surprised that’s all.” Lee whispers, not believing this conversation is actually happening, “I didn’t know you two were gay.”

“We’re not gay.” Jeff says as though offended by it, “You’re telling me you’ve never been with a guy before?” Jeff asks.

“N-no.” Lee stutters out, not wanting the whole office to know about the one night he was a slut for two older men.

“Ha!” Jeff says loudly, “I knew it.”

“Shhhh!” Lee hushes, not wanting others to hear.

“It’s okay, it’s a, let’s say a right of passage here.” Jeff whispers.

“What do you mean?” Lee asks, even more confused than when this conversation started.

“All the top guys in the company have to do it, think of it as bonding.” Jeff says, but still not helping Lee’s confusion.

“I don’t understand.” Lee tells him.

“Oh, but you will.” Jeff says, planting his hand on Lee’s thigh he gives one last smile before standing up and walking away.

Oh god, what is going on? I’m so confused! Lee thinks to himself as he watches Jeff walk away.

Lee does his best to forget about his conversation and carry on his night and have a good time. He does, for a short while.

Until he sees Dominic walking over to him.

“Hey Lee, are you having a good night?” Dominic asks, standing over Lee who’s sat down.

“Y-yeah.” Lee replies nervously.

“Why don’t you come with me.” Dominic says, more of an order than a question.

Lee just looks up at him, confused and frightened.

“It’s okay, follow me.” Dominic says again.

Standing up, Lee follows Dominic through the crowd of people and into a room in the back of the bar.

Dominic closes the door and locks it.

“Take a seat.” Dominic says.

There’s only one chair in the middle of the room, so Lee sits down in it and looks up at Dominic.

From the way Dominic is speaking and walking, he doesn’t look like he’s had a single drop of alcohol.

“So, about what you saw.” Dominic says.

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise!” Lee pleads.

“Don’t worry about that.” Dominic says with a smile and puts his hand on Lee’s shoulder.

“Am I…. Am I fired?” Lee asks out of fear and hangs his head low.

“Of course not.” Dominic says confidently and causes Lee to look up at him. “Listen, we have a sort of tradition, if you will here.”

“Tradition?” Lee asks.

“Yes, a hierarchy of such. Starting at the top and going down to the up and coming guys in the company.” Dominic explains, although this doesn’t help with Lee’s confusion.

“I don’t really understand.” Lee tells him.

“What you saw last night, that’s the hierarchy.” Dominic tells him calmly. “The top guys run this company, business wise and sexually as well.”

“What?!” Lee almost gasps with his jaw hung open.

“The better you do in the job, the higher up the hierarchy you are.” Dominic explains, “Now there are some that have no idea about this, those are the ones that are comfortable in the middle. Earning okay money but no proper ambition.”

Lee just stares at him, trying to take everything in.

“You have been making a name for yourself, don’t think that hasn’t gone unnoticed.” Dominic says, “And now, it’s time for you to join the hierarchy.”

“You want me to…. Like with Jeff?” Lee asks, both confused but also finding himself getting turned on.

“Yes.” Dominic says.

There it is. One word and Lee’s world is rocked upside down.

“As the newest, you are on the bottom and have to earn you way.” Dominic tells him, “Now this next part is the unfair bit and I do apologize about it.”

“What do you mean?” Lee asks.

“If you say no, then unfortunately you can no longer work at the company.” Dominic tells him and Lee’s heart sinks, “It’s too big a secret for someone to have and not be involved in. If you are in, then each of us have something to hold over the other, therefore, we’re all equal.” Dominic says.

“So what do you…” Lee says before correcting himself, “What do I, have to do?”

“Right now,” Dominic says, placing his hand lightly against Lee’s cheek and smiling at him, “You’re going to suck my cock.”

Oh my god! This isn’t real! Lee thinks.

“You want me to…” But before Lee can finish Dominic interrupts him.

“Yes.” He says bluntly, “If you want to continue, you’re going to take my cock out right now and suck it.”

Lee stutters, looking for words that don’t come.

“Jeff told me you’ve done this before, correct?” Dominic asks.

“Y-yes.” Lee says, feeling his face go beet red.

“Good, so, do we have an agreement?” Dominic asks.

Lee looks up at him and then back down to the ground, confused, lost and horny.

“O-okay.” Lee whispers.

“Good, lets begin.” Dominic says.

Lee looks up at Dominic and sees his hands on his hips.

I can’t believe this is happening. Is all Lee can think as he’s frozen in the moment.

“Now Lee, you’re going to have to do the work. Take out my cock now.” Dominic orders, in a more dominant tone.

“Y-yes sir.” Lee whispers, reverting back to his submissive side.

“Good boy.” Dominic compliments.

Bringing his hands up, Lee finds Dominic’s belt and slowly undoes it. Pulling the zip down, Lee grabs onto his trousers and yanks them down.

Looking up, he lets out a loud gasp as the hard cock in front of him. It’s at least 7 inches long and he has flash backs of his night with Mark and John.

Seeing this beautiful, thick cock, Lee is no longer torn on his emotions.

Without even thinking, he moves and grips onto it.

“There you go.” Dominic whispers.

Lee looks up at him one last time to see Dominic smiling down.

Looking back at this perfect cock, Lee licks his lips, opens his mouth and moves forward.

He wraps his lips around the beautiful cock, his tongue runs against his head and all the amazing memories of that wild night take over his body.

“Mmmmmmm!” Lee moans around this cock, loving the taste, the smell, everything!

“Oh yeah, I’ve wanted this for a while.” Dominic whispers.

Lee barely even pays attention, just realizing how much he has missed having a cock in his mouth.

Rolling his tongue around the thick head of Dominic’s cock, Lee gets the familiar taste of precum in his senses and instantly falls back in love with it.

He just holds the cock in his mouth as he explores the head with his tongue, spreading his spit all over it and loving every second.

After a minute, Lee grips onto the shaft a little tighter and starts to push his head further down the cock.

Feeling it running against his lips as he takes more into his mouth, he pulls out and bobs back down.

Oh god, I’ve missed this. Lee thinks with his eyes closed and savoring the cock in his mouth.

“That’s it.” Dominic whispers, his hand lightly caressing Lee’s hair.

Lee is sat perfectly still, just his head slowly bobbing up and down on this majestic cock. He’s only taking a couple of inches into his mouth and enjoying the feel.

Holding onto the cock, Lee remembers his time with Mark and John. He opens his mouth a little more and relaxes his throat.

Pushing his head further, he feels Dominic’s cock sliding deeper down. Hitting his throat, Lee has to stop himself from gagging and relaxes himself.

He feels his throat wrapping around the cock as he dives deeper and deeper down.

He feels his lips pressing against his hand that’s holding the cock. Letting go, Lee holds onto Dominic’s waist and keeps taking his cock deeper.

“Fuuuckkingg hell!” Dominic moans, “I’ve never seen anyone devour my cock that quickly!”

“Mmmmm!” Lee moans around the cock that’s down his throat.

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    Hot story, sure triggered this cum thirsty cockslut faggot! I’d sure wanna stay near the bottom of this company heirarchy!

  2. Robbie says:

    Word going to get around about how good you give head and fuck and your boss is not going to want to wait to tap that too🤣

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