Curious Friends Explore Pt 1

The sounds of a boy pleasuring himself are unmistakable and highly erotic. My own cock swelled as I listened to the soft rustle of the blankets and the low long breaths of my companion.


My 18th birthday was off to a rousing start. Who doesn’t want to spend the evening of a momentous day trapped inside an international airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, waiting for the announcement as to wether the freak snow storm currently pelting the entire East Coast is going to mean you lose your hard-earned spot at the National Speech and Debate Finals in Boston? And to be in the company of eight other nerds, misfits, and outcasts from my highly prestigious private school, overseen by the completely apathetic and obviously furious Spanish teacher, Ms. Gonzales, had made the entire experience thus far, memorable.

I resigned myself to the inevitable waiting, pushed my earbuds further in my ears, all the while hoping the podcasts would drown out the incessant hum of the fluorescent lights, and settled into a very uncomfortable chair to go over my notes on the several possible debate topics. My attention only remained intact for only a moment. My classmates proved to be much more interesting fodder for my distracted thoughts than the pros and cons of “limiting the scope and reach of the fifth amendment to the US Constitution.”

A group of three girls, all sophomores, sat facing each other cross-legged on the grey carpet. The Humorous Interpretation girls, a.k.a theater chicks. I had watched them rehearse, both together and individually over the course of the semester, and still each of their 2 minute “comedy” pieces, usually fell pretty flat. The novel setting of the Charlotte International Airport did nothing to elevate their talents today.

Across from me, mirroring each other in an almost other-worldly fashion, were the Alexander twins, James and Jonathan. They were Freshmen, newly arrived from the mythical part of campus called, “The Middle School.” Their arrival at “The Upper School” had taken little noticeable effect on the pair. They remained at each other’s sides, rarely spoke to anyone else, earned near perfect scores in everything they did, ate lunch together, and, true to form, joined the Speech and Debate team in the Duo Interpretation event. Their ten minute repertoire was actually rather impressive. They had had their entire lifetimes to get in synch and it showed in their performances.

Walking along the floor-to-ceiling windows like a small pride of supremely nervous lions stalking their prey, two well-coifed and serious Juniors, one male and one female, nearly paced holes in the carpet as they studied the papers held in their hands. Every now and again, one or both of them would look up at the ceiling and begin talking to themselves, asking things like, “what is the motivation!? I can’t just say something without motivation! It won’t be true! Real!” I loved watching the Dramatic Interpretation people. Especially when they were preparing their Shakespeare. Everyone always thinks they will be able to find a new and un-boring way to perform Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet that the judges won’t fall asleep a quarter of the way through. At this point, it’s all been done.

That’s why I chose Policy Debate. It is simple, to the point, objective, and constantly relevant, and supremely logical. All of which, worked for me.

The wild card of our group was the newest member, Daniel. A senior, like me, he joined the team at the behest of the lacrosse coach, Mr. Whalen, essentially for the extra credit it provided. Apparently, Daniel was not doing well in his English classes, so the rumor went; he needed the credit in order to avoid summer and school after graduation in May.

Not that I was complaining. Not at all.

Daniel was a welcome change of pace after three-and-a-half years of the bottom rung of the high school social ladder. It was interesting to observe one of the “gods of the school” up close and personal. To nerds, it was like observing a particularly interesting science experiment, but in your own comfort zone.

Normally, my interaction with the jock set was reserved for the occasional tutoring session or the odd bullying incident here and there. I was decently physically coordinated, as far as that goes for a nerd, so I avoided most of the worst locker room high jinks. But intelligence will always be targeted, even in a private school with a 100% graduation rate and a price tag to match. An academic scholarship student, I did my best to stay out of trouble; for the most part, the jocks obliged. There were others on the speech and debate team who had received far harsher treatment than I.

Daniel had been quiet since we arrived at the airport. He had taken the previous three flight delay announcements with little evident care. His blue and green backpack was stashed between his feet and he had been reading, unmolested, for the past hour. Jane Austen, of all things. I assumed it must have been an assigned reading for some class.

He was short, only five seven, and compact. While he was solid muscle, (his biceps stretched his black polo shirt rather drastically) he didn’t appear bulky. And he seemed much more mature than his 18 years could account for. He had a five o’clock shadow at all times and his arms and legs were covered in thick black hair, not too much, but certainly a tribute to his Sicilian heritage. One of the perks of going to a small private school is you know nearly every minute detail about everyone else’s family, including if they were Sicilian. His black hair was cut short but messily styled on the top and his brown eyes were large and intent. In short, he wasn’t your every day jock type.

Or maybe it was just the Jane Austen clouding my judgement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.” The unidentifiable voice on the intercom carried only a few yards past the ticketing stand, but everyone turned to listen.

“We here at Delta regret to inform you that Flight 354 to Boston International has been cancelled due to inclement weather both here in Charlotte, and at the destination. Please accept our apologies and form and orderly line behind the counter to reschedule and rebook flights and other arrangements. Thank you, and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Well, fuck.

The past five hours of delay had been a waste, and now we weren’t even going to make our flight. Which meant there was a distinct chance that we were going to miss the check in time for the team and be disqualified from winning any awards. We would be allowed to compete and perform, but on a feedback level only. We couldn’t win or lose points or events. Even if we were deemed the best in the round, the actual winner would be the second place person.

All because of the goddamned snow.

Whose idea had it been to schedule an event in the middle of February in Boston?! Haven’t people watched the news? Boston is a hell hole in February!

Ms. Gonzales told us to stay put while she figured out what was happening. The bus driver had returned to the school hours ago, so driving home was going to be an issue, even if the roads were navigable. Given the relative infrequency of snow below the Mason-Dixon line and the spotty, at best, record of plowing and salting major highways, automotive travel of any kind seemed unlikely. Most of us lived an hour away or more. A few minutes later she retuned with an envelope and some disappointing news.

“Okay,” she began, the exhaustion evident in her voice, “we’ve been booked on a flight at 7:15 AM. That’s the earliest we can get, but that means we will miss the 8:30 check in in Boston. So, I’m sorry folks, but we won’t be bringing back any trophies this time around. We have vouchers for five rooms at the Holiday Inn and a van has already taken our luggage there. So, pair up. We will be staying overnight. I’ve already called the school and they have informed your parents so be ready for a call when you get settled. Everyone up! Come on, we got an early morning!”

The Theater Chicks quickly asked if they could all room together as a threesome and were given permission. The twins were a done deal before the option was available. Since there was an extra room, the Dramatic Interpretation kids each got their own room, which was all for the best considering the pacing and out-loud verbal acting games likely to take place until the wee hours of the morning. Ms. Gonzales wedged into the female actresses room.

Good luck Ms. Gonzales.

That left me and Daniel.

“Looks like that just leaves the two of us,” Daniel mumbled.

“Yeah, guess so,” I replied nonchalantly. “Must be weird for you to not be picked first, huh?”

I don’t know why I said it. Perhaps I was just trying to lighten the mood with a little sarcasm. To my surprise, Daniel shot me a crooked smile.

“A little,” he said as he hoisted his backpack onto his shoulders and made his way out of the terminal behind the others. I followed and did my best to ignore the blood pounding in my ears.

The Holiday Inn was exactly like you’d expect a Holiday Inn to be. Unremarkable and ordinary in every way. Daniel retrieved the room key card from Ms. Gonzales and handed me the spare. Considering we would only be here for a grand total of nine hours, I wondered in what circumstance I would actually need an extra key, but I took it from him without comment.

Everyone mumbled their “goodnights” and “see-you-in-the-morning’s” as they slid their key card into the electronic locks and shuffled into their respective rooms, their recently retrieved luggage rolling behind them.

I followed Daniel into the room and flipped on the lights. The Queen sized beds and large TV were as to be expected.

“I’m exhausted.” Daniel offered to the room, not really aiming his remark at me. “I’ll take the bed closest to the window, if that’s alright.”

“Fine.” I couldn’t have cared less where either of us slept.

Daniel unzipped his backpack, retrieved a black leather toiletries bag from the large pocket, and headed towards the bathroom door.

“I’m gonna get ready for bed.”


I sat on the bed and crossed my legs in front of me, searched for the remote control and began flipping through the channels. I had to do something while I waited for Daniel to finish in the bathroom so I could do my own nightly routine before sleep.

My mind went blank as I flipped through the nineteen available options. Of course, nothing was interesting, so I settled on the T.V Guide channel and let the constant blue scroll of options lull my mind to quiet. The faucet in the bathroom made quick splashing sounds every now and then. I was thinking of some minute detail of constitutional law when the bathroom light flicked off. The change in ambiance startled me from my reverie.

Daniel entered the room with his toiletries bag in hand, and his black polo shirt slung over one now-bare shoulder. He walked slowly towards his bed, crossing in front of the T.V. I hoped my eyes were not bugging out of their sockets. I never stared so hard at a pointless T.V Guide screen in all of my life. I could have counted the pixels I was concentrating so hard on not looking at him as he crossed the room.

Even in my peripheral vision, Daniel was impressive. His chest was sculpted and mounded out in front of him, covered with well-trimmed black hair like the rest of his body. His nipples were dark, small, and erect. They fit his shorter frame. His chest and shoulders were broad, but not so much that they made him look square or squat. His stomach was taught and flat, with the outline of abdominals evident but not super-defined beneath the olive skin. His body hair made a dark line down their center, connecting to his “happy trail.” It was as if his entire body was specifically designed to lead your eyes to his crotch. The slight “V” of his obliques greatly aided the illusion.

He still wore his well fitting jeans, but had removed his belt, which he piled with his polo on the floor.

“I have to do my routine,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “I’m gonna brush my teeth anyways.”

I grabbed my carry on from the floor and did my best not to rush to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. The cold water as I washed my face was a welcome relief. When I flicked off the lights and returned to the room, I was unprepared for what I saw.

Daniel was doing crunches at the foot of his bed He made them appear effortless. I must have stopped dead and stared because he halted his workout and looked at me, his arms still locked behind his head.

“You alright?” he asked from below me.

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting that.” I did my best to laugh it off.

“I’m mostly done anyway.” He lifted himself from the floor and did a small shake to loosen his joints. His chest bounced when he landed and my mind reeled.

I cleared my throat and threw my carry on into a corner.

“Oh shit!” Daniel exclaimed from behind me. “I’m an idiot, I’m so sorry!”

“What?!” I asked, concerned. “What happened?”

“I didn’t even think about it. I just came out here shirtless and all that and didn’t even think if it would make you uncomfortable. Dude, I… I’m so sorry. I’ll get a shirt real fast…”

“What? No, don’t be sorry. You can do whatever you want.” I offered.

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Okay. I didn’t want…I mean, I know you’re…well, you know,…everyone knows that…It’s not like you didn’t say it yourself…so it’s not gossip, I don’t gossip. My mom taught me never to gossip, so I don’t, but I mean…”

“Holy shit, are you nervous or something?” I laughed. He was seriously flustered.

I had gotten so used to it by now, I forgot how strange it was for some people.

“Yes, I’m gay. Doesn’t make me all that different.”

Daniel relaxed visibly and smiled. He had a beautiful smile.

“Good. ” He offered. “I wouldn’t want you to think that I was…”

“What? Hitting on me?” I asked. I knew full well that’s not what he was trying to say, but still I loved to watch the shock hit his expression. It made me chuckle.

“No! Not that…I mean I wouldn’t want you to think that I was, I don’t know…making fun of you, or something? Cause I’m not.”

“Good. Glad to hear it.”

I pulled back the covers, if a piece of what appeared to be flexible patterned cardboard could rightly be called covers. Behind me I heard Daniel do the same.

“Just treat me the way you would anyone else. Any other guy,” I said.


To this day, I’m not sure why I did what I did next. Maybe I sensed something from Daniel, maybe it was the hormones of a boy who was 18 for only a few short hours thus far. But I said:

“Not that I don’t like what I see.”

My back was too him and I waited for the blow back. Silence mocked me for a few seconds, seconds in which I could hear my heart in my skull and I busied myself with adjusting the limp excuses for pillows on my bed.

“Thanks. I do work at it.”

Oh, thank god.

“That much is obvious.” I offered.

I turned and sat on the edge of my bed, facing Daniel and finally brought up the courage to look directly at him. He was even more impressive head on.

“Thanks,” he said again.

“I wouldn’t mind looking like that.” I said as I pointed at him. Daniel busied himself with his own pillows but lifted his eyes to smile at me. “How do you even get that way? I can’t imagine.”

Daniel’s small smile spread into a wide grin. He placed his hands on his hips and straightened to his full height. Before I knew what was happening, first his left pec and then his right flexed and jumped before me. My eyes must have popped because Daniel erupted in a fit of laughter. I felt my face reddening and I dropped my eyes to my knees.

When his laughter subsided, he giggled at me as he said:

“You don’t have a bad body yourself, dude. It wouldn’t take too much to turn you into a jock.”

I wasn’t sure if he was kidding me or if there was kernel of kindness to what he said. What I saw in the mirror every morning was the very definition of average. I was five foot ten, weighed about 155, had little muscle tone, but I wasn’t super skinny or even close to chubby. I had a softness to me that spoke of being on the cusp between childhood and adulthood. I shaved every third day. My hair was blonde and of medium length and decently cut and styled. My clothes were normal and average, not name brand but not WalMart either. I had been told that my blue eyes were very pretty, but other than that,I never considered myself anything other than normal, average, and everyday. Especially when compared to someone like Daniel.

“I highly doubt that.” I shot back, trying to brush off his possible compliment.

“No really. You could. You have a good starting point. I could show you, if you want.”

“Really?” I allowed myself the small option of hoping that this jock boy was actually offering me a token of friendship and compliment.

“Sure. If you want.”

I smiled. I couldn’t help it. This was a rarity for my kind.

“Yeah. I’ll definitely think about it,” I said and bent down to untie my shoes.

I unzipped my suitcase and fished out my flannel pajama bottoms. My hoodie and jacket I piled on the floor with my shoes and stripped off my tee shirt to reveal the black tank top I wore as an undershirt nearly every day. Different one’s of course. I’m a nerd, not a slob.

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17 thoughts on “Curious Friends Explore Pt 1

  1. Steve says:

    It is one of the best written stories I have ever read I live to see the college years with this 2 is that next come in udatz get the college years after this one

  2. HeadnMore says:

    I’m so glad to see udatz is repeating one of the very best stories they have ever published !!!!
    So Great to see them Re-publishing this Hot & Beautiful Story!
    Thank You!

  3. Bill says:

    What a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting D. A. MacKey’s “Brains and Brawn – the David and Daniel Chronicles” to appear here on UDATZ again for the third time. Without a doubt, this is the best story in the M/M genre ever written…or very nearly the best. It ranks right up there with Jon Keys (red dirt writer) connected series of the three generations of Oklahoma cowboys of “Wrangler Butts”, “Maverick Cattle Company”, and “Raising Josh” which he did continue on his blog with Danny and Samantha story; Josh and Trent’s twin kids, in “Double Trouble.” This is some fine writing from both these wonderful authors. I never tire of reading these stories and have read the David and Daniel story at least 8 times or more. I hope someday that UDATZ will consider publishing “Bull and Swan” which is the D.A. Mackey spin-off story of Justin and Ian, two other characters from the “David and Daniel ” story here. Thank you, UDATZ, for this wonderful summertime treat to read again!

  4. RedWard says:

    Wow! IMHO, One of the very best touching, erotic narratives ever! Would love to read more about these lads, Daniel & David!

  5. jim says:

    If you are starting here, be prepared for what I humbly feel is the best story UDATZ has ever put forth. It’s a long read, so take it slow, and you will certainly be rewarded MANY times. It’s just SO. DAMN. GOOD. I hope UDATZ has the foresight to keep this story going. This world is so full of great characters and crazy possibilities that the author (who is some kind of genius) can keep coming back to it to tell more and more – and he SHOULD! I am a fan for life. No exaggeration.

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