Curious Friends Explore Pt 2

I placed my cock head on his outstretched tongue and watched as six huge jets of cum plastered his mouth, each one eliciting a moan from him.

Part 1


I woke, or to be more accurate, I was awoken, on the morning of my actual birthday by the sound of the chain-tracked hotel curtains being yanked apart. The room lightened to a misty grey, the setting moon bouncing silvery-white light off the snow from the previous evening’s blizzard and mixing with the faded yellow street lamps from the street below, still blazing in the pre-dawn. I must have been in a deeply satisfying sleep, despite the communal mattress and cardboard bedspread of the hotel room, because I jerked in surprise and was rudely thrown into consciousness. No gentle and idyllic rise-and-shine accompanied by bird chirping for this birthday boy.

There are those, I’ve heard the whispered rumors, who enjoy the morning. They call these mythical beings the, “morning-people.” I am not one of their number. After my impromptu and unexpected dalliance with Daniel the night before, I was exhausted and drained and I had slept the deeply satisfied sleep of sexual release. This manifested itself in my blonde hair becoming a tangled nest of knots and snags, my eyes crusted in sleep gunk, and my already pathetic excuse for a pillow essentially transformed into a sponge for the copious amounts of drool that had left my mouth a virtual desert wasteland of morning breath.

“Happy Birthday, nerd,” Daniel said from somewhere off to my left. My eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to being alive. “You look like shit.”

I tried to work some moisture back into my mouth, a move that looked something like trying to eat a half-cup of peanut butter in one go, and rubbed some of the sleep from my eyes. My fingers couldn’t even get an inch deep into my hair before the tangles stopped my progress.

“Gee, thanks,” I replied wryly.

I shifted myself a little, propped up on one elbow and actually looked at and saw Daniel for the first time today. Silhouetted in the large window, he stood with the graceful confidence that only comes from a combination of youth and athletic prowess, both of which Daniel possessed in spades. His hands rested easily on his hips, his broad shoulders square, tapering to a slim waist. His uncut cock hung heavily between his massive thighs, substantial balls swinging freely below. He was essentially a marble statue of a Greek god.

“Happy Birthday to me, indeed,” I quipped, taking in his nakedness with pleasure.

He favored me with a half smile and reached down to lazily tug on his dick a bit.

“I’m glad you approve. Now, get up.”

“What do you mean ‘get up?’ We just went to bed, like five minutes ago. What time is it?”

“4:30,” Daniel said, as if that was a timeframe that normal people experienced on a daily basis.

“In the morning?!” I squawked, “I didn’t know they made a 4:30 in the morning.”

Daniel chuckled. It was a deep sound, resonant and pleasant and honest. My cock stirred a bit beneath the covers.

“We have to leave in an hour. Boston, remember? Airport?”

“Something about a competition or something.” I joked as a I threw the covers over my head like a petulant child, blocking out the dim light.

“Something like that.”

Daniel moved to the foot of the bed and yanked the covers from me in one swift motion. The semi-stiff fabric made an odd pile in the corner by the television. I watched his muscles flex as I groaned and flipped over on my stomach and buried my head in my damp pillow, a decision I immediately regretted both because my pillow was already getting disgustingly cold and because my rapidly expanding cock was pressed into the horrendous excuse for a mattress.

“Do we even have to go? We’re not even getting points or trophies or anything!” I whined. “Can’t we just stay here and just tell everyone we went.”

That elicited another chuckle from my temporary roommate.

“Come on! Get up, lazy ass! I’m going downstairs to get some of that continental breakfast they brag so much about. Get your ass in the shower.”

Before he had finished his sentence, I heard myself scream,

“COFFEE! Get me coffee!”

“Yes, sir,” Daniel said with mock deference. “I’ll get you coffee when you flip over and get up.”

He had me over a barrel with that deal. Get up and get coffee, or stay in bed and get nothing. The metaphor had me thinking of him bending me over an actual barrel, which did absolutely nothing to help deflate my dick, now fully hard and pressed into my stomach beneath me. But the promise of warm liquid caffeine won me over. With a moan of real agony, I flipped over on my back and swung my legs to the scratchy synthetic carpet.

“Aaand there it is,” Daniel mocked. “I thought I had imagined it last night, but nope. Just as big in the light of day.” He smiled and regarded my covered cock.

“Day? What is this day you speak of? I see no day, sir! Only night time and darkness outside that window. Night time, when normal people slumber.”

Daniel walked between the beds, headed directly towards me. My heart jumped a bit as he approached, his beautiful tanned skin glowing a bit in the dimness, that beautiful cock dangling like a lure just a foot away from me. He flipped the bedside lamp on and I groaned again. His strong fingers gripped my shoulders and ran down my arms until he encircled my wrists and tugged me to my feet so I was standing face to face with him.

“Come on, nerd. Up and at ’em. Breakfast and coffee on the way.”

“Ugh, Fine.”

“Attaboy,” he said. If I wasn’t already up, I certainly was further from sleep when he reached between us and playfully grabbed my cock through my PJ bottoms and tented boxer briefs.

He pushed me in the direction of the bathroom. “Shower. Now.”

“What about you?” I asked. “You need to shower too. Who am I kidding? You look ridiculous as is. Why gild a lily?”

“You’re sweet. Shower.”

Daniel grabbed his discarded jeans from the floor and stepped into them. I watched, my hand frozen on the bathroom door handle, transfixed by his form. The muscles gleamed as he slid the denim up his legs, his delicious cock bounced as he stuffed it into the well-fitted fabric. He noticed me watching, shot me a sly grin and wink and repeated his command.


“Coffee,” I replied.

“Shower, THEN coffee,” he retorted

“Ugh.” I opened the bathroom door and flipped on the fluorescent light. The shock of my reflection in the mirror was all I needed to wake me fully.

“Jesus!” I shouted to the closed bathroom door, “What the hell happened to me last night? Fuck, I look like death warmed over. And barely warmed over at that. Left over death served mostly cold.”

“Shower, nerd!” Daniel shouted back jocularly. I heard the room door close behind him as I turned on the shower and let the warm spray begin to heat the featureless utilitarian room.

The water took little time to reach near scalding temperatures, but I figured the extreme heat would help shake off the morning funk, since we were apparently deciding to call this ungodly hour by the misnomer, “morning.” I pulled off my tank top and pajama bottoms. I took a minute to admire my still raging cock in the quickly fogging mirror before my black boxer-briefs joined the rest of my clothing in a haphazard pile.

The water pressure was surprisingly good. I let the water rain over my skin, kneading out the sore places and knots that had formed while I slept in an unfamiliar bed. It was amazing how many aches and pains you could gin up in roughly three hours of “sleep.”

While the water worked its’ magic, my mind raced over the past six hours. I simply couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. Was Daniel simply being nice to me because it was my birthday? Did he plan to use what happened last night to make my life a living hell when we got back to school after Winter Break? It would be easy for him. He was a jock and I was a nerd. My word against his doesn’t really quantify the power he had over me socially. I was already out at school, but if a rumor that I had tried to seduce or even touch one of the popular crowd began to circulate, I would become a pariah among the pariahs. Even the nerds would disown me, simply to fit in with the social pressure of the rest of the school.

Or was what happened last night sincere? Could I have gotten that lucky? Daniel had most assuredly been into it. His orgasm alone confirmed that. I just couldn’t expel my preconceived (though often gained through my own personal negative experiences) notions of how a jock should and would react when confronted with male homosexuality and a perceived threat to his masculinity.

The phrase “no homo” comes to mind. Insipid.

But thus far, Daniel had only displayed the most sincere and honest feelings towards me. No hateful speech, just conscientious and aware and in a word: sweet. That wasn’t what was supposed to happen. He should have shut down. Instead, he’d opened his bed and asked me to sleep next to him. Who was this boy?

While my mind pondered these existential and world altering questions, my cock had a mind of its’ own.

Daniel’s face as I fingered his hole and pushed him to levels of pleasure he hadn’t known existed floated before me. The taste of his cum as I swallowed his essence. His bountiful balls bouncing while his tight hole squeezed my fingers. The way he focused like a laser on my cock. How turned on he was when he coaxed me to cum on his chest. His tongue and the twinkle in his brown eyes when he licked me from his lips.

‘I thought you’d taste good.’ That’s what he had said when he licked the cum from his face. Which meant he had been thinking about my taste. My confusion and my erection were growing by the second. Luckily, I could take care of one of them.

My grip on my cock was familiar and reassuring. I let the water hit my face and I replayed everything from last night. It wouldn’t take me long to cum recalling that, and Daniel had said time was of the essence with a plane to catch.

I didn’t hear the shower curtain open and so I nearly jumped out of my skin when Daniel’s voice came from directly behind me.

“I knew you had a decent body under those PJ’s, nerd,” he quipped.

“Daniel! What the fuck, dude?! I locked the door. What the hell are you doing?”

“Nothing a little credit card couldn’t fix,” he replied with a shit-eating grin. He’d picked the lock. I tried to regain my composure with my back to the spray and my cock pointing at Daniel’s naked body like the pirate in the eagle’s nest sighting land in the distance.

“Besides, we have a plane to catch. We need to save all the time we can, right?”

As he had displayed the previous evening, he was a master of logic.

“A shower takes five minutes,” I replied.

My debating skills were weak at best in the morning, but I was interested in testing these waters, searching out answers to the questions that plagued me about the mysteriously cool boy standing naked before me.

“We should conserve water. Global warming,” he replied.

His eyes were traveling up and down my body as if he were creating a workout plan to take me from drab to fab in six short weeks. They lingered on my pole, his pupils widening. He liked what he saw.

Curiouser and curiouser.

“Touché,” I replied and tilted my head back to let the water work some of the tangles from my blonde locks.

“Don’t be a water hog.” His hands on my naked hips as he moved me from the spray sent shivers through me despite the heat and steam.

Daniel was beautiful naked. He was damned near unbelievable naked AND wet.

The water ran in rivulets down his tan skin. With his back to me, I watched it trace the deep outline of his shoulder blades and deltoids. It snaked down his spine, the ridges of his vertebrae making the larger stream split into smaller rivers. It pooled for a moment at the top of his ass, trapped by the muscles there. And it was still the most spectacular ass I’d ever seen. Looking down on him from this close, I marveled at the muscles of his butt, how they clenched and seemed crafted of steel or marble, but jiggled a little when he moved, hinting at softness and suppleness.

He turned when he had thoroughly wet himself and we looked at each other in the rapidly shrinking space.

“So, were you jerkin’ off when I came in?” he asked with that crooked smile I was already growing too fond of.

“What business is it of yours?” I shot back.

“Just wondering,” he said. “Because it looked like you were jacking off. Nothing to be ashamed of. We all get morning wood.”

“It’s not even technically morning, asshole,” I said with more venom than I’d intended. Daniel didn’t seem to notice.

“A.M. Anti Meridian. Technically, it is morning. What you mean is, socially, it isn’t morning.”

“Fine!” I whined. “You win. No wonder you joined the debate team.”

“Well, see if you can follow my logic here, nerd.” An intensity began to burn behind his eyes; one that I hadn’t seen since he’d first wanted me to touch his dick. “If it isn’t morning yet, according to you, then that would mean it is still last night. If we accept that it is still last night, then our little nap was simply like a ten minute break. Break from what, you might ask?”

His hand reached out and grabbed my cock in an underhanded grip.

I’ve tried to jerk off a dude standing face to face, and let me tell you, it isn’t the easiest position for a handy-j. But Daniel took to it like a duck to water. His wrists snaked and slid up my entire length, twisting as he neared my glans and tightening when he brushed my pelvis.

His handiwork alone should have had me shooting my load immediately. But he kept his eyes locked on mine as he worked me over and they mesmerized me. His soft brown eyes seemed to be searching my soul, as if he wanted to make sure I was okay with this, and also seeking clues in my expression for how to make the experience better on my end. He was in control but entirely devoted to my pleasure.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, his voice a little husky, his eyes still locked on mine as he stepped a little closer.

“Ah. See, I knew I could find a fault in your logic somewhere. Why in the world would I want you to stop?” I jested. I was shocked I had the presence of mind for wit with his hands on my cock. To be honest, I was shocked I had the presence of mind for basic human function when he touched me.

I reached forward to return the favor. His uncut tool was semi-hard and inflating rapidly, the loose skin tightening as I pulled, exposing his sensitive head to the water that streamed over his shoulder between us. I loved the way it felt in my hand, the heft of it as it rested in my palm, hot and pulsing with vitality.

“That thing you did last night?” he asked as his eyes fluttered a little under my manipulations.

“Which? You’ll have to be more specific.”

“To my ass. With your tongue.”

“Rimming,” I said.

“Is that what it’s called? Jesus, that was just beyond anything I’d ever felt. Must be what it feels like when I eat out Amy’s pussy.”

“Could you do me a favor and not talk about pussy while my cock is in your hand?” I said. “And not on my birthday. At all. Wether my cock is involved or not. Or ever again, really.”

Daniel chuckled and my knees buckled a little beneath me. That laugh was starting to get to me.

“Sorry. But it was awesome. No girl has ever made me cum like that. I’ve never made myself cum like that.”

“Well, thanks. I’m glad I could be of service.”

His grip on my cock tightened and slowed.

“Hand me the body wash and washcloth.” He said. He squeezed a small amount on the cloth and then handed it to me.

“Do my back?” he raised his eyebrows at me and smiled.

“That’s simply unfair.”


“You can’t invade my shower time, stand there naked and gorgeous, and then give me permission to touch your back, which, as I’m sure you know is attached to your perfect ass.”

“No one ever said life was fair, birthday boy.”

With that he turned his back to me and stretched his broad shoulders, spreading his back even more than usual. He was nearly three inches shorter than me, but he seemed to tower and dominate the shower without even trying.

Tentatively, I touched the cloth to his skin and began to gently wash him.

“You fingered my hole and swallowed my cum. You don’t have to touch me like I’m going to break. I think we’ve passed that point.”

His hand reached behind him and found my free wrist. He tugged on me, hard, until I lurched forward. My chest pressed into his back and he held my hand in his on his hip. My cock was nestled firmly in the crack of his exceptional ass. I nearly exploded.

“Fuck…,” Daniel moaned. He leaned his head back against my shoulder. With my hand still in his, he guided me to his cock and eased my grip around it. “That feels incredible.”

His hips ground back into my dick.

“I guess that makes me an ass man,” he joked.

He picked up a little speed on his grinding, pressing back more firmly into me, searching for the head, as if his ass was seeking me out of its own accord.

“I guess so,” I replied.

It was my turn to surprise him. Without warning, I sank to my knees behind him, careful not to loosen my grip on his dick in my left hand, and dove between his cheeks with my tongue.

His body responded instantly. His hands flung to the tiled wall in front of him and he rose onto his toes, pushing his ass back ever further.

“Ohh, shit!” he moaned.

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17 thoughts on “Curious Friends Explore Pt 2

  1. Bill says:

    Apparently one isn’t suppose to mention the name of authors on here or of other writings. I did this yesterday and my comment was not posted. Contact me privately on the chat and I’ll fill you in.

  2. ItalnGuy69 says:

    Awesome story, I love these two. Especially when the jock is so open and submissive, yet bold and daring at pushing the nerd to free his inner self. I do hope they end up together, but then again they’re only 18 years old.

  3. Jim says:

    Love how this story is unfolding. Post debate should make for a horny read… I wish the author would make themself known as I would love to read more of their writing.

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