Curious Friends Explore Pt 4

He worked my cock in his grasp, twisting and pulling, using his thumb to gather and disperse the precum that began to leak from me. He bobbed his head up and down my shaft.

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I’m not sure if straight people could ever truly understand how it feels to wake up next to a warm manly body as a gay guy raised in the often times sexually repressive South. It comes with a nearly debilitating mixture of contradictions in the extreme: joy, lust, thankfulness, and peace wrestling with abject terror and the desire to run before things turn ugly, as we are nearly conditioned to expect that they will. It was a sad state of affairs that I felt these things as the morning dawned on our second day in Boston, but luckily I was able to suppress the negativity and bask in my small but growing optimism towards whatever was happening with Daniel.

As my wispy, unremembered dreams began to fade into nothingness and my mind returned to normalcy, I felt Daniel’s warmness pressed into me, holding me tightly to his chest, his muscled arm thrown over me as if he would never loosen.

I didn’t want him to.

I shifted myself a bit, working sore muscles as I pushed myself into him, dissolving into his embrace, unsure if he would waken and this living dreamscape I’d found myself at the center of would come crashing down around my ears. I laced my fingers through his own and pulled our hands to my chest, holding them over my heart and feeling it beat through our embrace, keeping time. It seemed to be counting down the seconds, a ticking clock beating out the coming end to my bliss with unforgiving fierceness.

That level of true happiness melded with apprehension is a rare thing, as I’ve come to realize as I got older, but even then I grasped the uniqueness and tried to float on the high.

My eyes were just adjusting to the grayish morning light of our room when I felt Daniel begin to stir behind me. His hips pressed into the bare skin of my ass and he made a soft sound of pleasure, like a cat waking from a summertime nap on the windowsill. Though I couldn’t see his face, I imagined that he wore a smile of contentment to match my own.

At least, I hoped he did.

My body responded to his slight movements without thought, pressing back against his morning hardness and slowly grinding into him, seeking to remain as close as this, or closer for as long as I could.

Our fingers were still locked together, held to my chest as my breathing began to regulate. I expected him to disentangle himself and for this secret moment together to end when he did; but, instead, he pulled me closer and pressed his face to my hair, breathing me in deeply and sighing, his chest expanding as he too stretched his muscles. I shivered when I felt the power of him begin to awaken behind me, the corded strength of him as he readied his lithe body for the day to come.

Daniel must have felt my trembling; he guided our interlocked hands over the pale skin my chest and down my stomach, gliding smoothly over our hips.

“Morning,” he said groggily, his voice blessedly absent of the shock and fear I’d come to expect. “Are you cold?”

He pulled the covers around us more tightly and snuggled even closer to me, his hard cock finding a spot between my ass cheeks, unconsciously humping into me.

I couldn’t help but moan at the contact.

“Morning,” I whispered through the escalating pleasure, trying to keep it from my tone. “How’d you sleep?”

“Like the dead,” he said, his lips at my ear, softly kissing my neck, driving rational thought from my body, a jolt of electricity working down my spine and all the way to my toes. He guided our hands over my hips towards my very obvious hard cock.

“Glad to be awake now.”

I felt a small twinge of loss when he unwound his fingers from mine, but only for the time it took him to grasp my shaft in the warmth of his palm and tug gently on my length. His lips kissed the back of my neck and my hand reached behind me to press his head to my skin.

He continued to work my cock in his grasp, twisting and pulling, using his thumb to gather and disperse the precum that began to leak from me. His lips still traversed the soft skin of my neck and ears, dialing up my nerves in succinct intervals, waking the most dormant parts of me. I wanted him so badly I thought I would burst with it. He gracefully moved himself from behind me and gave me the space to fall onto my back as he rose on one elbow to get a better angle.

For the first time today, I met his gaze. As if it was the first time I’d ever seen him, I was rocked by what lay behind his eyes. Passion and lust were there, to be sure, burning brightly. But beneath that, lurking in the deep dark places, something else. Something I could only describe as caring.

No! I couldn’t…wouldn’t…allow myself to think like that.

He pressed his face to my neck again, never slowing his pace on my dick with his increasingly skilled fingers. A few more sessions like this and Daniel’s skill could very well have surpassed my own.

My touch danced over the smooth skin of his strong shoulders as he moved down, past my collar bones, licking and kissing at the pale skin of my chest. He took my nipple in his mouth and my back arched, which only served to drive him on, my body betraying my desires to his observant nature.

“Daniel,” I moaned, my hand coming to the back of his head, feeling the soft prickles of his hair against my skin.

“Shhhh. Let me.” His voice was a deep growl, masculine and controlling but devoid of violence.

I had no real choice but to give in and let him do to me whatever he pleased. I couldn’t have been more willing to give up that control. Something in Daniel brought that out in me. When he touched me, I lost the need to be the master of my own form. I simply allowed myself to be…to be touched and manipulated, twisted and prodded in ways I never would have sanctioned normally.

Daniel’s lips on my hip bones sent my pelvis to the ceiling, fucking myself in his grip. It was beautiful torture and I rode it as best I could. Daniel looked up at me through his long, dark lashes, his brown eyes just beginning to catch the dawning light and gleaming with hints of amber and gold, catching my ice-blue gaze. The things that can be communicated in a stare like that far outweigh anything actual speech can accomplish.

‘Let me, I need to do this. I desire this. Please,’ he seemed to beg.

His tongue on my cock as his mouth closed over my sensitive head nearly sent me to the moon. Heat and wetness flooded me, every nerve focused like a laser on my cock. He twirled his tongue around my rim, reveling in it, increasing and decreasing speed and pressure as if he’d been doing this for years. All the while, his eyes searched my face.

Slowly, he bobbed his head up and down my shaft. First one inch and then two dematerialized down his throat until he had half of me ensconced inside him. He made satisfied groans despite his full mouth, rumbling from deep in his chest as he adjusted himself so he was kneeling between my thighs. His strong hands spread my legs with ease and held them there against my uncontrollable trembling.

“Ahhh, that’s incredible. Don’t stop.”

My voice sounded strange to my own ears, almost as if someone else was urging him on, someone outside of my body. Daniel’s hips waved back and forth in the open air, the rounded curves of his ass outlined in the gloom behind us as he forced me deeper and deeper into him until he eventually hit that place where reflex took control and he gagged. He pulled off, not missing the chance to use his tongue on the ticklish skin under my cock head, swallowed hard, and caught his breath.

“I want to…,” he panted, his hips wiggling and waving behind him. The desire in his tone was unaffected and apparent, the question lurking just beneath. He needed me to guide him.

“Relax, concentrate on breathing through your nose, and don’t force it. Pretend like you are swallowing, focus on each muscle and push your reflexes to the back of your mind.”

The instruction was all I could think to give, meager as it was, but Daniel seemed to take it as gospel and dove back onto my tool with gusto, easily taking me to the same distance as before. He toiled slowly at first, but soon I felt another bit of me wrapped in the heat of his mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, my hands coming to the sides of his head, doing all in my power not to force him down to the root. Within a minute, I felt his breath against the skin of my pelvis, coming quick and hot.

“You’re almost there. Oh, my god, I can’t believe… how?…almost.”

With a final thrust of effort, he engulfed my cock to the base, his lips settling around my trimmed pubes, his nose nestled in, his throat contracting and releasing in untrained and involuntary waves over the entire length of me.

No one had ever done that to me before and I immediately felt closer to him than to anyone else in my life to that point. The new sensations coupled with the jolt of Daniel’s willingness and unexpected success at even trying this technique almost pushed me over the edge.

The complacent submission I had reveled in flashed to ash as my passions exploded in me with a heat I thought Daniel must surely be able to feel. Though he over powered me and outweighed me by nearly twenty pounds of solid lean muscle, I grabbed his head and tore him from my shaft in one smooth motion, drawing him forward and pushing my lips to his with intenseness that frightened me even then. I tasted my own sweat, the saltiness of my precum and passion on his tongue as he pushed back against me. My hands grabbed at his hips and gripped his ass, seeking to turn him.

I needed to touch him, to bury myself inside of him in any way I could.

He got my drift and broke our kiss so he could flip around and straddle my chest, his face still pointing at my slick cock, his perfectly sculpted ass now just centimeters from my hungry mouth. My hands spread his cheeks and I besieged his jock hole with my tongue at the ready for an exploration of that most erotically charged of numbers: 69.

Daniel’s back arched, one hand gripping my cock and twisting on the saliva-slicked skin, the other reaching behind him to press my head to his hole. His hips rocked back and forth as he started to ride my tongue, fuck himself against me.

“Oh shit, David. Yeah, fuck. eat my ass. You like that jock hole?”

His voice was fuel to add to the bonfire already raging in me. I didn’t break from my rimming to answer him, only flicked faster and faster, pressing deeper as I tasted and drank down his manliness.

“Ahhhh. Oh my god. Oh.”

Daniel fell forward onto his hands, his hairy thighs shaking as he struggled to process the feelings.

I went faster.

As if there were no other choice, the only floating wreckage on stormy seas and the only hope for salvation, Daniel opened his mouth and pulled my cock back into his throat. My tongue in his hole, in and out, in and out, and Daniel working my pulsing shaft deep in his throat was a combination I couldn’t have been prepared for.

“I’m close…” I groaned through gritted teeth, forced to stop my rimming for a moment. Daniel took no notice, only sucking harder, his ass undulating before me, his hole throbbing in time.

“I’m gonna…Daniel…Oh fuck, I’m about…”

He made no move.

The first jet of my cum hit the back of his throat and he jerked a bit in surprise. He pulled back so that he only held half of me and let my cum fill his mouth, stream after stream being pulled from me as if by force. I felt like my soul was escaping through my cock, seeking a new home inside Daniel. For his part, he sighed high in his chest and swallowed each new offering my dick pumped into him with practiced ease.

When my orgasm had subsided to a manageable level, Daniel pulled off of me, seeming a little sad to do so as he turned and straddled my hips facing the other direction.

He rubbed my sensitive and cum-smeared dick head on his thoroughly wet hole and slid it around, putting on a show for me.

If I had to give a review of the performance, I’d say it was Oscar worthy. But instead, I crunched myself forward, uncaring of the discomfort and sucked his cock for a moment, until his grip on the back of my head pulled me off, the pain of having my hair tugged not even registering against the onslaught I was already basking in.

“Not for you. You don’t get to touch my dick today,” Daniel scolded me with mock sternness, gazing down on me as I twisted in his relentless grip. His eyes were firm as steel, but I somehow felt safe being pinned under his iron will.

I nodded my aquiescence to his desire.

He released my head with a gentle push and returned his grip to his rock hard uncut cock, pulling the foreskin forward so a crystal drop of precum fell from his tip and pooled warmly on my stomach. Though I wanted to wipe it up and take it to my parched lips, I dared not move my hands. What I wanted was firmly in the back seat, now. Daniel was in complete control.

He moved my cock near to his hole and maneuvered himself so that I pressed into his warm opening, but never entered. The pressure was nearly enough, almost gaining the much desired access, but he walked this razor’s edge like the master I was coming to recognize him for.

“I like your cock at my hole. Such a big nerd cock.”

He tapped my cock on the gateway to his promised land and jumped at the feeling.

I didn’t speak. What would I say?

“You want me to ride your big nerd cock?” He asked, his voice dripping with sex. “Hmm?”

“Yes,” I replied, my voice crackled and tortured, trying not to appear too eager.

“You want to fuck my hole? Put your monster dick inside my tight jock ass?”

I nodded.

“Hmm? What was that?” He pressed his hips down onto my cock, his eyes rolling up in his head as he pushed himself just to the line and peered over the edge.

God, how I wanted him to jump.

“Yes. I want to fuck you.”

The smile that spread over his face, that slowly crept up and displaced the pleasure and lust there, was the definition of boyish wickedness.

He released my cock and eased himself from me, leaving my aching and sensitive mast throbbing useless in the open air. His torso descended and he leaned forward until his olive skinned face and morning stubble filled my vision. His eyes held mine so that I couldn’t have looked away if I’d wanted to, a stare that would haunt my dreams for the next decade and beyond.

When his mouth was so close to mine that I could feel his breath on the skin of my lips, the desire to connect almost painfully withheld, he whispered: “Not yet.”

My cock pulsed; like the aftershocks follow the quake, I shot a single line of thick white into the air, landing with a warm wet softness on the lightly damp skin of Daniel’s ass. His neck flew back, his eyes squeezing shut when my cum made contact.

He chuckled when he realized what happened.

“Naughty boy, nerd! No one said you could cum again. What am I to do with you?” he teased.

He kissed me gently and deftly crawled from his position to stand firmly on the floor between the beds.

My brain was essentially a puddle somewhere near the back of my skull. I was surprised the basic five senses remained intact. Daniel observed my confusion on the bed, gazing up and down my prostrate position, seeming to commit the image to memory. His smile bordered on a smirk. He was definitely enjoying this power trip and my resulting inability to remain mostly human. He sauntered towards the bathroom, my cum clearly plastered on his mounded ass cheeks, a bleach stain on tan satin. He flicked on the light and in moments I heard the metallic ping of the shower.

I thought his bombshell that he had messed around with his teammates had been nonchalant. The price and general juiciness of Georgia peaches. His current game of sexual dominance and willing submission was something else entirely. Incomprehensible.

He drew the shower curtain back and stepped into the spray.

“Now we’re even.” He pitched his tone so that I heard him clearly over the sound of the water.

“Even?” I asked.

“You didn’t cum last night. And I did. Thank you for that, by the way. Fucking amazing.”

“Welcome.” I said, as if I’d folded his laundry or cleaned a dirty dish.

Seriously, David? ‘Welcome?’ Not even ‘YOU’RE welcome. Just, ‘welcome.’

Just shoot me now.

Daniel laughed, loudly.

At least he didn’t stoop to imitating my doofishness.

Small miracles, right?

After a long silence, in which I did my best to shake off my wounded pride and fasten the shattered remnants of my brain into functioning lobes once more, I said:

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11 thoughts on “Curious Friends Explore Pt 4

  1. Bill says:

    It’s been a couple years since I read this story completely and I had forgotten how exquisite the writing is, especially in the first part of this chapter. When David and Daniel are both clearly trying to understand what is happening to each of them and their feelings for each other. David is sure that they can’t go on like they are after they return home and Daniel is positive that they will – he will see to it that they continue as they are. This whole section is really beautiful writing as they end up in the shower together with David crying be cause he is afraid and Daniel in his own way trying to assure him that this isn’t just a one time thing for him – even though he doesn’t fully understand his feelings either at this point.

    As many times as I have read this story and in particular this part, I still end up in tears even though I know the rest of the story and how gorgeously told it is. I don’t know if it’s admins intention to re-publish this entire story or not through the baseball team and the workout sessions and all the other athletic characters and graduation and going to college. I hope so, but who knows what the intention is here?

  2. Steve says:

    I am so happy for this young love but now back to the real world what will happen when they get back to school and family hope a part 5 to bring this story to a close

  3. Jeff says:

    I want to be David so bad! I had a relationship like that my sophomore year in high school, but it ended harshly and ugly and scarred me completely; my next two years of high school were a living hell – being called a faggot and worse. Then, while in college but home on a break, he showed up at my house, sitting in the driveway, behind the drivers seat and not wearing a shirt. FUCK!!!!!! He had Daniels body from this story, I had David’s. I about shot my load right there. But I did my best to block my lust and just talk to him like I barely knew him. I knew his intentions, he came to get me to go with him, so he could use me because he didn’t have anyone else at the moment. I did what I needed to do, I pretended I had to get to work, turned from his window, looking down again at his gorgeously hairy chest and pert nipples, keeping it deep in my memory for the future, and walked inside the house. I sat on the edge of the couch shaking as I heard him start his car and pull out of the driveway, heading who knew where. I am now 60, and I remember every minute of our times together, we were best friend as well as lovers, that is until our relationship jeopardized his stuffy status with his friends on the football team, and all of the girls he was bedding while with me. Yeah, I was an idiot! Anyway, I haven’t seen him in all these years, I tried calling and talking to him once, (saw his number in the booklet sent to me from the high school reunion I would never, will never attend. He was short and quickly stated that his girlfriend was there, why, I have no clue why he needed to state that – I was only calling because I wanted to see how his life was, I was missing his friendship. That was our conversation, just as quick and cold as when I left him in my driveway. I stupidly got married to a woman many years ago- has two kids, have been divorced now longer than we were married. I tried finding love, tried to find that man who could be like Daniel, but that never came. But this story, ohhh, this story brought me back many years, to a time I was in love and lust and my mind body and soul were “his” every moment. Such a beautiful story; I hope you continue it, and more importantly- I hope you finish it the opposite way mine ended. To read that would make me feel as though mine did in a way, ok, maybe just fantasize it like that anyway! You’ve written the best story I’ve ever read! Keep up the great work!

  4. Jerry says:

    I’d love to see pt 5 and up but you took the best story away after pt 8
    I don’t think a good story should ever stop
    You should continue as long as you have a great follower

    • Alex says:

      I absolutely love this story. I understand David’s fear. Of course it will change, it’s silly to think it won’t. David is in love with Daniel. Daniel has a girlfriend and he’s a jock. And let’s face it, if he leaves Amy and comes out, the jocks will blame David. The other option is to hide it and be Daniels dirty little secret. I guess I could live one school year as that, but certainly not permanently. And going off to college. If they don’t go to the same one, it will never work.
      It’s a wonderful story. I think all of us could jump into one of these boys and be happy. I can’t wait to see how it ends. But I wish I could find out the author because I love their style. That is more of a loss than when the story comes to an end.


      I agree re editor, but please watch for inconsistent positioning that might call for, e.g. a full-on embrace and kiss while “I could feel his hardness pulsing between my ass cheeks. ” Also the ever-present “it’s” for “its” and “you’re” for ” your”. . . etc.

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