Hot Dad Cheats With Son-In-Law

My son-in-law told me about the disgusting things he did to my sweet daughter. My cock started throbbing and I wanted him to do those nasty things to me.


Enric never knew for sure about Armanno, he only suspected – and hoped – very strongly that his son-in-law hid a forbidden interest deep inside.

Now Armanno had returned, and they were going to spend a whole day together. Fate had given Enric a perfect opportunity to satisfy his urge once and for all, an urge to dominate his son-in-law utterly. But first just a little background.

Enric Fiorito – the father of a 28 year old woman, Donna – had a secret but burning attraction to her husband, a timid looking 30 year old man, and truly believed his feelings were reciprocated, even if the younger man hid it well.

This attraction began on the first moments of their relationship years ago, before she had moved to another state, and still lived in his house; so the boyfriend practically lived there as well. Enric spent a lot of time with Armanno.

Armanno was the type of guy who, at first, avoided eye contact; cleaned his glasses as an excuse to think about his answers, and smiled whenever he felt awkward in a situation; but he quickly turned talkative when he felt close to someone. So he was with Enric’s daughter, and Enric himself. Father and son could talk for hours and subjects would keep coming up; when Armanno had spent a night over, he would wake up early and once found Enric lounging by the pool, so he sit next to him, his shirtless father-in-law, and even after Donna was up and about, the boy would chose to stay with Enric, who felt appreciated and was delighted by the attention.

Then Enric found himself appreciating the soft white complexion of the young man, how his butt was up and tight and pulled in the fabrics of his shorts, showing the crack of his ass. When he dived on the pool, he always chose speedos.

Sometimes Enric thought that Armanno would only choose provocative speedos to show off to his father-in-law.

Whenever the bright young man smiled at the older man, it seemed both a display of innocence and obvious flirting, disguised in all the masculine talk points, the macho companionship they shared, Armanno acted like an eager-to-please servant, fetching his father-in-law a beer, and receiving a quick slap in the butt, laughing it off as a joke.

Enric had not imagined all the under tones between their sex talks, and Armanno listened to Enric’s erotic moments with a clear desire, almost veneering.

Every lonely encounter they had seemed to escalate their chemistry. Donna started to be a nuisance, but unfortunately, she was Enric’s daughter, Armanno’s girlfriend and future wife.

Before Donna and Armanno left, though, there had been many talks that turned to the subject of sex; Enric had always been the rough, direct to the point kind of guy, and enjoyed flashing off his libido, and how successful his life had been in that respect. Armanno got used to those talks, and eventually even talked back. When Donna left them alone, they would drink beer, in the living room, or by the pool, wherever; and they got way too excited together.

Enric showed his cock first, it had been by the pool, he was wearing a small shorts, and the young man was eyeing his erection. He flashed the dark cock, big and thick, with bulging red head. Armanno showed his after a bit of pressure. They smiled, waited for the awkwardness to pass, then looked at each other’s cock – each time they looked, it became less awkward – until they could look and process, appreciate each other’s form.

Enric complimented Armanno, the son-in-law returned the compliment without holding back, saying that Enric’s cock was very big, very impressive – his cheeks burned to a shade of red that Enric had never seen.

Enric pressed him more, trying to let the younger man let go of his most prudish ways; for example, he didn’t talk much about what he did to Donna because she was Enric’s daughter, but Enric assured him that he didn’t mind, so Armanno started to talk about his sex life more and more, as the weirdness disappeared away. He admitted even the dirty names he called her to her father. Enric indulged him, and Armanno obviously fell for it, his cock would grow so hard he couldn’t hide it – Enric always took advantage of those moments of undeniable erection to convince the younger man to show off his cock, let it breathe, relax, you know. Armanno listened to him, always smiling like a fool, turning away when Enric stared back at him.

Armanno eventually sought Enric and his conversations, making the older man bolder, and they flashed each other their dicks. Then came the shared sessions of masturbation. It was the only logical step ahead. Enric watched Armanno reach orgasm many times, and undeniably loved the way his face quirked and squirmed softly as he ejaculated. Armanno connected his eyes to those of his father-in-law for long meaningful seconds, and turned away, smiling sideways. Yes, Enric believed he had been very close to conquering that naughty boy.

Unfortunately, Donna was promoted at work, and traveled to another state.

They visited once in a while, ended up getting married, but never again the opportunity to jerk off together showed itself to Enric and Armanno; he really missed those shy glances at his cock. He really thought that, with some more work, Armanno would have been all over it.

A week ago, Donna had warned her father that she would pay a visit because of her work, and Armanno was coming too – the same work that had taken him away brought him back – so Enric spent that week reflecting about what he was going to do. At first, he decided to lay low. He could’ve been completely wrong about Armanno, and didn’t Enric love his daughter? Her mother was gone, so she had only him now. On the other hand, he wasn’t planning on ruining her marriage, but to get closer to his son-in-law, to strengthen the bond.

Enric had always been quiet about his homosexual tendencies, tendencies that went undiscovered by every one in his life. He managed a restaurant, and had occasionally brought home some young guys who really wanted a job – they usually looked like Armanno, now that he thought about it – and his neighbors never found in Enric something to gossip about. Some of the men he brought home were his neighbors, young guys who felt lonely sometimes and enjoyed an older man’s charming conversation. They were always surprised the first time they saw his cock; Just like Armanno. They would wear tights to enjoy the pool, provoking Enric, just like Armanno. Some of them had girlfriends, and Enric never ruined their relationships, why would he ruin his daughter’s?

The big day arrived, and Enric went to the airport. He waited amidst a great many people, expecting to spot a quirk young man wearing glasses and a wavy messy hair. And his daughter… of course. Armanno didn’t disappoint. Enric spotted him coming from the escalator, and smiled to his son-in-law. Armanno waved his hand, and turned back to talk to Donna, right behind him.

She gave her father a big hug, while Armanno and Enric shared glances. After the usual small talk, they walked together to his car. Enric noticed Armanno a bit distant, but not indifferent, as if he was nervous to talk; Enric didn’t think this strange. He would nibble at Armanno until the young man was ready for the big bites.

Enric took them to his restaurant for brunch. His daughter had worked there and beamed at the idea of talking to the staff. Armanno started talking, and the first thing he mentioned was that Donna would not stay at her father’s home, only Armanno.

‘Why is that?’ Enric asked.

‘Well, it turns out I’m gonna be needed all day long, so instead of coming back late at night, I will sleep at a hotel.’ Donna was on the backseat, checking her make-up. ‘I told Armanno he could come, but he says he doesn’t want to be a bother.’

‘I would be very sad if neither of you stayed with me,’ he said, smiling. ‘Armanno is going to be a good company for this old man.’

‘Stop, dad. You’re not that old. And you guys get along so well, that’s the only reason I agreed to let my baby behind.’

Enric looked at Armanno, and the young man was blushing. Enric laughed, making things worse, but it was all good fun.

They reached the restaurant, and Donna quickly ran away to talk to some of the women whom she still considered as friends. Enric led Armanno to one of the tables with the best view of the greenery outside, spaced-out trees and trails filled with people walking their dogs. He managed to take some more information out of the young man; had the travel been too tiring? How was he doing? Armanno complimented the restaurant, and Enric’s management.

‘I missed this place,’ Armanno said.

Donna joined them a instant later only to warn them that she had already called an uber. We ate together, she wasn’t even finished when she left. Enric couldn’t believe his luck. Armanno kept eating, oblivious to Enric’s stares.

“So, what am I going to do with you.” Enric said. Armanno smiled shyly.

‘Maybe I should go visit some people, so I would not get in the way of your hard work.’

‘Never,’ Enric said. ‘I actually like that we have some time for ourselves.’ A waiter came to ask if we wanted anything else. Armanno waited for him to leave to answer.

‘Really? You don’t want to catch up with your daughter.’

‘Of course. But at the end of the day, she’s just a girl. Now, just us guys. We can relax better by ourselves. Maybe we can have one of those little sessions we used to have, just you and me. For old times sake.’

Armanno spit the drink he was putting in his mouth. He coughed for a few moments, while maintaining a weak smile. When he calmed himself, he looked down at the table, avoiding Enric’s eyes.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that,” Armanno said.

“Were you?” Enric grew hopeful. He didn’t know how nervous he was until that moment.

“Yeah, sure.” Armanno cleaned his glasses for a moment, letting the silence stretch. “It’s been a long time. I think I need a re-connection with my father-in-law. And maybe we could spend some time by the pool too.”

‘Oh, definitely,’ Enric agreed instantly. ‘Did you bring your speedos?’

The young man widened his eyes for a moment, then shook his head, looking truly abashed.

‘I forgot.’

‘Don’t worry. You just use your underwear, who cares?’ Enric said.

‘Yeah, okay.’

‘We’ll be alone too. Hell, we could even be naked.’

Armanno smiled broadly now, nodding.

‘You’re right. I could do that. How about we go now?’

‘Don’t need to ask twice,’ Enric said, already getting out of the chair.

Armanno wanted to take a shower before joining Enric by the pool, so Enric led him to the bathroom in his own room.

‘What about my clothes? Where should I unload them?’ Armanno asked.

‘Do you need to unload them?’

Armanno looked confused, then smiled, blushing; when his shyness left him for a moment, he removed his pants right in front of his father-in-law, his underwear was blue and so tight around his butt that the crack pulled it in – Enric got close and stick his hand right inside that crack, then groping his ass-cheek. Armanno tensed up, but allowed Enric, and silently received a feel slaps.

‘Damn, son. Have you been working down here?’ Enric asked.

‘I have,’ he said.

‘I appreciate it.’

They laughed together, as if they were still joking, and everything was just part of their jests, nothing beyond the connection between in-laws. Enric retreated, and let the young man take his shower – Armanno couldn’t hide his erection.

He used Enric’s bathroom, and Enric left him to go grab the beers, take them to the back of the house, and set them on the small white table covered by a huge umbrella. Finally, Enric moved up his hard cock, which began to hurt while he walked there, the erection was so big it looked like he was free-balling. He took off his shirt and pants, showing off his all hairy legs and chest and belly – he wasn’t fat, but there was nothing small about him. He sat down and smoked a cigarette.

Armanno showed up a few minutes later, also wearing his underwear. Enric was a bit disappointed, but not too much. The image of his son-in-law walking towards him, white skin shining in the sun, bulging dick in his blue underwear, smiling at him, an image that he wouldn’t forget easily. Armanno sat down next to him, relaxing, and Enric handed him a beer.

‘Thanks, dad.’

‘Call me dad again.’

Armanno gave a small laugh.


‘I like that, son.’

They smiled at each other, letting the silence stretch. They began to drink.

Enric began to question him about his sex life with his daughter. Armanno remembered that he was used to that, and enjoyed talking. His eyes seemed to show some fascination at Enric, that he was so open-minded and a bit of a freak to enjoy those talks. Armanno began to narrate some of the action Donna had given him before the plane.

‘She sucked my cock the whole way to the airport,’ he said. He bit his lip, giving Enric a mischievous smile.

‘Nice one, son.’

‘Thanks, dad.’

Armanno placed a hand on Enric’s leg, and put a little strength when Enric didn’t protest or react negatively. They kept talking about sex, and Enric had to control himself to pay attention while Armanno’s hand rubbed the hair on his leg, a rubbing that came really close to his crotch, touching his pubes. Enric payed attention to the young man’s lips, all the while his awareness of the hand close to his cock was making him crazy. With the other hand, Armanno raised the beer and gulped down its content. Enric watched the throat work. Armanno put the beer on the table, empty, and groped Enric’s cock, a good handful grip, before removing the hand and acting as if nothing happened.

‘I think I’m going to give it a go,’ he said, pointing to the pool. ‘Can I, dad?’

‘Do that. I wanna watch you.’

‘Okay,’ he said. He stood up, and Enric gave his butt a squeeze before he walked away, smiling. He jumped in the pool, splashing water everywhere, and only then could Enric recover a little breath.

Enric finished his second cigarette, while Armanno swam like a little kid. He kept calling Enric dad from below, and always checked to see if he was watching him.

‘Aren’t you going to come, dad?’ he said later. Enric had had enough, he stood up and removed his underwear, showing his cock. For a moment, silence, as Armanno couldn’t take his eyes off his father-in-law’s meat. Enric put the underwear on the table, and walked to the edge of the pool. Armanno tried to act normal, avoiding his eyes, but called Enric to join him.

‘Jump in, dad. Don’t just stay there.’

‘I’m coming, son.’

Enric really wanted to just show off his big cock, knowing that Armanno wouldn’t be able to resist, the length was pointing upwards, and bounced once or twice at Enric’s command. Armanno laughed at the show, and came closer, as if attracted to it, until he was right below the cock, looking up.

‘Wow, dad. So big.’ Armanno placed a soft kiss on Enric’s feet, both of them. Then looked up again. ‘Come down here. Let’s swim together.’

The way he asked it, you could never refuse such a request.

The young man let Enric rub his cock on his back, on his ass, his legs, his thighs, all the while hugging him from behind and pressing him on the wall of the pool. Sometimes Armanno would fake that he was trying to get away, just so Enric could hold him in place and rub his cock on his butt. He griped Enric’s cock any time he had a chance, and would let Enric slip a finger on his butt crack, touching his hole, pressing it really hard – the hole would protest and then give away, and Armanno would let out a little moan.

‘Good boy,’ Enric said, with his finger inside.

‘Thanks, dad. Go deeper.’

He did. He fucked his son-in-law with his finger, thrusting one slowly in and out, while holding him with an arm around his belly, an embrace that allowed Enric to feel Armanno’s quick heartbeat, to smell his skin and hair, to feel the texture of the skin. The little pressure on his finger, as the hole tried to push it away, was so sweet.

‘Yeah, dad, like that… Like that, dad.’

Enric fingered him until he cummed, and in that moment, he whipped his cock out from the tight blue underwear, and let the cum mingled in the water.

‘Do you always sound like a puppy whining when you cum inside my daughter, or is it just for me?’ Enric asked.

‘Just for you.’

Enric laughed and kissed the young man’s ear, then let him go. They enjoyed the pool for a bit more, pushing through the awkwardness that was trying to come. They had crossed a line, but as long as they pretended that it hadn’t been that big a deal, they were okay. Armanno came back to being his innocent son-in-law, and Enric was the good old brute as always. Until they left the pool together, and Armanno once more looked at Enric’s erection. They walked together to the table, and there, as Enric sat down, the young man grabbed the underwear from the table and rubbed it on his face.

‘Holy shit,’ Armanno said, ‘So strong. The smell. Fuck, dad,’ he said, inhaling the underwear. Enric watched mystified, as Armanno kept rubbing and smelling the underwear, the smell of his junk definitely filling his senses.

‘How much do you like it?’ Enric asked.

‘I like it more than your daughter’s cunt,’ he said.

‘Good boy,’ Enric said. He sat back and watched Armanno rub the underwear on his nose. ‘Go grab some more beers for us,’ he said. And Armanno obeyed, still inhaling his smell. Enric’s cock was about to tear its own skin, it seemed. He never could have imagined that this would be happening. Sure, he had dreamed about maybe Armanno relenting a bit of gay stuff, but never in a million years did he imagine that his son-in-law would ever say that he enjoyed the smell of cock more than his daughter’s cunt.

Enric had almost cummed when he said that. He needed to send the boy away for a moment just to recover a bit of control.

When Armanno came back, Enric was masturbating. The son-in-law put the underwear adoringly on the table and watched from above as his father-in-law jerked off. Enric made sure to leave his legs open to show off his balls too, they hanged and bounced softly, and Armanno stared at them too with eyes that hungered. Armanno removed his underwear finally, and his erect cock was hardly a match for Enric’s monster, and both of them knew it, Armanno going so far as to say it.

‘It’s humiliating. You put me to shame, dad.’

‘I think you enjoy a little humiliation.’

‘Yeah,’ he said. Enric smiled, but kept jerking off until the young man’s attention was again purely on his cock. When Armanno finally sat down, his hand came and released Enric’s grip, assumed it, wrapping his father-in-law’s cock in a warm but firm grip, and lovingly masturbated him like he was managing something very precious. ‘Shit,’ he said, breathless.

While Armanno had his fun, Enric smoked another cigarette, and even after he was finished, Armanno was still jerking him off, now both his hands working together, one on his cock, the other on his balls.

‘Shit, Enric’ Armanno said, surprised, even forgetting his little play at calling Enric dad. ‘I think I’m gonna cum again… And you didn’t cum once. How do you do it?’

‘You’re just weaker than me, son.’

‘Yeah, I am. You’re so powerful, dad.’

‘Say that again.’

‘You’re so powerful,’ Armanno said, face serious, as if he truly believed it. Enric tried to remove the young man’s hand before it was too late, but his cock started to shoot loads and loads. I expected Armanno to laugh, but he only stared open-mouthed.

‘Fuck,’ he said, finally. ‘Did you see that? How much can you keep in those?’ he said, going for Enric’s balls. Enric let him, enjoying the comfortable sensation of his hands giving his balls a massage. ‘Your balls are so beautiful, dad.’

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