Dad Sent Me A Dick Pic By Mistake Pt 2

His finger creeps up to my lips and pokes into my mouth. I lift my mouth from his cock and take his fingers in further. He pushes his fingers in more and presses down on my wet tongue.

Part 1


I’m sitting here in the basement, still recovering from the greatest blowjob I’ve ever received, while my dad finishes licking my cum from his hand.

We’re both tipsy on whiskey, fully erect, and having a blast as bukkake porn casts a dim light in the darkness of the room.

It’s my turn now.

His hairy boner aches against his belly.

“All right, lemme give this a try,” I smirk and get down on my knees between his wide-spread legs.

“Just enjoy it, kiddo.”

I have a feeling I will.

“Feel free to guide me along if you want,” I sheepishly say.

“I’ll let you know what I like, don’t worry.”

I take a big sip from my glass and lean in. Pick up his shaft and put his helmet in my mouth.

Its warmth and texture make it feel like a living thing, which is kinda cool.

I take in a few more inches of my dad’s penis and glide up.

And down, slowly. It feels bigger in my mouth than I was expecting.

Down here I notice the black hairs that climb his belly. His bush is full and masculine.

I smell a little crotchy man odor, but am not bothered by it.

I close my eyes and give myself permission to just make the fuck out with his dick for a while.

My tongue strokes the length of his penis and wraps around the head. And repeats.

My father’s hand tenderly brushes along my bangs and his finger moves gently along my cheek as I continue sucking.

I feel his dick twitch from within my mouth. I liked that.

His manhood swells within me.

His finger creeps up to my lips and pokes into my mouth. I lift my mouth from his cock and take his fingers in further.

He pushes his fingers in more and presses down on my wet tongue.

We lock eyes. He has that dazed, sex-look on his face.

Like we’re sharing something special and he’s in no rush to end it.

This is wild.

His finger smeers against my lips and I return to his powerful meat.

“Grab my balls and suck on the head, Micky,” he whispers.

I appreciate the direction.

My hand holds onto my dad’s big and full balls, while my mouth starts slobbering all over his head.

I start doing a shallow bobbing motion up and down over his helmet at shifting speeds. And shuffle each testicle.

I can taste some pre-sum and am pleased with myself.

“That feels good. Now lick my balls.”

Balls!? I’m nervous for a moment. And then find myself just diving in, impulsively, while rubbing his hairy legs with my hands.

I anticipated not enjoying his testicles in my mouth, but they’re kind of fun.

I know how much I enjoy my balls getting licked when a chick is willing to lick them. So I’m happy to be giving this pleasure to my dad.

Part of me came from his seed. Seed that was lodged up in this nutsack that’s in my mouth right now.

And in a weird sort of way I’m paying homage to the source of my life right now.

Mmm, yes. Thank you, manly, hairy balls for helping to bring me into existence.

I pull out a pube from my wet lips.

And return. My tongue scratches against the hairs within the crease between his balls and thigh.

And my nose shoves across his pubic hair.

I’m cleaning him up! Like, what the fuck!

I get lost in his lap for a long moment.

Tasting the hints of sweat at the underside.

Brushing up against the hairs that line his taint.

Whoa, am I bi? Is this what it means to be bi?

I return to my trance, suddenly indifferent to the answer to that question.

I’m special, that’s for sure.

My eyes are closed. I feel his knuckles lightly touch my face.

He must be stroking himself.

As my tongue doubles down for some exploration, I recall a memory:

A year or two ago we were at an uncle’s wedding at a VWF hall. I stepped away to pee.

The small bathroom had a trough urinal and a separate toilet with no stall. The concrete walls were a pale yellow.

As I start to piss and think about whether or not I want to eat some more chicken or destroy more chips, I hear the door open.

Out of the corner of my eye I see that it’s my dad, dressed in his black dress clothes. Looking sharp.

He looks good for his age and that’s encouraging.

Oh shit, is he gonna use the separate toilet or the trough? The trough can fit two people max.

He steps beside me. I’m hoping I could have been done by the time he whipped out his dick, but no.

I’ve got lots of urine to release.

I watch my piss splash against the basin, while darting my eyes intermittently as my dad flops his penis out from his fly.

And blasts some eager-to-be-freed piss near mine.

I haven’t seen my dad’s dick since I was, like, eight.

It’s a few inches long. Looks like a normal dick.

Basically like mine.

His hands point his soft penis toward my piss target and we’re both splashing into the same puddle.

Is this accidental?

I steathily glance up at his face.

He’s smiling to himself as he watches himself pee. And I can’t help smiling now.


I shift my dick to the right to point to his original target in the trough, playfully telling him to back off my spot.

And unintentionally just end up creating an “X” out of our streams. Oh, dear.

He laughs to himself and returns to his target. I shake my head in humor.

He’s messing around with me.

Our streams shorten and die down.

I can’t help but watch how he shakes off his piss.

I feel like it’s different for every guy, right?

I learn that my dad apparently slowly squeezes his final drops down the length of this penis, gives it a few shakes up and down, and tucks it back into his pants.

I usually just shake it off a few times.

I’m suddenly woken up from my memory trance by the voice of my father.

“Still hard”, he asks.

I find that my tongue has been massaging his hairy taint during my immersive remembering.

Massaging the stem of his boner beneath the skin.

And, yeah, I’m hard as a rock.

I look up at my dad and smile.


An understatement.

“Then fuck me. It’s my birthday and that’s what I want right now.”

He slouches down further on the edge of the couch with his feet propped up against the table.

Spits on his hand and rubs his saliva on his asscrack.

Ya mean, fuck you the way you fuck mom?

You want me to shove my manhood into you?

Show you how much I’ve grown up?

He’s so ready.

“OK,” I say.

I spit on my hard-on and lather it up.

I can tell he’s eager to get fucked. He’s already stroking his cock and looking at me like I’m his prey.

But I’m feeling predatory right now.

I press the head of my dick against the outside of his hungry hole. And slide it up and down around his crack.

To tease.

He moans.

I intend to enter slowly, but my penis just abruptly slides right inside him. Whoopsie.


A wide smile spreads across his face and he bites his lip.

“Don’t be,” he grabs my ass and pulls it inward, “now give it to me.”

I wasn’t expecting my dad to be this direct!

It feels so good being inside him. In the warmth of his insides.

I thrust inward and outward in this moment of vulnerable intimacy.

Inward and outward while he strokes his own cock with one hand and squeezes my asscheek with the other.

I can feel him intermittently clenching his hole and it makes my body explode with sensations.

I’m fucking my dad for chrissake. And my dad’s getting fucked by me.

Dear lord, we’re going to hell.

And I don’t give a fuck.

I move in and out of him and notice he sometimes closes his eyes.

We’re both breathing heavily.

His hand reaches to brush against my pubic patch in tenderness.

With each ram into him my belly rams against his balls.

His fingers play around in the hair above my dick.

This is so hot, what the fuck. Why? Why is this so hot?

I’m so close to climaxing. I feel like I just inserted myself!

He continues to jerk himself.

“I’m about to pop, dad.”

“Yes! Me too. Yes.”

I feel my insides swell up in anticipation for discharge.

My humping slows down in speed.

His hand returns to my ass in a pleading grab.

He wants this so bad.

And so do I.

Here I come.

“Oh, fuck.”

I jam my dick as far into his ass as possible while my gun shoots off inside him.

Bang, bang, bang.

“Aw, fuck yeah,” he exhales.

My cock is quivering inside my dad’s ass. In a burst of triumph and conquering.

Suddenly a wad of his cum darts from his dick and splashes onto his neck.

He’s cumming, too.

Then squirts onto his chest and then drips onto his belly.

I still have some of my own cum spilling into him as I watch.

His ass collects my load as he stops stroking himself, unclenches his hole, and cocks his head back in visible ecstasy.

My thighs feel numb.

Shit, my whole body feels numb.

And so alive at the same time.

I slowly pull myself out from him and I see cum is still sneaking out of my urethra.

All I can hear is our heavy breathing as we both take a seat back onto the couch.

That was a workout!

There’s a moment of not speaking.

“You’re a good fucker, boy,” he looks at me and rests his fist on my thigh.

I smirk.

“So are you,” tapping his hand with my knuckle.

“That was fun,” he says as he takes a sip of some whiskey, leaving the fist on my thigh.


I take a swig from my glass, as well.

“Thanks for messing around with your old man.”

I laugh and glance down at his dick, which is still hard.

“You’ve got moves, man…” I squeeze his boner with my hand and give it a shake, “…I hope I have THIS kind of stamina in 25 years.”

Why did I just grab his dick?

He smiles and looks down at my cock, which is also still super erect.

“You will”.

His hand moves to squeeze my penis.

The penis that was just in his butt.

“Yeah,” he adds, “you will.”

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  1. Crnivor says:

    Please continue! I couldn’t agree more with many others! The tables need to turn. So that Mikey realizes and accepts his available new passion! Thanks

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