Dad Was Asleep

He pulled my head down and forced his cock into my mouth. I chocked as his cock hit the back of my throat. I pulled myself off. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Just suck my dick.”


1am. Here we go again.

Dad had been sleepwalking on and off for his entire life. But, in recent years it had gotten worse. Especially after the divorce. At 50, he found himself single, with a 20 year old son living at home while in college, a career that he hates and the love of his love gone. Over that last few months it had grown to be an almost nightly thing.

Mostly he was making a poor attempt at cooking, which thank god he was too loud out because with a gas stove you never know if he’s gonna leave the thing running or not.

Of course, I never tried to wake him. I’m not an idiot. I don’t want to be murdered by accident. But I got pretty good at dealing with him while sleepwalking. The thing about sleepwalking is that people think the person walks around with their eyes closed fumbling around in the dark. Not the case. The person can be eyes wide open and have a full on conversation with you, but be asleep. That was my dad. He would slip back and forth between coherent and incoherent talk, but he seemed aware. That’s what made our latest encounter so weird.

I found myself in his bedroom. Usually it would be the living room or kitchen, but every once in a while he’d be making noise in the bedroom. I walked in, dreary and irritated. I had woken up maybe moments before.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I said, not expecting a direct response. I was wiping my eyes as he responded.

“What’s going on is there’s no intimacy!” He replied. As I opened my eyes I realize he was naked and fully erect. Truth be told this was not the first time while sleepwalking I saw him naked, but never had I seen him fully engorged. At first I couldn’t stop staring. It was at least 7 inches, maybe 8. Large, and thick. And he just stood there, with it so full and hard.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to sound calm.

“No sex, no blowjobs, no nothing from you. It’s like you’re dead and gone or something!” My heart sank. He was talking to my mother. And though he was speaking crudely, in his sleep she wasn’t dead and gone, she was just neglecting him. In reality she wasn’t dead, but she was gone. Their marriage was dead.

“That’s not true. I’m hear. Let’s go to bed. Just go to bed and we’ll talk tomorrow.” I tried to negotiate in the calm voice I had been instructed to use by his doctor.

“No!” He suddenly started at me and grabbed me. He pulled me toward the chair in the corner of the room. He sat down, while forcing me down to my knees. He pulled my head down and forced his cock into my mouth.

I chocked as his cock hit the back of my throat. I pulled myself off. “What are you doing?” I asked no longer calm.

“Just suck my dick.” He pulled me down, though this time not as forceful. His cock entered my mouth and I now found myself bobbing up and down on my father’s cock. At first I didn’t know what to do. He’s sleepwalking, if I resist it could be dangerous. But then, if I dont resist I’m giving my father a blowjob.

Up and down my head went, but that was all. I didn’t actually do anything. He groaned in disappointment. “Suck! Suck my dick, don’t just go through the motion.”

Reluctantly, I began to suck as my head bobbed up and down. Slowly at first, but then, after only a few moments, maybe seconds, I began getting into it. I began sucking not just to do what he says for my own sake, but to please him. To please. I was blowing my father. I would take as much of his large cock in his mouth as I could before choking, and then as I drew back I would tighten my lips and suck hard.

His head leaned back and he let out multiple moans of pleasure as I went up and down slurping and sucking his cock. I noticed that the taste of his cock aroused me. It was sweaty, but not overly so. It was a meaty taste, not unlike the smell of uncooked sausage. I noticed as I continued that I was enjoying it. Every moment of it. The taste of his cock, of his precum, the fact that I was sucking another man’s cock, and that it was my father’s cock, and maybe most of all that he probably wouldn’t remember any of it. I was sucking cock and only I would know about it.

I got caught up in the excitement of the whole situation. I enjoyed having my father’s cock in my mouth so much. I began to stroke him as I sucked, playing with and sucking on his balls, and I actually didn’t resist when he pushed me further down forcing my mouth to his ass. I didnt even hesitate to lick his asshole. It was incredible to just let go and focus on pleasing another man’s cock, balls and ass like that.

Once I returned to his cock I made sure to finger his asshole. I toyed with the outside as I sucked wantonly on his cock. He grew and grew and I knew the moment was close, so I sucked hard as I forced my finger into his anus, and he shot his warm ropes of cum into my mouth. I lapped up every delicious ounce he served, swallowing it all, and continued to slowly suck him as he lay back, finally falling to true rest.

And that was the just the beginning of his sleepwalking sexcapades.

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11 thoughts on “Dad Was Asleep

  1. Bucky says:

    Definitely got me going – picturing DAD as a real stud who was always a closet case & then introduces all his buddies with huge cocks / having weekly orgies while watching sports. A boy gotta dream , right ?

  2. Steve says:

    It was hot but I never did it but me and my brother we did jerk and suck no anal though would love to here more

  3. TD says:

    This I don’t find erotic at all; I’m disappointed honestly.
    The man is not in his right mind: I’m sure there was another way to deal with this issue.
    Guess I’ve never seen my parents naked ever or my siblings.
    I’ve had a wild sex life but this does not work for me.
    There is a fine line

  4. Rob says:

    This needs to GO ON. Dad needs to become conscious and sort of freaks out on what is going on. However the kid calms him, and and convinces him assured that he, himself is a willing accomplice. Leading to a life of new adventures! Thanks to the author. Just know it is too SHORT!

  5. Alex says:

    Well all righty. Kind of different. If dad is hot and he doesn’t remember and on top of that a big dick, next I’d tell him I want him to fuck my pussy and slide right down on it.

  6. Justjackinit says:

    Very nice story but just wondering how many of us older cocksukers would have loved to take the seeds of our dads that created us

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