DILF Has A Dirty Secret

He’s been all alone for twenty years. He was never again interested in any other woman. Not even his son knew why, but I eventually figured out: now he is only interested in big cocks, it’s his new addiction.

* * * * *

Dante Lupo is a 45 years old man who became a single father at a very young age after his wife died giving birth.

In terms of physical appearance, he was one of those lucky guys who were naturally big, wide shouldered, tall, and his hair wasn’t even showing much gray yet.

He’s been all alone for twenty years. He was never again interested in any other woman. Not even his son knew why, but I eventually figured out: now he is only interested in big cocks, it’s his new addiction.

I think that escaping from his dad’s harsh judgment was one of the reasons Ben became my friend. He didn’t have many, even in college. I was the one who introduced him to his current girlfriend.

Old Dante seemed to dislike me a bit. I think he realized that I was guiding Ben away from him. I usually only earned hard stares. So I was surprised when Dante invited me personally to join him and Ben in their travel to their beach house.

I accepted. I had been ignoring Dante’s presence enough to believe I could do it much more effectively with a beach close by. Besides, I was happy that he called me. It made me think he appreciated me, even if a little resentfully.

On the day of the journey, I arrived early at Ben’s. Dante was already awake and let me in. Ben was asleep with Bianca.

Dante’s words were short as ever, but he tried to have a conversation while he poured me some coffee. He asked if I could drive some of the way, since Ben hadn’t learned, and he didn’t want to ask Bianca. I agreed. He left me drinking my coffee to store my bag in the car.

He came back a minute later. “So…” Uh oh. Small talk.

“Huh. Is it very crowded,” I said, “where we’re going?”

“Never much. It’s in Little Miracle. Small town. A few tourists every year, but I don’t think there are many at this time of year.”

I nodded, and sipped my coffee.

“Is the coffee good? More sugar?”

“Yeah. It’s nice. Uh. I want more actually.”

Mr. Dante silently served me, his expression the same hardened steel.

“It was Bene’s favorite place,” he said. That was his wife. “I like to bring Ben there. I’m glad you’re coming.”

“Really?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“I guess I am.” He smiled. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh. Nothing. I just thought you didn’t like me much.”

“Why would you think that?” His confusion seemed genuine. “Oh, never mind. People tell me I have an unceremonious face. You’re a good kid. You did good for Ben.”

“Oh, come on” Ben said, coming from the hallway, ragged hair and shirtless. “Can we stop talking as if I’m some little helpless kid?”

I laughed. Ben gestured me to follow him with his head. His father left the kitchen, and Ben took me outdoors.

“Listen, man. I’m not going anymore. Bi wants me to spend a few weeks with her family and she invited me. I’m really sorry. She just said this last night. I think she was nervous about messing up our yearly travel to that old house, but I’m kind of glad. I don’t think dad will mind much. Are we good? I know he asked you because of me.”

I think I hid my disappointment well.

“Of course, dude. No worries. I’ll be heading out then. Talk to you later.”

Ben accompanied me to the front door and saw me off.

Only when I was already home, I realized that I had left my bag. I texted Ben about it, but he was already gone with Bianca, but told me he would call his dad, and later he said that his dad would bring to me.

Dante came in his neat gray pickup, and as I neared, he got out. He wore sunglasses, looking very smooth and carrying my big pouch.

“There you go, Noah,’ he said. “Sorry about troubling you. I wish my son had told me earlier that he wasn’t going.”

“No way. It’s okay. You’re still going then?”

“Oh yeah. I can’t miss this travel.” Dante blushed for some reason, and licked his lips. I never saw him blush. It surprised me. “If I’m gonna be alone, let it be in my beach house. You’d enjoy it. But I guess you wouldn’t want an old man’s company.”

“Are you asking?’ I said. “Cause I’d be down for it.”

“I am asking,” he said, smiling. “Come, then. It’s a few hours to get there.”

I hopped on the passenger seat. I was convinced that I had been wrong about him disliking me so much, cause he seemed truthfully happy with my company.

He let me drive for an hour. He talked more than ever before, about his wife, his life before he was rich, and how the beach house was actually where his wife wanted to live.

When he talked about the yearly visits to the house, he blushed again. He seemed both excited and ashamed. Apparently he had history with some people from the town there. Friends and enemies. His wife’s ex-husband before him still lived there. He flushed specially while talking about him, so I guessed he really hated the guy.

We reached the town. I was the one driving and Dante giving the directions It was a small one, interposing the beach, encrusted on a downslope which allowed full view of the ocean. It was called Little Miracle.

The house was close to both the town limits and the beach. Its white walls were weathered, there was a broken windowpane on the top floor, but it seemed pretty well kept. We walked past the gate, following the marble path to the front door.

I smiled when I saw the pool. It was full, and the water clean. There must be a keeper taking care of things, I thought.

I couldn’t believe how fortunate Ben was. And he still disdained his luck.

I was led inside and told that I could keep Ben’s room. After settling in, I opened the window and admired the ocean.

It wasn’t dark yet, and the water was tempting me so hard, I told Dante I was going in. He said it was okay and went to town to settle some money stuff. I left the beach before nightfall and Dante had dinner ready. We were both tired from the journey, so we slept early.

First thing I did next day was to bathe in the sea. Mr Lupo agreed to come too, though he left without quickly. But I did get a good look on his wet shorts, his bog round butt and nice dick print. I thought I was going crazy for thinking like that about cranky Dante, but seriously, he looked hot and hairy. Fortunately, he didn’t notice my stares.

Dante sat on the sand and watched me. He waved, and I waved back. A few moments later, a guy showed up and started talking to Dante, probably an old friend. They seemed to be the same age. But Dante was taller and thickset. After a while, I saw Dante and the other guy leave the beach together, heading to the house.

I decided to follow them. It was the way Dante let the other guy touch his back, almost possessively, which gave me a freak idea. An idea so crazy that it made my cock grow hard.

I told Dante previously that I would spend the whole day on the beach, so he wasn’t expecting me to come back. I very quietly entered the house and stood outside Dante’s room. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the sounds, and I realized I was right in my suspicions.

I heard the bed making continuous noise, as if crying with the movements. I also heard the slap sound of bodies crashing together fast, meat against meat. It was the obvious sound of steamy crazy sex. And the most shocking of all, I heard Dante crying out, like a small child. He pleaded to be pounded, begged for cock.

I almost creamed myself right there. But I knew I had to leave, and not risk getting caught. Heart pounding, I left the house and came back to the beach, immersed myself in water and jerked myself until I unloaded.

I was shocked. It was so crazy. Mr. Dante… How could he?, But it made sense why he was blushing so much when he said he couldn’t miss coming here. Who was that guy? The man who made Dante beg for cock. I was impressed, and a bit outraged too. Dante was my friend’s dad. If someone should be pounding him, it was I.

Dante came for me later, alone and looking all innocent. He was the same rough man. I couldn’t help but feel betrayed. But I quickly recovered myself. I didn’t know what I was going to do yet. Dante was so sure of himself, so secure, so mature, so masculine… To imagine him giving up his ass and screaming like a girl, it was the most erotic thing ever.

He asked me if I wanted to visit town with him. We spent the rest of the day drinking in a bar with a bunch of friendly people. We came back late at night, and I only slept after I shot another creamy load thinking about Dante’s bubble butt.

Next day I received an unfortunate text from Ben. He seemed mad at me. He wasn’t being too obvious, very passive aggressive about how it was weird that me and his father came to the beach by ourselves.

Dante disregarded it. So I did too.

‘He’s not mad.’ Dante said, while we ate our breakfast.

‘Maybe he feels like I’m intruding.’

Dante shook his head.

‘Now why would he think that? Uh. Relax. Are you going to bathe today?’

‘Of course. I never get tired of it.’

He smiled.

‘Okay. Maybe I’ll show up. Uh. A friend is coming to visit…’

‘Oh. Alright, then.’ I noticed how Dante was blushing. He could act terse and brutish all he wanted, but his face was horrible at hiding it. ‘Is it the same guy from yesterday? I saw him approach you at the beach.’

‘Oh, yeah. It’s him. His name is Mr. Angello. He is an old acquaintance.’ He didn’t look me in the eyes.

‘Okay. I don’t intend to come here all day anyway,’ I said. ‘I met some guys yesterday playing beach soccer.’

After breakfast I headed out, feeling a bit annoyed by my jealousy. I couldn’t explain that feeling except as a churning frustration that it wasn’t me who got to turn Mr. Dante into a howling bitch. Even as I played soccer, my head was kept distracted by images of Dante’s round butt getting hit by balls from the deep pounding he must be getting from Mr. Angello.

After a few games, I sat down on the sand with everyone. We ate and drank and sang together. A few girls joined us. They sat on some laps.

I told them where I was from, and where I was staying. Some of them were locals and recognized the house. They asked me if they could come some day to enjoy the pool and I promised I would ask Dante.

A guy named Hugo was the only reason I forgot about Dante. The crowd of friends dispersed for a moment, leaving only me and a few others: two girls, one of which sat on Hugo’s lap, and another guy. The same suspicion that helped me figure out about Dante helped me realize that Hugo was smiling at me a bit too much. I quickly let him know with a smile of my own that I noticed his looks and wasn’t bothered by them. Hugo made a little show of affection, kissing his girl’s neck and shoulders, but always giving me smiles. It was turning me on.

Since he had his girlfriend close, nothing could happen between us, but it was like a promise, a sort of nice possibility. I liked that.

With a sudden start, I realized I should probably get back and try and catch Dante being someone else’s bitch. I said goodbye to my new friends and headed back.

I changed my mind about trying to catch them, and decided to show myself this time. I needed to see this Mr. Angello up close. I made a lot of noise while getting inside the house. I called for Dante. He answered in that trying-too-hard-to-sound-calm way, his voice coming from upstairs.

‘C-coming down, Noah. I was just…’ Then he showed up on the stairs, followed by the guy. ‘I was just showing Mr. Angello the house.’

‘Oh, sure.’ I noticed the ruffled clothes and hair, and also the red face of Dante. Was that a print of a hand? So he liked to be slapped too, huh. ‘Hello, Mr. Angello.’

‘Hello,’ the guy said curtly. He shook my hand. He was blond, but a lot of mingled white there. He was my height. His breathing was a bit rough. ‘So you’re Ben’s friend, right?’


‘And Ben is not here.’


‘All right!’ Dante clapped his hands. ‘Mr. Angello was just leaving. See you later?’

‘Yeah. Bye. Goodbye, Ben’s friend.’


Mr. Angello just walked away. I knew he was mad because I cockblocked him. I didn’t feel too bad. I was getting way too interested in the idea of being his substitute. But the guy sure had a confidence to him that made Dante seem a bit weaker, even if stronger physically. So Dante must be getting ass treatment for some time, maybe years, from this guy. Tough act to follow.

‘What the hell did I do to him?’ I asked. Dante shrugged.

‘Don’t mind him.’ His face was still red. I wondered what his ass looked like. Very roughed up, probably.

‘How long have you guys been friends?’ I sat down on a chair by the kitchen counter.

‘Oh. A long time. Years. Ben wasn’t even born yet.’ Dante got a dreamy look on his eyes. And I swear I could see some anger in the way they glinted.

‘Mr. Lupo, was he your wife’s ex-husband?’ I asked. Dante spurted the coffee he was drinking.

‘What… who told you that?’

I shrugged. I guess he decided it was better to admit instead of outright lie and be caught.

‘You’re right. But we became friends later.’

‘Of course. That’s nice.’

‘It is nice.’ Dante said and left the kitchen.

Dante visited the town very often. I stayed in the house that day and searched his room for some evidence. I found nothing too incriminating. There were some underwear on the floor. No used condoms. They probably did bare. There was lube on the bathroom. I left the room and spent the the rest of the day trying to not get caught up in my fantasies for the old man. When he came back to the house, I was horny and angry. And so, so jealous of Mr. Angello.

I sat by the pool, drinking beer, feet submersed. Dante found me and joined me. I was wearing only a speedo, and he was fully clothed.

‘Are you okay, kid?’

‘Yeah,’ I said.

‘Aren’t you getting bored already?’

‘Not yet.’ I smiled, and drank some. ‘Are you?’

‘Not yet.’

‘How was Little Miracle today?’

‘Lovely. Got a bit drunk.’

‘And how about a bit of diving in the pool. We never use it. Might as well.’ I looked straight at him.’

‘You read my mind, kid. I’m just gonna grab some more beers.’

When he came back, he carried a few bottles, and was already shirtless. He put the bottles on the floor by the pool and jumped in after me.

I complimented the pool, and he talked about how costly it had been to make and how it still is. Then we moved on to talk about Ben. Dante seemed to know his son didn’t like the house a lot, but the pool he had always enjoyed it.

I led the topics slowly to relationships and sex. Dante didn’t hesitate to join in. He even admitted he thought his son’s girlfriend was hot. And I said something that even Ben didn’t know. I had fucked his girlfriend once, before she dated Ben. Dante seemed particularly interested in that. He wasn’t mad at me for saying it, he actually seemed aroused by the idea that his son was a cuck.

‘Damn, Mr. Lupo. You’re crazy.’ I was smiling as I got out of the water and sat down by the pool. I did that because I was hard and I wanted him to see it. My cock growing hard against my speedo. Since we were on the topic, I just pointed at myself. ‘Look at this.’

Dante laughed it out, but he definitely lingered his eyes there.

‘I’m a bit on that situation myself,’ he said, smiling. ‘You want to take it off? It’s just us. It’s our pool. We can do whatever we want.’

‘You think that’d be nice?’

‘Of course.’

‘Okay.’ I stood up and, slowly, removed my speedo, in a way that made my cock bounce. I smiled innocently. ‘Shit. Fuck. This talk really got to me.’

‘It’s okay, Noah.’ Dante looked up at me from the water. Then he showed me his removed shorts, and threw it away. ‘So, you still think about fucking my son’s girlfriend?’


I sat down and my cock stayed upright, and I made it bounce a lot, even going so far as slowly stroke it, while Dante watched, trying not to seem obvious.

‘Maybe Ben would even enjoy that.’

‘You think so? Shit. My cock is leaking.’

Dante came closer. I let him look.

‘Maybe he would. I mean, you’re his friend, aren’t you?’ Dante’s lips were trembling. I could see him stroking himself below the water.

‘I like the idea of a guy letting me fuck his girl.’

‘Yeah?’ Dante’s voice was hoarse. ‘Well, what if I tell you that I let another guy fuck my wife. Even when she was pregnant. I loved watching.’ He waited to see my reaction. I stroked my cock.

‘Fuck, Mr. Lupo. That’s kinda hot.’

‘I think so too. Are you going to cum on my pool?’

‘If you let me.’

‘Maybe you should cum on something else.’

‘Like what?’ I asked.

He came really close, right between my legs. He looked up at me. ‘It shouldn’t go to waste, a young man’s cream such as yours… Cum on my face, Noah.’

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yes. Let me have a taste.’

‘Well, maybe you can help me, then?’ I let my cock fall on his face, which made him smile. His nose brushed my length and my balls, and his tongue ran over my whole cock. ‘Yeah, be my cocksucker, Mr. Lupo. I won’t tell your son, I promise.’

‘Thank you, Noah,’ he said. ‘Such a big cock for a young man. Big balls too.’

‘Yeah, suck my balls, old man.’

For some time, he didn’t say anything. He suckled on my balls and on the big head of my cock, and licked my cum. As he opened his mouth wide, I grabbed his hair tightly, and pushed him down on me. His lips were tight around my whole length, and I could feel my dick throbbing inside. He must have sucked me for a good ten minutes.

‘I’ll cum in your mouth, Mr. Lupo. I wanna know if you like how I taste.’ He mumbled and nodded on my cock. I let myself go, shooting inside his warm mouth. He moaned appreciatively, as he swallowed every drop. I gave him two slaps in the face and called him a good cocksucker, because I knew he liked that. ‘I can’t believe you sucked my cock, Mr. Lupo.’

‘And I liked it too,’ he said. ‘Whenever you want, just ask me again.’

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  1. Justjackinit says:

    Oh what a very appropriate subject cause this sub Grandpa has been keeping a similar secret about my hidden sex drive that started in Boy Scouts at 12 and has yet to stop. I got married in 1970 and div in 98 and have 2 grown kids and 2 gdaughters and to this day they don’t know I served my scoutmaster and his wife and was their cuck, how I was a cumdump for my frat brothers in college and now 59 yrs later still serving all cocks of all ages but not many want an older cocksucking fag

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